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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Trickster91,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XYVvMark and MarcAdult (m)1,49380839
eAghTheresa and TeresaAdult (f)3,63775022
dEYA8John and JonAdult (m)2,1497661
JmbWbKaty and KatieAdult (f)2,3608531
eGQEpTricia and TrishaAdult (f)2,5398443
kvUMZKelly and KelliAdult (f)3,5831,1163
NOpYKBrian and ByranAdult (m)1,8168541
1SZfmShawn and SeanAdult (m)2,3128082
6cllAZack and ZachAdult (m)3,3948522
zKr7EGrayson and GreysonAdult (m)3,0116851
qR0eP(qR0eP)Adult (m)5,3079811
yCnG7(yCnG7)Adult (m)3,3498111
cq8cn(cq8cn)Adult (m)4,6239091
o8kFq(o8kFq)Adult (m)3,9318602
qbtjL(qbtjL)Adult (f)3,3457981
ezUZp(ezUZp)Adult (m)3,3718051
aE2GX(aE2GX)Adult (m)4,1177641
VSsR6(VSsR6)Adult (f)3,7618431
pdJ3c(pdJ3c)Adult (m)4,6419432
0bdsB(0bdsB)Adult (m)3,4168011
KvjkRed Eye BeautyAdult (f)2,2091,18549
U2R5Albino MadnessAdult (m)2,3711,30728
j3BFa(j3BFa)Adult (m)2,7538621
8U01C(8U01C)Adult (m)4,6741,0011
XN1kU(XN1kU)Adult (f)2,1086952
ZnYZs(ZnYZs)Adult (m)2,2447062
WV0vf(WV0vf)Adult (m)2,2537313
HUVtb(HUVtb)Adult (f)2,1747002
6ZqGE(6ZqGE)Adult (m)3,5137331
PsAxx(PsAxx)Adult (f)3,9387581
bcIpm(bcIpm)Adult (m)4,5807850
Og8Ya(Og8Ya)Adult (f)3,0286853
dLdaQ(dLdaQ)Adult (f)4,5257911
Z4hBg(Z4hBg)Adult (m)3,5725662
XMAXE(XMAXE)Adult (f)3,7376142
VQNrG(VQNrG)Adult (m)2,9978381
1CqS0(1CqS0)Adult (m)6,1859262
btyCR(btyCR)Adult (m)3,8848501
aparm(aparm)Adult (f)3,4695681
Jse5E(Jse5E)Adult (f)3,7196191
1xyhK(1xyhK)Adult (m)3,1436811
njsIJ(njsIJ)Adult (f)4,5956481
h5l9P(h5l9P)Adult (f)2,8677501
PaGh0(PaGh0)Adult (m)3,2656551
aEk8e(aEk8e)Adult (f)3,9668561
vEKLg(vEKLg)Adult (f)4,0917014
v4TiTHappy Parade FloatAdult (m)2,5118961
crjOu(crjOu)Adult (m)3,1717542
NtKd7(NtKd7)Adult (m)4,5888313
atlOWelcome to the DarksideAdult (m)1,59483443
dnwN9Darth Vader Got Nothing On MeAdult (m)2,5788941
S2a1iBlack SuedeAdult (f)3,5181,1281
Z4lBUThe Dark KnighttressAdult (f)1,5715962
RuxJMSweet Black LeatherAdult (f)2,6829142
zMpaH(zMpaH)Adult (f)3,8229732
RGC4g(RGC4g)Adult (f)4,1689411
QfEP6(QfEP6)Adult (f)3,1267842
d4XtW(d4XtW)Adult (f)2,9747271
PjuIjNightbird GrieveAdult (f)2,7279012
DCLFcDarkness RisingAdult (m)2,3698401
1a7hsSimmering JasminAdult (f)4,5071,45218
9iI28As Mad as a HatterAdult (m)4,0171,38918
vC6NnSo Long OolongAdult (f)3,8937461
OPWkZPeppermint SimmerAdult (m)2,7479261
fBIekSighing Softly to the RiverAdult (f)1,55475013
IiX57Comes the Loving BreezeAdult (m)2,2587732
