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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Violet270,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
EVcuG(EVcuG)Adult (f)4,7281,0051
IKGpk(IKGpk)Adult (f)4,5689570
z7rJJ(z7rJJ)Adult (f)4,7019970
3KbVG(3KbVG)Adult (m)4,7851,0020
E3Pao(E3Pao)Adult (m)3,7399361
UEWer(UEWer)Adult (f)3,5621,1170
HlCfA(HlCfA)Adult (m)3,4541,1132
OG3JO(OG3JO)Adult (m)7,9011,2042
zfhAe(zfhAe)Adult (m)8,0221,1876
GIAy1(GIAy1)Adult (f)8,0461,2406
XtTzK(XtTzK)Adult (m)7,9211,1622
n04Y8(n04Y8)Adult (m)3,9844371
hnKuf(hnKuf)Adult (f)3,6984352
O5rHk(O5rHk)Adult (f)3,8134393
SSEVu(SSEVu)Adult (f)3,1254120
AWSWM(AWSWM)Adult (m)4,1263821
92SRs(92SRs)Adult (m)4,32047412
uIjZq(uIjZq)Adult (m)8,4505874
aVQ9A(aVQ9A)Adult (f)4,6274663
M4VQJ(M4VQJ)Adult (f)4,6964684
maAMC(maAMC)Adult (f)8,8681,9212
0BB3t(0BB3t)Adult (f)2,0826561
fEFBa(fEFBa)Adult (m)1,9716411
ina6S(ina6S)Adult (m)2,4497271
YlYbs(YlYbs)Adult (m)5,0421,0621
bb30F(bb30F)Adult (m)6,3021,1864
MjH7H(MjH7H)Adult (f)6,4401,1932
4OiP(4OiP)Adult (m)3,0832592
uc079(uc079)Adult (f)7,2821,6236
Zou7(Zou7)Adult (m)3,0892571
ZfC2(ZfC2)Adult (f)1,47649612
KukO(KukO)Adult (f)2,4504284
Jhhb(Jhhb)Adult (f)1,8657366
s36e(s36e)Adult (f)3,4112605
KCLH(KCLH)Adult (m)2,9405804
0k7n(0k7n)Adult (f)3,9717823
q0Z6(q0Z6)Adult (m)2,3088029
usmf(usmf)Adult (m)1,7966798
953b(953b)Adult (f)2,0607304
qHN6(qHN6)Adult (m)2,87073310
BtBX(BtBX)Adult (f)6,0331,0247
WF88b(WF88b)Adult (f)6,1631,2163
OrVai(OrVai)Adult (m)9,4942,1632
uH5gH(uH5gH)Adult (f)4,5821,0533
UdvEI(UdvEI)Adult (m)6,4911,7383
PfDY(PfDY)Adult (f)2,85472811
vApb(vApb)Adult (f)2,86273010
8q7m(8q7m)Adult (m)2,94175010
mn69(mn69)Adult (f)3,7812544
QES6V(QES6V)Adult (m)7,9861,7804
nX2em(nX2em)Adult (f)5,8381,2836
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