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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Urka72,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
fr6iAMechanic ResurrectionAdult (f)4,2858242
O3zLcAeonix-2000Adult (f)7,8891,1374
QfBEaThe Legend Of FutureAdult (m)6,7801,0956
VEBQCBluestarlingAdult (f)4,9598968
vdv70Future MechanicAdult (f)4,9979581
mu4gyTimeoverAdult (m)7,7001,2616
RX9BwHell AeonAdult (m)10,1811,4654
uCE31Aeon ResurrectionAdult (m)10,3271,4855
zl4aLThe Last ReelAdult (m)3,0615501
cg51rInconsistent TimeAdult (f)6,2721,2004
TN00q(TN00q)Adult (m)7,8151,1545
Rxjuw(Rxjuw)Adult (f)7,6981,1982
IJic4(IJic4)Adult (f)8,1341,2002
ReGMx(ReGMx)Adult (m)7,7701,2163
UyvBL(UyvBL)Adult (m)6,3171,0484
oB1vA(oB1vA)Adult (f)4,2608933
ujBqf(ujBqf)Adult (m)3,4369492
pa3YA(pa3YA)Adult (f)3,6039503
erIEX(erIEX)Adult (m)4,2708031
RLCXd(RLCXd)Adult (f)3,9178811
3Q4tZWings Of AetherAdult (f)4,7878961
tU1hVWindflawAdult (m)4,8268851
FxtP1Walking Among AngelsAdult (f)4,7819021
dBh6jCompeting The WindAdult (m)6,0651,0562
bdRpINo MelaninAdult (m)5,5916133
5EuQrForest AlbinosAdult (f)10,7861,2176
Q1SQyAnna And The KingAdult (f)6,0051,0163
aeWb1Additional MemoryAdult (m)6,6971,1562
H7P8rPesky BirdAdult (m)3,9339943
QKdIo(QKdIo)Adult (m)3,8899851
1RkpN(1RkpN)Adult (f)4,0488281
dGihI(dGihI)Adult (f)3,7977842
9vaiF(9vaiF)Adult (f)4,0691,0483
Y8mvE(Y8mvE)Adult (m)5,3751,1915
DRvEb(DRvEb)Adult (m)3,9001,0052
PVf6b(PVf6b)Adult (f)3,9289621
7NwY6Emerald of ChaosAdult (f)5,6951,1550
oc43vYeralashAdult (m)15,5261,3594
OVsNVMountain Of The EmeraldsAdult (m)5,3901,0702
aYnS6Greeny StoneAdult (f)5,1211,0061
9r1Bk(9r1Bk)Adult (m)3,9468092
14NtR(14NtR)Adult (f)4,0178051
hUVq8(hUVq8)Adult (m)4,1259453
Ho6zV(Ho6zV)Adult (f)6,5771,2303
nC86JRedswirledAdult (m)6,1171,1001
5xOjcRedswirlAdult (m)6,7691,1594
Qvz2eAngel's SwirlAdult (m)8,5111,4074
InCvNBlueswirledAdult (f)7,5031,1052
kwZhVThe Queen Of SwirlAdult (f)14,9801,3753
qOCzDCoast SwirlAdult (m)6,9259704
sp1giPinkswirledAdult (m)10,0511,3051
Z50U7Stonecold SilverswirledAdult (f)3,7496742
BHDAqSleepy SwirlAdult (f)11,5371,0884
VYP2oStonecold SwirlAdult (f)11,6601,1392
3cBWvFlower And RibbonAdult (f)6,1961,2756
SYjGPStonecold WindAdult (m)4,6261,1091
oTVtgThe Swirled AngelAdult (f)3,3187282
SZSKkSwirly ForestAdult (m)6,3061,1493
jTz1DBlue Sky On A Cloudy DayAdult (f)3,9843452
zuppSRedswirled ButterflyAdult (m)4,6449442
P4WU8My Little StarAdult (m)5,0308293
eRxxdMy Yellow StarAdult (m)8,3541,4083
pi2ccMy Sleepy StarAdult (f)7,8008275
73Fn6Reflective By DustAdult (m)6,9831,2663
aHk2UDesert's Sandy DustAdult (f)7,2109675
2FRXeName 505Adult (f)7,5768912
N0OVkNo VKAdult (f)6,2041,1184
