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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Thuban,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dNPgPolycephaly's PranksterAdult (m)1,49349813
ueDjBelle and StormAdult (f)1,60158911
vId4(vId4)Adult (f)1,4135188
PllVBetty and the JetsAdult (f)1,4075747
7Uyr(7Uyr)Adult (f)3,53145513
7jXYHootie and the BlowfishAdult (m)2,0026052
uO1QIt Appears I am InbredAdult (m)5,5091,58118
iTXkBand GroupieAdult (f)4,03295924
500sPaul and StormAdult (m)4,13899313
UnGA(UnGA)Adult (f)3,4341,17236
oZHB6(oZHB6)Adult (m)5,4279041
v7aAy(v7aAy)Adult (f)5,9775891
cB9vI(cB9vI)Adult (m)6,3805120
08OfB(08OfB)Adult (m)3,1997741
6hvev(6hvev)Adult (f)4,2388820
iGHfthough it made me very sadHatchling (m, F)1,26234623
RZoRl(RZoRl)Adult (f)2,7578305
XIrOw(XIrOw)Adult (m)2,7477672
5EpPq(5EpPq)Adult (f)1,6017873
gbXmz(gbXmz)Adult (f)6,1596891
buR08(buR08)Adult (f)7,2286211
k9WoV(k9WoV)Adult (m)6,1597000
31hKW(31hKW)Adult (m)5,7645953
2sIGL(2sIGL)Adult (m)2,1817040
J1otg(J1otg)Adult (m)5,3838832
CfRFC(CfRFC)Adult (m)3,6316583
uBABy(uBABy)Adult (m)4,2268160
kUSsp(kUSsp)Adult (f)2,4968342
l1wip(l1wip)Adult (m)4,4879492
tMFER(tMFER)Adult (m)5,6908242
yBY7h(yBY7h)Adult (m)6,9645502
PbUyr(PbUyr)Adult (f)3,4226814
lp8hI(lp8hI)Adult (f)8,0351,1371
mvXPw(mvXPw)Adult (f)3,4587432
9pVIl(9pVIl)Adult (m)3,1917492
SnJ0i(SnJ0i)Adult (m)3,4767003
IKGdH(IKGdH)Adult (f)4,9181,0431
srWNM(srWNM)Adult (m)3,1987104
oVorx(oVorx)Adult (m)2,3246312
2zKUMy Egg Can Beat Up Your EggAdult (f)1,3196933
oplqe(oplqe)Adult (f)5,4351,3492
MgRlI(MgRlI)Adult (m)4,3268794
9H1LX(9H1LX)Adult (f)8,7251,2749
QvHDu(QvHDu)Adult (m)3,5113553
5ARAjSara-JaneAdult (f)1,7366523
iWwA6(iWwA6)Adult (m)5,7221,0906
asjsD(asjsD)Adult (f)5,8645332
AjQfi(AjQfi)Adult (f)6,8125592
qFRWi(qFRWi)Adult (f)4,8897694
ZP5zV(ZP5zV)Adult (f)3,2887901
xCd4k(xCd4k)Adult (m)2,5715773
ZUnVo(ZUnVo)Adult (f)4,4818892
MR1wP(MR1wP)Adult (m)4,8341,0482
wQLAi(wQLAi)Adult (m)4,6321,0000
nAH9and so became my uncleHatchling (m, F)1,22039017
JXLOmother cause she was myHatchling (F)1,90714711
E7Si9(E7Si9)Adult (m)4,2918891
HkF9k(HkF9k)Adult (m)4,3238941
jf2Ri(jf2Ri)Adult (m)3,8075800
PEgwI(PEgwI)Adult (f)3,9235940
8tmY0(8tmY0)Adult (f)3,9575890
3ynNe(3ynNe)Adult (f)3,7585760
eFftQ(eFftQ)Adult (m)4,5095232
qaJmy(qaJmy)Adult (f)4,7045250
