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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Urka72,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
OC8PVBronze Lunar StoneAdult (f)6,9731,0820
m6MLPWhen No Moon Is ShiningAdult (f)4,4679442
tglBABlue Lunar RiseAdult (f)6,8909433
74q1KBlue Lunar StoneAdult (m)7,2038352
5DsP0Indigo Lunar RiseAdult (f)4,8998102
QEeu3When Blue Moon Is ShiningAdult (m)4,5541,1062
FFTuGLittle-Green-Purple StarAdult (f)4,1301,1409
LkaVjLittle-Purple-Green StarAdult (m)6,0257194
8K4KUMACROAPOCALYPSEAdult (m)4,4519984
StuxlIn IoliteAdult (f)4,4331,0181
DWUIYMagelight FireAdult (f)4,2578822
64XpsYour Oxygen Is Making It WorseAdult (m)5,3891,0721
EytomOrangu-sunAdult (f)5,2677913
5y7RqOrange SeekerAdult (m)12,1171,6542
aaY4hHeaven For OrangeAdult (f)9,5771,0751
DCniCNMEAdult (m)5,9091,0212
LH1VS(LH1VS)Adult (f)4,3199631
E7g1v(E7g1v)Adult (m)6,0471,1034
FNkcN(FNkcN)Adult (f)7,0901,2782
SjCIQ(SjCIQ)Adult (m)4,2949450
XVn3j(XVn3j)Adult (m)3,2768030
QAeRE(QAeRE)Adult (m)4,3288911
3Skeg(3Skeg)Adult (f)5,2981,0591
GCtsj(GCtsj)Adult (m)2,9377932
h28mx(h28mx)Adult (f)3,4699081
pASB9(pASB9)Adult (m)3,6098812
JzmwF(JzmwF)Adult (m)3,5918691
VU4SC(VU4SC)Adult (f)3,4777940
6KUdFMagma's SpiritAdult (m)4,2688371
UYIimYim MagmaAdult (m)4,2786522
DANvJMagma SparklingAdult (f)4,9178091
qoEpnMythical MagmaAdult (f)3,9915223
HCmop(HCmop)Adult (f)4,1779361
RNo9x(RNo9x)Adult (m)3,7318471
Pmbjc(Pmbjc)Adult (f)3,7789261
uo2XT(uo2XT)Adult (m)2,7755861
VZcNA(VZcNA)Adult (m)3,8109321
NMnC5(NMnC5)Adult (f)3,7949141
Vegaf(Vegaf)Adult (m)3,1907230
ICytuCareful With StreaksAdult (f)5,7221,2940
xyWDPCreative DiggingAdult (m)5,8151,2403
TZ1DgCareful HeartAdult (m)2,6305801
LdwZ6Heart Of CareAdult (f)8,3101,3073
uF0osWeep For MimicryAdult (m)5,5741,1604
BVZn5Cry Of MimicAdult (f)6,9961,1952
8JcvwThere Is A Light That Never GoesAdult (m)5,0911,0992
BsBS8Kakome KakomeAdult (f)6,0821,2512
9CH15Mint PrankAdult (f)7,4791,2875
LJEXYMint GreenTeaAdult (m)6,1047676
3Pj2rHappy MintserAdult (f)4,1019351
nZlOUMint Green PrankAdult (m)6,3541,1423
Gxi5gUpside Down April FoolsAdult (f)3,7529051
E7OkoHappy Mint PrankAdult (m)3,6119233
XWHqbLittle-Green StarAdult (f)6,7728400
jxlcELittle-Bright-Green StarAdult (m)7,2701,1882
2Ax6m(2Ax6m)Adult (m)2,9347951
O9HXR(O9HXR)Adult (f)3,2827960
8cTDqGray MonarchAdult (f)3,9967041
j0a84Dark-gray MonarchAdult (m)7,4081,1523
c7RjO(c7RjO)Adult (m)3,7228640
db1oe(db1oe)Adult (f)3,2554331
skdDMBluelight StoneAdult (f)8,3921,3153
rvxmcMoonlight JewelryAdult (m)3,6197021
GJF9A(GJF9A)Adult (f)3,2909213
vGqKY(vGqKY)Adult (m)3,2327261
J5nZLDorekuAdult (f)6,7521,1812
G6EXGDrake Of ScreamAdult (m)5,0001,3564
3auBY(3auBY)Adult (m)3,5124200
X3DlpLizard HeartseekerAdult (m)4,8239163