PApkT(PApkT)Adult (f)3,8019381
1h5e6(1h5e6)Adult (m)2,9804711
YbLFj(YbLFj)Adult (f)3,5078802
4zJEs(4zJEs)Adult (m)3,1267252
q5Rrb(q5Rrb)Adult (f)3,0163971
rqNmr(rqNmr)Adult (m)3,0408732
nckCsKiller In The MirrorAdult (m)4,3021,0330
BOgsZVivid WaterAdult (f)4,2341,0452
ZUPzJVentricosusAdult (m)4,3361,0763
u0zHLliquescimusAdult (f)4,2101,0880
iTwc5(iTwc5)Adult (m)3,7778710
pqUnI(pqUnI)Adult (f)5,1977872
RB6Ey(RB6Ey)Adult (m)3,1347540
zuKrH(zuKrH)Adult (f)3,5658583
ulqOX(ulqOX)Adult (m)4,4987782
zhh9s(zhh9s)Adult (f)4,0807571
QN4Zr(QN4Zr)Adult (m)4,0057770
OdTw2(OdTw2)Adult (f)4,4368130
WRD89Cavern ArcanaAdult (m)4,4171,2331
sZO6qArcane SurgeAdult (f)4,0981,2411
eZFAdArcanum GlowAdult (f)4,1781,2482
LeiukHack WriterAdult (m)4,5421,3103
KrSQNGreen Fire Of ArcaneAdult (m)4,4361,2932
SMZ6wSecrecy Of FireAdult (m)4,4141,2612
SgOziArcane PotionAdult (f)4,2771,2821
q9lU9Poison Of ArcanumAdult (f)4,2151,2521
mcW2rGlow of ArcanaAdult (f)3,7211,1304
JyigsGreen Poison of ArcanumAdult (m)3,5291,1235
W8HkVAria Of This DayAdult (m)6,2409995
cK9rRPinkle's MysteryAdult (f)8,4811,3734
GRYMHTrungleAdult (f)4,2259461
zihAnImpulseSVAdult (m)5,5348775
9FBkuLove Me I SayAdult (m)5,4539773
9VvSoLove Me I Say Love Me I SayAdult (f)4,7979972
nzZjLMagenta TopazAdult (m)5,3921,0193
lPX1DMagenta SapphireAdult (f)5,1481,0082
b4ot7More And More And Love Me I SayAdult (m)6,3431,2201
Y6wrRLove Me AwayAdult (f)3,7759061
ddA8qUntil I'm Not Completely SaneAdult (f)2,1615103
MIsVyI Am Just So SorryAdult (f)3,1797632
VVZ3tPink AquastoneAdult (f)4,3049278
LSjta(LSjta)Adult (m)4,1869493
09Qvi(09Qvi)Adult (f)5,7811,0093
ecQWeAngel's ValentineAdult (f)4,8618663
5VQekCavern ArsaniAdult (f)3,3457312
2ao5ZA Lilac SkyAdult (f)5,8631,3580
BOBH6Beautiful Lilac SkyAdult (f)5,1531,0043
w3VaBArsani WondersAdult (f)4,5537872
gwzePLove EmpathyAdult (f)4,3798412
GoEelLove Coral GemAdult (f)5,0321,0184
sOA0s(sOA0s)Adult (f)3,9344891
t7HFLShaking Off The AshesAdult (f)9,3651,5994
J8nMIBorn From The AshAdult (f)9,1691,5924
RiLibAshed ThornsAdult (m)9,3161,6054
5rVd5Risen From The AshAdult (m)9,2981,6074
SLIpw(SLIpw)Adult (m)3,2828352
gdO6P(gdO6P)Adult (f)3,2578323
4RqFx(4RqFx)Adult (f)3,9358931
xoHOk(xoHOk)Adult (m)4,1639404
MyCmyBeauty In Colors Of SunriseAdult (f)3,2987891
Drr89xhonenAdult (f)3,3277811
Pxmb2GROW BETTERAdult (m)3,5008350
LEl2BI Lost My Best FriendAdult (m)3,4028090
YGbX0LasureAdult (m)5,8471,0634
ivbBzGlacewing LasureAdult (f)14,9071,3745
RSRrkBurry OneAdult (m)5,2321,0442
CIwo4Azure Herald Bringing An OmenAdult (f)5,1731,0301
iel7eTwo-Headed Green HydraAdult (m)5,5951,1534
s5MOsTwo-Headed Brown HydraAdult (f)5,6331,1241
