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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Gold Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • Tree Decorating
  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2016 Halloween Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “TiTru,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bJhm2The BlazingHeartAdult (f)6,0528173
Pt1LxLady CelesAdult (f)8,0265422
XnxsjXanxus Thuwed DorkfaceAdult (m)10,8827263
sa5nkLat StreetAdult (f)6,5801,2155
qVx39Master of the BlueFlameAdult (m)5,3629503
CZ7TlNot a Broken HeartAdult (f)6,6206031
5Gu0lCondessa Olive ShadeAdult (f)6,0551,0462
aUproPaper UProAdult7,7706014
TSvFqSong of Celestial HonorAdult (m)7,2756613
UBiiLL A D Y  I C EAdult (f)7,7716990
QoyrlSirPyroKnightAdult (m)7,0717931
AKNPmPyroKnightAdult (f)7,1107942
nogZsNogzAdult (f)6,2937312
0x52OO xAdult (f)5,2166610
bw3HwBlackWhiteRedAdult (f)5,5495790
v8QaYScimAdult (m)5,1026670
ZrVY1ZoeVAdult (m)4,8485571
ZPrW9Zenya WrightAdult (f)5,2156601
n55a1H e l l o W o r l dAdult (f)5,6115221
VftMrTiger MarsAdult (m)5,5745842
062kb062 KBAdult (f)5,5615833
d3BIGD'Big VAdult (f)5,6065913
nLdWUDiamond WuAdult (f)5,5605802
4vol2Diamond Volumen2Adult (m)5,5426013
8F7PbLyona AerisAdult (m)6,3025832
DBqERP u r p l e W i n g sAdult (m)6,3855961
w6MPQL a d y W e n d yAdult (f)5,9956821
3xWsJWendy JaneAdult (f)6,1376691
zGhNFM a g m a K n i g h tAdult (f)6,5157242
49MQoOne to FiftyAdult (m)5,1016390
fetyaLady FetyaAdult (f)5,1926390
Zv53lL a d y Z o eAdult (f)5,1756330
0otSWS u g a r b l u eAdult (f)5,1996320
KiXsjKixjayAdult (m)5,1126391
1TP5bThe green is lavaAdult (f)6,2346540
XaktMX Magic AttackAdult (m)5,9715853
CzpUSCazeyAdult (m)6,3325912
nzWzaCelestial WAdult (f)6,0255952
MSmsHMegaSmashAdult (f)5,9425980
HLEDEHLEDEAdult (f)6,0415930
QDohvDohvimAdult (m)6,6624901
nJpMeJp MeAdult (m)6,9136691
fR7P0Francy BaikalaAdult (f)6,9216661
43UIBForthyAdult (m)7,0446651
Wrda6WrdaAdult (m)7,0846721
WB9GN(WB9GN)Adult (f)7,0786601
GUIPLS i l v e r B i r dAdult (f)4,9595361
lH2iwFeather ColdnessAdult (f)5,1295340
zxshz(zxshz)Adult (m)5,7755320
LBwLD(LBwLD)Adult (m)5,1765310
I8BFSK o t o n eAdult (f)5,0375410
PETiA(PETiA)Adult (m)5,0246401
Y44z5(Y44z5)Adult (f)4,8116881
wxDk0(wxDk0)Adult (m)4,7456931
SViUw(SViUw)Adult (m)4,6776901
JCRE3(JCRE3)Adult (f)4,6276901
WDyzN(WDyzN)Adult (f)4,6636891