fB6LG(fB6LG)Adult (m)7,5186500
X1nm5(X1nm5)Adult (m)6,6076071
wWPVd(wWPVd)Adult (f)5,1215561
whDt6(whDt6)Adult (f)6,3555452
DkZUN(DkZUN)Adult (m)6,7356461
CZNGp(CZNGp)Adult (m)6,2795171
BkAyZ(BkAyZ)Adult (m)8,3871,1420
2K4EC(2K4EC)Adult (f)3,7089510
SmWkx(SmWkx)Adult (m)5,2737821
UR22j(UR22j)Adult (m)6,3036521
k8sZ2(k8sZ2)Adult (m)6,6086281
ARvtI(ARvtI)Adult (f)6,5216353
YNNnm(YNNnm)Adult (m)6,3456372
hXQUU(hXQUU)Adult (m)6,4447290
z5ZFW(z5ZFW)Adult (f)4,6577680
Xvh3w(Xvh3w)Adult (m)5,8056411
1LeIU(1LeIU)Adult (m)5,2807940
hQFuy(hQFuy)Adult (m)5,8836940
foefj(foefj)Adult (m)5,5785980
FrknL(FrknL)Adult (m)5,6175680
a58bd(a58bd)Adult (m)5,6495641
JBi02(JBi02)Adult (f)4,4505890
LbbLi(LbbLi)Adult (m)6,3206631
L5pIk(L5pIk)Adult (m)6,8585552
gVNhO(gVNhO)Adult (m)6,6194951
hBzAx(hBzAx)Adult (f)6,5035452
C0Ca1(C0Ca1)Adult (m)5,8201,1556
sylIC(sylIC)Adult (f)3,7976791
joWCp(joWCp)Adult (f)4,9359880
RHP0M(RHP0M)Adult (m)3,7158672
dpxxZ(dpxxZ)Adult (f)5,1061,0980
jaoys(jaoys)Adult (m)5,8055741
oPFPd(oPFPd)Adult (f)5,6255712
BbqYe(BbqYe)Adult (m)5,6565750
b33uk(b33uk)Adult (m)4,7357402
T21tQ(T21tQ)Adult (m)4,3877891
6v2j8(6v2j8)Adult (m)4,7357991
f87xf(f87xf)Adult (f)5,2158011
GlaA2(GlaA2)Adult (m)3,1808987
Qo9Ki(Qo9Ki)Adult (m)2,4807010
dmIOc(dmIOc)Adult (f)3,0086463
7cepo(7cepo)Adult (f)4,0789931
EEgYQ(EEgYQ)Adult (f)3,9389821
uvqmu(uvqmu)Adult (f)3,6278800
0Qy9X(0Qy9X)Adult (f)4,0141,0071
rVsWw(rVsWw)Adult (m)3,8069103
2hPeZ(2hPeZ)Adult (m)3,4799451
jTK0f(jTK0f)Adult (m)3,8758820
py99r(py99r)Adult (f)3,3868150
ny708(ny708)Adult (m)4,0788310
L6Omy(L6Omy)Adult (m)3,2907421
6I7n5(6I7n5)Adult (m)3,2247361
vmqq9(vmqq9)Adult (m)2,9287100
vdIRz(vdIRz)Adult (m)2,9297090
1ZSWN(1ZSWN)Adult (m)2,9857390
ILmne(ILmne)Adult (f)3,9998291
UwVaB(UwVaB)Adult (m)4,0448600
eTraf(eTraf)Adult (f)4,0788870
gxdxJ(gxdxJ)Adult (m)3,9998530
48ltQ(48ltQ)Adult (m)3,4016571
0Kvh(0Kvh)Adult (f)3,40622816
S4VX(S4VX)Adult (f)2,9398036
hMMHI hate Gold DragonsAdult (f)3,3029378
0PMP4(0PMP4)Adult (m)3,5967931
jJyPi(jJyPi)Adult (f)3,6327940
zzgYV(zzgYV)Adult (f)3,7357900
rJZTJ(rJZTJ)Adult (m)5,4625970
NhCgp(NhCgp)Adult (f)5,5865780
1YG8T(1YG8T)Adult (m)5,4925820
CUQvs(CUQvs)Adult (m)4,4336871
vZoMu(vZoMu)Adult (m)4,4386862
W5avu(W5avu)Adult (f)4,3846843
m9V5g(m9V5g)Adult (m)4,4536872
UAJHz(UAJHz)Adult (f)4,5765221
