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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “TobiDei,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1dJJs(1dJJs)Adult (m)3,9368613
YpDFc(YpDFc)Adult (m)5,34676913
H4n5Z(H4n5Z)Adult (f)4,5935931
RJDaa(RJDaa)Adult (f)2,1955612
VtLc7(VtLc7)Adult (f)1,8644533
8VpEc(8VpEc)Adult (m)4,8416531
DQ56E(DQ56E)Adult (m)4,5285780
qSECR(qSECR)Adult (f)7,7908919
vtN0X(vtN0X)Adult (f)4,8981,17622
Cgcsu(Cgcsu)Adult (f)2,9905198
2on10(2on10)Adult (f)2,9125137
sXCWH(sXCWH)Adult (m)3,52154510
AVkCv(AVkCv)Adult (f)3,39070615
D8hhY(D8hhY)Adult (m)2,69560010
mC0cx(mC0cx)Adult (f)3,2775486
TTrd6(TTrd6)Adult (m)4,2807343
nwcXd(nwcXd)Adult (m)4,2517383
8KCi4(8KCi4)Adult (m)4,2747512
Z0Qem(Z0Qem)Adult (f)4,4567592
dnk1h(dnk1h)Adult (m)4,7177392
nberv(nberv)Adult (f)4,7607652
DlF1o(DlF1o)Adult (f)2,4207033
6hYly(6hYly)Adult (m)2,9758115
ZhZf3(ZhZf3)Adult (f)1,5795369
tDbLV(tDbLV)Adult (f)1,9676172
r12rY(r12rY)Adult (f)2,7247403
vNvdFMadara- Second Six PathsAdult (f)7,4701,1414
WsjHd(WsjHd)Adult (f)5,13496611
ZTLv3(ZTLv3)Adult (m)3,9959064
SzEtk(SzEtk)Adult (f)4,2789005
ezBOJ(ezBOJ)Adult (m)6,1321,0688
UFlHH(UFlHH)Adult (f)5,5241,04212
3GpKJDaydreaming BronzeAdult (f)5,3831,0549
rJYC1(rJYC1)Adult (m)5,9151,0464
FU9oz(FU9oz)Adult (m)4,4208696
uk5Di(uk5Di)Adult (m)4,5118212
iekYkFirst CB RareAdult (f)3,9645931
8ARtS8art's My NameAdult (f)8,2168297
U8RhULucky First RaffleAdult (m)14,9911,07591
APda8Lucky Bronze OffspringAdult (m)7,4771,02640
YKQGKShimmering Male of the 3rd GenAdult (m)7,7322,00667
K6HaNKohanAdult (m)6,9571,02728
vBL0HShimmer of the StoneAdult (m)5,5076288
lVseIForever Young Christmas ShimmerHatchling (f, F)6,2239799
lIlIAYou Just HAD To Be MaleHatchling (m, F)4,02876512
iUGIt4th Gen ProwI of the LuminaAdult (m)7,9869696
7aqfzSpirling Shimmer of the BlusangsAdult (f)5,7378698
PZJC6Shimmering SteedAdult (f)4,44872120
TU60pShimmer of the BlusangsAdult (m)6,60783719
B1ZmCShimmer for the Golden WyvernsAdult (f)3,54588412
VOaQAShimmer of the Tri-Horn RomanceAdult (m)5,40988614
QsofkShimming Tri-HornsAdult (m)5,57093717
xBLZ45th Gen Sleepy ShimmerAdult (m)7,27491719
7jg7PHealing Shimmer of the 6th GenAdult (f)7,59098316
M98rjGolden Shimmer of GWAdult (f)5,19194621
Ztg4DGolden Shimmer PillowsAdult (f)5,22793817
hxiDhHidan's DragonAdult (f)4,66536280
pFGjkKakuzu's DragonAdult5,95140018
PPcOWLightning of the Cave BornAdult (f)4,53264331
RJmUuCave is Raining LightningAdult (f)3,1561,06210
Z6sTSThunder Storm Over The CaveAdult (f)3,5361,1995
Eg5N0Storm of the CaveAdult (f)3,0693685
QvsipCB Zapping LightningAdult (m)5,4613654
eFkm4Cave Born of the Electric MalesAdult (m)2,92678014
mVPAoThunder From the Cave BornAdult (m)4,8991,0494
FYDfISummoning Thunder of the CaveAdult (m)1,8395773
O4QlbElectric WrappingAdult (f)2,8598678
tS0TqOne of MANY to ComeAdult (f)3,43090122
as53LCB Mistress Of MagmaAdult (f)6,7468594
Vv41LCave LavaAdult (f)4,6563128
