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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Twilightdreamer1979,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cA4RCobalt and Azure JaxAdult (m)9444909
tc8HTwin Shadow JaxAdult (m)1,7164789
1GB1Proud Brit JaxAdult (f)4,3111,0577
68hZBrit BabyHatchling (f, F)3,9028552
UQrnoRiver Song Has Been SavedHatchling (m, F)2,3776006
n7FXcWe RanHatchling (F)1,8842497
OB0RbRiver Song has left the libraryHatchling (m, F)3,5733552
HfPcGT h e L i b r a r yAdult (m)2,7241,0452
U5cGFWho Turned Out The LightsAdult (m)3,7799841
DrQ9gD o n n a N o b l eAdult (m)2,2686942
MnkvGEither AetherAdult (f)5,8391,2331
TSsKg(TSsKg)Adult (m)5,0031,3341
Kjtzz(Kjtzz)Adult (m)5,0571,3281
HOUbb(HOUbb)Adult (m)6,3501,0902
9MY9Q(9MY9Q)Adult (m)3,2334682
Gb3YDreamer JaxAdult (m)7,0791,30715
hWR9Day JaxAdult (f)2,1026697
RJQXe2nd Day JaxAdult (m)3,1467415
WWjEg3rd Day JaxAdult (f)5,0771,0165
BoGLS4th Day JaxAdult (m)5,8021,2825
n9btBOil CreamAdult (m)5,0801,1102
87RbL(87RbL)Adult (m)6,2486782
X2VeF(X2VeF)Adult (m)6,2846612
30tZV(30tZV)Adult (f)6,4046520
5oQ2r(5oQ2r)Adult (m)6,3406890
R9BOm(R9BOm)Adult (f)6,3196882
ONJ8B(ONJ8B)Adult (m)4,1847094
FDqMnTheDoctor'sWifeAdult (m)4,0557021
UVHurMelodyPondAdult (m)4,0547011
vO9bjRiver's SongAdult (f)4,0956652
2VSCz(2VSCz)Adult (m)3,1679781
440TlOil Transy JaxAdult (f)3,1839791
Z4JY9(Z4JY9)Adult (f)5,3881,0243
pPliHSpeakersHatchling (F)1,0825264
rBkAHWidows PeakHatchling (F)1,0822192
WWnOCHello Sweetie xHatchling (F)2,0914933
mJESrMonet tributeAdult (f)5,8681,2393
BXF8iMood UndecidedAdult (f)6,4071,1491
UK5hU(UK5hU)Adult (m)5,2198583
iG74F(iG74F)Adult (f)5,2611,0927
b9zPR(b9zPR)Adult (f)5,0161,0787
HLOhL(HLOhL)Adult (m)5,4249211
mvNJj(mvNJj)Adult (m)5,0871,0512
6o0Tv(6o0Tv)Adult (m)4,6591,0993
uSGIU(uSGIU)Adult (f)4,8821,1002
SCaGK(SCaGK)Adult (f)4,9541,0842
7URX3(7URX3)Adult (f)5,0051,1252
BjfoV(BjfoV)Adult (f)4,9611,0731
nyG3F(nyG3F)Adult (f)5,1231,2491
W9Qhw(W9Qhw)Adult (f)4,4461,2201
I8CrR(I8CrR)Adult (m)5,1011,2900
D7gtH(D7gtH)Adult (f)6,9831,1527
F1f3q(F1f3q)Adult (f)5,5021,0016
JIoHe(JIoHe)Hatchling (F)1,5121461
7GPzRose Quartz DreamerAdult (f)1,34450115
Kpo11(Kpo11)Adult (m)3,7696853
G5SdsTruely Pink JaxAdult (m)4,9551,1503
NZ2glGrumpy DevilAdult (m)5,7481,0792
e78luFreaky RomanticAdult (m)5,7401,1043
ZLtYXSugary FreakAdult (m)5,8631,1132
Njsfd(Njsfd)Adult (f)6,0271,1082
kiPiQ(kiPiQ)Hatchling (m, F)7,0681,1785
E8aOg(E8aOg)Hatchling (f, F)4,4818872
qFsuB(qFsuB)Adult (m)6,2381,1441
