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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Tokusa,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
tiIzc(tiIzc)Adult (m)8,2111,3113
66eJy(66eJy)Hatchling (f, F)5,3129754
Aosbn(Aosbn)Adult (m)7,9181,2823
f4rHH(f4rHH)Hatchling (m, F)5,3009835
5OzWd(5OzWd)Adult (m)8,0261,3014
pLfOd(pLfOd)Adult (f)8,0491,2933
KB4jX(KB4jX)Hatchling (f, F)5,2979364
MqMyr(MqMyr)Adult (f)7,1311,2001
RfAJh(RfAJh)Adult (f)8,0691,4172
aqkNT(aqkNT)Adult (m)7,7671,3573
J2SLS(J2SLS)Adult (m)8,2451,3772
groZl(groZl)Adult (f)6,8471,0670
qq26A(qq26A)Adult (f)8,4021,1930
hnQC9(hnQC9)Adult (f)4,4378562
3jfII(3jfII)Adult (m)4,4628803
xjuq2(xjuq2)Hatchling (f, F)4,0036650
cs3rx(cs3rx)Hatchling (m, F)3,8715970
tt6rP(tt6rP)Adult (m)7,8051,3112
wR01A(wR01A)Adult (f)7,8491,3452
BVlWx(BVlWx)Adult (f)7,8851,3350
uTxUJ(uTxUJ)Adult (m)7,9151,3240
Dvwpb(Dvwpb)Adult (f)7,9541,3531
oQ4fo(oQ4fo)Adult (m)7,7161,3230
36lNJ(36lNJ)Adult (f)7,8601,3270
4Vxgd(4Vxgd)Adult (f)8,8941,3774
oS3JL(oS3JL)Adult (f)5,5991,1151
iW2yY(iW2yY)Adult (m)5,7381,1501
fh8wB(fh8wB)Adult (f)5,6861,1460
IaadU(IaadU)Adult (f)5,7651,1410
YPBDJ(YPBDJ)Adult (f)5,5931,1131
5RoQY(5RoQY)Adult (m)8,0061,2924
w8F05(w8F05)Adult (f)7,7611,2363
aR8Vw(aR8Vw)Adult (f)6,5941,1623
8dvT0Konton no DebonairAdult (f)
FMA6UKonton no SakebiAdult (m)
qEarGKonton no FujinAdult (f)
69zxGTakao no KamiAdult (f)7,7517626
zphkCKouchin no KamiAdult (f)9,1369624
TZZ1ZSayoko no KamiAdult (f)10,5021,1178
8fOs5Shimura no KamiAdult (m)11,3121,70210
xAaqTTomomo no KamiAdult (f)5,9011,0844
xY5x4Yaorou no KamiAdult (m)12,1641,2347
zvgg8Veena no KamiAdult (f)5,6761,1045
vm6BYRitsuko no KamiAdult (m)11,4181,3794
VmsazShigeru no KamiAdult (m)10,1871,2533
qsFvHKyoko no KamiAdult (f)8,0325505
KLE6pMiyun no KamiAdult (m)11,4431,2157
uhBynAkiko no KamiAdult (f)5,6591,0874
AVlzJYamahara no KamiAdult (f)6,5551,1626
HijtG(HijtG)Hatchling (F)8,2528473
gQuv7Ahiro no KamiAdult (f)5,5181,0947
uYMZAHakkai no KamiAdult (m)7,9418857
EmoW0Haien no KamiAdult (f)8,21988610
qDmFbKatsuki no KamiAdult (m)6,1931,0686
7i9J9Shouri no KamiAdult (f)9,9551,3834
QIenfKyoushou ToudaAdult (m)3,1876788
pgFkYAbe no MasahiroAdult (f)3,4059285
3Qh0pKyoushou HakurenAdult (m)4,4944325
LCk1sKyoushou TaigaAdult (f)4,1378177
u75FCKyoushou GurenAdult (m)4,0038237
Za02WKuoushou ShuhreiAdult (f)3,4487285
eaNgPKuoushou TooyaAdult (m)3,3148853
HqGqQKyoushou TayuyaAdult (f)3,4959254
rLNYLKyoushou RenAdult (m)3,3238884
IqhZLKyoushou HoraAdult (f)5,0759718
tv8P6Kyoushou HomuraAdult (m)6,7071,20110
4Lt2KKyoushou TenkiAdult (f)2,0737690
1cT4QKyoushou SeitenAdult (m)2,4187045
UPEjUKyoushou TaiseiAdult (f)7,2321,2318
