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You pick up the scroll labeled “The_Black_Dragon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ArunnI Welcome to my scroll IAdult (m)2,0815921
k7kVrI Kiver IAdult (m)5,5239170
iwHA3Topaz HarvestAdult (m)5,7859360
H5S9TI Hephaestus IAdult (m)5,4019470
O31LJOnyxwing PenumbraAdult (f)4,5328632
n5YhgAgate and GoldAdult (m)6,3741,0960
bBRBfAgate and CalciteAdult (m)6,5751,1011
cBxSoBioluminescent FluoriteAdult (m)6,7981,0000
RhxI3Shadedancer BlackfootAdult (f)5,2351,0340
UHB3LI Seawhisper IAdult (f)5,2161,0281
oXit1Greentalon SpruceAdult (f)5,2041,0020
IGrxJSkybreeze WinddancerAdult (f)5,3581,0310
LAFyyDuststorm CloudbringerAdult (m)5,2419930
xRxqOI Vulcan IAdult (m)5,3911,0390
IOT2ICalcite of the SunsetAdult (f)5,2069981
gRwNBBlackpaw OrangebellyAdult (m)4,2338780
0MCrNBlackpaw SunbellyAdult (f)4,0308240
tY5fbTiny Earl Grey Tea LeavesAdult (m)4,1808461
lqDMXMandelbrot RainbowsAdult (m)4,3888201
8cq1XI Fluorite IAdult (f)4,4948511
MG4u5I Earthsea Borealis IAdult (f)4,8679120
s1aWxSlawx the GoldAdult (m)6,7249660
121VP121 Very Important PeopleAdult (f)6,4659294
nRGdQTanstripe BrownclawAdult (m)6,7579850
ZI3qIGraystripe BlacktailAdult (m)6,7609800
rRuh4Ruby and TopazAdult (f)6,7271,0060
K0x7lRuby and CitrineAdult (m)6,8759690
BOba6Embers and ShadeAdult (f)6,0079340
onyMNI Heartbreaker IAdult (f)2,9227952
UeyR2I Caveborn Prizes IAdult (m)3,6578750
SparkI Spark IAdult (f)4,81092822
femCvI My Lucky 500's IAdult (m)3,4738782
iTKpX500th-ish 1Adult (f)2,6988288
rprDO500th-ish 2Adult (f)2,6918436
N66TxI The Main Collection IAdult (m)2,4966381
ICtHjEmbertail RednoseAdult (f)2,8837581
pQdvgCrimsonclaw RednoseAdult (m)1,7896380
apICLRedclaw GreytailAdult (f)2,8437455
8eO0ECrimsonwing GreytailAdult (m)2,1247890
MdHAHMagentathroat GreywingAdult (f)2,9547773
8G5PgSalmonthroat GreywingAdult (m)2,5177510
17VNHMercury Oxide and JetAdult (f)2,8187413
ljHvYJet and RubiesAdult (m)2,8177883
CNBCdErec Rex I It is a good book IAdult (m)2,8667601
XpYQ5Andesine and JetAdult (m)4,0279303
k3flXSilk of MarsAdult (m)3,3377841
2208XHearthfire of Burned EmbersAdult (m)2,5945661
2ksW2I Asgore IAdult (m)3,4618220
yVe10Cleancut SatinAdult (f)2,3057440
XOA2wCleancut SilkAdult (m)2,2276661
mxCYFI Garnet IAdult (f)3,6217390
bv1spCleancut VelvetAdult (m)4,5461,0284
r7AZZRed Silk of a QueenAdult (f)2,3897610
65OkdRed Silk of a KingAdult (m)3,0759464
9kZMkCherries and ChocolatesAdult (m)3,3871,0695
kZjd0Crimson and BurgundyAdult (m)2,2086971
iBZThStrawberries and ChocolateAdult (m)3,2281,0600
0WLerGradient 0WLerAdult (m)5,5998102
ebzlVRubies and ChalcedonyAdult (m)3,7121,17614
NiJQ5Song for TwoAdult (m)2,6458193
8hvGhGarnet of Dawn and AmethystAdult (m)1,8477531
PkaQMGarnet - Steven UniverseAdult (f)4,7977471
7LgZC(7LgZC)Adult (f)6,6901,0601
GPM3E(GPM3E)Adult (m)6,6321,0700
IYSFqFire of the Broken DawnAdult (m)2,2237652
bdfsTFire of the Evening RaysAdult (m)1,9546360
Kb8WQFire of the Raging EmbersAdult (m)2,9779121