l188J(l188J)Adult (m)6,1491,1701
qPAl3Floating CherriesAdult (m)6,7681,2635
PQ4SDBouncy BangAdult (f)4,1791,0447
78ZXLBolopyAdult (m)6,0601,0991
hvc4LBloopy BangAdult (f)6,1821,1146
gTuSx(gTuSx)Adult (m)1,6526812
d4BSDC 5th Birthday BalloonlingHatchling (F)1,2121245
PujjKBalloon BoyHatchling (m, F)2,9766783
2otWw(2otWw)Adult (m)3,2295333
LfJCB(LfJCB)Adult (m)5,0611,1383
UyvJSundown JaxAdult (m)1,35148224
bq2dThuwed Witch JaxAdult (f)1,75956411
vAQtBlack Duel King JaxAdult (m)2,0327526
WJuEBlack JaxAdult (f)1,3304835
HJj6Dark SweetiesAdult (f)2,2407297
pfpatMidnight Pride JaxAdult (f)4,7111,26311
CILBTPlay Your StrengthsAdult (m)3,58484216
shXMEBlack n Yello Black n YelloAdult (m)2,4226509
aHGYgLucifer's Offensive DesireAdult (f)3,48886610
mEkIJLija's GiftAdult (f)2,2347316
LveVEDrago Nero DarkoAdult (m)5,9031,1935
LpXZUBlack ShadowedAdult (m)6,7778625
9A4eUBlack Jac kAdult (f)6,3479925
qpd5RBiro SmudgeAdult (m)6,1731,0058
4uqfXDarkwing HussyAdult (f)4,2681,21227
1Tac7Fenrir by the StarsAdult (m)4,8697019
CO87lHawkShadow of JaxAdult (m)2,91563610
njW8u(njW8u)Adult (m)3,8056398
kvGitLuv KissesAdult (m)4,0119268
Xorm0Dark WishesAdult (f)3,7931,03911
rQkXN4th Strawberry LicoriceAdult (m)6,6451,4055
8ZdqYBlack Warrior of DoomAdult (f)3,3781,1087
8nPOvSweet and StickyAdult (f)5,8391,3326
Ejc64Sweet Dark SnowAdult (f)4,3071,1808
f82736 deepAdult (m)2,5309652
b0s1dMidnight Hour JaxAdult (m)3,4921,3094
B1W1fYingYang LoveAdult (m)3,3391,1859
qgi9U7 Layers of DarknessAdult (m)5,8961,4443
nFcQ7Witching Hour JaxAdult (f)6,6431,3059
Qp7W4(Qp7W4)Adult (f)3,4438893
7tB9a(7tB9a)Adult (m)3,4379213
XVSOt(XVSOt)Adult (f)1,8395333
ipKFbTrice ThuwedAdult (m)6,7461,2001
DGSVe(DGSVe)Adult (m)4,5204702
5Gnus(5Gnus)Adult (f)4,3147341
rMs4G4th Thuwed and 3 Stripes agoAdult (m)3,2851,0304
TPbe8Arsani bornAdult (f)1,4866852
euR75(euR75)Adult (m)3,4547423
TLsdr(TLsdr)Adult (f)3,1769632
7AjluMidnight Mistake JaxAdult (m)3,1708443
8tfXUMidnight ThrillAdult (m)4,4901,0852
9NzWh(9NzWh)Adult (m)3,3829302
JuonDMidnight's Hour of Pride JaxAdult (f)3,2749431
xMDAuMidnight Madness JaxAdult (f)3,5629028
tVsUVWarborn FrostAdult (f)4,5269072
4ZFcO(4ZFcO)Adult (f)1,5435724
CxTxMTwice PerfectAdult (m)2,9708991
O9VNgMidnight HeistAdult (m)4,1321,0875
YU11tMiross JaxAdult (m)5,7831,0101
qdQPrMidnight MusicalAdult (m)4,2488672
2yD2i(2yD2i)Adult (m)2,8686874
32ChoMidnight MagicalAdult (m)2,9347265
bSWvpMidnight MeanderingAdult (f)3,8721,1274
MAYMoMidnight MusingAdult (m)5,2691,3445
hbMDtMidnight MurdersAdult (f)5,8231,2564
