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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “TinhDa,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
X2E8E(X2E8E)Adult (f)6,9971,1770
0kHLF(0kHLF)Adult (m)7,0351,0683
STSKd(STSKd)Adult (m)7,5201,2141
dEmzp(dEmzp)Adult (f)6,8421,0772
iUSS6(iUSS6)Adult (f)5,2639433
gXhXD(gXhXD)Adult (m)5,9301,1751
tIABG(tIABG)Adult (f)5,1171,0294
WYqyz(WYqyz)Adult (f)6,1641,0792
fg3uj(fg3uj)Adult (f)7,6381,3172
bzLis(bzLis)Adult (m)7,8581,1303
1NoNX(1NoNX)Adult (f)3,3124600
pkhMm(pkhMm)Adult (f)5,8511,1861
g44id(g44id)Adult (m)5,7671,0281
tbZfl(tbZfl)Adult (m)7,1791,2592
TOITz(TOITz)Adult (f)4,4741,1001
C3Ewt(C3Ewt)Adult (f)6,5841,0439
u9OvA(u9OvA)Adult (m)7,6151,0714
ORNZsTinh Moc NganAdult (m)4,5999606
SHBID(SHBID)Adult (m)7,0591,1452
gW59L(gW59L)Adult (m)5,0008441
37z9W(37z9W)Adult (m)7,3581,0502
hcULBAnh Quang ThuuAdult (m)6,1581,3173
jYLW7Hong Nhat ThuuAdult (m)5,6861,0172
Gn3lZHoa Sa ThuuAdult (f)5,8141,2372
u1kBLLuong Minh ThuuAdult (f)5,1401,2102
sbP7JAnh Minh ThuuAdult (m)4,2458951
GUqHQ(GUqHQ)Adult (m)4,6559745
YMNVT(YMNVT)Adult (m)4,9869880
WAJcA(WAJcA)Adult (f)4,0618430
eM0JC(eM0JC)Adult (m)3,4858821
yP2uc(yP2uc)Adult (f)5,2327970
dQaHh(dQaHh)Adult (f)4,9837780
l1Ul2(l1Ul2)Adult (f)4,4999292
1UQ7z(1UQ7z)Adult (m)6,4591,0832
x0P3z(x0P3z)Adult (f)4,8131,0031
SItRl(SItRl)Adult (m)8,8751,4421
amTZf(amTZf)Adult (m)6,8091,0962
YOFFxThat Hoa TruAdult (f)4,4897881
JW9JtHu Nhat TruAdult (f)6,9811,1164
G9Jf2(G9Jf2)Adult (f)6,4291,0033
9gKhK(9gKhK)Adult (m)7,9521,2822
RiKmp(RiKmp)Adult (m)4,7016212
WHwmn(WHwmn)Adult (m)5,0647700
wGBiqLau Kim OAdult (f)4,1309382
rekTrTat Nguyet OAdult (m)7,0551,4461
H4ev8Tat Kim OAdult (f)7,2671,4265
Rcw4S(Rcw4S)Adult (m)8,1011,2045
7KZ0Z(7KZ0Z)Adult (f)7,0931,1402
jU5OrDau Moc GiaiAdult (f)3,1841,2712
FNLOMKhue Tinh GiaiAdult (m)4,5021,1950
Vx7tXKho Tra GiaiAdult (m)6,5021,0442
NjEIrPhong Tho YenAdult (m)2,6791,0290
vBmpwGiac Thuy YenAdult (m)3,2721,0241
ia4QzBich Thuy YenAdult (f)3,9659351
SjKaQDuc Nguyet YenAdult (f)5,8191,0943
bbAgC(bbAgC)Adult (m)8,1481,2201
40OB9(40OB9)Adult (f)8,2131,4240
q5zLvDe Nguyet GiaiAdult (m)3,6351,2790
cPXRvChan Nguyet HoAdult (f)3,7811,2360
hHmq3(hHmq3)Adult (m)4,4131,2131
S4aGB(S4aGB)Adult (f)5,4561,1381
2Btnv(2Btnv)Adult (m)6,7031,0210
