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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2021 Valentine’s Day
  • 2020 Holiday Event
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • Gingerbread House
  • Wreath Decorating
  • Tree Decorating
  • 2019 Halloween Event
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Vesena,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
RfudS(RfudS)Adult (m)2,2044745
QRBxL(QRBxL)Adult (m)2,2484984
0hkF7(0hkF7)Adult (f)3,1006573
eN3st(eN3st)Adult (m)4,6909760
Cz5RA(Cz5RA)Adult (m)3,7027942
cNR9b(cNR9b)Adult (m)3,7418010
5qJDG(5qJDG)Adult (f)3,6558142
SwotJ(SwotJ)Adult (m)3,8038280
w6Lka(w6Lka)Adult (f)3,6017872
1EPgZ(1EPgZ)Adult (m)3,6998190
Ilo8aAeon Inotean VesAdult (m)3,2747034
zukodAeon Zulcoan VesAdult (f)6,1326101
xqyaEAeon Aruloan VesAdult (f)5,5756281
dC51YAeon Delcean VesAdult (f)7,0216830
QaO55Aeon Qualian VesAdult (m)6,0855540
fDI55Tersius VesAdult (m)2,6907050
fFTXL(fFTXL)Adult (m)4,0936420
ZvoNOSelivonisAdult (m)3,5617170
r6ueS(r6ueS)Adult (m)3,4677150
NSNIrNelvina VesAdult (f)3,4507320
rJb8e(rJb8e)Adult (m)3,9496880
lyCm3(lyCm3)Adult (m)3,9647050
hUWMWNumina VesAdult (f)3,8916670
H9zCZ(H9zCZ)Adult (m)4,1946870
XdOFC(XdOFC)Adult (m)3,7776771
HH1hP(HH1hP)Adult (f)4,2746641
3ozAP(3ozAP)Adult (f)3,6868420
Cu8uRCuscatur VesAdult (m)5,2877821
uz8pXAsatrelur VesAdult (m)6,3895350
0ngCaOnacalur VesAdult (m)5,9535640
3canQCalnax VesAdult (m)3,5166680
1uMZeLuirex VesAdult (m)3,8556520
pvSSKPalveri VesAdult (f)6,3275590
nnvatNenuri VesAdult (f)3,5897401
MxCttMerax VesAdult (m)3,5697450
ciboxCribox VesAdult (m)4,0397190
yviTBVindox VesAdult (m)4,0507220
m5sypLispax VesAdult (m)4,5446040
Enhm0Enmox VesAdult (m)6,7265511
4U2iaArcanistiAdult (f)3,0588590
2d5sZAlcantariAdult (f)3,0828920
7FBtiEphetyreia VesAdult (f)5,8755410
BHCR6Beliaphicis VesAdult (m)5,4205192
SNjTySalphatreis VesAdult (m)6,6335381
9KKgKKalurymeia VesAdult (f)7,0911,3891
odK6tOndisophis VesAdult (m)6,9381,3661
BDlja(BDlja)Adult (f)3,7578040
4KMxOAncameor VesAdult (m)5,0976901
Pjew7Permelane VesAdult (f)5,3926872
BEssNBessonete VesAdult (f)5,4136282
kPfEuCaliponeor VesAdult (m)5,6116410
efkbkEucermabe VesAdult (f)6,0366690
2Tk7PStargalenor VesAdult (m)4,1467371
njedDNerdaneor VesAdult (m)5,6977751
Jknse(Jknse)Adult (f)6,0886560
9Yiln(9Yiln)Adult (m)4,9848150
p4DNRIosequiAdult (m)3,5036501
7ooAMFumageAdult (f)3,5656561
KwRwV(KwRwV)Adult (m)3,1847591
jlYSW(jlYSW)Adult (f)3,1097341
PXPnf(PXPnf)Adult (m)3,1217051
E5V2Y(E5V2Y)Adult (m)3,0647211