7MRiWThe Rage of EmbersAdult (m)2,1106321
X160pFire of the Burning HoovesAdult (m)2,5677421
B8IfKAmethyst on FireAdult (m)2,5336862
G3DU7Crimson Stripes of DuskAdult (f)2,2426352
Bid8XRubies set in GoldAdult (m)2,6167840
v4VnbCandy-covered HeartsAdult (m)4,5787291
Z9burI Chocolate Hearts IAdult (m)3,7737550
cp7g3I Ruby IAdult (f)3,0039621
66X7gHolly Night - Quiet NightAdult (m)4,0408583
LwO1uHolly and JuniperAdult (f)2,4237461
38uwFHolly Leaves on the TreeAdult (f)3,4761,1762
gb1BOI Wrapping Paper IAdult (m)4,0298883
Smk4dThousands of Presents of JoyAdult (m)3,4201,1953
zoBClWaffer-thin LoveAdult (f)3,0941,0365
COpw3Tinsel ManedAdult (f)3,1271,0072
Q5O1DBurning RayAdult (f)1,9526681
Q2TOnSearing RayAdult (m)1,9595651
jskYBGlimmering RayAdult (f)1,6695202
tE7dlNot a SnowballAdult (m)1,98956413
eR4rbSparkling RayAdult (f)5,2361,0823
3CVCvLuminescent RayAdult (m)2,3017470
IPs9aGlorious RayAdult (m)2,5836292
cj6KeCrimson Wings of FireAdult (f)6,3771,5203
SqhRdTiny Chunk of CarnelianAdult (m)2,7347435
ILWydTiny FlamedancerAdult (f)2,76077110
jDx11Tiny Chunk of RubyAdult (f)2,4526562
bZlgtTiny Chunk of GarnetAdult (f)3,38294111
IJIL5Rubytail HookclawAdult (f)2,7637432
gvHxlRubywing HookclawAdult (m)2,7517342
H30wQI Strawberries and Cream IAdult (f)3,2226600
6RftmRedwing HooktalonAdult (m)3,7227010
LnBFoMarronhorn BrowntailAdult (m)3,6557150
MJLtRGarnets aren't RubiesAdult (f)2,3147385
SOsDcBright Garnets Like RubiesAdult (m)4,7331,28521
8ytFURuby - Steven UniverseAdult (m)3,2007542
2SSiaGarnets of a Paler HueAdult (m)3,3898392
kzqZpGemfire of OpalAdult (m)3,9125701
RrvoORubies of the SunAdult (m)3,8457382
znUiLEnchantment of RubiesAdult (m)3,7836970
8ayTUTerezi Pyrope I LibraAdult (f)2,8938510
QKKzYQuezyAdult (f)4,2457740
uLO5TI Lost IAdult (f)4,5368150
hr1enI Heir of Night IAdult (f)4,3517731
hw9VRDust-ladden CarnelianAdult (f)2,9506402
QdBeOAmber and SootAdult (m)3,5889413
6X0mNSoot-speckled OrangeAdult (f)2,6205751
paWuuDawnwing MagicbreakerAdult (m)2,1047981
WK1PtBlackened Fire OpalAdult (f)1,9437380
cGq0vSoot-covered AmberAdult (m)1,9626582
8rzynGarnets of a Brighter HueAdult (f)3,0078530
jYrCVFire Opal Colored GarnetsAdult (m)2,9261,05212
VKZUTFlamewing MagicheartAdult (f)2,75740129
taRWEMagic of a New DawnAdult (m)3,6041,17622
QUBJNFiery Magic of SunsetAdult (f)4,4631,0380
d6ZMMI Magi CB 1 IAdult (f)4,5557980
YaJgOSunset Orange ManaAdult (f)3,0674946
jZbiPMagic of the Rising SunAdult (f)4,6627110
ea0F3Tangerine Amber of MagicAdult (f)2,5136150
2BZ0DOrange Coral of The SunsetAdult (f)1,6145056
fvHVyTiny Guppy with Sparkling ScalesAdult (m)2,6705633
tSmQeLittle Fins of an Orange FishAdult (f)2,2376511
78xUoSplashing at the River's BankAdult (m)2,0066092
ylCGeSoft Sand of Shallow WatersAdult (f)2,3116260
qzoyvA Fish as Orange as an OrangeAdult (m)1,8696490
TP6mTDragon-kinAdult (f)1,9637281
f5ysFPut a Dragon in your PumpkinAdult (m)3,3611,1443
gEU1XYou don't see a pumpkinAdult (f)2,9777952
GU5fOThere's a Dragon in my PumpkinAdult (f)4,4371,43610
