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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “The_Equidae,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
jHcGfTE's Dually IBAdult (m)5,5064572
gF4GMTE's Flipped IBAdult (f)4,8544311
V1XQ7TE's IvoryAdult (f)5,0813681
orm42TE's DirigibleAdult (m)4,9184221
QPkHOTE's EbonyAdult (f)3,6924312
WcgldTE's Dorkface Spiro IBAdult (m)3,6744162
RPvqYTE's PalagoniteAdult (f)5,1401,1634
ZKVLWTE's Obsidian IBAdult (m)4,5254464
kLs9U(kLs9U)Adult (f)4,1364052
39lMV(39lMV)Adult (f)2,3676181
3zGgd(3zGgd)Adult (f)2,3716221
5pvEb(5pvEb)Adult (m)2,4536582
ttnv3TE's Kelp IBAdult (f)4,1534323
aOSlpTE's HorseaAdult (f)5,2853791
0kVFXTE's Water HorseAdult (f)5,4854392
tOT0NTE's PetrieAdult (m)4,3144391
JVktITE's TroubadourAdult (m)4,5224064
Rg5ht(Rg5ht)Adult (f)4,4813621
ff7I1TE's TwistAdult (m)5,2283771
6YLHs(6YLHs)Adult (m)2,4423391
PeTD3(PeTD3)Adult (f)2,3323451
sosQX(sosQX)Adult (f)2,6143471
bUEiW(bUEiW)Adult (m)2,3513412
FEhkG(FEhkG)Adult (m)3,8423691
etWrB(etWrB)Adult (m)3,9753761
iHsuOTE's WhitecapsAdult (f)5,5383701
6ph2oTE's SnapdragonAdult (f)4,4064363
tTA9ETE's Orchid IBAdult (f)3,3364063
TUPR0TE's HobbitAdult (m)5,0763782
IjMhDTE's Garden GnomeAdult (m)5,5664751
H2RCTTE's LawnmowerAdult (f)5,1744773
f77fgTE's DandelionAdult (f)4,4429312
gZLsiTE's Flytrap IBAdult (f)4,5094104
pevtbTE's HoneysuckleAdult (f)4,9034662
AqkQVTE's Crepe MyrtleAdult (f)4,3474062
SoBq0TE's SycamoreAdult (m)5,3084081
abd18TE's BonsaiAdult (f)3,8563971
jdZnaTE's BarnstormerAdult (m)3,9013892
7kEgfTE's WhisperAdult (f)5,2694051
FmTIaTE's NessieAdult (m)3,7615353
WgGcjTE's KraitAdult (f)4,7534632
hRgUCTE's RidgeAdult (f)4,9233491
CZ8vFTE's RedbackAdult (m)4,5214503
DCKgL(DCKgL)Adult (f)2,5861,2790
SHOM2TE's Direct CurrentAdult (m)3,3866001
8EbZPTE's Alternating Current IBAdult (m)5,0514123
WPaUgTE's TeslaAdult (f)5,2874743
SWc4rTE's ConductiveAdult (f)4,8363972
F3p3oTE's BrimstoneAdult (f)3,6924513
uWS2OTE's FinbackAdult (f)4,6794544
bTX2UTE's GrenadineAdult (m)5,0291,0005
a72r3(a72r3)Adult (f)4,0793360
UotQGTE's AmethystAdult (f)3,5994574
Nu4llTE's CasilicaAdult (m)4,3943844
5RIleTE's GloamingAdult (f)3,8553523
Wp6UnTE's Fighting GuppyAdult (m)3,4724313
Yvm1mTE's ThumperAdult (m)4,9084074
3AtPmTE's SilverAdult (m)5,2264913
uudlQTE's CrabgrassAdult (m)4,9033942
nHsoGTE's MossyAdult (f)4,6874363
