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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Tirition,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
xXDbu(xXDbu)Dead Egg000
1OSwL(1OSwL)Dead Egg000
Cu4Tj(Cu4Tj)Dead Egg000
oHCGt(oHCGt)Dead Egg000
BI9ek(BI9ek)Adult (f)2,7297211
SOxcL(SOxcL)Adult (m)2,9485619
e10pK(e10pK)Egg (F)
BBOjc(BBOjc)Adult (f)5,7508232
mGT9C(mGT9C)Adult (f)2,4146091
T9yKA(T9yKA)Adult (m)3,5727740
O1x78(O1x78)Adult (m)5,0456790
XWj84(XWj84)Adult (m)4,5617000
QJgP2(QJgP2)Adult (f)5,0976120
WU1WP(WU1WP)Adult (m)4,9786870
5SNGVScapolite HexAdult (f)2,3949971
aFapeRubellite Tourmaline HexAdult (f)2,3731,0001
Fz9CwAragonite HexAdult (f)3,2911,1410
s4kj5(s4kj5)Adult (m)7,6881,1143
AQbAh(AQbAh)Adult (f)10,6947280
g1Ilj(g1Ilj)Adult (f)8,7697920
TGoKU(TGoKU)Adult (m)8,5916611
AlpuGagarinite HexAdult (m)1,7073449
ggXoHyalophane HexAdult (f)1,8886352
t4F42Harmotome HexAdult (m)3,5151,0003
hp21aErdite HexAdult (m)4,3121,2332
Zu51yKoragoite HexAdult (m)1,5014761
VQ2B3Hureaulite HexAdult (m)5,4998080
ksOPbImpatiens HexAdult (m)5,2729570
5mKjA(5mKjA)Adult (m)4,9416794
32cuB(32cuB)Adult (f)4,6597432
nKZwE(nKZwE)Adult (m)6,3045500
xpYTK(xpYTK)Adult (f)5,2676412
81zaI(81zaI)Adult (m)5,9218731
fI0Ly(fI0Ly)Adult (m)6,0195921
fTwVj(fTwVj)Adult (m)4,9666761
Hf8Bj(Hf8Bj)Adult (m)5,0195530
0TXW9(0TXW9)Adult (m)3,6899182
AHLkW(AHLkW)Adult (f)5,6707231
jvLLV(jvLLV)Adult (f)5,5777402
KG6lbAuricupride Dusk Dorkface HexAdult (f)3,1101,17225
AdIheAllactite HexAdult (f)1,9387271
t8Rg6Amarantite HexAdult (f)1,8817152
ExBaeSarabauite HexAdult (f)2,4487702
plHqCadavre Sanguin HexAdult (m)2,28583238
BlvIAtrocis Lunae HexAdult (m)1,8425273
aUUERigor Mortis HexAdult (m)3,0187647
mFUtAbsolutus Tenebra HexAdult (m)4,7341,29022
qahqLacus Cruor HexAdult (m)1,77952011
HmhrSanguis De Ruinosum HexAdult (m)1,6585687
eLhUOs Corruptus HexAdult (m)2,6203796
gBVSUmbra Occidere HexAdult (m)3,9848415
2MMRLinquo Vita HexAdult (m)1,9013685
05BLnNoctiluca Luceo HexAdult (m)2,8509705
PEJV8Dilabi Sanguis HexAdult (m)1,9638647
2X630Temet Nosce HexAdult (m)2,3084008
HzDUS(HzDUS)Adult (f)5,3717420
LDtW6(LDtW6)Adult (f)4,4688231
PQeeG(PQeeG)Adult (f)6,0088670
YUZs0(YUZs0)Adult (f)5,9406260
5k6iU(5k6iU)Adult (m)4,2007150
xlPkY(xlPkY)Adult (m)4,0917010
kGbFW(kGbFW)Adult (m)5,8846060
ny4BI(ny4BI)Adult (m)4,3427860
fhAyT(fhAyT)Adult (m)5,7507111
A1kKfKerstmas Licht HexAdult (m)2,2246267
S61JPKerstmas Klinken HexAdult (m)2,1445995
