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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “TwilightsKitsune,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
SYWjFury and Fire YwaroAdult (f)3,67751033
ciBSSnow and Mist YwaroAdult (f)6,1696576
VE8okLliradis Split CobaltAdult (m)4,4701,2161
OtDrSLliradis Blued IceAdult (f)8,5061,4341
HMcZYIced in Blue YwaroAdult (f)4,2141,0433
flCb7Lliradis Frozen BlueberriesAdult (m)1,6876821
Iu3bmLliradis Split PersonalityAdult (f)1,6687161
98PrvLliradis Duality in BluesAdult (m)2,7478971
3UEEGLliradis Twilight CloudsAdult (f)2,3286230
QSNe7Lliradis Shallow OceanAdult (f)2,8421,0320
scs5FLliradis Deep WatersAdult (m)2,4278191
wPKqHLliradis Cobalt IceAdult (m)2,2607250
rHh55Lliradis Lost in DarkAdult (m)3,5108932
NhwpMLliradis Icy WaterAdult (m)2,5177082
2gooTLliradis Robin's EggAdult (f)3,2578463
uXlqYLliradis Misty MoonlightAdult (m)3,7788583
c3kYeLliradis Fog on the WaterAdult (m)4,3579070
nAttTLliradis WhirlpoolAdult (f)2,6329052
bX0d1Lliradis Spiral WatersAdult (f)2,8336871
YyVz5Lliradis Clouded IceAdult (f)3,6408152
4uShn(4uShn)Adult (f)5,7579043
1tTx0(1tTx0)Adult (m)5,5351,0501
V0uTzLliradis Love and HateAdult (f)2,5809614
ppz8YLliradis Death and LifeAdult (f)2,1788270
GjECSLliradis Fear and CourageAdult (m)2,2348390
PNAuh(PNAuh)Adult (f)5,9489803
6NubLliradis  Snow BlancaAdult (m)1,91174310
bASlWhite Storm Clouds YwaroAdult (f)1,2387397
pHCkLliradis White SnowAdult (m)3,5226873
ea7jLliradis White Sun StoneAdult (m)3,5196884
0jcIWhite Lake YwaroAdult (f)2,4594861
eMd9eLliradis Snow StoneAdult (m)3,4743272
esfVHBlanc Skies YwaroAdult (m)5,0768493
CT8Yq(CT8Yq)Adult (f)3,2277591
DEpdLightless OardaHatchling (F)1,1991933
RWHeBlank Slate OardaHatchling (F)1,2231715
udwOK(udwOK)Adult (m)2,7022974
bMxrh(bMxrh)Adult (m)1,9122852
mOZId(mOZId)Adult (m)5,8701,1541
DgjTe(DgjTe)Adult (f)3,1467330
TJ5AR(TJ5AR)Adult (f)5,4238825
PDrNP(PDrNP)Adult (f)5,0408542
n1t43(n1t43)Adult (m)5,1878770
oySMo(oySMo)Adult (f)4,8249083
jhHpo(jhHpo)Adult (f)4,6611,1451
NOfJ7(NOfJ7)Adult (f)5,9711,1592
htLZ7(htLZ7)Adult (m)4,3049191
QGe5Momoirokakuekihoshinosei no KamiAdult (f)1,21060616
ZTIjK(ZTIjK)Adult (m)2,6972703
8vOgR(8vOgR)Adult (m)6,5979530
sLaLLliradis Floating FuryAdult (f)1,70248739
SLLhLliradis Airbourne MaliceAdult (f)1,5897494
RjyaLliradis Menace of AirAdult (f)2,6861,4459
68BgLliradis Airborn FlierAdult (f)4,25892611
DgMnLliradis Floating and FallingAdult (f)3,2855363
fP5fLliradis Omg a PlaneAdult (m)4,7466631
uSqrWatermelon Icicle OardaHatchling (F)58419023
ARlJCherry Popcicle OardaHatchling (F)6111786
CgIwb(CgIwb)Adult (m)5,8539870
Va4CBlack Magic YwaroAdult (m)2,23840956
Fu23Black Lake YwaroAdult (f)1,26069416
bfJdBlack Whirlwind YwaroAdult (m)4,1221,37016
2tUiBlack Fang YwaroAdult (m)2,13363624
wuJbBlack Magic Fang YwaroAdult (m)2,90598733