R3eAoCB Female of MagmaAdult (f)3,6751,2286
CL7V3CB Male of MagmaAdult (m)3,38389010
tL8imFlowing Magma From the CaveAdult (m)4,6539866
CnriQCB Master of MagmaAdult (m)3,70369010
7qBHaRuler of MagmaAdult (f)5,2989733
ad2vBShe Who Rules the MagmaAdult (f)3,50259919
crArTIcecap of the Cave BornAdult (f)5,44382510
F994fIcecap From the CaveAdult (f)5,7278639
7X2F9CB Blizzard From the CaveAdult (m)3,3638238
LrfAnIcicle of the Cave BornAdult (m)5,38678911
cskHHCB Roaring IceAdult (m)4,4684745
plT7P2nd Gen PB IceAdult (m)5,1463445
BAX2vToshiro's DragonAdult (f)5,4948459
IDWlWHitsugaya's DragonAdult (m)3,60461419
7gWd7CB Double 7 GWAdult (m)6,4988885
2Bl7qCB Manly Golden ColorAdult (m)3,57979112
UQqeSCB Gold and Black MaleAdult (m)3,7846713
fM0AsI Will Stay GoldenAdult (m)2,4438354
ee9VeI Just Love This BreedAdult (m)2,43077613
QtPKrCB Glittery GoldAdult (f)5,3921,1438
R5vELGolden Female From the CaveAdult (f)3,3816626
hXtwBCB Golden FemaleAdult (f)4,0504632
VoQl9CB Black n Gold FemaleAdult (f)2,7425754
Pa8vt2nd Gen PB GWAdult (f)3,7344715
bKKJC2nd Gen Gold and BlackAdult (f)5,0198930
1jYt1Golden Shimmer Of FemalesAdult (f)4,5337764
lGmX6CB Queen of Them AllAdult (f)5,03793020
MoRKBGolden Queen From The CaveAdult (f)6,57287315
37Cj0CB King of Them AllAdult (m)6,6399178
UOkWAGolden King From The CaveAdult (m)7,11990722
Sy8b9CB Prince of Them AllAdult (m)6,33884211
lOUiL2nd Gen PB GoldAdult (m)3,13670117
eTzDt2nd Gen PB Gold 2Adult (m)5,28687319
WTpOR3rd Gen From Sprtier's AltAdult (m)2,88357634
a43jZNow To Find a Good MateAdult (m)1,22540518
BLQTiWhat Do I Name HimAdult (m)3,75858422
qEgC5What Do I Name HerAdult (f)2,85552324
sYbJCI'm Just To Look AtAdult (f)3,33149819
unvntNot the Best  But my First GoldAdult (f)6,38178817
WCf9ICB Queen SilverAdult (f)6,19775938
Ge39FI Wanted a MaleAdult (f)3,03865712
RvgBZSilver With a Tint of PinkAdult (f)7,0339267
Hi2XSCB King SilverAdult (m)7,2321,23323
oorHW2nd Gen Parents Have Odd NamesAdult (m)2,79970319
fUXJs3rd Gen From Spriter's AltAdult (m)2,95045632
A6P3vI Got a MaleAdult (m)7,3749084
eZYXhThese Have Always Seemed WeirdAdult (f)7,0909588
vpcsdBreed me With a CB Black MaleAdult (f)5,4228168
PLHAw5th Gen of the Silver LiningAdult (f)8,3501,13912
Bl9DSElectricalTapeAdult (m)6,54184916
qGV0jToo Many Nebulas in LineageAdult (m)5,3339869
ZcHX2This Has Less NebulasAdult (m)9,1359754
ZisFKSilver Silver SilverAdult (f)8,9635984
y1wKX4th Gen Bronze GiftAdult (f)4,7661,2418
TlUlZ4th Gen Tinsel Without a MateAdult (m)6,0891,0753
GX7PvDragon of the Chinese ZodiacAdult (f)9,6031,17211
pBMCSBreed Me With a CB VineAdult (m)9,3606248
Hol5XI Don't Like This Brown ColorAdult (m)9,15895310
WUrXzWhy Are You Not FemaleHatchling (m, F)7,2015394
aPoeQBite Em Big BoyAdult (m)3,6161,00815
jXMrFI Make Rotten CorpsesAdult (m)4,3681,21411
GAp6aCB Big BiteAdult (m)3,8054313
lGv69CB Twilight SucksAdult (m)2,8174153
gCQ7DBite 'em DeadAdult (m)3,2684193
dETq2CB The First FemaleAdult (f)2,3907293
