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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “TooTiredToThink,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7fVPK(7fVPK)Adult (m)7,5901,2961
6Apgx(6Apgx)Adult (m)9,0771,4851
MEKLI(MEKLI)Adult (m)9,4301,5473
ABUg0(ABUg0)Adult (m)6,9351,3174
UrKR7(UrKR7)Adult (m)9,0771,4923
CYvMERage UncagedAdult (m)9,6971,5593
JX5nFFreedom To FearAdult (m)6,2481,2702
krd54Sunlight On The SandAdult (f)8,3851,4973
ZtebtSand In The SunlightAdult (m)9,6881,50118
MCzgqIt's Okay I'll Win TodayAdult (f)7,9991,4273
SmBDcI'm The One Who HATES Me So MuchAdult (m)7,5061,5462
P1yBoOmen Of AnarchyAdult (m)6,6461,2742
IcBzW(IcBzW)Adult (m)6,6251,2373
ekRKK(ekRKK)Adult (m)10,0451,6493
Jj7fHMake A Wish Make It HurtAdult (f)7,7411,4127
ORCLtSinning Is WinningAdult (m)9,7871,5714
bBOzdSaint Of SinnersAdult (f)10,5941,6741
pEApcSaint-Of-SinnersAdult (f)10,1181,6594
67MOUTame The DistanceAdult (f)10,0901,5192
T69RgThe Forest At NightAdult (m)10,0411,6937
h3ImyLeaves In The SunlightAdult (m)9,6661,8039
4FvjS(4FvjS)Adult (f)4,1411,0974
QdaBU(QdaBU)Adult (f)4,1858765
WFvbO(WFvbO)Adult (f)9,1131,5032
u4Z15Serpent's Secret Apple OrchardAdult (m)11,4961,6704
vnesXI-Am-The-BESTAdult (m)5,6251,1426
OzKT9Beneath The Cold A Tale UntoldAdult (f)9,9731,7074
IWRr2Faint Lights From Dark CornersAdult (m)11,3971,7204
fQ3gM(fQ3gM)Adult (f)6,8131,1972
YKaNOGod Likes MeAdult (f)5,4911,0524
P4DpNBALTIMORE MARYLANDAdult (f)7,4681,4182
O3BkOBALTIMORE-MARYLANDAdult (m)7,0171,2722
Y0aDMSintelligenceAdult (f)8,5401,5972
FFOG2(FFOG2)Adult (f)7,3501,3836
glUSGDesire To InquireAdult (m)11,6831,6831
r3Cx9Fear From FreedomAdult (m)10,4331,6415
dISf3He Feeds Her BeastAdult (m)6,6801,2003
BNV6YToo Tired To ThinkAdult (f)11,2851,7725
zNn2EIf-They-Say-That-I'm-A-GodAdult (f)7,1101,3101
b2KyuThere's A Dog Loose In The WoodsAdult (f)10,6491,6892
j71iHPrince-With-A-Thousand-EnemiesAdult (m)8,5391,4775
MBwzZSecond Soul Of Someone's ScrollAdult (f)10,5571,6573
9EjuSUnspoken ThoughtsAdult (m)10,2681,6103
4ONQCMake It HurtAdult (f)10,4821,5654
j4W1zAnima Et AnimusAdult (f)10,4701,5792
tgPj3Leave Yourself AloneAdult (f)7,3231,2315
MWjJ0Talking To Myself Helps Or HurtsAdult (m)8,4061,5043
QReGQUntamed And UnnamedAdult (m)10,2501,4715
PazoDUntold LegendAdult (f)10,0741,6897
p0y9Q(p0y9Q)Adult (f)10,0871,5017
YxpODFeelin' Sorry's BeenAdult (m)10,3271,6735
eNEceMy Last EmotionAdult (m)9,8041,6104
B9Xri(B9Xri)Adult (m)6,4801,1921
yO4RYGo 4 WandAdult (f)10,5761,5982
BvRZrDaydreams Worse Than NightmaresAdult (f)10,7821,6214
hXuT8ShadowproofAdult (m)10,7621,6374
WnBEA(WnBEA)Adult (m)8,8351,5031
K08WI(K08WI)Adult (m)7,7861,5253
SqH3mSpirit Of ScreamsAdult (m)7,8361,5172
QAUIMNo More SacrificesAdult (f)11,1971,7825
5vY0MHave Some SpaghettiAdult (f)11,7821,6514
URvejFatal FeelingAdult (m)8,6701,4847
pr1RyJust-RustAdult (m)6,2911,1581
Ve2EOJust-DustAdult (f)6,4141,1831