opPZQTE's PranceAdult (m)4,8544281
UBr9W(UBr9W)Adult (f)3,2879570
MP0bYTE's PeacemakerAdult (m)5,8813931
XMKhmTE's Wingaling DragonAdult (m)4,4234714
2oR90TE's TrogdorinaAdult (f)4,0524114
T3l7hTE's GroundedAdult (m)4,6354233
IdMGITE's FallowAdult (f)3,7171,2052
Egs6B(Egs6B)Adult (m)2,5631,2510
HNBfUTE's Spitroasted IBAdult (m)3,7844303
2ruPdTE's PaladinAdult (f)4,9503992
2ucI4TE's EohippusAdult (m)4,1233833
o1Mt3TE's EquidAdult (m)5,0774973
Fge1LTE's Royal GirlAdult (f)4,3674023
DSSvG(DSSvG)Adult (m)4,5004111
1RRRLTE's The FreezeAdult (f)4,1473881
6cMENTE's UnobtaniumAdult (m)5,5384682
zdgl1(zdgl1)Adult (m)9,2256152
STCgoTE's YellowbellyAdult (m)7,0814732
6HnQ3TE's DanceAdult (f)7,5065712
VOgR0TE's AladdinAdult (m)4,4283872
T8ZJ6TE's DjinnAdult (f)4,8533883
n1EorTE's BedouinAdult (f)5,0023541
6tTIVTE's Traffic ConeAdult (m)5,0934493
UhUJhTE's NomadAdult (m)4,7184713
9RdNhTE's Sandman IBAdult (m)5,0894012
XkrIATE's LavaAdult (m)3,1373736
FWNCcTE's SpearmintAdult (f)5,1123871
dl33JTE's Green LadyAdult (f)5,0484223
VgJEcTE's LuminescentAdult (m)3,9206984
iRrsvTE's Shineman IBAdult (m)5,6053742
saPY0TE's ViolettaAdult (f)4,7244443
Di6aDTE's RoyaltyAdult (m)4,7644642
gTJV1TE's SaganAdult (f)2,9394125
FsCsITE's CosmosAdult (m)3,7237965
3t2CHTE's AstrophysicsAdult (f)5,0124151
9lPpVTE's RedshiftAdult (f)4,7474234
S0hqJTE's Lemon LimeAdult (f)5,5775492
WjojBTE's AerialsAdult (f)5,6021,5194
WfZU5TE's SpadeAdult (f)4,8973462
IrSkiTE's TannerAdult (m)5,3254913
d3No5TE's FlufflesAdult (m)4,4664403
Sk5HETE's FluffmeisterAdult (f)3,3619791
ou5r2TE's FluffosaurusAdult (f)4,4784259
qtPre(qtPre)Adult (m)3,2849561
hqkoLTE's SacharrineAdult (f)4,5484588
jom4vTE's MystmanAdult (m)5,0354264
Q6b7YTE's LepidoperaAdult (m)4,4723935
mVqm5TE's BardAdult (m)4,1123602
mS1fdTE's PinkyAdult (f)5,0683771
fSbGJTE's CarnationAdult (m)5,9175652
tFlg1TE's BluegrassAdult (f)6,5081,10119
jZjsLTE's Golden GirlAdult (f)8,4155614
6vpTiTE's GlintAdult (m)9,2696185
gduB0TE's BrazedAdult (m)8,0107863
6JUBgTE's AlchemyAdult (m)10,3846935
VjU6fTE's WispAdult (f)5,5255121
LVb5dTE's Lavender IBAdult (f)5,5515164
VBPL2TE's FlaptasticAdult (m)5,2073883
6rRToTE's FlitAdult (f)5,2954844
Z0M72TE's AmberAdult (f)4,6594185
1aC7MTE's RudderAdult (f)5,4573642
eNHfcTE's TealboyAdult (m)4,5224853
UdZuXTE's MintAdult (f)4,5854414
MVDu2TE's VioletAdult (f)3,6287192