n7uwgKyoushou KougajiAdult (m)7,3741,04511
xEszRKyoushou NamiAdult (f)4,6401,12617
T057kKyoushou AceAdult (m)4,8951,15718
aHmlCKyoushou AranaiAdult (f)3,8501,20412
ALuIfKyoushou SaitamaAdult (m)5,6741,1273
cPv0gKyoushou NanamiAdult (f)5,2629815
QAOFqKyoushou YatoAdult (m)1,9846424
yvwoiKyoushou HiyoriAdult (f)3,3961,1493
EIsTVKyoushou YukineAdult (m)4,3777963
0AQCkKyoushou KofukuAdult (f)6,8991,0416
4aodkKyoushou HakAdult (m)3,9321,0666
IC4OUKyoushou YonaAdult (f)4,6481,1201
ncUJAKyoushou HiryuuAdult (m)5,60985613
8YB57Kyoushou SeijinAdult (f)5,7751,11813
Wql9QKyoushou HouseiAdult (m)5,4581,0446
zRV0LKyoushou AishinAdult (f)3,5581,1462
XXfdCKyoushou no BakugouAdult (m)9,5521,2771
NQQA7Kyoushou UmiAdult (f)5,3811,0547
BxrTOKyoushou no BakuAdult (m)9,6131,2523
aWA1tKyoushou no IzukuAdult (f)5,1061,2004
l8wQqKyoushou HacchanAdult (m)8,7901,2208
uO5Q9Kyoushou UrarakaAdult (f)8,5081,2106
bcioLKyoushou KenpachiAdult (m)8,4631,2384
uuxpzKyoushou no DenkiHatchling (m, F)5,4778955
h8NQWKyoushou no JirouHatchling (f, F)2,3305713
fZ4d2Kyoushou no ChiHatchling (F)3,5914841
cTAReJigoku no SaitouAdult (m)7,1421,07314
nN6O6Jigoku no TakaraAdult (f)6,4841,0319
nmh4XJigoku no TogameAdult (m)4,2701,1206
972uiJigoku no HebiAdult (f)4,8241,14512
S43SaJigoku no KibaAdult (m)5,0371,30112
mrXUQJigoku no DaihimeAdult (f)3,9741,2765
9v2qhJigoku no ToshimizoAdult (m)3,6649704
rG8BxJigoku no TatsumiAdult (f)4,4771,0455
tkOMDJigoku no HokutoAdult (m)4,9639667
ovFVTJigoku no HoushiAdult (f)4,8409892
mksQcJigoku no TomuraHatchling (m, F)7,9801,0083
b35KzJigoku no SghigarakiHatchling (f, F)7,8221,0564
Bj2ruUtsukushi no AkibaharaAdult (m)5,1609216
ISQaRUtsukushi no YaousukeAdult (f)7,5271,2386
plU36Utsukushi no MomozonoAdult (f)9,4331,3041
LkLQR(LkLQR)Adult (m)7,8371,3184
hp6SfUtsukushi no MinaAdult (f)2,4944203
wbygPUtsukushi no KaminariAdult (m)6,1209597
mD4cGUtsukushi no TogaAdult (f)8,3871,2054
rpOhgUtsukushi no ShotoAdult (m)8,1821,2647
DqwGKUtsukushi no JienAdult (f)3,2624576
5YOTp(5YOTp)Adult (m)5,5231,0202
RKTCXFubuki no YuukiAdult (m)5,9531,0747
v2uSpFubuki no VicchanAdult (f)5,0319882
osBqhFubuki no YurioAdult (m)4,5939372
0TcoIFubuki no YamuAdult (f)9,0591,2573
JYh9cFubuki no HououAdult (m)9,0381,2938
jyn8dFubuki no SanoHatchling (m, F)6,6127652
rNAPeFubuki no SanaeHatchling (f, F)7,2578206
AqdJIFubuki no ShiHatchling (F)2,8892322
tO0ZtBahlaandrogAdult (m)9,2741,3065
f9DkBVullthuryolAdult (f)7,0571,3652
sf3ulVuljotnnakAdult (m)6,3511,0585
xO4t6NahaagliivAdult (f)6,6271,1414
QieI5DurnehviirrAdult (m)4,8171,2873
ox2WpReloniikivAdult (f)3,7498964
4FKmDKruzikreelAdult (m)5,7611,2725
8QxFGKrosullhahAdult (f)7,9061,1906
R4t8YVoslaruumAdult (m)3,5994744