w0AJiCB W0A JiAdult (m)3,3417681
Hd7GhKonans DragonAdult3,35747412
7H1SbSwiss From the Land of CheeseAdult8,0921,3506
CLdR2My Dino from the CaveAdult7,7359594
ICdJGMy Other Dino from the CaveAdult5,2223796
0eZUbMy Third Dino From the CaveAdult5,6009769
QaG8l2nd Gen Alt From GoldAdult (f)3,80954213
XuM2mWinter of the MagiAdult (m)5,10285211
M9D9nWinter of the Ribbon DancerAdult (f)5,0948474
mr9BjWinter of the YulebuckAdult (m)5,2568887
9j2uoWinter of the Golden Snow AngelAdult (f)5,1528433
W3L11Need Some Paper for WrappingAdult (m)5,4047864
OnaH62nd Gen From Spriter's AltAdult (f)4,14486116
NFKtEI Wish I Were a SADAdult (m)3,8855737
kpoRhKiss To LoveAdult (f)4,81793213
uGGi0I Don't Look Like a ValentineAdult (m)3,73960012
PLIdtFemale From The CBAdult (f)5,2988716
DB2WKRegal Red DragonHorseAdult (m)6,5561,54112
DfIMuRegal Red DragonHorse FemaleAdult (f)3,7345282
v80xCCB Red Dorsal MaleAdult (m)5,0583397
pRlqvRegal Red FemaleAdult (f)4,0784254
RmsnYRed Fin of Luck in the CaveAdult (f)6,0688831
t5qhzI Would be Frozen if I Wasn't CBAdult (m)3,6273671
JDsPxCB Of the Purple FinAdult (f)2,7365111
9K6e3Sasori's Crimson DragonAdult (m)5,5541,1048
IMXQTKarkat Wishes Crimson was RoyalAdult (f)5,1488732
CU5iwSasori's Red SandAdult (m)4,9918591
1a43DKarkat's Candy Red BloodAdult (f)4,7568482
HCMbtCrimson Royal BloodAdult (m)4,6068383
v05BxCrimson Mutant BloodAdult (f)5,0548223
UgRjZSasori's DragonAdult (m)5,2501,4393
WiHz5Karkat's DragonAdult (f)4,0407183
peCzzI Wonder If They'll MakeAdult (m)3,9847071
Pf5KAA Puppet DragonAdult (f)3,9646890
ivBU7They'll Just Make MoreAdult (m)3,9106720
EprevRoyal DragonsAdult (f)3,9586940
L3X6vBecause It's Not Like AllAdult (m)3,8406851
BnKOWAll Dragons Are Royal   In A WayAdult (f)3,8946480
awv28We Need Less Red DragonsAdult (m)2,5973387
e3x1wAnd More Blue DragonsAdult (f)2,3913252
f0wpCEridan Is BetterAdult (m)1,9157471
MpyJyThan FeferiAdult (f)1,9087370
SNcnPYou Look Like a Valentine DragonAdult (m)1,9347530
2SdweMore Than Real Valentine DragonsAdult (f)1,9287500
b7yh7Feferi's DragonAdult (m)4,5001,5405
Y6ZQ5I Don't Like FeferiAdult (f)4,4531,6253
lQEBmCB Male Serving TeaAdult (m)4,5658082
O0vTyServing Tea to the CaveAdult (m)2,1056260
gBxyxCB Speckled MaleAdult (m)5,2199012
gPDdBCB Speckled Male 2Adult (m)3,7008912
dVSHuCB Speckled Male 3Adult (m)3,8331,1846
I2KXLCB Speckled Male 4Adult (m)4,0296383
LGRDfCB Speckled Male 5Adult (m)7,7411,0143
2Pl1CCB Speckled Male 6Adult (m)3,8491,1874
EJUdACB Speckled FemaleAdult (f)5,4818963
0i6TSCB Speckled Female 2Adult (f)3,8191,09514
5V3C0CB Speckled Female 3Adult (f)3,6241,0987
TJZtmCB Speckled Female 4Adult (f)3,2669434
aI5VZCB Speckled Female 5Adult (f)3,8881,17211
vOsmpCB Speckled Female 6Adult (f)3,7636726
YJq5QCB King FrostAdult (m)3,4044413
DOXDlCB King WinterAdult (m)3,1524267
1p9BSCB King Snow StormAdult (m)4,4349384
QCYVwCB King JackAdult (m)1,7096322
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