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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2017 Holiday Event
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
  • 2014 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Tikali,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
isKx9(isKx9)Adult (f)2,8708542
zFz2k(zFz2k)Adult (f)4,0117760
bi5NC(bi5NC)Adult (f)5,3299282
0LAk4(0LAk4)Adult (f)4,2379130
tVmoN(tVmoN)Adult (f)5,9165930
0RuIq(0RuIq)Adult (m)2,4738850
CTr1A(CTr1A)Adult (m)2,4848770
mhb2M(mhb2M)Adult (f)6,2336691
xbb5t(xbb5t)Adult (f)5,0107540
YqzeP(YqzeP)Adult (m)3,9147580
pqpD6(pqpD6)Adult (m)5,4086420
1Dfge(1Dfge)Adult (m)2,7647060
bjcPq(bjcPq)Adult (f)2,4138460
5ho7y(5ho7y)Adult (m)1,4516124
EnNGk(EnNGk)Adult (f)1,7066353
gIgjf(gIgjf)Adult (f)1,6938082
fIXlj(fIXlj)Adult (f)2,3268321
2Bc6m(2Bc6m)Adult (m)2,5569170
GIKAq(GIKAq)Adult (f)2,7809262
QKVlX(QKVlX)Adult (m)2,5568270
bIsrN(bIsrN)Adult (f)2,5758433
Q2oHs(Q2oHs)Adult (f)2,5718741
zrWR9(zrWR9)Adult (m)2,6528611
rOmK0(rOmK0)Adult (m)3,0299521
JWxUC(JWxUC)Adult (m)2,8298932
mlQl5(mlQl5)Adult (f)3,1379333
ZHCcA(ZHCcA)Adult (f)2,4748662
Oq8w0(Oq8w0)Adult (m)2,3728050
t3rzF(t3rzF)Adult (m)2,5039040
0PBHO(0PBHO)Adult (f)2,8558731
b75M0(b75M0)Adult (m)3,0048921
kgT4Z(kgT4Z)Adult (f)2,8398702
bs4U6(bs4U6)Adult (f)2,4307890
Gp9iW(Gp9iW)Adult (f)2,3726810
CAzEp(CAzEp)Adult (m)3,0409311
eISNS(eISNS)Adult (f)3,0168810
G80gl(G80gl)Adult (f)2,9939640
PcXGv(PcXGv)Adult (f)4,5891,0811
zyoVL(zyoVL)Adult (f)4,5261,0621
X0LIl(X0LIl)Adult (f)4,5311,0502
cjWeP(cjWeP)Adult (f)4,5421,0670
kYtiW(kYtiW)Adult (f)3,1689663
ft7sc(ft7sc)Adult (m)4,7376590
Vh9lZ(Vh9lZ)Adult (f)4,7466580
5N42Y(5N42Y)Adult (f)4,7547490
x1Vmt(x1Vmt)Adult (f)5,3967750
y7LJI(y7LJI)Adult (f)4,8576080
aME9M(aME9M)Adult (f)10,0896741
qj2BN(qj2BN)Adult (m)8,0579202
lwLbb(lwLbb)Adult (f)8,9186710
WhUvDino - LittlefootAdult6,48675713
bWKbDino LilliAdult5,94063810
0g0ODino LeilaAdult6,9697465
cjgHDino LukeAdult4,8894515
ZsRW(ZsRW)Adult (f)1,66263421
HuZY(HuZY)Adult (f)6,37065723
ZkuT(ZkuT)Adult (f)3,2304396
rhdk5(rhdk5)Adult (f)1,0933570
5sSTE(5sSTE)Adult (f)2,4429111
XWjK(XWjK)Hatchling (f, F)5,8285144
iVlRF(iVlRF)Hatchling (f, F)5,37267111
4gZbDino DackyAdult9,5667767
LHqePDino PetryAdult4,22258512
dYlRDino SpikeAdult4,6621,24843
gkrhDino SarahAdult6,89570721
3OTbDino SinaAdult7,1747625
g11bDino StevieAdult4,7145885
FU66Dino CeraAdult7,67381413
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