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You pick up the scroll labeled “ViolentSaint,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
FI3oCB Frank The TwoheadedAdult (m)1,41480941
URddCB Louis The TwoheadedAdult (m)85751048
3MtUCB Francine The TwoheadedAdult (f)94248936
YdVCWalter The TwoheadedAdult (m)93049840
rnlpJoe The TwoheadedAdult (m)97151741
HlM6Mary The TwoheadedAdult (f)68743134
dbQNJohn The TwoheadedAdult (m)69642041
iiLCDavid The TwoheadedAdult (m)80244137
umBGkCB Tony The TwoheadedAdult (m)4,6961,0323
HQHNWPB2G Lea The TwoheadedAdult (f)3,6148304
vG5ewPB2G Oona The TwoheadedAdult (f)4,3921,0325
Nryl0CB Louisa The TwoheadedAdult (f)4,4571,4156
N4nRxCB Tania The TwoheadedAdult (f)4,2431,4037
dJEwFCB Theresa The TwoheadedAdult (f)4,5911,3514
XLieXPB2G Leon The TwoheadedAdult (m)4,7291,3242
08X4MCB Terry The TwoheadedAdult (m)4,9511,3117
GDDowPB2G Owain The TwoheadedAdult (m)4,6221,3355
EBvX9PB2G Lance The TwoheadedAdult (m)4,6341,3747
yunmgCB Patrick The TwoheadedAdult (m)5,2941,2254
FINsHPB2G Lauren The TwoheadedAdult (f)4,7151,3508
0N7zLCB Sam The TwoheadedAdult (m)5,3391,2704
ZUyheCB Patricia The TwoheadedAdult (f)4,7001,3461
T8v2lCB Samantha The TwoheadedAdult (f)4,7581,3193
hPwJgCB Dean The TwoheadedAdult (m)5,5681,2306
hQckYCB Diana The TwoheadedAdult (f)6,4821,0825
Oj9uOCB Xora The TwoheadedAdult (f)5,4571,2752
cvfBdCB Tara The TwoheadedAdult (f)5,3741,3196
CyAQJPB3G Vixen The TwoheadedAdult (f)5,5671,2345
M0eZlPB2G May The TwoheadedAdult (f)4,2021,1723
vMzkIPB4G William The TwoheadedAdult (m)5,2351,3523
RgiU9PB2G Isabel The TwoheadedAdult (f)5,7431,1935
65ZycPB2G Pia The TwoheadedAdult (f)6,7741,1364
FRQsLPB2G Major The TwoheadedAdult (m)6,4791,1463
YlhmbCB Xerlock The TwoheadedAdult (m)2,9006880
T4DrJPB2G Cleo The TwoheadedAdult (f)2,9848471
Ewn61CB Tarlach The TwoheadedAdult (m)4,6249230
Yw2PW(Yw2PW)Adult (f)5,1656822
N3OfA(N3OfA)Adult (m)6,0206980
NxT2a(NxT2a)Adult (m)5,8656920
NKkrD(NKkrD)Adult (m)5,9626830
CzGKKCB Megan Purple And TwoheadedAdult (f)3,7289184
mIGyVCB Rick Purple And TwoheadedAdult (m)4,6141,5063
xqrqiCB Jack Purple And TwoheadedAdult (m)4,7851,0095
goSejCB Rod Purple And TwoheadedAdult (m)5,6881,2852
Rm8Zn(Rm8Zn)Adult (m)2,7456802
kDhRU(kDhRU)Adult (m)2,1753464
RfHgnCB Jo Green And TwoheadedAdult (f)4,5281,0629
GVMl2CB Curtis Green And TwoheadedAdult (m)5,1341,2173
f4HVWCB Daniel Green And TwoheadedAdult (m)5,9401,3805
w9vxsCB Stella Green And TwoheadedAdult (f)5,1911,2822
FQwhMCB Vincent Green And TwoheadedAdult (m)5,4231,2175
CDvBdCB Caleb Green And TwoheadedAdult (m)5,9671,1552
RorvU(RorvU)Adult (m)7,2806881
BEB0CB Eleanor Of The Red EyesAdult (f)75643444
8Qu0CB May Of The Red EyesAdult (f)69141039
S2HpCB Luke Of The Red EyesAdult (m)71541327
Dq5T2G Robert Of The Red EyesAdult (m)68642051
JI73JUcrade Wahc ThuwedAdult (f)5,3461,4236
r7XT1CB Felix AnagallisAdult (m)4,5621,3165
