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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “VanilleFF13,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
puZJ7(puZJ7)Adult (f)5,2037011
9RGi6(9RGi6)Adult (f)5,2057010
6tFNS(6tFNS)Adult (m)5,2167020
XIqsK(XIqsK)Adult (f)5,2287052
TGVKe(TGVKe)Adult (f)5,2217052
F8Tka(F8Tka)Adult (m)3,7055552
hfkaH(hfkaH)Adult (f)3,5148535
O9aBJ(O9aBJ)Adult (m)3,7245624
8HMvK(8HMvK)Adult (m)3,2415931
mgYge(mgYge)Adult (f)5,3406723
9D3qj(9D3qj)Adult (m)3,7305593
KGSTV(KGSTV)Adult (f)3,2405951
u0DEM(u0DEM)Adult (m)5,5366911
A23mo(A23mo)Adult (m)5,3456743
nEiG1(nEiG1)Adult (f)3,0845681
BNCUH(BNCUH)Adult (f)3,6465982
hc2VE(hc2VE)Adult (f)3,2245853
i6TUi(i6TUi)Adult (m)2,7884841
B3IBY(B3IBY)Adult (f)2,7184761
TQuU0(TQuU0)Adult (f)3,2415941
Ce9cZ(Ce9cZ)Adult (m)3,2805920
eBj2N(eBj2N)Adult (m)3,6426001
4TeOR(4TeOR)Adult (m)3,7536500
WDPF6(WDPF6)Adult (f)3,7546501
kmfRn(kmfRn)Adult (m)3,7506480
erFHO(erFHO)Adult (m)3,6315971
g7vOE(g7vOE)Adult (m)3,7376481
j7TcD(j7TcD)Adult (f)3,0925816
9OqYi(9OqYi)Adult (f)3,3415984
ChTQH(ChTQH)Adult (m)3,2345902
G5sUg(G5sUg)Adult (m)3,2445870
G4Scn(G4Scn)Adult (m)3,6516480
Gi1TH(Gi1TH)Adult (m)3,2355951
nUjNZ(nUjNZ)Adult (m)3,2425861
gP0XY(gP0XY)Adult (m)5,3536732
rcBZ3(rcBZ3)Adult (m)3,1986422
tGnZQ(tGnZQ)Adult (m)3,1926390
X6qct(X6qct)Adult (m)4,0377582
pG1Fn(pG1Fn)Adult (m)4,0317564
o4HdY(o4HdY)Adult (f)3,6436471
6GOiH(6GOiH)Adult (f)5,36379513
luuKG(luuKG)Adult (f)5,3537936
BiqCU(BiqCU)Adult (m)5,3347876
f3DP1(f3DP1)Adult (f)3,2106423
0ZfR9(0ZfR9)Adult (f)4,0387591
lii47(lii47)Adult (m)3,7605668
mC2B6(mC2B6)Adult (m)3,3416670
Ia31p(Ia31p)Adult (f)4,0416117
O2lg3(O2lg3)Adult (f)3,6436482
95T0g(95T0g)Adult (m)3,6236460
SdMtc(SdMtc)Adult (m)2,6634661
Q9tbq(Q9tbq)Adult (f)2,7304760
JYmUY(JYmUY)Adult (f)3,7215698
mStkM(mStkM)Adult (m)3,7045552
r3PTB(r3PTB)Adult (m)3,7005676
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