RuF7gCavern MutamoreAdult (m)3,4627021
t6E4VWe're Beautiful NowAdult (m)2,6426800
cAgyqCommon World DominationAdult (m)5,8751,0391
ImwsURed Coral GemAdult (m)4,3567882
mmpMvViolaceous FerocityAdult (m)4,6388212
1NwmEMysterious GemAdult (m)6,3966276
5CWdVMysterious PlaceAdult (m)4,2789824
ZHruUMysterious SomethingAdult (m)4,7075623
ZwqLNMysterious PlanetAdult (m)5,5309943
HW2TGMysterious Space EchoAdult (m)6,1041,0271
QfBahMysterious WaterfallAdult (f)6,8097373
ZEvzxMysterious WaterplanetAdult (m)7,4968372
MbjOCMysterious RainAdult (f)7,6529165
xKdTnMysterious CaveAdult (f)10,0021,1644
jTbtFMysterious EtherealAdult (f)7,9361,2615
Tl1AaMysterious Blue StarAdult (f)7,4361,2493
1pU9NMysterious Blue SplashAdult (f)8,2921,4663
qIx2hMysterious ForestAdult (m)5,6831,0162
QUqiEMysterious AestheticAdult (m)3,7578321
MTMBNMysterious SpaceAdult (m)5,0758247
WaID1Mysterious LightwingAdult (m)4,2778163
eHLcFMysterious ScaleAdult (m)5,5181,1433
6Sk5KMysterious Green StarAdult (m)6,2321,0321
fNhUfMysterious BloodAdult (f)4,9587964
u46gEMysterious Green PlanetAdult (m)4,7427465
c7tmDMysterious RedstoneAdult (f)6,5676994
lCqaAMysterious OrangeAdult (f)5,7561,0274
BZdAGMysterious SplashAdult (f)10,5521,3323
aItRZMysterious Alpine GemAdult (f)7,0271,0402
lkvkcMysterious ColorfulAdult (m)7,2001,1081
S8gK5Mysterious SpellAdult (f)5,6301,0192
v2o1BTropic DangerousAdult (f)8,0711,2004
ilNzDChristmas In TropicsAdult (m)6,7821,1874
CRONjThe Other One Gets The KnifeAdult (f)4,4409802
czp6gOne Keeps On Beating ThereforeAdult (m)4,2791,0031
GCeDJStone Of JusticeAdult (f)5,3758732
KzMX0Stone of PatienceAdult (m)6,0571,0484
HYUooVioletstripedAdult (f)7,6651,2760
t7FvRBright-BluestripedAdult (m)6,8057053
vM9GMTeam GAdult (m)5,0021,0111
3aqqNSo Cold That Your Touch BurnsAdult (f)6,1891,0654
2YCJLLittle-Light-Blue StarAdult (f)5,8951,1231
TytUNLittle-Blue StarAdult (m)4,7669311
HZs20Little-Blueberry StarAdult (f)4,8368153
vOuPsLittle-Cobalt StarAdult (m)7,0361,2132
iOiDOForest NightwingAdult (f)8,1051,2881
W8Be9Forest DaywingAdult (m)3,9804290
NZ6HxHermit GangAdult (m)5,3491,0041
ItFPg(ItFPg)Adult (f)3,3788323
chZePOcher GoldAdult (m)12,3171,3652
x7VLdSienna OcherAdult (f)12,5841,4266
AqoNrIt's Leviosa Not LeviosarAdult (f)4,4159972
PVCb6(PVCb6)Adult (m)3,5918511
LX4XSGreen DillAdult (f)5,4386545
MwVSsBlack Silver OliveAdult (m)5,8257492
JYxF4(JYxF4)Adult (f)3,7388741
1EXznSmoky HalloweenAdult (m)9,0131,84013
IlwFICave SmokeAdult (f)9,1961,84813
D8IyrScull FireAdult (m)9,2631,84312
hPHBySmoky ScullAdult (m)9,1721,8157
gBlYZFlame Of HolidayAdult (m)9,1511,8156
DYA7wNovember NightmareAdult (f)9,2341,8307
b7kJFCavern OmenAdult (f)9,3741,8008
fVDtPFlame IroquoisAdult (f)5,2721,4831
62GufSmoky SmokeAdult (m)3,1149994
HuYbSFire Of Upcoming NovemberAdult (f)3,1261,0082