2mqwx(2mqwx)Adult (f)3,0647170
Z8vOI(Z8vOI)Adult (m)2,9817370
RtUBz(RtUBz)Adult (f)2,9436901
asmAX(asmAX)Adult (m)2,7516381
SRJF8(SRJF8)Adult (f)2,7726731
HHZ2WMalvyna VesAdult (f)2,9529420
x9yUV(x9yUV)Adult (f)2,8879190
LnAwLMalveus VesAdult (m)2,9699560
EpXxC(EpXxC)Adult (f)3,0049740
OM63h(OM63h)Adult (f)2,8848980
JVGkz(JVGkz)Adult (f)2,9079330
yqwE3(yqwE3)Adult (m)2,9539311
BBENw(BBENw)Adult (m)2,8288942
kRrT6(kRrT6)Adult (m)5,3961,4535
i4KHfIsnara VesAdult (f)3,7018911
8sYSsEteren VesAdult (m)4,2981,0721
tGPffTaven VesAdult (m)4,2811,0861
gORtlGentra VesAdult (m)4,6438040
BhMlXGoodness QueenAdult (f)6,1496853
eV08MMadeen the NiceAdult (f)3,6947541
qX4KgTasynaleAdult (f)5,5794076
MZ0gYSun of the Diamond RealmAdult (f)6,8448385
qvCuCDaneer the NiceAdult (f)6,0047234
W6PBzEntre Valentain' RepuiaAdult (f)4,2186265
f4XAsPhilote VesAdult (f)5,3699852
nMPY9Psyche VesAdult (f)4,7741,0073
mjcNsVolupta VesAdult (f)2,2467491
zQ6by(zQ6by)Adult (m)2,9897300
PHlyp(PHlyp)Adult (m)2,9747420
QnRQXAmata VesAdult (f)3,7248290
x9oyqOrdocartaris VesAdult (m)3,6386530
hPjYLPermotaleris VesAdult (m)3,8126541
avD1NAvantiodeine VesAdult (f)3,5808200
v45Y6Cavenasigne VesAdult (f)5,4195241
8cjuFAtenecurime VesAdult (f)5,3235120
0u59rOremusagris VesAdult (m)4,9705211
UWVKZRolloc and Ralloc VesAdult (m)4,9296460
4LlPRPalloc and Polloc VesAdult (m)6,0365532
d7fC2Vellec and Vullec VesAdult (m)6,7045580
AIkbkSaluca and Soluca VesAdult (f)5,6025900
sqdccArloca and Arleca VesAdult (f)6,4106051
JpwBGJellarc and Jallarc VesAdult (m)5,9545271
faTvJFarela and Ferela VesAdult (f)6,2856713
Hn42NMullic and Mallic VesAdult (m)6,5395581
bmh41Lelica and Lalica VesAdult (f)5,6365840
LG41eLeganolendra VesAdult (f)4,6006622
VtsFVVetaion and Favelion VesAdult (m)5,1946880
dfx3lElusion and Daimion VesAdult (m)5,6336910
8LpCDLapasia and Cerdetia VesAdult (f)6,9975030
svX0SSalvion and Olsirion VesAdult (m)7,0035060
qXtAOQualion and Taomion VesAdult (m)4,4177511
NVLdiNovaldi VesAdult (m)4,6347582
mrHGUMaraldi VesAdult (m)5,2776541
Cbp45Celelda VesAdult (f)3,6207470
3dAY2Danaldi VesAdult (m)7,3615560
FWXp9Feralda VesAdult (f)6,1951,0440
Ndjtu(Ndjtu)Adult (m)3,7005701
WFtwHTalauria VesAdult (f)5,9519642
WFrTNRaurang VesAdult (m)3,8855652
T1WTsArumola VesAdult (f)5,7667281
Kg4kBUrudorn VesAdult (m)5,9395940
pbjsyPrasmia VesAdult (f)5,9075950
ZTZLSSalurang VesAdult (m)6,3905643
jkPBQKaruka VesAdult (f)3,8719092
Ueedn(Ueedn)Adult (f)4,2318601
idbPT(idbPT)Adult (f)3,4001,0531
EYKwE(EYKwE)Adult (f)3,3531,0382
r79GH(r79GH)Adult (m)2,5969022