eqqQp(eqqQp)Adult (m)6,5501,1621
NsyD1Midnight MeetingsAdult (m)4,4819842
TQxVNMidnight MessageAdult (m)4,0981,0103
56fa7Thuwed MateAdult (f)3,0397513
7oGjRXcellent 4thAdult (f)3,2425214
lfq2h(lfq2h)Adult (f)4,1138972
5QOMrMidnight MoonlightingAdult (m)2,6249683
svCW7Planet MidnightAdult (f)4,4941,0723
xyHgYB l u e B o xAdult (f)2,2736721
m1pKt(m1pKt)Adult (f)3,8911,2272
7E5yf(7E5yf)Adult (f)4,1347754
9hSmcLittle Miss KhisAdult (f)5,5448942
iDHV8Copper ToppedAdult (f)3,8475743
GLnP5(GLnP5)Adult (m)4,4716521
yj9jCMidnight MasonAdult (m)6,2461,1194
SEZf1(SEZf1)Adult (m)4,6031,0244
42rSACheck Mate ThuwedAdult (m)4,7951,1414
onjpFIced OceansAdult (f)6,4461,0593
WzXAa(WzXAa)Adult (f)3,3161,0092
KkKew(KkKew)Adult (f)3,6941,0942
9ZcAG(9ZcAG)Adult (f)3,4694945
vIDDy(vIDDy)Adult (m)2,9689501
XxX3N(XxX3N)Adult (m)3,0829723
IzS2H(IzS2H)Adult (f)3,0439552
VZku5(VZku5)Adult (m)4,2551,1092
tdt3w(tdt3w)Adult (f)4,6761,1222
3helT(3helT)Adult (m)5,0481,1113
xCgUj(xCgUj)Adult (m)4,9711,0863
ddnmh(ddnmh)Adult (m)4,7351,0832
pufbq(pufbq)Adult (f)4,7641,0644
JkSyS(JkSyS)Adult (m)3,9699753
ewtHg(ewtHg)Adult (m)4,5049675
7PsnK(7PsnK)Adult (f)4,6951,0105
cpkteMidnight SnatchAdult (f)2,8301,0491
N08WV(N08WV)Adult (f)3,7091,0134
ck5cV(ck5cV)Adult (f)5,0741,1585
GUCZ7Buffy's Black EyeAdult (m)3,0678044
ukUSk(ukUSk)Adult (m)3,3488485
Rr2n5(Rr2n5)Adult (f)4,0601,1434
GkNqc(GkNqc)Adult (f)4,2081,1674
gry87(gry87)Adult (m)3,9191,0324
ndWCy(ndWCy)Adult (f)2,1245121
VneyT(VneyT)Adult (f)4,7771,1193
CzMfU(CzMfU)Adult (m)4,1531,1234
0m8sq(0m8sq)Adult (m)3,7481,1103
fA1NZ(fA1NZ)Adult (f)3,6231,0122
SZkYS(SZkYS)Adult (f)4,7941,0664
3AEWu(3AEWu)Adult (m)4,7641,1165
W1Tcg(W1Tcg)Adult (m)4,7839483
jv0D3(jv0D3)Adult (m)8,1991,4475
9RLuI(9RLuI)Adult (f)5,3831,0394
EhlTC(EhlTC)Adult (f)4,2379266
pnkyO(pnkyO)Adult (f)5,3111,0096
JKbN2Midnight RuinAdult (f)7,4581,1643
0n3m9(0n3m9)Adult (f)2,1036091
F1o8S(F1o8S)Adult (f)5,1118977
1AjM2(1AjM2)Adult (m)5,3839098
lcNSx(lcNSx)Adult (f)5,0559077
KtLHI(KtLHI)Adult (f)4,9879319
73cCn(73cCn)Adult (m)6,0841,1602
X91qY(X91qY)Adult (f)3,5474062
QmrwR(QmrwR)Adult (f)6,8411,1223
aPQnA(aPQnA)Adult (f)6,8401,2982
rEoCT(rEoCT)Adult (f)6,3781,1264
r2Zo8(r2Zo8)Adult (m)5,7391,1393
KMRky(KMRky)Adult (f)5,7941,1176
0QDkG(0QDkG)Adult (m)4,3971,0734
hhaMHHalloween Ghost SpiritHatchling (f, F)2,3178239
Zd6jpProud Tinselfail Witch DorkfaceHatchling (f, F)1,7047296
uDFmj(uDFmj)Hatchling (F)1,4883825
lENV7(lENV7)Hatchling (f, F)4,2436696
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