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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “VoltraTheTamer,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
kqbc8Bickering BrothersAdult (m)3,1501,0147
vERGTScuffling SistersAdult (f)3,8278331
NPIDPHead BunpAdult (m)2,6489153
C2jFu(C2jFu)Adult (f)2,6728302
TSrIb(TSrIb)Adult (m)1,7486924
oDuat(oDuat)Adult (f)3,2281,0022
mJBG5(mJBG5)Adult (f)2,9588061
RsrWDGilbert The AwesomeAdult (m)2,4728753
aPFRsPale AffectionAdult (m)2,9788461
l5R3XSoft Light PlatformAdult (m)4,5751,0161
7vdE1(7vdE1)Adult (f)2,7648791
5DSK2(5DSK2)Adult (f)2,7948474
sbmkB(sbmkB)Adult (m)3,1371,0292
JePblBalloonacyAdult (m)2,6668672
m0e3FInflatable FunAdult (m)3,1329811
a1IOvBig Round And BeautifulAdult (f)3,5851,0062
3bj7rFluffy GAdult (m)3,3059113
PqhsmCutie PiesAdult (f)7,9371,3335
dLXALKnight on the GreenAdult (f)2,4268251
80WeVPrince of the GlennAdult (m)3,3771,0393
DcZSPSquire of ShadeAdult (m)2,7778601
W4dvk(W4dvk)Adult (f)3,0218182
AKcDA(AKcDA)Adult (m)1,8918652
Gyct3(Gyct3)Adult (m)1,2706221
xfmS7(xfmS7)Adult (m)1,8606544
OUOd3(OUOd3)Adult (m)1,5945672
n4saL(n4saL)Adult (f)2,4976631
BUppH(BUppH)Adult (f)3,3388561
mZvEd(mZvEd)Adult (m)2,4679199
abtNr(abtNr)Adult (f)2,8549022
Dyd4p(Dyd4p)Adult (m)2,1336173
kIIxF(kIIxF)Adult (f)2,3047022
hTToQ(hTToQ)Adult (f)2,1846601
Cf6Si(Cf6Si)Adult (m)2,2246574
3HwSa(3HwSa)Adult (f)2,4228052
sQGcp(sQGcp)Adult (m)2,0256032
9jUs0(9jUs0)Adult (f)1,5336581
JUCwp(JUCwp)Adult (m)1,7186380
UruS6(UruS6)Adult (f)2,5016532
5yGBQ(5yGBQ)Adult (f)2,2006322
nze2Y(nze2Y)Adult (f)2,2367072
aFPjq(aFPjq)Adult (m)1,9386891
ZfEVM(ZfEVM)Adult (m)2,3898030
vEs61(vEs61)Adult (m)2,5196351
c5jKf(c5jKf)Adult (m)2,6256240
ojapp(ojapp)Adult (f)2,5876771
ATpg0Sir FlipperAdult (m)3,0659873
32KQFDuke of the SeaAdult (m)2,6328190
qddouA Victorian LadyAdult (f)3,0699230
tmhpaA GentlemanAdult (m)2,7848392
MhQbQSweet Crooning From The SeaAdult (f)2,8089033
T3hWMWhat Beautiful Clothes I'll WearAdult (f)2,4268394
LUrEWI Wish I Was DeadAdult (m)2,7339201
mtihm(mtihm)Adult (f)1,7868011
bLjFOSalty GliderAdult (f)3,2801,1553
XbWbU(XbWbU)Adult (m)2,8538912
cJQ2YAbove It AllAdult (m)3,4771,0013
uUJAVA Sweet Big ThingAdult (f)2,4438840
19UVMI Am A Leaf In The WindAdult (f)2,7427250
yWlxG(yWlxG)Adult (m)1,4156510
dhARJ(dhARJ)Adult (m)1,8928591
BXtpN(BXtpN)Adult (m)1,3935530
RfPZZYou Can LikeAdult (f)2,6039212