MXxsgSetting Nature All A-QuiverAdult (f)1,4535782
j1qfhRustling Through the TreesAdult (m)2,2848101
ykxLNThrough-the-TreesAdult (f)2,9878702
ze8MoAnd the BrookAdult (f)2,1327331
1mPFxImperium BloodAdult (f)3,2331,0362
kcKueImperio WarningAdult (m)3,9471,0531
EIkEfImperia Luna RojaAdult (f)2,0776233
kaUzcImperio SpadeAdult (m)2,1338021
h002lHugin and MuninAdult (m)4,7991,5276
vLbjjThe Delphi OracleAdult (f)4,7741,50412
1tBUJBlood of Thy FatherAdult (f)2,1998381
9LTqQOf the CovenAdult (f)2,8838102
Ap4at(Ap4at)Adult (f)3,8696964
d5Hhx(d5Hhx)Adult (f)3,3616391
Q0aBhTriabandAdult (m)2,3477742
XoRdsBamondAdult (f)2,0776602
hoM4rHold For MeAdult (m)2,6828422
hxMMF(hxMMF)Adult (m)3,4698541
Ynbbs(Ynbbs)Adult (m)5,3169812
Gss0F(Gss0F)Adult (f)2,6875592
bpq5L(bpq5L)Adult (f)4,9619141
IKIAE(IKIAE)Adult (f)4,8188542
QphyF(QphyF)Adult (f)5,2531,0652
jH4rF(jH4rF)Adult (m)2,9307391
W7gHgBluna LovebirdAdult (m)3,9401,1253
lvJjASerpintianaAdult (f)4,2401,1732
dE7tIDelphi MariniaAdult (f)3,8721,0131
htAqR(htAqR)Adult (m)3,1586952
fLxAd(fLxAd)Adult (m)3,3938241
reHEGreen SleeveAdult (m)69350836
QbjSForest GypsyAdult (f)68846531
KfxBG(KfxBG)Adult (f)2,9296432
Poimf(Poimf)Adult (f)3,1126411
Ma8C7I'm Not YellaAdult (f)3,4641,0913
0sYa1Yus You YellaAdult (m)3,5408935
e28TpLord RogenAdult (m)2,9688931
F93N5Lady SerifineAdult (f)3,0149011
URgsDLady TigonAdult (f)1,8197051
sVtEZLady GertudeAdult (f)2,2315973
ldzoOLady YulindaAdult (f)2,5756521
j5GpXLady QuebeccaAdult (f)3,2306061
hoenS(hoenS)Adult (f)5,3241,0883
St0f8(St0f8)Adult (m)3,8026482
tVe0m(tVe0m)Adult (f)3,8246291
PtLMu(PtLMu)Adult (f)3,8336643
Qlk4Forest SkimmerAdult (m)1,50794122
tsQvThe Leaf MistressAdult (f)1,2886083
1nzDARuby of my LifeAdult (f)2,3497451
MGkk3(MGkk3)Adult (f)4,6101,0521
Wujhz(Wujhz)Adult (f)3,6368412
tJIoj(tJIoj)Adult (f)2,9619762
oaa5U(oaa5U)Adult (m)2,8217213
znAAt(znAAt)Adult (f)5,0079142
bxzZD(bxzZD)Adult (m)4,2926441
rIeH0NulliefiedAdult (f)2,4677773
WZxH3(WZxH3)Adult (m)3,2248332
gSpyD(gSpyD)Adult (m)3,5359133
VSZ86(VSZ86)Adult (f)3,5549254
aKKY7(aKKY7)Adult (m)3,2088494
VbKoZ(VbKoZ)Adult (m)3,1267081
lj4mO(lj4mO)Adult (f)4,5215363
uwQqP(uwQqP)Adult (f)4,9139021
k7wtw(k7wtw)Adult (m)3,2737461
QYsuUHave a Holly Jolly DorkfaceAdult (m)3,8251,2079
FZGYFHave a Dorkface Cup of CheerAdult (f)1,9348312
q8dYbOh-Oh the Dorkface MistletoeAdult (f)2,7951,0272
puyFK(puyFK)Adult (f)4,2421,0081
RdJhe(RdJhe)Adult (f)2,8616991
hypphFargus ThuwedAdult (m)2,8748252