qArErCB Felicia AnagallisAdult (f)4,6451,3173
Fqvq3CB Alex AnagallisAdult (m)5,2981,3043
qWqgTCB Alexa AnagallisAdult (f)4,6111,3312
8tAzWCB Milo AnagallisAdult (m)4,9001,2553
Di8BcCB David AnagallisAdult (m)4,7501,3313
tzWoMCB Lucas AnagallisAdult (m)4,7591,2952
JyKqTCB Martin AnagallisAdult (m)4,9471,3105
Z60gYCB Davinia AnagallisAdult (f)4,8171,3321
6UOAVCB Mila AnagallisAdult (f)5,2091,2712
UW7m2CB Lucia AnagallisAdult (f)4,8471,4643
h6AuoCB Martina AnagallisAdult (f)5,8221,2886
mWHSj(mWHSj)Adult (f)5,9766810
a9VrI(a9VrI)Adult (m)5,9886770
Mhnyi(Mhnyi)Adult (m)6,0426680
MBoMb(MBoMb)Adult (f)7,2256882
xZWN3(xZWN3)Adult (f)7,3926921
vWdKLulu The Hot Pink OneAdult (f)1,57987626
DvZ9Agnes The Hot Pink OneAdult (f)1,13968755
IhODCB Yana The Hot Pink OneAdult (f)1,05664433
5OnJCB Tina The Hot Pink OneAdult (f)67744033
eBqfCB Tim Full Of GasAdult (m)70743833
DQzaCB Luna Full Of GasAdult (f)75744538
E5IrCB Helen Full Of GasAdult (f)76744332
GFCPCB Phyllis Full Of GasAdult (f)74545033
1NZnd(1NZnd)Adult (f)2,1443394
ygaJAnthony The BlackAdult (m)2,7741,23028
Yms2Marcus The BlackAdult (m)80748942
XewFSean The BlackAdult (m)89554344
6DFPElisabeth The BlackAdult (f)82146635
dJHEgChris The BlackAdult (m)5,0301,2283
sCXIwCB Suzy The BlackAdult (f)4,7961,3268
97QX9CB Roger The BlackAdult (m)4,7881,2772
KmfZpPB2G Philip The BlackAdult (m)4,3711,1074
2Ui6MPB4G Mimi The BlackAdult (f)6,9171,0013
WhZsfPB2G Dan The BlackAdult (m)2,9076585
6YpLlCB Nera The BlackAdult (f)5,4051,2242
3k2y4CB Alex The BlackAdult (m)5,4151,2844
YpC1tKyla The BlackAdult (f)5,8941,1196
3bZPKKyra The BlackAdult (f)6,0051,1008
NIdxkKyle The BlackAdult (m)5,7811,1095
NZnXRPB3G Mathias The BlackAdult (m)3,5111,1498
qYnIEPB3G Stan The BlackAdult (m)5,4241,0563
xLwMCPB2G Trevor The BlackAdult (m)5,0531,2245
W00SG2G Felix The BlackAdult (m)6,6841,0543
Nm5kPDrew The BlackAdult (f)5,9631,1165
UYXPLPB2G Myra The BlackAdult (f)5,7369352
AEu5wTom The BlackAdult (f)6,0591,2572
IWrr9(IWrr9)Adult (m)5,5607330
u8I4f(u8I4f)Adult (f)5,4196880
ROUZJames The Blacker Than BlackAdult (m)1,48186192
zR85SCB Grey Of The Black TeaAdult (f)5,1491,3514
3KNdbCB Earl Of The Black TeaAdult (m)5,8411,3991
U2Bx9CB Nelson Of The Black TeaAdult (m)6,4221,0734
pUwMlCB Nelly Of The Black TeaAdult (f)4,3671,4143
xPnDeCB Pink Of The Black TeaAdult (f)5,6948761
YxqqPCB Poe Of The Black TeaAdult (m)3,5768331
s532N(s532N)Adult (f)3,0267061
K962j(K962j)Adult (f)7,1076931
3oevD(3oevD)Adult (m)7,3036881
m8IhM3G Su With The Black Tipped FinAdult (f)6,0591,1303
xB8GnCB Jo With The Black Tipped FinAdult (f)3,1608321
absmnCB Sue Of The  Bleeding MoonAdult (f)5,1271,2613
OYHDW2G Cameron Of The Bleeding MoonAdult (m)3,1861,5753
RU1SVCB Phillip Of The Bleeding MoonAdult (m)4,5829041
NrzpgCB Trevor Of The Bleeding MoonAdult (m)5,8521,1993
zA0Nz(zA0Nz)Adult (m)5,9911,0731
MO9G9(MO9G9)Adult (f)3,0106871
iWBe6(iWBe6)Adult (m)4,9971,0092