jYE3x(jYE3x)Adult (f)6,3636781
kworL(kworL)Adult (f)6,2966731
L1pP7(L1pP7)Adult (m)6,3366781
Qipb3(Qipb3)Adult (f)6,3066711
jAgPu(jAgPu)Adult (f)6,2796731
K9GaX(K9GaX)Adult (m)6,2636740
pOd4i(pOd4i)Adult (m)7,5195632
qLZu1S o n g t r e s sAdult (f)6,1917611
pLrvd(pLrvd)Adult (m)6,2177631
qEc7k(qEc7k)Adult (m)6,2367611
uuN6H(uuN6H)Adult (m)6,3317601
PKxI7(PKxI7)Adult (m)11,9407962
zqn0fJrZetaAdult (f)7,8867652
VWYmm(VWYmm)Adult (f)3,4347891
vXzoeV i c Z o e yAdult (m)5,0646123
US9GDCandy MarrowAdult (m)3,3117882
Eh9ajS h i r o iAdult (m)6,6621,0821
XxHEy(XxHEy)Adult (f)6,6861,1001
2ScHnS c u l l yAdult (f)7,2151,0113
TEg8m(TEg8m)Adult (f)7,2101,0172
ryDF6(ryDF6)Adult (m)7,3031,0112
7Eex4GoldenxeAdult (m)7,1511,0012
gio8LGio8LAdult (m)6,4036092
DIQaz(DIQaz)Adult (f)7,0236150
Tx9jB(Tx9jB)Adult (m)5,4046540
MTVdXIm from MTVAdult (f)6,3226821
P9YXf(P9YXf)Adult (m)6,3666881
c39DE(c39DE)Adult (m)6,9526830
gBd8A(gBd8A)Adult (m)6,1896571
haPyhImHappyAdult (m)6,3326551
qT84j(qT84j)Adult (m)6,1136512
brYvw(brYvw)Adult (f)6,1166641
FzLGr(FzLGr)Adult (m)6,2216640
evECO(evECO)Adult (m)5,3598821
t9OUTGet O U T of hereAdult (m)5,4028812
tMcMN(tMcMN)Adult (f)5,4289111
TAIOT(TAIOT)Adult (m)5,4209060
RKBeT(RKBeT)Adult (m)5,5379021
v72LoVannesa LeodonAdult (f)5,4318941
3dT5O3 Days purpleAdult (f)4,9637129
8mpu8(8mpu8)Adult (m)4,4327013
asheRAshe RAdult (f)4,9707246
JauG9(JauG9)Adult (m)4,9876968
z2JYh(z2JYh)Adult (f)4,9856964
0tvpVO c t a v i oAdult (m)5,0377188
kwpG0(kwpG0)Adult (f)4,9477570
h8gLL(h8gLL)Adult (f)5,0217601
O8nApOriohn LeodonAdult (m)5,1567851
YVll4(YVll4)Adult (f)5,1208020
wGed1Gedha LeodonAdult (f)5,1787840
4xwr1FourYellowAdult (f)5,1087540
usVEI(usVEI)Adult (m)5,8981,0171
MQlyW(MQlyW)Adult (m)5,8171,0390
jxmCt(jxmCt)Adult (m)5,9841,0440
NBOdK(NBOdK)Adult (f)5,9761,0830
MshoH(MshoH)Adult (f)5,9381,0801
i3QPsPanny AltAdult (f)5,9501,0982
DN9EzDaneth WindetherAdult (f)4,2649601
YfNSfR o c k y NsAdult (m)4,3939391
h9Ygt(h9Ygt)Adult (m)4,2999090
gfhK4Khaerjham WindetherAdult (m)4,1718990
fTd3oFarheal ColdWindAdult (m)4,3839320
EjqwK(EjqwK)Adult (f)3,5327672
hIezs(hIezs)Adult (f)3,4477571
MuMzJ(MuMzJ)Adult (m)3,5867405
YkRTG(YkRTG)Adult (m)3,4197730
wWCwGWorldWideWebAdult (m)2,8626002
yDRp9(yDRp9)Adult (f)2,9526093
blGA6(blGA6)Adult (f)3,3018542
IaiP2Ian WindetherAdult (m)3,5398861
4D1f5Four daysAdult (m)3,3978532
Xd09b(Xd09b)Adult (m)3,4398671
zcsMm(zcsMm)Adult (m)3,1808000
