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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
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  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • Carrot Cave
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Vhyxalas,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
jkfgFoile a DeuxAdult (f)3,69845336
GqvQDwyer and DwyerAdult (m)2,03151638
fScDGemini VhyxAdult (f)3,6429095
LHVCJiheddo VhyxAdult (m)5,6608246
0JY3Psycho and RaptorAdult (f)6,9761,65112
hajNBalaur and BondocAdult (m)3,8459507
4g5hTsuko and VhyxAdult (f)4,1707368
Dc3nEntropy and ExtropyAdult (f)4,1181,0729
HsYhVhyx's GlitchfaceAdult (f)4,7431,03810
v1ZKHurp and DurpAdult (m)6,2295925
vvXHN(vvXHN)Adult (m)5,4303931
bkvK0(bkvK0)Adult (m)5,0313440
KTqiZ(KTqiZ)Adult (m)4,6843721
VKU0Mutant Dorkface VhyxHatchling (F)1,7872823
dK4oVhyx's Lovable Inbred NightmareHatchling (F)3,19732813
shFoChemical BurnsAdult (f)4,6094405
rZYcEnviroChemAdult (m)4,4224253
c9UsMicroChemAdult (f)6,5554375
spraAcid SprayerAdult (f)6,7954537
mMtDLeetle AxolotlHatchling (m, F)1,5835557
VMG8Caek is a LieAdult (f)1,14541162
gfavNew SuitAdult (f)4,24770813
8BArBiohazardous AccidentAdult (f)3,3997997
chvhI Throw My Claws Up In the AirAdult (m)4,1794639
YLulDid it For Teh LulzAdult (f)4,2234066
1ZYYRaptorfaceAdult (f)3,8334003
YH6HShut 'Cho Mouth and Wave GoodbyeAdult (m)3,7923763
TXERSingle and CynicalAdult (m)3,5315092
DeuCHopelessly RomanticAdult (m)4,8359338
CCrsA(CCrsA)Adult (f)4,4983821
U1gTv(U1gTv)Adult (m)3,8503570
3vZDOnonokusHatchling (m, F)1,5085665
rrbAAxewHatchling (F)1,410942
Ykd2EbolavirusHatchling (F)4472998
4IJIIntern MomentHatchling (F)1,1044366
Y72HBrianstormHatchling (F)1,4116137
rv8nCigarelloHatchling (F)1,2694048
HrqOAll Proper LikeAdult (f)5,34396615
l2ffHerp-A-DerpAdult (f)3,06350525
60RDAltRock Thuwed VhyxAdult (m)3,7662788
23pJK(23pJK)Hatchling (F)2,7032800
tW26Double Thuwed VhyxAdult (f)4,2584354
M1nGVhyx's Leetle AltHatchling (m, F)4,1355943
c8H2OverfishingAdult (f)3,35665411
Bt27The Atheist SaysAdult (m)3,7014603
1g0XScience of FearAdult (f)4,7784441
IemJC(IemJC)Adult (m)4,0873741
cRhMF(cRhMF)Adult (f)4,7643430
7D8sX(7D8sX)Adult (f)3,9933610
HVlNReel Big FishHatchling (F)820908
NX49MightyDerp VhyxAdult (m)3,24834327
pp2QTsukoyami VhyxAdult (f)1,7496365
KPIdDominic MonaghanAdult (m)4,6164272
WCSu1(WCSu1)Adult (m)4,4443660
bfmed(bfmed)Adult (m)4,1673490
QLUiB(QLUiB)Adult (m)5,7226861
f6Ms4(f6Ms4)Adult (m)3,8604270
uc5EU(uc5EU)Adult (m)7,9055270