N2OVENeloveus VesAdult (m)6,2809111
FTDeoFlirena VesAdult (f)5,9825961
RIsldRisaldus VesAdult (m)6,7314890
tDALMTiadalma VesAdult (f)6,9935721
aHot7Fareia VesAdult (f)4,4321,0170
GTCeWAntheia VesAdult (f)2,9957581
T00Ja(T00Ja)Adult (m)4,9178361
ClKUK(ClKUK)Adult (f)2,8247990
1tQ6vSensi VesAdult (f)3,0875833
eTAWE(eTAWE)Adult (f)2,7196901
aEjKT(aEjKT)Adult (f)4,1527241
RM1IvReumar VesAdult (m)6,0426621
rXtXJ(rXtXJ)Adult (f)2,6178611
0KhfU(0KhfU)Adult (f)2,5296373
7ULE7Vanulenda VesAdult (f)5,9027083
GtEqDGerdinanda VesAdult (f)5,3376561
PJDaqPoladeinda VesAdult (f)5,9816062
DHOVYDelominda VesAdult (f)6,4868885
oXZA1Oxena VesAdult (f)5,4726150
QteO2Quetla VesAdult (f)6,2805471
dudmYDudim VesAdult (m)6,0055340
Rsu7mRusim VesAdult (m)5,6576180
D5ZTxDelma VesAdult (f)5,6186220
RBolM(RBolM)Adult (f)3,8796251
QhfZL(QhfZL)Adult (f)3,6896120
QMIIvVinga VesAdult (f)4,3618823
7ifdHLeniquelisa VesAdult (f)5,4856121
EE5a5Eresumalis VesAdult (m)4,8147073
myLe5Pern Melesior VesAdult (m)4,6906403
3O00XPern Elorovisa VesAdult (f)4,7456351
umAFBPern Urdanior VesAdult (m)6,3135560
XY9PbPern Axarigisa VesAdult (f)6,9935271
GOdYdPern Divantisa VesAdult (f)5,1447071
iZriuPern Isenrulor VesAdult (m)7,4995420
jzMfgPern Mapheor VesAdult (m)6,7955185
EsMIL(EsMIL)Adult (m)2,9597390
cQ7gQ(cQ7gQ)Adult (m)2,8806980
0heb3(0heb3)Adult (m)3,1287510
CIcAi(CIcAi)Adult (f)3,2317120
E8AYc(E8AYc)Adult (m)3,6117411
xD3bZ(xD3bZ)Adult (f)2,4985866
SglgaSagalagor VesAdult (m)6,0045300
Jairt(Jairt)Adult (m)5,4406020
B0OhoWhinyetta VesAdult (f)8,1205491
Uigzk(Uigzk)Adult (f)5,3986470
eviEp(eviEp)Adult (m)4,4551,0560
APTIDApateide VesAdult (f)8,1428911
gf7fKGeldeide VesAdult (f)4,8031,1472
TEeziTerezide VesAdult (f)5,7627751
akUDPAcunpide VesAdult (f)6,4167852
2kfQkZephalide VesAdult (f)6,3268241
Z9ESZZegelside VesAdult (f)6,4758281
hondCHorncide VesAdult (f)6,9298695
c7faiCelapide VesAdult (f)8,0845830
eWO0NElzonide VesAdult (f)6,6166300
0VBon(0VBon)Adult (m)4,4228481
2Voch(2Voch)Adult (f)5,4407514
Cipgl(Cipgl)Adult (f)3,5287800
82234Tentera VesAdult (f)6,5925741
Aw3EeAvrelera VesAdult (f)6,3156340
EauRIElaurida VesAdult (f)5,0925791
gdJ9OGarintar VesAdult (m)5,7685931
WmkrWWarntar VesAdult (m)6,2835340
LGIVeGiventar VesAdult (m)6,2455201
ebLwVEbulatar VesAdult (m)5,4416120
HI55V(HI55V)Adult (f)3,8536061
a2sZ0(a2sZ0)Adult (m)4,2746941
Xsgas(Xsgas)Hatchling (m, F)2,8167212
PwBeiLethanaios VesAdult (m)6,0171,0441
Mo0H6Phlegeteia VesAdult (f)3,8789131
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