3q7uENierite HexAdult (f)1,8768374
nG8kTMontroydite HexAdult (m)1,8357852
n7uHeNamansilite HexAdult (f)1,7838341
dv69hMedaite HexAdult (f)1,8818322
JZ79PMaucherite HexAdult (m)2,5486398
p0EeKupletskite HexAdult (m)1,0626693
VWTNKeckite HexAdult (m)1,3286528
42BnNavajoite HexAdult (f)8625792
iAqqKoutekite HexAdult (f)1,9439826
rvJ4gXocolatlite HexAdult (m)3,2959100
EkY6rTrigonite HexAdult (f)2,2627901
W56JTRinneite HexAdult (m)1,8346371
0Ma8cHaynesite HexAdult (m)2,1251,0591
Nrdtx(Nrdtx)Adult (m)2,4766762
dVKDdLiddicoatite HexAdult (m)2,3158692
1hzJGLangesite HexAdult (m)2,3839273
SaX7DLanthanite HexAdult (m)2,3099203
Qb7sbDelindeite HexAdult (m)4,4158320
chYMeIimoriite HexAdult (m)2,9817852
8D7m9(8D7m9)Adult (m)6,3184960
hB8qrCervena Cokolada HexAdult (m)2,1749613
9oMvSCokolada Srdce HexAdult (m)2,1359251
5vt7e(5vt7e)Adult (m)5,5771,1650
du7Pt(du7Pt)Adult (m)5,7451,1760
1OldFlame HexAdult1,98839623
JAjV9Hydrangea HexAdult (m)4,8689670
bcvqiAvens HexAdult (m)5,0519440
GpoRwBleeding Heart HexAdult (m)4,7221,2433
NHmGtCampion HexAdult (m)4,8531,2473
63hGT(63hGT)Adult (f)5,6468770
PISS5Mereheadite HexAdult (m)3,2831,0011
1GYL5Srebrodolskite HexAdult (f)2,0487230
0VmuWIltisite HexAdult (f)1,9666862
1eT6WRappoldite HexAdult (m)1,9976201
edb8ISunfish HexAdult (f)2,4996162
vXPb8Ecdemite HexAdult (m)2,3709041
uuOjNNorbergite HexAdult (m)5,9136890
r755dMarigold HexAdult (f)4,1928810
J4TluCalibrachoa HexAdult (m)4,6629270
nJzKm(nJzKm)Adult (m)6,2566190
Yg109(Yg109)Adult (m)3,9725470
RJyvj(RJyvj)Adult (m)3,4598670
h3sJFPezzottaite HexAdult (f)2,2508683
Ou8qsPhenakite HexAdult (f)2,3549172
Ch8rgPhillipsite HexAdult (f)2,3198862
vDypsCarletonite HexAdult (f)4,3196252
cusSJacinth HexAdult (m)2,06270316
QIfnSpinel DragonLily Thuwed HexAdult (m)3,6501,04114
4Br9SMoeloite HexAdult (m)1,9506302
9GrBMacaulayite HexAdult (m)1,0696818
6dRYMasuyite HexAdult (m)1,0436703
323VAnnite HexAdult (m)1,3076864
u9DPDravite HexAdult (m)1,4736569
bhZKaMinium HexAdult (m)2,4379062
k6r7Ganbatte Eudialyte HexAdult (f)1,7996987
XbmKCitrine HexAdult (m)3,64795413
TAHmCelsian Dorkface HexAdult (f)2,92853114
K778Sunstone HexAdult (m)3,5351,22120
UWS5Jarosite Allii Dorkface HexAdult (m)1,4966808
Id2ODesautelsite HexAdult (m)2,5167162
Vgp4Crocoite Thuwed HexAdult (m)2,2004268
BOgZMaLyGi HexAdult (f)2,4534267
LdtbLyMagi HexAdult (m)2,5224396
1VvVMagi Ly HexAdult (f)2,5214408
hTYZePaganoite Thuwed HexAdult (f)2,8481,0434
mZckZMacquartite HexAdult (m)2,9475425