Stl12(Stl12)Adult (m)6,6014410
qCYWa(qCYWa)Adult (f)6,8474570
D4gqHe is the BoxerAdult (m)6,4724622
3UAiShe is the BoxerAdult (f)7,0094915
ePH4Gingko TreeAdult (m)6,3344942
ug5cFossilizationAdult (f)4,9274403
ICNHCarbon LeafAdult (f)4,9444602
XJcmLonely ReignAdult (m)5,7996331
0grWProcrastinaterAdult (f)5,4676054
QtJ3qJarlsberg VhyxAdult5,5743720
ks5FqSmoked Gouda VhyxAdult3,3774670
9O97We Wish You a Merry VhyxmasAdult (m)4,6711,0283
H4raThe Twelve Days of VhyxmasAdult (m)4,13245110
rkAPb(rkAPb)Adult (m)4,0339520
KuriKuri VhyxAdult (f)6,2507956
reWISnowfire VhyxAdult (f)4,4609293
TNm0Ribbon-Dancer VhyxAdult (f)2,8684713
Vl91Tassel-Tail VhyxAdult (f)3,9496172
u8qC5Gift of the VhyxAdult (m)5,0444330
TcoAUCarol of the VhyxAdult (m)4,1844250
nTzLa(nTzLa)Adult (f)3,1279310
2LYvk(2LYvk)Adult (f)3,3159310
bWQMMind EraserAdult (f)1,29045567
uhlINo ChaserAdult (m)4,7296976
07ovDangerous Side-EffectAdult (f)5,4994352
1G8V9(1G8V9)Adult (f)5,4783660
fAh2P(fAh2P)Adult (f)4,7654090
nKtaS(nKtaS)Adult (m)5,3203550
Z6ioHemorrhagic FeverAdult (m)6,0845273
XgLA(XgLA)Hatchling (F)1,0711557
SvKRHaxorusAdult (f)1,62754815
i1OKA-OK VhyxAdult (m)4,3188034
5MD2There IsAdult (m)5,8271,2188
uHhkp(uHhkp)Adult (m)4,0803840
QdSVb(QdSVb)Adult (f)4,9913520
GAchMothwing VhyxAdult (f)3,8269244
PS8iSoldiers of FortuneHatchling (f, F)1,5877594
vEBA(vEBA)Adult (m)5,0734969
v3VYVhyxplosionAdult (m)1,06142233
jPXFEpilepsyAdult (f)2,3007716
A70oConvulsionAdult (f)2,59044212
3edPHyperspasmAdult (m)5,6175103
udSfSeizureglompAdult (f)5,4245158
5FINBuzzkillAdult (m)5,3424572
sISfEvil and a HeathenAdult (f)6,4954337
5Kb0Help I'm AliveAdult (m)3,4352294
7c8mThey're Gonna Eat Me AliveAdult (m)5,9545912
PlcTd(PlcTd)Adult (f)5,2764101
goMmq(goMmq)Adult (m)4,1804170
R8WqJ(R8WqJ)Adult (m)5,3943941
gktYd(gktYd)Adult (m)4,8934091
TV38G(TV38G)Adult (f)2,4526221
AtOOD(AtOOD)Adult (m)5,3474040
CK0A5(CK0A5)Adult (f)4,7844331
XoHeC(XoHeC)Adult (f)4,4174611
TL2JF(TL2JF)Adult (m)5,0123860
stLu3(stLu3)Adult (m)4,3673620
OfpQv(OfpQv)Adult (m)4,2123960
E6pCt(E6pCt)Adult (f)4,9623790
kFWJ2(kFWJ2)Adult (m)4,5853840
rAZ6The VelociraptureAdult (f)6,3751,50313
IOBDThe Second ComingAdult (m)4,8576218
dq1B(dq1B)Adult (f)5,1076775
WIZf(WIZf)Adult (f)3,38995464
dtfv(dtfv)Adult (f)3,3589614
AU02(AU02)Adult (f)4,6571,2117
IvaZ(IvaZ)Adult (f)2,8104459
Gen5(Gen5)Adult (m)4,5855505
SdNt(SdNt)Adult (m)4,7444413
0qD1(0qD1)Adult (f)4,9256212
SD5P(SD5P)Adult (m)6,4636244
OtSt(OtSt)Adult (m)6,9915375
rONr(rONr)Adult (f)6,71951012
