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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Typhusion,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
FWM3h(FWM3h)Adult (m)1,7467876
m68bL(m68bL)Adult (m)1,7117985
IeCh1(IeCh1)Adult (f)1,6477283
n8Rc0(n8Rc0)Adult (m)1,6787494
I4A3V(I4A3V)Adult (m)1,6448906
uL1He(uL1He)Adult (f)1,9678805
En9ZK(En9ZK)Adult (f)1,5928933
1VDUs(1VDUs)Adult (m)2,1029272
p6Ple(p6Ple)Adult (f)6,1071,7068
Z5GNS(Z5GNS)Adult (f)1,8488204
cCpCv(cCpCv)Adult (m)1,7828162
GsqpX(GsqpX)Adult (f)1,7947863
uCbSZ(uCbSZ)Adult (m)3,3451,1387
FXRUN(FXRUN)Adult (m)1,7477770
7Aeq3(7Aeq3)Adult (m)1,8798332
eU0L1(eU0L1)Adult (m)1,7487830
VWt3S(VWt3S)Adult (f)1,5507002
0e3mo(0e3mo)Adult (f)2,0817450
79bLb(79bLb)Adult (m)1,4586541
oGHME(oGHME)Adult (m)1,6367114
TADNr(TADNr)Adult (f)1,9957168
Z4huO(Z4huO)Adult (m)2,3507882
LoQfA(LoQfA)Adult (m)2,3968241
S9Oi1(S9Oi1)Adult (f)2,4648222
9h7U6(9h7U6)Adult (m)2,4367301
DXmaG(DXmaG)Adult (f)2,8808521
Yu4Rf(Yu4Rf)Adult (m)2,8088881
oJCTl(oJCTl)Adult (m)10,4441,05010
EcQOE(EcQOE)Adult (m)2,4556313
e8HlV(e8HlV)Adult (f)3,6021,0763
52eZI(52eZI)Adult (f)2,6776605
5795l(5795l)Adult (m)2,3976344
0NYDQ(0NYDQ)Adult (m)1,8416322
ikgPp(ikgPp)Adult (f)2,6558542
iH0dE(iH0dE)Adult (m)2,0526792
QZP9t(QZP9t)Adult (f)2,1387182
aFibU(aFibU)Adult (m)2,5998082
UohPf(UohPf)Adult (f)1,7406380
gjgAh(gjgAh)Adult (f)2,0037030
Oh91M(Oh91M)Adult (f)2,0357101
mSNVl(mSNVl)Adult (f)2,1387150
WsQ4O(WsQ4O)Adult (m)2,6958764
CcBeB(CcBeB)Adult (f)2,2517520
g9JIJ(g9JIJ)Adult (f)2,2367590
IPCD7(IPCD7)Adult (m)2,3267630
uC0m8(uC0m8)Adult (m)2,3267651
srcBZ(srcBZ)Adult (m)2,4598251
TYbvN(TYbvN)Adult (m)2,4037920
CTST4(CTST4)Adult (f)2,4347961
Quq2t(Quq2t)Adult (f)2,1745651
NqT39(NqT39)Adult (m)2,1795511
I8nA0(I8nA0)Adult (f)2,2315761
XKGPC(XKGPC)Adult (m)2,2745401
v1RQ9(v1RQ9)Adult (f)3,1024752
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