USZPZPaper ThingAdult6,9821,0865
ah798Modular Origami DragonAdult12,3861,4766
0Tl89Life After Happily Ever AfterAdult2,4565871
y8SqtMountain PillowAdult (m)5,8276281
epLwjCeletsial PillowAdult (f)6,6401,1372
CVHSzPillow ButterflyAdult (f)9,3951,1344
kua0VJungle PillowAdult (m)10,6921,0883
b61UfPink CornflowerAdult (m)6,9161,2513
naJSZPink BlowballAdult (m)7,4121,2205
eNhpTShiny Pink CornflowerAdult (f)6,9231,2636
OY5GGHappy Easter iAdult (f)9,4571,5134
C0POvFrostbitten FlowerAdult (f)7,9481,3002
9T5d3The Queen Of FlowerAdult (f)6,8076871
Ids9OPinkle's BlowballAdult (f)5,0169381
amIyEMinty FrostflowerAdult (m)9,4661,1353
izqDXSwirl FlowerAdult (m)6,6998745
PFjLwDesert PinkleAdult (m)10,4161,2512
8yYr7Strawberry PinkleAdult (f)10,4641,2223
4IUhLArias' PinkAdult (m)7,0331,2962
PecTNThe King Of Strawberry FlowersAdult (m)5,9471,0184
o8z6bShiny Pink GoldAdult (f)5,4578902
lRQIjThe Frostbitten KingAdult (m)3,0887162
d0iVxSwirl FrostflowerAdult (f)3,3387382
5MOxOThe Queen Of FrostbittenAdult (f)6,0761,2492
Bu6vFSwirl Frostbitten KingAdult (m)6,1121,2122
7TJOLSleepy Pink CornflowerAdult (f)2,3886603
i2u7HThe King Of FrostbittenAdult (m)4,3249601
9D8C7Rose KunziteAdult (m)3,3455522
hRfArSleepy Shiny Pink CornflowerAdult (f)4,8651,0562
gcGJORose Of JungleAdult (m)2,6936432
EHK5e(EHK5e)Adult (f)3,5558442
UUEZkUnstable FlowerAdult (f)3,1603912
Mj4KiFeathered FerretAdult (m)4,8689211
TG14XFrosty LilyAdult (f)5,0088922
HYruOWinged PolecatAdult (m)4,6458852
9wOjLNiveous DoveAdult (f)4,8788972
SdPUpGreenplatedAdult (m)6,6497108
zGXBWBlixemiAdult (f)5,6061,1892
wwstO(wwstO)Adult (m)4,0158691
gBpafThe PremiumAdult (f)7,3801,2487
MT5FXShiny Gold MedalAdult (m)6,9051,1953
66QFRSwallowing Molten GoldAdult (f)8,0771,3033
4yvRiShiny Golden PrinceAdult (m)8,7881,2084
FOWuVSwallowing Polished GoldAdult (f)7,8021,1463
rSlMkSwallowed Golden ShadowAdult (f)7,5851,1152
z7ZIuPremium GoldAdult (m)6,5611,0593
kcaQySwallowing Gold MedalAdult (f)6,6261,0673
YOgcXSwallowing GoldlingAdult (m)6,3171,0151
UdavRGold AnacondaAdult (m)5,8291,0364
09gOtPremium Of DeceasedAdult (m)7,4321,1714
xRcVlSilverminkAdult (f)8,3151,4454
HJmAUEaster SilverAdult (f)9,6741,5255
7AkRxSilver PremiumAdult (m)9,3081,2144
1LvYWTrophy Of DeceasedAdult (f)6,0191,0574
a9QbASilver AnacondaAdult (m)5,3939604
kdKZXPremium SilverAdult (m)6,4071,0653
n8APVTrophy Of PremiumAdult (f)5,8801,0911
ty0efPremium TrophyAdult (m)5,1801,0852
fMnbwBrilliant PremiumAdult (f)5,6821,1113
wZJ5qGolden Silver's DiamondAdult (m)8,1259444
p5vFPThe Premium BrassAdult (f)8,7299523
3asmNGolden Silver's StarAdult (m)8,4209614
vMNJMGlacier's BrassAdult (m)8,8621,0124
uygKrSilver's BrassAdult (f)8,0806014
NEcTmEaster Silver StarAdult (f)8,4356543
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