CXVi4Dragon-o-LanternAdult (m)3,3271,1072
Iv6TlGolden Guard of Silver SkiesAdult (f)3,5587450
ekqRjI Sundown IAdult (f)3,8597262
zFInJGold Leaf and Silver LeafAdult (f)3,8477220
bJ1pRSilver and Gold LiningAdult (f)2,6146111
iME3yGold and Tiny EmeraldsAdult (f)2,6445882
NyMcNSunwing SilverspineAdult (m)4,0448490
woV78The Disappointment of the TruthAdult (m)2,6216421
ZZD3oThe Value of Glitter and GoldAdult (f)3,0537913
n6S2CThe Hope of Weath and FortuneAdult (m)2,9138500
3nMgMI Magnum IAdult (m)6,0558964
CXm6fGold Encrusted PrismAdult (f)3,1675871
fVEKwA Patch of Halloween CheerAdult (f)2,2225764
9VCe5A Spot of Candy and PumpkinsAdult (m)2,5577880
QtDHFPumpkin of the Harvest MoonAdult (f)2,1377871
TrmaZDroplet of Pumpkin DewAdult (m)3,1544562
B07l5An Pumpkin Dipped in CaramelAdult (m)2,8288762
xCHLxXx CHL xX Look at IDAdult (m)4,3517290
WXF6bGold and Mystic TopazAdult (f)2,3996874
VJYAWGold and SpheneAdult (f)2,4116674
aBtNSI Atlas IAdult (m)2,7407081
KkZr0CinnaminamonAdult (m)3,0366400
lUiEnThe Magic of IceAdult (m)4,1618581
cOFaIThe Gift of the Magi - WinterAdult (m)3,4051,1284
2Pu2OCarved of GoldAdult (m)5,03790415
ywOpxCarved of GlitterAdult (m)4,53997513
1tFaySimmering GoldAdult (m)3,9448897
0dxIlGolden AutumnAdult (m)4,1678977
5ROjkBeryl and AgateAdult (m)3,6909011
eusPlSpodumene and AgateAdult (m)3,5208595
CRg5lDiamonds can be YellowAdult (m)3,1777544
mHUHvThe Felt 12 - EggsAdult (m)3,2148693
cQRpRChrysoberyl and Imperial TopazAdult (m)3,1227937
JOTreSpodumene and TourmalineAdult (m)3,3148686
NWxrwGold and Rusted CopperAdult (f)2,7228151
Yh7jZSoft Shades of Earthy TonesAdult (f)2,1656031
W6U6QLeaves that have yet to FallAdult (m)2,1676041
dJKBxGreycrested DawnAdult (f)2,1556395
RrchHProtector of VelvetAdult (m)2,7615781
2K2nvDeliverer of VelvetAdult (f)1,7176351
ibkZpProtector of EmeraldsAdult (m)2,2216181
FIJGbDeliverer of EmeraldsAdult (f)1,9755960
6TLmPSpiced Banana BreadAdult (m)3,8968661
3BHvJGreenwing GrayfrillAdult (f)3,7174332
yIGuFProtector of IngotsAdult (m)2,1536290
utaI2Deliverer of IngotsAdult (f)3,0316022
C0StRPocket GuardianAdult (f)2,6485971
SNrddThe Teal-maned Creation MakerAdult (f)4,7099883
2kp5GThe Horned Creation MakerAdult (m)3,9389547
ePhuqThe Spotted Creation MakerAdult (f)4,0859074
WDd2fThe Golden Creation MakerAdult (m)5,5258756
KOaelThe Amethyst Creation MakerAdult (f)4,1979352
258h6The Citrine Creation MakerAdult (f)4,1078971
9K7ikTiny Sugarbowl for TeaAdult (f)2,1456201
vimK6Tiny Cream Jug for TeaAdult (m)1,4175892
KogGqTiny Teacup for TeaAdult (f)2,1926260
JK9c5Tiny Teapot for TeaAdult (m)2,5086070
9xWsHTiny Sugarcubes for TeaAdult (f)4,2971,13310
msMHwI Lilac Luminescence IAdult (m)3,0997890
Shpu1I Pastel Violet Luminescence IAdult (f)2,9967522
MJzENTinyflame VioletglowAdult (m)3,4817700
rTmUrI Liar IAdult (f)2,7836521
3n2HPTerredor's SisterAdult (f)2,5196513
5t7FpLeaves in SpringAdult (f)2,4857633
uI5QFI Gladekeeper IAdult (m)2,3845181
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