Kmuw3Nguu Kim KeAdult (f)5,5771,6050
GooZzVi Hoa KeAdult (f)4,0891,1120
Gzw4z(Gzw4z)Adult (m)4,7579650
0OxWd(0OxWd)Adult (f)4,3109144
HGBbL(HGBbL)Adult (f)6,7611,1411
6wYrg(6wYrg)Adult (f)2,0463342
3qTRATruong Nguyet LocAdult (m)5,1571,0123
kDy8n(kDy8n)Adult (f)6,3039622
32yFg(32yFg)Adult (f)6,9831,0222
eJ4u3(eJ4u3)Adult (m)6,6871,0745
5Q1OR(5Q1OR)Adult (f)6,8001,1403
auiQj(auiQj)Adult (m)9,5341,4871
kOziZ(kOziZ)Adult (m)6,8411,1902
yhwqO(yhwqO)Adult (f)6,7631,2191
UohiF(UohiF)Adult (f)4,6959512
tPRQJ(tPRQJ)Adult (m)4,7138221
pMv7h(pMv7h)Adult (m)5,5438750
YOHv4(YOHv4)Adult (f)5,5538501
rQ3Sc(rQ3Sc)Adult (m)5,6819980
xOYRq(xOYRq)Adult (m)6,9821,2624
wxqTt(wxqTt)Adult (f)7,5581,1381
sF7lSGiac Moc BucAdult (f)3,9871,1280
pHFUYTam Hoa BucAdult (m)4,1681,1462
TuqOlPhong Hoa BucAdult (m)5,0651,1632
K0ZDCCo Moc BucAdult (f)4,9311,0147
EM9BX(EM9BX)Adult (f)5,7951,0021
re1XRVi Hoa CauAdult (f)7,1741,2481
B9GhXLieu Tho CauAdult (m)5,1511,0961
v32aBMao Hoa CauAdult (f)5,9121,0095
3IRwHTam Nguyet HoAdult (f)2,9759881
AzNaULau Hoa HoAdult (m)3,1089942
9GUSqCang Nguyet HoAdult (m)2,9961,0171
RwgQ5Sam Tho HoAdult (f)5,4681,2441
1AyXK(1AyXK)Adult (m)6,0718782
MseJU(MseJU)Adult (f)6,3878971
7gtuD(7gtuD)Adult (f)4,8729560
0G5HD(0G5HD)Adult (m)9,1721,3911
w1quWLieu Moc TriAdult (f)3,8111,0712
GV3VpVi Tho TriAdult (m)4,4649552
dntxeChuy Moc TriAdult (m)6,1481,2143
93Nkv(93Nkv)Adult (f)5,1688663
LW8VE(LW8VE)Adult (f)5,1339071
ouiM3Vi Nguyet DuAdult (m)4,6631,0231
d4ibW(d4ibW)Adult (f)4,6329651
XQnIt(XQnIt)Adult (f)4,7691,1282
IT8xF(IT8xF)Adult (m)6,1971,2012
ydWvr(ydWvr)Adult (f)4,9031,0112
NOhha(NOhha)Adult (m)5,0681,0332
ksvvy(ksvvy)Adult (m)6,1681,0043
87EuXMan Thu TinhAdult (m)8,7461,8090
8PwJjTrung Dong ThanhAdult (m)8,6801,7700
LZeEDDa Lo TietAdult (m)9,0121,7820
tc2xn(tc2xn)Adult (m)5,0751,2600
NcVIxDau Nhat TriAdult (f)8,0131,4831
YR9rgThien Than TriAdult (f)9,0451,8450
eXlFPVu Ti DaiAdult (f)8,9301,3783
9JhRY(9JhRY)Adult (f)4,9231,2252
26BgQCang Kim BucAdult (m)5,6571,1872
9VKIfPhap Dong BucAdult (m)7,7951,4831
dIM5T(dIM5T)Adult (m)5,0551,2440
nXYVwThanh Si DienAdult (m)2,4116201
R2yeJHong Canh DienAdult (m)2,3636191
ED3F0(ED3F0)Adult (m)4,9331,2480
FKIzI(FKIzI)Adult (m)5,0811,3050
ZA437Nu Nhat LocAdult (f)2,8791,1200
323a7Duc Hoa LocAdult (f)4,9291,1982
CRd3qHoc Ky SinhAdult (f)7,9101,5112