L9tvgBasaluminite HexAdult (m)2,5258451
cA49gMetavoltine Thuwed HexAdult (f)2,4535732
o3O2uYecoraite Urjeciko HexAdult (f)2,8541,1110
AdLNUVigezzite HexAdult (m)3,4287441
nvnOGLabuntsovite Thuwed HexAdult (f)2,1447281
eDrRWChondroite HexAdult (f)2,0396880
SzDZAPyrostilpnite HexAdult (m)3,7339670
vqMWuQuintinite HexAdult (m)2,3507902
yfO3M(yfO3M)Adult (m)5,3236703
IlLuSKozoite HexAdult (m)2,0179335
0bW7YMasutomilite HexAdult (m)3,8436461
YrxHTCyprium HexAdult (f)1,9236103
pbgs8Dibromide HexAdult (f)4,1921,0042
pqBTQ(pqBTQ)Adult (f)3,7571,0450
4EZYLeningradite HexAdult (f)1,4475694
B98vw(B98vw)Adult (f)4,2138223
0nGHA(0nGHA)Adult (f)5,0616820
c1EEM(c1EEM)Adult (f)2,9687050
nptUeAlkali Basalt HexAdult (m)3,5754455
IouwuAphanitic HexAdult (m)1,5117472
BllNtPorphyritic HexAdult (m)2,4676712
bBrlSOlivine HexAdult (m)1,6156732
hqbQFatale Rosae HexAdult (f)4,8331,18447
PdA5Mortis Flos HexAdult (f)5,3191,2586
ffmnNiveus Convallariae HexAdult (f)4,9661,4226
JbJ2Sepulcrum Cynosorchis HexAdult (f)1,9195626
PiGYCladis de Astrum HexAdult (f)2,1516533
0c2nRua Mortuus HexAdult (f)1,9113818
TZNvlAtrox Aciei HexAdult (f)1,8046302
nysEkDeus Immitis HexAdult (f)3,8406742
OnEWb(OnEWb)Adult (m)3,5457650
RwcFc(RwcFc)Adult (f)3,6217660
E5Fhg(E5Fhg)Adult (m)4,8816901
Hvjer(Hvjer)Adult (f)5,4336481
BeLWo(BeLWo)Adult (m)5,2856730
bPlTf(bPlTf)Adult (f)3,8575430
O0ZxP(O0ZxP)Adult (f)5,7807300
oHe4p(oHe4p)Adult (f)6,1595570
adQpb(adQpb)Adult (f)7,7911,0547
h9VrK(h9VrK)Adult (f)7,6781,0388
KtKmJ(KtKmJ)Adult (f)3,3436950
kc4E0(kc4E0)Adult (f)6,2424901
b887l(b887l)Adult (f)2,6807470
43UMQ(43UMQ)Adult (f)2,6517301
XTXiy(XTXiy)Adult (f)2,5076700
koQlM(koQlM)Adult (m)3,6774024
0d5gZ(0d5gZ)Adult (f)2,3125991
VgJLUAndesite HexAdult (f)1,4087422
qhv6rTholeiitic Basalt HexAdult (f)1,2606971
ruPQKPararealgar HexAdult (f)3,1348522
9Ex4m(9Ex4m)Adult (m)4,5426980
HvO50(HvO50)Adult (m)5,1256110
wVNeZ(wVNeZ)Adult (m)5,1566080
h2OVp(h2OVp)Adult (m)5,5937322
9vAyD(9vAyD)Adult (m)4,0355421
O1BVGColeus HexAdult (f)2,3841,0021
CDji5Dahlia HexAdult (f)3,1809961
oCfTACrocus HexAdult (f)5,1679810
gtGbm(gtGbm)Adult (f)3,6586323
1K9lh(1K9lh)Adult (f)4,5236990
ruevy(ruevy)Adult (f)5,0587130
ZRgWX(ZRgWX)Adult (m)6,8717121
sCCWh(sCCWh)Adult (f)6,6086774
bDLnN(bDLnN)Adult (m)4,6228351
4GBt6Cyprus HexAdult (m)1,6588924
FMeA4Cytochrome HexAdult (m)3,5695983
QeSE3Selenide HexAdult (m)1,9367213
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