0Elmx(0Elmx)Adult (m)6,3135382
9jasU(9jasU)Adult (f)3,4566951
E3hW8(E3hW8)Adult (f)4,3926710
1vUp9(1vUp9)Adult (f)4,6916960
d2OIO(d2OIO)Adult (f)3,9499070
4czsT(4czsT)Adult (m)3,5726922
eCzV7(eCzV7)Adult (f)3,6348120
w51XH(w51XH)Adult (m)3,2447130
f9kjn(f9kjn)Hatchling (F)1,3763321
2Utir(2Utir)Adult (m)3,7906910
HMD2z(HMD2z)Adult (m)4,2147782
KHYYP(KHYYP)Adult (f)3,9188420
UMprf(UMprf)Adult (m)4,1418411
I6y9U(I6y9U)Adult (m)3,8028261
XTbqf(XTbqf)Adult (f)4,9278931
MJNpr(MJNpr)Adult (m)6,4261,1372
MZXBR(MZXBR)Adult (m)4,5954861
OnahD(OnahD)Adult (f)5,4946850
0drkV(0drkV)Adult (m)5,4514820
En8sU(En8sU)Adult (m)6,9905042
WfuLs(WfuLs)Adult (m)6,2715060
CNwM2(CNwM2)Adult (m)7,8466121
WA5hx(WA5hx)Adult (m)6,3406301
PatNu(PatNu)Adult (f)5,9105441
ujMm2(ujMm2)Adult (m)4,2097762
jkgbb(jkgbb)Adult (f)4,8165330
sK5Zz(sK5Zz)Adult (f)4,9645450
tTPOm(tTPOm)Adult (f)5,8035363
ZZROX(ZZROX)Adult (m)5,7965391
rFiq7(rFiq7)Adult (m)6,5955121
WWUUL(WWUUL)Adult (f)8,0771,1450
26Vkt(26Vkt)Adult (m)2,8581,4980
aawXC(aawXC)Adult (f)3,1457073
VOBZi(VOBZi)Adult (f)4,8345350
OKHxt(OKHxt)Adult (f)4,9245500
biDXScarah Hates MeAdult (m)3,32681849
DgX3Balloon ThuwedAdult (f)3,32143113
I40LAnd That's whyAdult (m)8,9041,5575
JtYVShe's got a red heartAdult (m)4,11745215
KATi1She wears on her red sleeveAdult (f)5,9661,4875
MnUgtShe drinks her red wineAdult (m)4,9096642
2heNOWelcome to my secret lairAdult (m)2,9286272
COoIs(COoIs)Adult (f)3,36268811
TCmpNEverybody Loves JillAdult (f)4,4987613
W42h3Scrambled Eggs and HamAdult (m)2,8317095
5OrB9Toasted PineappleAdult (m)5,7101,3785
SsbbEWe Have PieAdult (m)5,0138261
V8HZnOn Skullcrusher MountainAdult (f)3,2407273
f47a0I hope that you've enjoyedAdult (m)4,0636623
ql5Ntyour stay so farAdult (m)3,9645393
fS8KKPancakes and SausageAdult (f)2,9549401
aTOgIHorsemeatAdult (m)4,8391,43110
eH1ghButter PadAdult (f)3,0711,1573
nZOpmI see you've met myAdult (m)4,67386315
Ij0BOassistant ScarfaceAdult (m)3,8536328
B2Vm0Melted Chocolate MilkshakesAdult (m)4,3381,0551
kMl3VHis appearanceAdult (m)2,8888104
BekbRis quite disturbingAdult (f)6,4941,0992
PhjRWBut I assure you hesAdult (m)4,1911,0331
G0YHCSabrecat EyeAdult (f)5,6137913
CWFgsHe's harmless EnoughAdult (m)3,8491,0293
F5nALHes a sweeheart calls me MasterAdult (m)3,4275264
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