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You pick up the scroll labeled “Tyriene,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
HsMU(HsMU)Adult (f)1,29437755
B6NC(B6NC)Adult (f)3,81664953
JloW(JloW)Adult (f)3,903974141
s6jd(s6jd)Adult (m)5,6711,04753
8kHO(8kHO)Adult (f)1,62435664
YD7Q(YD7Q)Adult (m)1,61837538
jsTU(jsTU)Adult (m)1,31238849
RQCN(RQCN)Adult (m)1,40826158
uCPc(uCPc)Adult (f)1,40625959
Ijxp(Ijxp)Adult (f)1,40526058
TYmm(TYmm)Adult (m)2,72781072
NbAm(NbAm)Adult (m)2,67781873
hdk4(hdk4)Adult (f)2,42976013
2AIa(2AIa)Adult (m)1,37742759
QsNQ(QsNQ)Adult (f)2,72381077
e6Df(e6Df)Adult (f)8,8841,32617
cTc7(cTc7)Adult (f)3,69762951
XK6Q(XK6Q)Adult (f)8,8111,27823
JSNM(JSNM)Adult (f)7,4261,18114
HlWV(HlWV)Adult (m)1,94339796
JnfD(JnfD)Adult (m)1,80339963
S6wM(S6wM)Adult (m)4,9591,37957
xkFQ(xkFQ)Adult (m)4,13175350
Xm4T(Xm4T)Adult (f)1,60736158
LjQd(LjQd)Adult (f)1,45036528
LvHB(LvHB)Adult (f)2,28035751
p2e3(p2e3)Adult (f)7,3641,19415
2tD2(2tD2)Hatchling (m, F)2,86150582
14Aq(14Aq)Adult (f)1,72734378
L3sp(L3sp)Adult (m)2,70679374
NOXa(NOXa)Adult (m)8,7591,31318
kCav(kCav)Adult (f)7,3351,18411
kiBI(kiBI)Adult (m)6,6411,16178
I6yO(I6yO)Adult (f)5,498621164
lxfp(lxfp)Hatchling (f, F)1,90553067
qx9r(qx9r)Hatchling (m, F)1,64647860
dTNX(dTNX)Adult (f)2,4701,01318
LTRf(LTRf)Adult (f)3,647875132
1MTx(1MTx)Adult (f)3,484822130
EXTk(EXTk)Adult (m)2,807746117
3Ftm(3Ftm)Adult (f)1,34635023
7vq7(7vq7)Adult (f)1,43247054
9EmZ(9EmZ)Adult (f)2,44043831
gT4N(gT4N)Adult (m)2,35998522
11aw(11aw)Adult (f)1,81034180
VapV(VapV)Adult (f)1,41635446
69jG(69jG)Adult (m)3,9781,032131
FGtB(FGtB)Adult (f)1,65756358
67bJ(67bJ)Adult (m)3,57171552
JPDO(JPDO)Adult (f)1,48843224
fTAx(fTAx)Adult (m)1,39725959
ch3c(ch3c)Adult (f)1,38825959
iAEK(iAEK)Adult (m)2,39699422
bORx(bORx)Adult (f)1,85836780
tiYe(tiYe)Adult (f)1,68232779
TILh(TILh)Adult (f)1,40047468
p2Zj(p2Zj)Adult (m)5,6221,04157
m4PN(m4PN)Adult (m)8,6991,29518
hYmQ(hYmQ)Adult (m)2,37898123
RVjV(RVjV)Adult (f)7,3491,1668
jf9S(jf9S)Adult (m)2,52544433
Wadv(Wadv)Adult (f)1,26235853
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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