T8DXUTinh Nhat LangAdult (m)5,4641,3203
mvcduLanh Tuyet LangAdult (m)4,7371,2362
kd1e9Truong Nguyet LangAdult (m)5,4421,3062
VZP6SThuy He LocAdult (m)1,6567181
4JQfFBan He LocAdult (m)3,2308100
da8KgTruc Diep XaAdult (f)6,0421,2260
UxzfbMoc Vi XaAdult (f)5,8151,1910
IGi1H(IGi1H)Adult (f)5,1221,2530
aaxRM(aaxRM)Adult (f)5,1891,2510
VDz8T(VDz8T)Adult (m)3,4796982
Wr2jK(Wr2jK)Adult (m)3,3876672
zh6oIChan Thuy YenAdult (m)3,8501,1622
Pbo2NSam Nguyet YenAdult (m)3,8011,1770
eJvBXCo Thuy YenAdult (f)5,2739710
oVTZrTinh Nguyet YenAdult (f)5,7101,0392
SeDSI(SeDSI)Adult (f)6,6191,0116
RYmsJ(RYmsJ)Adult (m)7,5131,1901
bE4sI(bE4sI)Adult (f)7,0311,1004
aiw85(aiw85)Adult (f)6,2871,0081
ehIzNSam Moc DanAdult (f)4,7559552
8l1vMKhue Moc DanAdult (m)5,8111,1005
wAdKV(wAdKV)Adult (f)7,7711,0064
jht6u(jht6u)Adult (m)7,1881,0081
4WCOWVi Thuy HacAdult (f)4,1841,1620
9rrklTat Nhat HacAdult (m)4,9879571
7CfMrCo Thoi HacAdult (m)4,6699392
l5av0(l5av0)Adult (f)3,9257921
3CAvbDe Thuy XaAdult (m)5,4651,4273
2lGnYLau Tho XaAdult (f)2,3097630
StSyvChan Tho XaAdult (f)3,1011,0210
dtoq2Phong Thuy XaAdult (m)5,5159844
dor2l(dor2l)Adult (m)6,3061,1261
Q9jve(Q9jve)Adult (m)7,4391,2062
DAXXM(DAXXM)Adult (f)6,0191,0023
RWqWN(RWqWN)Adult (f)7,6481,1192
0Ayve(0Ayve)Adult (f)7,6071,0953
Xt78W(Xt78W)Adult (m)3,9418412
NloPGTu Van XuongAdult (m)4,9871,2762
FZI6pTu Truyen XaAdult (m)4,1221,1431
QfUuaTu Thuong ThuAdult (f)4,2021,0281
7FweGTu Hoa CaiAdult (f)5,3791,0891
nDIvF(nDIvF)Adult (m)5,8401,0252
riRwVTu Dai LyAdult (f)5,9651,2134
4lvSxChuy Hoa LongAdult (m)6,6661,3073
0fOiACu Son LongAdult (m)5,6208600
FO6kMThien Thi LauAdult (f)4,6969732
RWtaVThien HauAdult (m)3,7331,2022
MkRJ7Thien Tong ChinhAdult (m)3,7321,1472
9vxJpThien Quan TacAdult (m)4,3401,1064
xfnmOThien Nu SangAdult (f)4,1649512
Au4AKThien Thi TongAdult (m)4,8159591
mABq9Thien Thi YenAdult (f)4,1111,1500
ZB79nThien Thi TuAdult (f)5,6231,2612
zZ1a6(zZ1a6)Adult (m)6,8151,2601
egPYe(egPYe)Adult (m)5,6179631
njOTZ(njOTZ)Adult (f)4,9298851
liq4q(liq4q)Adult (m)5,6951,0731
Ssz35Tinh Moc TriAdult (m)5,0771,1724
k9PvB(k9PvB)Adult (m)6,0801,0460
mjKC2Thu Doc TriAdult (f)3,8338070
Uqja6(Uqja6)Adult (m)4,6478342
M6xrG(M6xrG)Adult (f)7,8071,0984
Bhqdy(Bhqdy)Adult (m)12,2561,8454
rHwV0(rHwV0)Adult (f)10,0211,2162
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