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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Torchwood_Canada,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
DtvV(DtvV)Adult (m)6,5935543
Gpup(Gpup)Adult (m)6,6005624
iJit(iJit)Adult (f)6,5356094
UqOh(UqOh)Adult (m)6,5366120
BH7v(BH7v)Adult (f)6,5535464
MZ99(MZ99)Adult (f)6,5625543
OUtG(OUtG)Adult (m)5,8956251
96Zg(96Zg)Adult (f)6,3068658
RoHg(RoHg)Adult (f)3,6875563
d2jj(d2jj)Adult (m)6,1886132
Y6N9(Y6N9)Adult (m)2,6005106
9oWl(9oWl)Adult (f)4,5903073
1Lce(1Lce)Adult (m)3,9354394
LPKF(LPKF)Adult (f)4,24779717
pr0m(pr0m)Adult (f)4,3292923
Mvqc(Mvqc)Adult (m)4,5696744
m24S(m24S)Adult (f)5,0155233
MInJ(MInJ)Adult (m)4,9815184
sirZ(sirZ)Adult (f)3,8655351
IWME(IWME)Adult (f)5,0005203
WX1I(WX1I)Adult (m)3,8315024
Oqi0(Oqi0)Adult (f)2,84139413
oADG(oADG)Adult (f)2,7016145
1Zqc(1Zqc)Adult (m)3,9304845
FRar(FRar)Adult (f)3,9476154
Gfm7(Gfm7)Adult (m)4,8414841
RBIu(RBIu)Adult (m)3,8965015
dPZ1(dPZ1)Adult (m)5,1834572
or9u(or9u)Adult (f)6,1846092
gHUI(gHUI)Adult (m)5,7445083
sJYK(sJYK)Adult (f)5,8886232
jQfX(jQfX)Adult (m)6,7276413
lKec(lKec)Adult (f)5,3335295
tiHI(tiHI)Adult (m)5,5696474
JDEv(JDEv)Adult (f)5,0094852
GoC1(GoC1)Adult (f)3,2245015
nefB(nefB)Adult (m)5,4066415
WJBe(WJBe)Adult (f)4,0104694
umFr(umFr)Adult (f)4,0304532
i350(i350)Adult (f)3,9946062
qW6p(qW6p)Adult (m)3,8285442
BID4(BID4)Adult (m)4,4144615
nURt(nURt)Adult (m)4,9644833
LG41(LG41)Adult (m)5,1694907
eZ8B(eZ8B)Adult (f)4,9704822
7j01(7j01)Adult (m)4,9314797
I8CD(I8CD)Adult (m)3,5566514
c81D(c81D)Adult (f)9,2282,0498
a6dT(a6dT)Adult (f)4,2365415
CNXD(CNXD)Adult (m)3,5424466
IUaL(IUaL)Adult (f)5,30446311
fN7M(fN7M)Adult (f)6,8406184
ScbO(ScbO)Adult (m)4,5285515
hb3p(hb3p)Adult (m)3,9975913
59eR(59eR)Adult (m)5,6435395
oQVl(oQVl)Adult (m)4,7175013
e9MY(e9MY)Adult (m)4,7494987
q7An(q7An)Adult (f)4,7545034
Impu(Impu)Adult (f)4,7494982
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