4G3IuFate Of IcarusAdult (f)8,7451,5392
3MLL3Second-Son-Of-The-SunAdult (m)9,5821,4756
3119sReverse Nine One OneAdult (f)10,5861,5883
mqV1hTry Again TomorrowAdult (m)11,0721,6793
vxpOxChained ResistanceAdult (m)9,8731,5015
eNkM0Just RustAdult (f)6,4301,2603
uwiR5Flames In The SunlightAdult (m)9,6911,7959
EfoTWGive Me Fire Or Give Me DeathAdult (m)9,6241,83511
V29jXJust DustAdult (m)6,2761,1871
mbaJKChaos Is FreedomAdult (f)10,1851,5313
ehFe5The Sweet Taste Of SunlightAdult (f)10,1251,5353
E68DXIm The One Who Makes Me So HappyAdult (f)9,9781,7303
6LtORI Though It Was TrueAdult (f)8,4211,5741
hojd6Out-In-The-FieldsAdult (m)7,4401,5283
MXt44Don't Make Me A LiarAdult (m)7,0341,4201
iuqGF(iuqGF)Adult (f)6,9361,2343
gF4P8I Don't Need YouAdult (m)9,6071,6814
J7ijVBlissfull SimplicityAdult (m)11,0631,7136
RMOKCCrush Them Into The DustAdult (f)11,3821,7996
doLS4(doLS4)Adult (m)2,7185085
nFDXkSavory Sauces And Salty SoupsAdult (f)9,4691,4603
D4MKRChorum The DevourerAdult (f)7,7471,4343
RZYCERizel The KingletAdult (f)9,7771,6871
ca7DmLike Trees In NovemberAdult (m)9,7071,54013
Gu9tcRuffian's SesamoidsAdult (f)9,6501,53818
Mk6IXWhen I Am Dead I Won't Join ThemAdult (m)8,5721,6183
eXXbgMake Me Love MyselfAdult (m)8,7581,5782
nNE3KSo-That-I-Might-Love-YouAdult (f)7,0851,3962
XleMAPlease Don't Make Me SleepAdult (f)9,3421,5285
5kYMqSin-To-WinAdult (f)10,3381,6214
9cHxJSin To WinAdult (m)7,9721,4762
n9bScFire-On-FireAdult (m)8,5771,4823
WZeKLHey It's All RightAdult (m)8,8941,5563
eGPkkMy Life Has Never BeenAdult (f)11,5881,7086
gWxdyA-Bed-Of-RosesAdult (m)9,8221,6824
jOixwThis Way's Better For MeAdult (f)7,6651,3251
blmA4I Don't Care To LiveAdult (m)9,2731,6252
zXDI5The Life I've ChosenAdult (f)6,1671,2473
pcmiSHey-It's-All-RightAdult (m)9,6881,6542
VlqOEMy Life Has Always BeenAdult (f)7,3301,3315
yBkhHA Sad EmotionAdult (m)7,8181,3165
MuICRDon't Feel Sorry For MeAdult (f)11,5361,7045
O3is7Feeling Sorry's BeenAdult (m)10,1531,6853
py7QZMy Life's DevotionAdult (f)9,6861,6223
SctGVAny WayAdult (m)7,5871,3772
2O7EZAny-WAYAdult (f)7,4681,5713
6NzriRoses To RosesAdult (m)10,6851,6013
CSxhYMindless-Self-IndulgenceAdult (m)1,9553224
Pm2NJ(Pm2NJ)Adult (f)3,0025203
kEk5WI've Been A Witness To The LightAdult (m)4,84480513
hCxmyIt Wasn't This Way All The TimeAdult (f)9,2581,7434
O15zVCan-You-Believe-ItAdult (m)7,0221,3862
iuKfFRust To RustAdult (f)9,8301,5473
4s9PSHello New Friend My Name's FreadAdult (m)3,7548946
HVImhTheWords You Hear Are In My HeadAdult (f)3,8298964
S7BIcI Say I Said My Name Is FreadAdult (m)3,8949023
FO102And I've Been Very NaughtyAdult (m)3,7578543
L1swq(L1swq)Adult (f)7,1241,2493
WNic9Ice In The AirAdult (m)9,6041,5926
HY9CiWHY DO YOU HATE STARFISHAdult (m)7,0251,36313
EHqQOTame-The-DistanceAdult (f)6,5391,2175
1K37LReign Of RainAdult (f)8,6151,4963
Exz7ZAshes-2-To-2-AshesAdult (m)10,5501,5701
ig4zdDust-2-To-2-DustAdult (m)10,0001,7854
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