E15uBlack Ice YwaroAdult (m)1,48363214
OEsdBlack Breeze YwaroAdult (f)1,5605167
4kMgLady in Black YwaroAdult (f)1,15353455
r6BhNightmare YwaroAdult (f)3,7665764
VeGNDark Folly YwaroAdult (m)2,0873797
uUKkDark Star YwaroAdult (m)2,8483472
JZIObLliradis Coal DustAdult (f)3,3389953
onSkTLliradis Falling in VoidAdult (f)2,9111,0431
vkREBLliradis Dark before DawnAdult (m)2,1587021
XA4DkLliradis NighthoundAdult (f)5,6458904
zGZYuLliradis Before the DawnAdult (f)2,8549291
KuTDxLliradis EclipseAdult (m)2,8497632
3Iug3Lliradis Storm on the HorizonAdult (m)2,7996381
K17I2(K17I2)Adult (f)5,3958752
CBoM2(CBoM2)Adult (f)4,5969383
K9ZYKurosei no KamiHatchling (f, F)1,55144222
BcY5Blackbird OardaHatchling (m, F)8613486
716KObsidian OardaHatchling (F)1,1122932
rmoHBasalt OardaHatchling (F)8942595
4luDDark Blossom YwaroAdult (f)2,8101,31717
cQEVBlack Rosepetal YwaroAdult (f)3,7615824
3uirSKuro Mirai YwaroAdult (m)1,5286742
B0IceLliradis Lady GreyAdult (f)2,7608912
VnI4NLliradis Earl GreyAdult (m)2,8409011
BP9YTLliradis Black TeaAdult (f)2,2177941
34f2MLliradis ChaiAdult (f)2,5828830
s19qxLliradis Green TeaAdult (m)2,6188960
HX8l6Lliradis Tea LeavesAdult (m)2,8458421
DgodvLliradis Tea ReaderAdult (m)2,5439230
b100YLliradis Future DrinkerAdult (m)2,1628191
BUMgwLliradis Bavarian Wild BerryAdult (m)2,7269122
bYRGFLliradis Peach MangoAdult (m)2,1037261
mIiPWLliradis Orange BlossomAdult (m)2,1086821
DT6OTLliradis Wild BerryAdult (f)5,0668404
TKCQ1(TKCQ1)Adult (f)2,7612883
QBoEk(QBoEk)Adult (f)5,4551,0841
noIvELliradis SandAdult (m)2,7069220
L37Z4Lliradis SeashellAdult (m)2,5298540
FYVkTLliradis ConchAdult (f)2,7228651
FSXdHLliradis Leopard ConeAdult (m)2,9019112
SVKugLliradis Mole CowrieAdult (m)2,7848554
qibXyLliradis Golden CowrieAdult (f)3,3529782
4aZg7Lliradis Map CowrieAdult (f)3,5901,0591
VqqIaLliradis Egg CowrieAdult (m)3,5471,0452
HxfBMLliradis Deer CowrieAdult (m)2,8569893
nRxw4Lliradis Dragonhead CowrieAdult (m)2,7359493
6uwtpLliradis Saul's CowrieAdult (m)2,7249533
uWnquLliradis Grape CowrieAdult (f)2,7799941
P5zH4Lliradis Money CowrieAdult (f)3,2017013
DrihuLliradis Square-tooth CowrieAdult (f)3,2806783
TL69oLliradis NautilusAdult (m)4,7361,30426
vMp2t(vMp2t)Adult (m)4,8708804
HTzcY(HTzcY)Adult (m)2,4622807
YV20RLliradis FireAdult (m)1,7547801
OCUGOLliradis FuryAdult (m)2,2888293
3C9hBLliradis BloodAdult (m)2,8259161
3kFPjLliradis WrathAdult (m)2,7028770
of73qLliradis RevengeAdult (f)2,3628500
rnmHkLliradis Lunar EclipseAdult (f)2,6989100
9ywZtLliradis Solar EclipseAdult (m)2,5778641
vg90CLliradis Blue MoonAdult (m)2,5678631
VHnQ2Lliradis Harvest MoonAdult (m)2,6158871
4xs87Lliradis New MoonAdult (m)2,5748631
hQrzuLliradis Waxing CrescentAdult (f)1,8466690
zEAZtLliradis Waxing QuarterAdult (f)2,5498250
S81cULliradis Waxing GibbousAdult (m)2,5868630
E1IO0Lliradis Half MoonAdult (m)2,7839040