JAmf8But Don't TouchAdult (m)2,4679111
YAYqGDoes My Breath SmellAdult (f)2,9128661
cAgQB(cAgQB)Adult (m)2,6717792
jz9Kc(jz9Kc)Adult (m)2,54792710
vbl6x(vbl6x)Adult (m)4,5299921
FL1q2(FL1q2)Adult (f)2,4916350
RVqg6(RVqg6)Adult (f)2,6006591
JBaZI(JBaZI)Adult (f)2,5996331
JxaGl(JxaGl)Adult (f)2,5689244
sZwIv(sZwIv)Adult (m)3,7187964
KL3PdEven More Above It AllAdult (m)4,2081,0393
eVHSOUpper RainbowAdult (f)2,2538853
VR4OWBlu NosingAdult (f)2,6259482
HeFLUVines and RainbowsAdult (f)2,4718360
E7KjvSouth Pole PawAdult (m)2,6279282
IjjX3Blue Socks Are The BestAdult (f)2,7158530
akPZC(akPZC)Adult (f)3,0619572
PuGEi(PuGEi)Adult (m)2,6978630
mb9rT(mb9rT)Adult (f)1,7557562
7G2K9(7G2K9)Adult (m)1,5346660
8Du4N(8Du4N)Adult (f)2,6096300
RvRMW(RvRMW)Adult (f)3,6299193
rZkF2(rZkF2)Adult (m)3,3111,0912
9koyY(9koyY)Adult (f)1,0194973
A5f84(A5f84)Adult (m)3,0079287
Fp13R(Fp13R)Adult (m)2,9429713
WGMg9(WGMg9)Adult (f)3,0849494
0VJIn(0VJIn)Adult (f)2,9979606
Qr2oB(Qr2oB)Adult (f)2,3918691
fulqe(fulqe)Adult (f)2,3748983
Dr3qm(Dr3qm)Adult (m)3,1009095
8IYFi(8IYFi)Adult (m)2,6009223
7qLg6(7qLg6)Adult (m)1,9828392
U4kLf(U4kLf)Adult (m)2,0498520
kPf7G(kPf7G)Adult (f)2,4578123
EU5TL(EU5TL)Adult (f)2,4017781
MohSQPetrie of the WatersAdult (m)2,7069971
Et29qSoaring Through the SeasAdult (f)2,6488410
n33sEOut On A CoosAdult (f)3,5349872
EV7SEPCHOOOOOOAdult (m)3,3749674
V9BpNKing Of All He SeesAdult (m)2,5909411
lIStqFloating Away Into The NightAdult (m)2,2368832
lGNb9(lGNb9)Adult (m)2,8949304
yR20l(yR20l)Adult (m)1,8338113
R1Vcu(R1Vcu)Adult (m)1,3146460
tcMI3Venus Vine PlantAdult (m)3,8311,1526
hkGNJSo Many WondersAdult (f)5,8971,0753
BUimZMy LoveliesAdult (m)2,9809060
ErX1U(ErX1U)Adult (f)2,2547430
7H0pZ(7H0pZ)Adult (f)2,9547981
Lsi06(Lsi06)Adult (f)2,3188111
7Cc4a(7Cc4a)Adult (m)1,9108541
8frVB(8frVB)Adult (f)2,2288644
8V5XL(8V5XL)Adult (f)1,7757992
IZCCI(IZCCI)Adult (m)3,5798631
laCJoBlue Fire The Dream WeaverAdult (m)3,0341,0284
73el2Midnight Dreamer of Clear SkiesAdult (m)2,1217970
k5IadFloaty and UppityAdult (m)2,6739360
lnUinShe's So Hiiiiiigh Above MeAdult (f)2,5337931
ehZXBQT 3-14Adult (f)2,3238281
6t0Cd(6t0Cd)Adult (m)2,9899141
R9G7b(R9G7b)Adult (m)2,6368936
fMkEa(fMkEa)Adult (m)1,7338010
vnflj(vnflj)Adult (f)1,3456411
7h2Da(7h2Da)Adult (m)1,5037132
Qq5UpMy Sweet Baby GirlHatchling (f, F)3,2931,1561
uWKo9Biolumen SyndromeAdult (f)2,6759063
FWO3dDeep Waters AheadAdult (m)3,1749822