9XeI(9XeI)Adult (m)4,8594235
jGlL3(jGlL3)Adult (m)4,0044121
aZLiq(aZLiq)Adult (m)3,4834013
NEkh7(NEkh7)Adult (m)3,0014460
HNBlV(HNBlV)Adult (m)3,4164730
t4K8k(t4K8k)Adult (f)4,4613920
p50OB(p50OB)Adult (m)4,7733560
cTlZD(cTlZD)Adult (f)4,8914420
JEIXPsychosilverHatchling (m, F)4,9584273
SMsHSmash HitsHatchling (F)3,0472446
2i8nd(2i8nd)Hatchling (f, F)3,9103601
AWiNThis Flamingo is a WinAdult (m)3,6218398
BVUYHeroin AddictAdult (f)4,1871,0706
hQEMn(hQEMn)Adult (m)4,9463761
nv8tCrystallized VhyxAdult (m)4,7631,0629
WsMd(WsMd)Adult (f)5,5213863
5DYNc(5DYNc)Adult (f)4,1953850
s5VnLittlest StonefaceHatchling (F)1,7401167
GJArGlory VhyxAdult (m)1,15145466
dvkid(dvkid)Adult (f)4,1973630
JoWOPan-pipesAdult (f)1,5156383
OZWvOrnate VhyxAdult (f)2,7525313
IgNQ3(IgNQ3)Adult (f)4,1403371
rgQXBenzodiazapineAdult (m)3,01869211
rdgtLagging VhyxAdult (m)5,7311,17411
nUCNFool's VhyxAdult (f)3,90388020
hQj4I HAS A GOLDFEESHAdult (f)3,5297557
NradZurugguAdult (m)3,6279346
ref4Magikarp VhyxAdult (m)3,55849111
CT6PThe Temper TrapAdult (f)5,7976282
OMG1h(OMG1h)Adult (f)3,5194002
nAt0Member of NATOHatchling (F)2,1081427
j7EdPounding BassAdult (m)1,1714587
BlGlVhyx's Leetle Big DealHatchling (F)1,8922262
aEUnASwitchblade SmilesAdult (m)3,8253630
F0dAOClub FootAdult (f)5,2633711
D2X7O(D2X7O)Adult (m)3,9873690
a1j9W(a1j9W)Adult (m)5,1864710
j08T5(j08T5)Adult (f)4,7296531
Fc9No(Fc9No)Adult (m)5,5135120
C8MeRampart of CydoniaAdult (f)1,1556225
bPrORampart of ValhallahAdult (m)6,8521,4018
U5YsVhyx's TreatAdult (f)1,9515784
R4VhPunk'in VhyxAdult (f)2,1807412
PQ4XVhyx's TrickAdult (m)3,0054427
mhvXLVhyx's HalloweenAdult (m)4,3676001
duiIlHallowed Thuwed VhyxAdult (f)4,3405961
H4CvDark HumorAdult (m)3,0619414
F8k7StrangerousAdult (f)3,7354877
gBZCDessicationAdult (m)1,8415058
Fve1DI Find This HumerusAdult (f)4,3425961
abEm9Morbid LaughterAdult (m)4,3435971
AmWsb(AmWsb)Adult (f)4,7674570
YmjPd(YmjPd)Adult (f)4,1814410
lK32Did You Just Punch Out CthuluAdult (f)5,9824535
90p0Moment of AwesomeAdult (m)5,0673811
D8Rug(D8Rug)Adult (m)5,3233792
pM2sMekaeoniAdult (f)1,22146071
YpmPPyroclastic GenesisAdult (m)2,29762218
0rcKLazuli GenesisAdult (m)2,9794575
k1XWQervoAdult (f)3,4743748
ElJJFeraghoAdult (m)4,6384954
3o6ICurious SymptomsAdult (m)4,5784946
aBk9Aura Rush WyvernAdult (f)6,1304533
nZb0rBlack ComedyAdult (f)4,7074301
hPFrM(hPFrM)Adult (m)5,1043610
ODrP0(ODrP0)Adult (m)4,3644020
gFL1s(gFL1s)Adult (m)3,3334593
ItHe6(ItHe6)Adult (m)4,1303931
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