YjBKM(YjBKM)Adult (m)3,4958003
RDUNJIf Bambi was YuleAdult (m)2,8751,1433
1IIFVYuletime SeasonAdult (m)3,6081,1052
FLbOX(FLbOX)Adult (m)4,1709963
6tEbSeeing is BelievingAdult (f)1,84399632
WCMiJust BelieveAdult (f)1,8911,01227
QlEA0Finding OurselvesAdult (f)2,5271,0362
yvrco(yvrco)Adult (f)4,1681,0221
h0acW(h0acW)Adult (f)3,5941,0531
W51kdTons of TinselAdult (f)2,9441,1563
CYnecTinsel Me PrettyAdult (f)2,2629372
0Bcqz(0Bcqz)Adult (f)4,2471,0281
EG8glThe Magi's GiftAdult (m)2,1239392
WalvtSacred Gift of the MagiAdult (m)2,2359571
us2xT(us2xT)Adult (m)4,2751,0461
nY6BXPresently Wrapped DolgerAdult (m)1,7787363
DEsRpPresently Wrapped KarlonAdult (m)1,6897262
8HFUT(8HFUT)Adult (m)2,9428262
bE3cIWinter SolAdult (f)1,6296881
qnKTXAurora SpiritAdult (f)1,5456811
7UNug(7UNug)Adult (f)2,6249171
dq6JJ(dq6JJ)Adult (f)1,8606401
g05CUShiny Lights that TingleAdult (f)1,8836371
jvc9U(jvc9U)Adult (m)4,2279951
5bzQvFather TymeAdult (m)3,0597461
ttDkG(ttDkG)Adult (m)2,9387311
Z8yjwSon of TymeAdult (m)2,9968521
9Bnz0(9Bnz0)Adult (m)3,4121,0051
1X1Tj(1X1Tj)Adult (m)2,1035651
vIdVb(vIdVb)Adult (m)2,1975781
eKyWa(eKyWa)Adult (f)3,0717991
5smVb(5smVb)Adult (f)3,0157812
hpcde(hpcde)Adult (f)2,9498971
3g6Bv(3g6Bv)Adult (f)2,8008871
UcF0Coastal BreeezeAdult (f)69844421
A4XcWavelengthAdult (m)68043922
2dORo(2dORo)Adult (f)3,5631,1441
meilX(meilX)Adult (m)3,4181,1061
tEHJD(tEHJD)Adult (m)2,3627574
6iTiVCuWitAdult (f)2,1399247
dn6KlCu Betty BlueAdult (f)2,0799028
k6sz8Kazie CuLpritAdult (m)2,7245562
JTNuDirt CruncherAdult (m)73553924
2sLBEarthen TreasureAdult (f)75440920
odLbJEarthen DelightAdult (f)2,5559011
GFdsgPaladin FoyerAdult (m)2,7599131
GtcngDaisy Chain of DaisiesAdult (f)3,9761,1573
JP5rkImma Gonna GetchaAdult (m)4,0921,1152
lRMzqThe Grass Isn't GreenerAdult (f)1,9188042
QYPkjBasking GaiaAdult (f)4,5471,0333
SqU6iDirt BathingAdult (f)3,2358486
PMNcOFlowers of GaiaAdult (f)2,8289141
skQxX(skQxX)Adult (m)4,1439822
OLp3x(OLp3x)Adult (m)3,0898482
jZmaA Seeker's DreamAdult (m)2,6051,24553
nvF8Tales of the SeekerAdult (m)1,72184439
R69HbBeautiful Dreamer Wake Up to MeAdult (f)3,7351,0903
vUWERThe Weaving of DreamsAdult (m)2,5547483
HvWo6Skylar Knight FreudAdult (m)3,8311,0731
JNvyeI Dream of LollipopsAdult (f)2,6217282
2w6W7Dreaming Far OffAdult (f)2,1527332
RBJ9OMarzenie CloudAdult (m)2,7188761
erkMDeep MetalAdult (m)1,89887926
suklLurker in the AbyssAdult (m)61944627
0vb6ADeep Sea SyliviaAdult (f)2,3068923
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