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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ulthor,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qYWn(qYWn)Adult (f)2,02657713
7XGg(7XGg)Adult (f)9,5721,0796
A7Js(A7Js)Adult (f)9,4831,02911
jN14(jN14)Adult (f)3,1606455
prkc(prkc)Adult (m)1,0885235
aRjP(aRjP)Adult (m)1,3896487
hRHl(hRHl)Adult (f)1,1255253
XN91(XN91)Adult (m)1,1635363
rT6F(rT6F)Adult (m)3,9345944
0PAW(0PAW)Adult (f)8985033
oOn2(oOn2)Adult (m)8864992
TdBn(TdBn)Adult (m)8674912
qrPK(qrPK)Adult (m)1,1205305
2ri9(2ri9)Adult (m)8864908
392F(392F)Adult (m)1,0055327
rqWk(rqWk)Adult (f)9785252
v4rq(v4rq)Adult (f)1,1295484
aQMJ(aQMJ)Adult (m)1,0625343
4gBv(4gBv)Adult (m)10,2158661
Xkd3(Xkd3)Adult (m)1,1605285
T4K3(T4K3)Adult (m)1,1675323
tSNr(tSNr)Adult (f)1,2675725
VPtS(VPtS)Adult (m)1,2514826
BSDA(BSDA)Adult (m)1,3175792
S9Xe(S9Xe)Adult (m)1,4996475
SEcZ(SEcZ)Adult (m)1,3796035
cEp5(cEp5)Adult (m)1,3206152
CFcS(CFcS)Adult (m)1,2355793
363X(363X)Adult (m)1,3345603
XUhj(XUhj)Adult (f)1,4195861
svYk(svYk)Adult (f)1,4235205
F7pg(F7pg)Adult (f)2,2635913
fNfp(fNfp)Adult (f)6,4494537
KDtA(KDtA)Adult (f)6,5414573
lW02(lW02)Adult (f)6,42347112
PsTf(PsTf)Adult (f)1,69977911
sb7O(sb7O)Adult (m)2,5483756
ehsH(ehsH)Adult (m)2,8434227
u7Fv(u7Fv)Adult (m)4,4499417
VP33(VP33)Adult (m)3,5874643
FbQG(FbQG)Adult (m)3,78347910
1Z3P(1Z3P)Adult (m)4,0604967
9usn(9usn)Adult (f)4,0385007
CHnt(CHnt)Adult (f)4,0604876
SIfD(SIfD)Adult (f)4,1724817
oZhp(oZhp)Adult (f)4,1944437
kQPm(kQPm)Adult (m)4,9995274
VXAK(VXAK)Adult (m)5,0425282
8er7(8er7)Adult (f)5,6315655
9HTs(9HTs)Adult (f)5,1484972
6u8G(6u8G)Adult (f)6,6905094
onoA(onoA)Adult (f)6,7255144
MTOm(MTOm)Adult (m)6,6995006
1Ttf(1Ttf)Adult (f)6,7004992
cFXE(cFXE)Adult (m)5,8275904
T5cH(T5cH)Adult (f)5,8105973
jGUG(jGUG)Adult (f)5,2596214
Uu90(Uu90)Adult (f)5,2716265
PIGc(PIGc)Adult (m)4,9357143
SZ1Z(SZ1Z)Adult (f)4,9287167
O3QH(O3QH)Adult (m)4,6498471
1k2W(1k2W)Adult (f)4,4247383
B7FI(B7FI)Adult (f)4,0676217
hKAX(hKAX)Adult (m)4,0696245
043J(043J)Adult (m)4,0836235
viAR(viAR)Adult (f)4,0846255
Y9Pg(Y9Pg)Adult (f)3,3607313
tLp0(tLp0)Adult (m)3,3537363
REuD(REuD)Adult (m)3,3557283
dOSr(dOSr)Adult (m)3,3617325
vdvQ(vdvQ)Adult (f)3,3667292
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