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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Vhen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
FNf15(FNf15)Adult (m)9,7651,5003
cX9PP(cX9PP)Adult (m)9,8751,4873
qSrT7(qSrT7)Adult (m)9,7371,4823
mEDuC(mEDuC)Adult (m)9,9221,5144
MXvNj(MXvNj)Adult (m)11,9571,7338
SGV8o(SGV8o)Adult (m)11,8621,7431
H1Rlt(H1Rlt)Adult (f)11,9191,7423
jAile(jAile)Adult (f)11,6951,6852
BUKsT(BUKsT)Adult (f)8,3881,4757
PYWln(PYWln)Adult (m)12,5981,7577
TUtDU(TUtDU)Adult (f)11,1681,6594
NaNpd(NaNpd)Adult (f)10,9281,6246
TP3lz(TP3lz)Adult (f)10,8551,6215
U1tov(U1tov)Adult (f)12,4181,7375
OzmYE(OzmYE)Adult (f)10,4811,5436
jwy39(jwy39)Adult (m)10,4101,5793
Q6Msj(Q6Msj)Adult (m)11,4231,7516
ulQHk(ulQHk)Adult (m)12,2641,7803
uWofU(uWofU)Adult (m)10,6631,5835
dxqLX(dxqLX)Adult (m)12,2991,7642
XDLmGLove - supercellAdult (m)12,3381,68225
rUuzJ(rUuzJ)Adult (m)10,8531,6564
du7fnMornin CoffeeAdult (f)10,1381,5828
vd8r4Gentle Breeze - OliverAdult (f)9,5891,5373
DUA7TPearl - YuraAdult (f)9,8441,5415
1wKxHMetronome - Weki MekiAdult (f)9,9211,5435
7EoL9Villian - Stella JangAdult (m)9,7031,5214
2aJLYRide - LCYTNAdult (m)10,3641,5183
JwYZRKyoukara OmoideAdult (f)12,6621,7234
g5UYKA Fool Moon NightAdult (m)12,5371,7191
EOCVONo7Adult (f)9,8251,5233
RMY5qStay Beautiful - JamieAdult (m)10,5431,6603
aOqDaOne More Night - BabylonAdult (f)9,6791,5086
W3ISEUmbrella Calls for RainAdult (m)13,6121,5897
S0W37Party is Over - Queen BeeAdult (f)11,8871,6094
uzRcUMind brand - MaretuAdult (m)12,1201,5992
OCtYxCaffeine - Kiro AkiyamaAdult (m)12,4361,6006
QHZiWWi Ing Wi IngAdult (f)12,5611,6652
kXSJ7Kakusei - SuperflyAdult (f)12,9281,6434
m7yHZflos ReplicaAdult (m)13,1181,6073
kxLO3Daily ConfessionsAdult (f)12,8641,6122
cIjEQwhite forcesAdult (f)12,7931,6351
MtiKrhaaAakkKKKAdult (f)12,7391,6323
85cZAGet Some Air - GaryAdult (f)12,8151,5145
sE2a7Four Seasons - TaeyeonAdult (f)14,1521,6304
cYFT4Sorry I Like YouAdult (m)13,0191,5363
ZcEW4Big Bad WorldAdult (m)12,9551,4774
qTsdiTak BersyaratAdult (f)13,0211,4713
eY4LxShape of my Heart - StingAdult (m)8,1431,2113
Un6qwlost in brooklynAdult (f)13,9881,5632
QIyPhI can't seem to let you goAdult (f)11,4161,4213
nLMosColorful LemonadeAdult (m)12,0001,4302
elqWKMora-toriumAdult (m)12,8441,6147
20EY7Most beautiful when Not MineAdult (m)13,1601,5804
Bxk3oLeave The door OpenAdult (f)13,0551,5744
ylO7UyouknowbetterAdult (m)13,2891,5766
F6y7VSomeday I'll find my way HomeAdult (f)13,2561,5986
8rgYnChildren - BINAdult (m)13,1491,5623
dp4L0Save Me Save YouAdult (m)12,8551,6745
5ZOkXI didn't know farewellAdult (m)11,6351,4686
uYt7hSong of the Ancients-PopolaAdult (f)12,7091,6468
B97G5Paper Mache - RitaAdult (m)12,4601,5542
Ate9rLove Letter - DepapepeAdult (m)12,9641,6555
1Tcd2Blue Moon Blue OceanAdult (m)12,2531,5056
xmIRnSong of the Ancients-DevolaAdult (m)12,1771,4765
Y1TQkI'm tired of feeling this wayAdult (m)12,2111,5056
n0szTSubstitute for LifeAdult (f)13,6071,6255
0qbg1Windy IndieAdult (m)13,0291,6193
09wO5Walking with youAdult (f)12,4101,4806
ISaQqBad - Hugel RemixAdult (m)9,1181,0744
28D7GWe're GoodAdult (m)12,6841,6099
JVYiqHeartbroken KikiAdult (m)13,0271,5594
FCQmaKaikai KitanAdult (f)13,3601,5883
JZv7gNight Club JunkieAdult (f)12,8111,6203
1H28ZThe Bygone DaysAdult (m)12,4521,5893
Uz90YI will eraseAdult (f)11,9311,5824
mLNAkENVY BABYAdult (f)12,7621,5994
yQ66fMogu Mogu YummyAdult (m)13,1841,6274
NJiVxSong of the Ancients-FateAdult (f)12,4971,6125
TkpdvRotten FlowerAdult (f)13,3561,6476
Clz0qLove Die YoungAdult (f)13,3621,6543
PX8Bg2080Adult (m)12,7021,6135
HhxD0Aquarium NightAdult (m)8,4081,3364
R63siDrawing our momentsAdult (m)12,4701,5977
gJfWnLove you AnymoreAdult (f)12,6131,6665
NWvhKSun is coming UpAdult (m)12,8801,6365
1T7ATSo it endsAdult (m)12,7631,6003
EGzYGWhat u Waiting forAdult (m)12,4511,5323
BfTM5Not by the MoonAdult (f)12,8461,6185
mvU92Odd FuturesAdult (f)13,1231,6626
FidHFThings are going wellAdult (f)12,1081,5413
K9auAShadow and TruthAdult (f)12,7011,6472
R1r3s20 Acoustic verAdult (f)12,9101,6684
JEE1hPut my hands on YouAdult (f)11,5321,5462
BRzBQIn the time spent youAdult (f)9,5261,34210
D3KI1Would be betterAdult (f)9,2131,2888
OQGeVMy TragedyAdult (f)9,0861,2899
QinFvDelcalcomanieAdult (f)9,4081,3179
xgjhfMany StoriesAdult (m)7,5039203
10TbzCoin WashAdult (f)7,5809592
1Sz60Someone To YouAdult (f)7,5599342
1V8pdFlamaturgyAdult (f)8,9611,1172
8kEGgYou were beautifulAdult (m)6,5899384
oknB6Two Women's RoomAdult (f)7,3109905
qUL1UAnd there was no one leftAdult (m)6,3369243
ePV68DecolleteAdult (m)6,4579294
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