kPbWMSusuki no TokageAdult (m)4,7609453
Cw9fnSusuki no HebiAdult (f)4,9791,2825
vX0M7Hakaishin no GurenAdult (m)9,1361,2336
tslJPHakaishin no MasaAdult (f)8,0781,0286
LNrhrHakaishin no OudaAdult (m)4,9201,2026
lpnALHakaishin no HiroAdult (f)8,3109844
wmrdrIkari no NatsuAdult (m)9,0911,2372
wb58kIkari no RushiAdult (f)9,4051,2371
Rf3HzIkari no ReishiAdult (m)6,0029164
aeLTgMaou no GokuAdult (m)5,6431,1552
jssPZMaou no NatakuAdult (f)4,1341,13512
2pEO4Maou no KishinAdult (m)6,40999515
3GNn4Maou no HomuraHatchling (m, F)2,9758602
JYT9bMaou no ChiiouHatchling (F)2,0633694
NmzPaKyuu no NamiraAdult (m)6,2759865
5bmttKyuu no HimeiAdult (f)8,0719272
Zz7I0Kyuu no DogouAdult (m)7,0669074
wHWpUKyuu no KiaiAdult (f)5,8451,1153
JkCGYKyuu no JikouAdult (m)6,3787076
cRGkuKyoudo no KourekuAdult (f)9,0331,3245
7qeQuKyoudo no AtariAdult (m)7,1928479
hGQ1wKyoudo no KyoudaAdult (f)5,9251,0629
LURhsKyoudo no RunaeAdult (m)10,0301,2753
tLqtLKyoudo no TaladaAdult (f)9,7581,2505
imPeOKyoudo no ImpeoAdult (m)6,3719243
cVqqAGoukai no HitotokiAdult (m)8,2529002
lzweRGoukai no JikokuAdult (f)8,3328916
4u1opGoukai no HahahakiAdult (m)5,4728845
PqMjrGoukai no MidoyaAdult (f)5,1728467
A7si2Goukai no HitoshiAdult (m)6,9991,1972
sorhhGoukai no PuruAdult (f)6,0298133
4kzzLGoukai no GiaAdult (m)6,8941,0665
52bdkKin no SahikoAdult (f)6,2251,1863
Y6XA6Kin no MikitoAdult (m)5,6951,3823
j1cR2Kin no SaraAdult (f)5,1381,2588
NgDGcKin no FushiAdult (m)5,7338868
142uAKin no AyasamiAdult (f)2,3117113
FoqyRKin no IzashiAdult (m)4,7031,1505
iuDz0Kin no YoiuAdult (f)3,2913681
91YhWKin no YinHatchling (f, F)3,5777854
y2ddQKin no YanHatchling (F)3,7202484
UvqVFYougan no AkaiAdult (f)7,2129978
lFZhOYougan no HoraAdult (m)6,0451,1338
sg3RLYougan no TatakaiAdult (f)4,0861,1973
BP10OYougan no AtsuiAdult (f)3,3149746
VvSwYYougan no ValAdult (m)3,4738702
wcUyuYougan no UmaAdult (f)3,1235524
3PztW(3PztW)Adult (f)3,0047404
ObjXo(ObjXo)Adult (f)7,2951,0894
qDEuhArashi no SoyuouAdult (m)4,0538946
hYQ3fArashi no RaijaAdult (f)3,1757429
kTIsXArashi no KatiAdult (m)5,2821,3087
nLDcQArashi no NureuAdult (m)4,4477694
4PpH5Arashi no AphenAdult (f)2,7517576
l9JkXArashi no DohkoAdult (m)5,6891,1125
EHXDiArashi no SioneAdult (f)6,6181,0997
EKaBCArashi no RanAdult (m)3,3494883
kpXTo(kpXTo)Adult (m)4,4319403
snqhWKouri no KumikoAdult (f)5,9981,0858
p66aAKouri no YushaAdult (m)5,9631,0617
wztMuKouri no MusaneAdult (m)5,8531,3139
sRqOhKouri no HazeAdult (f)5,2961,0273
c7EKRKouri no GureiAdult (m)4,7011,2985
W249lKouri no WasaneAdult (f)3,5251,1613
uqnLAKouri no UnAdult (m)6,1679882
9tfP5Kouri no EijyuuAdult (f)4,4941,1208
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