Tfsl7Lliradis Waning GibbousAdult (f)2,8679101
IAkbOLliradis Waning QuarterAdult (m)2,8979311
MZ0g2Lliradis Waning CrescentAdult (f)3,1279190
NxNt5Lliradis Super MoonAdult (f)3,1489400
vhZV7Lliradis Shooting StarAdult (m)3,1349331
lOXBxLliradis Red DwarfAdult (f)2,8539010
UX7A6Lliradis Black HoleAdult (m)2,9411,0351
yHf6XLliradis DarksideAdult (f)2,9001,0181
WRH0YLliradis CraterAdult (f)2,4239033
xGVs0Lliradis Rising TidesAdult (m)3,3381,0683
II3jHLliradis Plan and PlayAdult (m)1,7887990
jkOZyLliradis Fire and FuryAdult (f)2,8008730
JQA0bLliradis Trick or TrapAdult (f)3,3729560
NzRKKLliradis Lure and LiarAdult (m)3,3621,0152
xUE8HLliradis Stalk and SnatchAdult (m)1,7947560
O4hwaLliradis Wait or WhileAdult (f)2,4238180
EeyVSLliradis Trick or TreatAdult (m)4,6101,32917
RzrFPLliradis Sleep or StudyAdult (m)2,3837064
kWvcZLliradis Read and WriteAdult (f)4,0171,0213
A93dkLliradis Math and ScienceAdult (f)2,8987832
7ieuN(7ieuN)Adult (m)5,0798432
8hEAw(8hEAw)Adult (f)3,9208050
gen8SLliradis Cool WaterAdult (f)2,7827790
eTyZcLliradis Rip TidesAdult (f)2,8317581
WmQhzLliradis MonsoonAdult (f)2,8397490
THuxsLliradis RockiesAdult (f)2,8937193
gUBXoLliradis HimalayasAdult (m)2,0797152
oEsdPLliradis EverestAdult (f)2,1196910
BjnarLliradis FujiAdult (f)3,0647541
9afb3Lliradis CatskillsAdult (f)4,6711,31514
D9YVWLliradis St HelensAdult (f)2,6196751
q1fN6Lliradis RainfallAdult (f)4,9411,0782
HPuYZ(HPuYZ)Adult (f)2,2292547
tHTiu(tHTiu)Adult (m)4,6958661
6X3Wg(6X3Wg)Adult (m)3,1957212
LRGc3(LRGc3)Adult (f)4,4479001
1XsIW(1XsIW)Adult (m)4,5649630
EQIPG(EQIPG)Adult (m)5,7479010
q7BGoSea Lance YwaroAdult (m)3,2582971
2q7VRSea Stalker YwaroAdult (m)3,6439313
kd0HNSea Dancer YwaroAdult (f)2,3367961
dhWZ4Sea Watcher YwaroAdult (f)6,5041,4462
PdHHROcean Guardian YwaroAdult (m)2,9419261
Acm0FSea Salt YwaroAdult (m)2,5539224
H1TDmOcean Spinner YwaroAdult (f)2,7568071
XChBk(XChBk)Adult (m)4,5919842
NZsXC(NZsXC)Adult (m)6,7159781
nGf4Lliradis MangoAdult (f)1,88550313
8jX3Lliradis TangerineAdult (m)6,06965111
rDSLLliradis WatermelonAdult (m)7,2696897
jQXsLliradis OrangeAdult (f)4,4956498
KcF3Lliradis ClementineAdult (f)2,0594835
J5EWLliradis GrapeAdult (f)3,9135721
KQu7Lliradis PlumAdult (m)3,9135752
gFpgLliradis AppleAdult (m)4,5277336
HcHaLliradis PeachAdult (m)4,5067303
uNGULliradis GrapefruitAdult (f)3,2736295
nhPHBlack Raspberry YwaroAdult (m)3,0676393
MkcbLliradis NectarineAdult (f)2,6943578
NdlkLemon YwaroAdult (m)2,5783787
avhHLime YwaroAdult (m)5,9676146
MulXRaspberry YwaroAdult (m)2,7144026
LtYbMCherry YwaroAdult (f)5,2301,2481
OtM5kLliradis Star FruitAdult (f)5,1711,2142
TOkLMLliradis DragonfruitAdult (m)5,3961,2120
fWkf3Lliradis StrawberryAdult (m)5,9501,0904
YMCO9Lliradis DurianAdult (m)2,7498780
5HaDcLliradis PineappleAdult (f)1,8927900
aNc2ZSulfuric YwaroAdult (f)3,7201,0722
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