7DlERTE's EtherealAdult (m)4,5143673
6spapTE's TopsyAdult (f)4,5304112
PUShhTE's WraithAdult (m)4,6233541
53pGZTE's AquaAdult (m)4,9444281
hm2jhTE's FanmanAdult (m)6,1784891
sbrTMTE's Devil PupAdult (m)2,7455996
HLLpiTE's CarnelianAdult (m)4,1463791
SneEgTE's Redman IBAdult (m)4,8294322
YlKYFTE's Scarlett IBAdult (m)4,7644612
J9kVHTE's Carmine IBAdult (m)5,2324195
h8QmUTE's RedboyAdult (m)4,9184584
3NtPjTE's FlickerAdult (f)4,0253711
7SAkvTE's PeriwnkleAdult (f)3,8491,0648
QFMR8TE's DaisyAdult (f)4,6144095
2TtJ0TE's SwirlAdult (m)4,5314352
8acPLTE's GlyphAdult (m)3,9034445
EtGuvTE's EtchedAdult (f)2,5786702
AfCJ8TE's Easter IBAdult (m)3,6074055
knTaiTE's EquinoxAdult (f)5,1043933
5pwXh(5pwXh)Adult (m)1,9168730
KmRp9(KmRp9)Adult (m)4,2613252
CKZ9MTE's LunaAdult (f)3,0025508
23Fc6TE's RibbonAdult (f)4,8534321
PunJjTE's Teal GirlAdult (f)4,4233791
V7U4ETE's GeodudeAdult (m)4,8153495
lQoW5TE's Blue Girl GroupAdult (f)5,3794501
fFXFcTE's GryffindorAdult (m)3,9523909
IFt3WTE's HopAdult (m)5,3933934
lRNleTE's Stripes IBAdult (m)4,9164362
jiTgbTE's TriesteAdult (f)4,9684283
10EE4TE's ZiggyAdult (m)5,7711,3776
u4cHYTE's Eastern HorizonAdult (f)4,0053873
83dOKTE's Last Light IBAdult (f)4,8714082
j1cHATE's HorizonAdult (m)8,3315903
gaAUcTE's Sunrise IBAdult (f)4,7064353
ShSo2TE's SunstreakAdult (m)4,7144091
PI9gJ(PI9gJ)Adult (f)5,1453430
5YLaaTE's ResinAdult (f)4,0674032
ovXaBTE's Deuces IBAdult (m)3,3434233
ZhqHfTE's MutedAdult (f)5,2734091
I8YNb(I8YNb)Adult (f)5,5193692
to0OuTE's GoldgliderAdult (f)4,5334574
gBqCI(gBqCI)Adult (m)2,5986151
aVTdCTE's TerraeAdult (f)6,3364231
L0tm3TE's GreengirlAdult (f)6,9014611
sJJutTE's Aether IBAdult (m)4,3314333
pMcQATE's RiptideAdult (m)5,4969838
uKlhgTE's Undertow IBAdult (m)4,1834482
KoVYVTE's GreaserAdult (m)3,2775454
L85SeTE's GreasetteAdult (f)2,0325585
nlAraTE's GraniteAdult (f)4,9464182
fYT9fTE's Goldbelly IBAdult (m)5,1684792
sogAJ(sogAJ)Adult (f)4,5234133
jhBnCTE's VladAdult (m)4,3105272
Y96VhTE's TepesAdult (m)4,6573892
fhmEpTE's Bloody MaryAdult (f)7,7271,0064
KWbRy(KWbRy)Adult (f)2,8725831
aNFhcTE's AqueousAdult (m)4,4663331
7ihefTE's Mommy Long LegsAdult (f)4,3544131
8p3laTE's Confessor IBAdult (f)3,3734283
JEFJDTE's IceAdult (m)2,5466576
rmPIPTE's CeraAdult3,6703947
I5ZIDTE's SpikeAdult4,7584242
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