4aoHWCB Heather Of The Bloody ScalesAdult (f)4,1991,4128
5V2tYCB Jasper Of The Bloody ScalesAdult (m)6,3201,3337
jqw3k(jqw3k)Adult (m)3,0207020
7w9W2(7w9W2)Adult (m)7,1346800
2DbVKCB Ashley The BluebandedAdult (f)5,4291,1854
sXJdMCB Aaron The BluebandedAdult (m)3,3488191
BJpAvCB Bob The BluebandedAdult (m)6,7281,0344
vBbzrBjorn Two Finned And BlueAdult (m)4,9751,0284
5Kb08CB Dante BlusangAdult (m)4,7871,3193
AEoRUCHB3G Louis Bright Of BreastAdult (m)3,5649616
F1b1SCB Suzanne Bright Of BreastAdult (f)4,5679442
37SzqCB Hera Of Fire And BrimstoneAdult (f)4,4691,1364
lzEOZCB Lucian Of Fire And BrimstoneAdult (m)4,6861,4611
LlkjX(LlkjX)Adult (m)6,7621,1492
lQ2NK(lQ2NK)Adult (f)4,1667442
jU7d5CB Samantha The BrutalAdult (f)6,7341,2228
0BdkmCB Dolph The BrutalAdult (m)4,1221,0353
2YHk2PB2G Jasper The BrutalAdult (m)6,0661,1037
DjOilCB Freya Top Of The TreesAdult (f)4,7881,0385
T6c3lCB Henry Top Of The TreesAdult (m)5,0551,0332
daywGCB Dali Top Of The TreesAdult (m)4,8551,2276
kdpsG(kdpsG)Adult (f)4,6026891
GwARs(GwARs)Adult (f)6,5016340
v6UQZ2G Don Of Pink And RedAdult (m)5,1991,2689
rfBMuCB Donna Of Pink And RedAdult (f)3,8959452
Jsyv2CB Fiona Of Pink And RedAdult (f)5,5011,2467
8PsPL(8PsPL)Adult (m)3,3856954
8W3mGCB Cassius Who Negates All MagicAdult (m)4,3521,3048
Pe9LMCB Cassy Who Negates All MagicAdult (f)4,6951,1042
bEsko(bEsko)Adult (m)3,0087200
uhKxd(uhKxd)Adult (f)7,1176851
P5ILsLekker KaasjeAdult5,3721,25411
8U1B0Klein KippetjeAdult (f)4,2971,4139
hJAUkKlein KiekskeAdult (f)5,0431,0989
VHTdn(VHTdn)Adult (f)3,4849232
8A06f(8A06f)Adult (m)4,9168371
cJTr2(cJTr2)Adult (f)3,5389142
MClOCB Rudolf The YulebuckAdult (m)1,60788347
KwCjX3GST Derek The YulebuckAdult (m)3,3621,1403
rHKfh(rHKfh)Adult (m)5,1388174
7jkYd2G Maya The Snow AngelAdult (f)4,0201,3065
yGvRp3GASW Tracy The Snow AngelAdult (f)3,2991,1203
JT6og(JT6og)Adult (f)5,0968163
tM27l(tM27l)Adult (f)3,5339291
GVe42(GVe42)Adult (f)3,4909280
oUeIaLulu The Ribbon DancerAdult (f)4,4571,4054
WKRJm(WKRJm)Adult (f)2,9499220
4qUA6(4qUA6)Adult (f)2,9509210
eYGpr(eYGpr)Adult (f)2,9489200
fgr3F2G Douglas The Winter MagiAdult (m)4,3011,4205
LEqck(LEqck)Adult (m)3,5149290
RmHwO(RmHwO)Adult (m)3,4869241
uGbuuClaus The Wrapping WingAdult (m)4,4321,4414
salpW2G Mateo The Wrapping WingAdult (m)3,3841,1323
44cuk(44cuk)Adult (m)5,0538112
PtsHb(PtsHb)Adult (m)2,9629280
5av8q(5av8q)Adult (f)3,4709271
I8zZD(I8zZD)Adult (f)3,4579290
Vwi4V2G Sandra The Solstice DragonAdult (f)4,3691,3516
CqdWY(CqdWY)Adult (f)2,9739340
IV2TRCB Emily The MistletoeAdult (f)3,2681,1122
qKB2uCB Chanel The MistletoeAdult (f)3,4501,1045
br0dO(br0dO)Adult (f)4,9018400
vzJ1C(vzJ1C)Adult (f)4,8938332
XwZDh(XwZDh)Adult (m)4,8258403
ZfuNu(ZfuNu)Adult (m)2,9529272
wIjF2(wIjF2)Adult (m)2,9629312
hr78ZCB Mary Of Coastal WavesAdult (f)4,9411,2564
uh7yICB Liam Of Coastal WavesAdult (m)4,6611,4081
qhL5U(qhL5U)Adult (f)2,6456961
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