4jsSGGraystripedAdult (f)6,9471,1953
nktOh(nktOh)Adult (m)2,5996731
VWWv2Two-Headed Blue HydraAdult (f)5,6181,1512
X1wjcTwo-Headed Sea HydraAdult (m)5,4741,1391
BYf3sGreystripedAdult (m)6,8771,1893
UfipM(UfipM)Adult (f)3,8618782
pJvwRJust Like BalloonAdult (f)6,1041,1606
kdZdRVika752Adult (m)8,7111,1116
ep2AO(ep2AO)Adult (f)3,1297411
WGxlC(WGxlC)Adult (m)2,5176691
9DtvHMeet BobAdult (m)5,5027964
b7RKBMy Fake WaifuAdult (f)5,9868042
jCdqa(jCdqa)Adult (m)3,2617901
zqNJO(zqNJO)Adult (f)3,1847391
iD1iMOriginal TeimarrAdult (m)5,2446468
bYl0lBlackhorned TeimarrAdult (m)4,0746841
bjLDXYellowmaned TeimarrAdult (m)3,9318220
ncDibWhitestriped TeimarrAdult (m)4,6661,0821
OYQU7Yellowinged TeimarrAdult (f)6,3181,1585
z64MaGreenwinged TeimarrAdult (f)11,6721,1112
sEepiStripedwinged TeimarrAdult (f)11,5611,1134
JMQ7PYellowclaw TeimarrAdult (f)8,8569035
moP1SEarthquake TeimarrAdult (f)5,9561,0251
JDn1oLuminous TeimarrAdult (m)5,5071,0913
XHW2gTranzactionAdult (f)5,3306582
mDWuLTranzaction's HealerAdult (m)6,5595302
EanFwTranzaction's WarriorAdult (f)6,0547812
U8gtQTranzaction's HunterAdult (m)5,7659023
EhE7yTranzaction's HeraldAdult (m)5,1031,0213
JG4N9Tranzaction's ApprenticeAdult (m)7,8605274
8bwSwTranzactionist KitAdult (f)5,1519373
BAusyTranzaction's GuardAdult (f)4,3987944
B9nU6Tranzaction's CreationAdult (f)6,0668123
i0V3rTranzaction's ServantAdult (m)4,9173963
KtqE1TranzactionistAdult (m)3,3106183
FwqCLTranzaction's RatAdult (f)2,5707673
dIUvDTranzaction's BetrayerAdult (m)2,5627712
jiG4RTranzaction Healer's ApprenticeAdult (f)2,7197811
0pnyXTranzaction's LoverAdult (m)3,5477652
kJUJKTranzaction's MentorAdult (m)6,6951,1992
I9PdpTranzactionist QueenAdult (f)8,2101,1372
6Ma4yTranzaction's KitAdult (f)7,0219544
fLvwzCrescent high aboveAdult (m)5,3217171
4haP5Evolving as you goAdult (f)4,8547260
8oRRdRaise what lies beneathAdult (m)4,8467221
zZNUbLet the darkness growAdult (f)8,6751,1522
BVZ4KBend it to my willAdult (f)7,0231,1473
KcPRmConsume the sunlight's glowAdult (m)7,1651,1140
LipUNLil PunAdult (m)6,9811,1422
5LcY3Rise into the sky AndAdult (f)6,9571,1332
d17kgGift me with your lightAdult (m)4,9818473
pgyp8Shine into the darkAdult (m)4,4168683
sCpK4Restore our fading sightAdult (f)5,9381,2271
yFsa9Rise into the dawnAdult (f)4,6971,0841
uoJ5nBlazing star so brightAdult (m)5,3539343
d1YVdBurn away the strife Let My HopeAdult (f)5,0919524
vxqdLignite Let hope igniteAdult (f)5,0599602
M2KXM(M2KXM)Adult (m)5,0167691
2dhFO(2dhFO)Adult (f)2,8055902
EFYqc(EFYqc)Adult (m)2,4575436
bBuSl(bBuSl)Adult (m)4,5428204
7BJPo(7BJPo)Adult (f)4,5097544
qAPKA(qAPKA)Adult (f)8,8011,1345
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