OxFBqOrfualizAdult (f)3,2808351
UOCXMPipio AllCapsAdult (m)2,7676591
S5V6M(S5V6M)Adult (m)2,5136081
98Mrb98 Mister BytesAdult (m)2,4855710
wUeoKW e o nAdult (f)2,7926550
qkM9F(qkM9F)Adult (m)2,6946400
53DqC(53DqC)Adult (m)2,6366311
Of4nO(Of4nO)Adult (m)3,1176383
3eA3YT h r e e c yAdult (f)3,4618042
jkCvk(jkCvk)Adult (f)3,2327761
pInXy(pInXy)Adult (f)3,1857623
PxwpV(PxwpV)Adult (m)3,4428220
p6Toh(p6Toh)Adult (m)3,2468170
krrJn(krrJn)Adult (m)2,4917120
1mbXM1 mbAdult (f)2,9176461
TYNw3Sky TynAdult (m)3,5648670
ZljAGZenith GalvaAdult (m)3,4638471
ORupfOrusquaAdult (f)3,5928310
rAhaF(rAhaF)Adult (m)3,5398421
H0Go2(H0Go2)Adult (f)3,5458570
3QbD7V l a d dAdult (m)3,5158470
pUJ0F(pUJ0F)Adult (m)3,7646001
SZiB0(SZiB0)Adult (m)2,6157012
l7aCA(l7aCA)Adult (m)2,5937490
9QeTn(9QeTn)Adult (f)2,5557130
LJxFE(LJxFE)Adult (f)2,6677491
8NDy9(8NDy9)Adult (m)2,6347300
VKjOZ(VKjOZ)Adult (m)2,6287200
4Cy5fC e l e s t i a l S u g a rAdult (m)3,1897880
3t1b4Cold beforeAdult (f)2,7405662
D2jxB(D2jxB)Adult (f)2,7315811
hVZEN(hVZEN)Adult (f)2,6865780
RLAhu(RLAhu)Adult (m)2,6146040
otaV5(otaV5)Adult (f)2,9225830
EPK1ME l l y a n n eAdult (f)3,2646943
b2q7k(b2q7k)Adult (m)2,9258180
h2RyaRyahhAdult (m)2,5587170
8IhNDEightVioletAdult (f)2,5517132
aPqLTVioletRiftyAdult (f)2,5857231
1dEgBKovo EdgarAdult (f)2,5627541
3fspWA l t B l a c k yAdult (f)2,4887111
ytsoYYtsoy The BlackyAdult (m)2,1146511
xZTwn(xZTwn)Adult (f)2,2827051
JOiMAJ o l l y M a r yAdult (f)2,1546920
GDE5AGeode TercornAdult (m)2,3417170
kN94V(kN94V)Adult (m)2,1906830
4hIWQ(4hIWQ)Adult (f)3,3779303
4sLEQ(4sLEQ)Adult (m)2,5325741
MIts0Mitsuo StarAdult (m)4,0578413
NOiqf(NOiqf)Adult (f)4,0058662
sOqtlSoashyAdult (m)3,9688430
HDOX4ColdManaAdult (f)4,0528380
oo8Kz(oo8Kz)Adult (f)3,9618660
cRknE(cRknE)Adult (f)2,6126462
1MDsk(1MDsk)Adult (m)2,2786391
YzQ6t(YzQ6t)Adult (m)2,3496391
vd95N(vd95N)Adult (m)2,3406442
82qd3(82qd3)Adult (f)2,3966520
ZlCu7Zonna's Diamond SongAdult (f)2,3476261
tX3Zv(tX3Zv)Adult (m)2,3786540
92lwKNina TercornAdult (f)3,2867090
7zNWd(7zNWd)Adult (f)3,2067260
zTWrdZ's T WardAdult (m)3,2957140
hbi0uAshes of PolybiusAdult (m)3,1846970
Ny8Cd(Ny8Cd)Adult (f)3,3457450
hsmlP(hsmlP)Adult (f)3,0986931
hpgW8(hpgW8)Adult (m)3,2697152
h9hvhIm a Snowy AngelAdult (f)3,7387681
vJMrI(vJMrI)Adult (m)3,7601,0342
D9uxh(D9uxh)Adult (m)3,6611,0320
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