BXQVH(BXQVH)Adult (f)2,6888074
aWlRA(aWlRA)Adult (m)1,6657850
3hxaz(3hxaz)Adult (f)1,2846002
cMi0z(cMi0z)Adult (f)1,4726810
Hg3SeFrill TodayAdult (m)2,3459003
PUqP3Bendy SpineAdult (m)2,4858311
0iOFnHeadbutts and SpinesAdult (m)2,6568421
TQ9o9(TQ9o9)Adult (f)2,7928611
UauWK(UauWK)Adult (m)2,8588553
WL3nQGone Tomorrow MorningAdult (f)3,0471,0254
mmfQP(mmfQP)Adult (f)1,5546414
jNgoG(jNgoG)Adult (m)2,6617473
S9JjC(S9JjC)Adult (f)1,7607171
nFAbI(nFAbI)Adult (f)2,6848122
zBRkK(zBRkK)Adult (f)3,4851,12017
JTMvV(JTMvV)Adult (f)2,9167201
kDS5QStorm Chaser and Tornado KillerAdult (f)2,3078990
J3hOjThunder PunchesAdult (m)2,1088511
ubfjQTroubling SkiesAdult (f)2,8568793
oAXunBuggy ZapperAdult (m)3,0259034
JCFXMSir JoltAdult (m)3,1679210
3LkKZMadam WattAdult (f)2,6649492
nLSDv(nLSDv)Adult (m)2,6708192
UbIQ7(UbIQ7)Adult (f)2,9348232
biGKf(biGKf)Adult (m)1,9096611
pEhkb(pEhkb)Adult (m)1,5716240
Xd2Jk(Xd2Jk)Adult (f)2,6387951
q3trT(q3trT)Adult (f)1,6207540
R4cPF(R4cPF)Adult (m)1,5716702
n8HN3(n8HN3)Adult (f)1,8128051
rn7k0(rn7k0)Adult (m)1,9865841
K2vTEHeart of PassionsAdult (m)3,4511,0765
Plu6qRawr I'm A Hot CoalAdult (m)3,5151,0152
uU0XtHeart of Pulsing MagmaAdult (f)2,4328124
uFS3hSmoky PokesAdult (f)2,8539063
eqjDIGreat Balls of FiyaAdult (f)2,6948861
Ef822(Ef822)Adult (m)3,0898003
Y4sWX(Y4sWX)Adult (m)2,8268472
hPGKP(hPGKP)Adult (f)2,5657971
bkjD8(bkjD8)Adult (m)2,2278453
c7FjZ(c7FjZ)Adult (f)1,9848701
IrrKF(IrrKF)Adult (f)1,6407680
fQRS7(fQRS7)Adult (m)1,6067442
aZY0N(aZY0N)Adult (f)1,2316240
cb23D(cb23D)Adult (m)1,2026090
QSIxm(QSIxm)Adult (m)2,3196014
YyDyI(YyDyI)Adult (m)2,5896770
65daL(65daL)Adult (f)2,7937712
T0Bpg(T0Bpg)Adult (f)2,2036031
aL6hd(aL6hd)Adult (m)2,4776241
cwrur(cwrur)Adult (f)2,5476156
c33Ns(c33Ns)Adult (f)3,3787880
g0nHXFabulous Pinkie GuyAdult (m)3,6891,0413
PLkvJShrimp AnyoneAdult (f)2,3788581
1JZEOChomp ChompAdult (f)2,6636405
ZSKumChompy Chomp ChompAdult (m)2,7668480
tUXekSo Frigging PinkAdult (f)1,8696550
5KvbRI Can't Handle The PinkAdult (m)2,7409380
optLC(optLC)Adult (m)1,5326790
HF0be(HF0be)Adult (f)2,6257683
ReeTt(ReeTt)Adult (f)3,9497063
d0EgG(d0EgG)Adult (f)1,8408641
POO1u(POO1u)Adult (m)1,8506322
KYDUQ(KYDUQ)Adult (f)2,0556200
0aW2R(0aW2R)Adult (f)2,1176790
XaIYf(XaIYf)Adult (m)2,3196381
xnRBm(xnRBm)Adult (m)2,3686322
nPDyL(nPDyL)Adult (f)2,3996712
VETZ0(VETZ0)Adult (m)2,2076564
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