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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “TheThing_Oo,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
jRZap(jRZap)Adult (m)3,6165212
42mpu(42mpu)Adult (f)2,9307890
UM1xc(UM1xc)Adult (f)3,6017671
6Dbju(6Dbju)Adult (m)3,7909311
Znp50White Lunar SW 2Adult (m)3,0881,0131
Tn0KwPurple SW 2Adult (f)3,2619801
e0yuFBlack SW 2Adult (f)3,3989931
36TO1September Griffin 2Adult (f)3,3169802
eqXWX(eqXWX)Adult (f)8,5156332
5Qx65Tan SW 2 2015Adult (f)4,4459011
4TMEU(4TMEU)Adult (f)3,2388665
pRtesMageia Griffin 2Adult (m)3,3001,0132
m000bGaia 2Adult (f)3,7871,0182
jT2Sb(jT2Sb)Adult (f)3,0371,1291
usB5b(usB5b)Adult (m)3,0021,1210
G00ua(G00ua)Adult (m)3,1001,1610
MJrHq(MJrHq)Adult (f)3,0161,0161
xFrUn(xFrUn)Adult (f)7,0756951
vxL9H(vxL9H)Adult (m)6,6829423
N1Q99(N1Q99)Adult (f)5,4597476
y5Y7S(y5Y7S)Adult (m)5,4997475
H7WVo(H7WVo)Adult (m)5,4427221
4cL1l(4cL1l)Adult (f)6,8056972
uyvX0Summermagi 2 TTHAdult (f)6,2907902
MrxeNStone Summer 2 TTHAdult (f)6,2917971
41z8ELumina 2 TTHAdult (m)6,1888071
MlwfDCopper 2 TTHAdult (f)6,3147861
9Dbfu(9Dbfu)Adult (f)3,11453221
R7kH2(R7kH2)Adult (m)5,7026302
wTx8H(wTx8H)Adult (f)5,5056350
t6Xvy(t6Xvy)Adult (m)5,4836521
02Zj5(02Zj5)Adult (f)4,2188230
q5ziV(q5ziV)Adult (f)6,7059523
IosRjGolden Magenta 2Adult (m)4,6779368
bFY4L(bFY4L)Adult (m)4,2188122
OXUJhMagenta Gold 2Adult (f)4,9391,0009
Exvxz(Exvxz)Hatchling (F)2,01445411
QexgH(QexgH)Adult (f)5,7216393
au8MA(au8MA)Adult (m)4,9598204
bl3Jx(bl3Jx)Adult (m)5,9895985
ANTd9(ANTd9)Adult (f)3,0714717
bEL25(bEL25)Adult (m)6,1546453
969QU(969QU)Adult (f)6,0086372
gpeqvGolden Ivy 2Adult (m)5,1117107
v0iRmSilver Stripe chess 5Adult (m)6,0306284
byLr0Sweetling chess 4Adult (f)5,6776152
IP2JsGold Tri-Horn chess 3Adult (m)6,4116041
G8r0SGold Banded 2Adult (f)6,1126062
TTEIbGolden Gemshard  2Adult (m)5,9475995
2bObVGold Tri-Horn 2Adult (m)6,3466072
70Dh1(70Dh1)Adult (m)6,2866241
rAURb(rAURb)Hatchling (f, F)4,7115891
zMnYJGold Stripe chess 3Adult (m)5,2246273
absVu(absVu)Adult (m)5,3308045
xXssT(xXssT)Adult (f)4,8277692
De9gaVolcanic Gold 2Adult (f)4,9348302
IWsyMGold Spessartine 2Adult (f)4,9098242
caztESweet Magenta 2Adult (f)4,6907894
Nt9obWintermagi Wyrm 2Adult (f)4,7367878
0Cg5hWintermagi Magenta 2Adult (f)5,3017054
ESssrWW Ivy 2Adult (f)5,6677173
hEDOfCrown Red 2Adult (f)5,6067201
L51mI(L51mI)Adult (f)4,7487884
n0HJ8(n0HJ8)Adult (f)4,6647843
1ilxi(1ilxi)Adult (m)4,5827834
Mo5g8(Mo5g8)Adult (f)4,7919975
9s5XfWhite Vulture 2Adult (m)5,4366273
iBlKU(iBlKU)Adult (f)4,7926952
jCsLrSilvered chess 3Adult (f)5,1336521
g6eMVSilvered chess 5Adult (f)5,3296133
Dp7IoWhite HST TTH 2Adult (m)5,8296875
ENP4TMistletoe TTH 2Adult (m)4,9138627
GzAEPHS Lumina TTH 2Adult (f)5,7877354
AcsmKGolden Mint 2Adult (m)6,1436044
9VTqHRosebudAquamarine 2Adult (m)4,8217044
VsoIwRosebud Aquamarine 2Adult (m)4,7647274
HLZI3Silver Aquamarine 2Adult (m)5,0908053
3zjxgGold Aquamarine 2Adult (m)4,9808097
RsCWBGold A 2Adult (m)5,3177844
iV2XySW A 2Adult (f)4,7597464
Iux0ESWA 2Adult (m)4,6867444
NJTkgIvy Shadow 2Adult (m)5,2547745
IkSvCRibbon Gaia 2Adult (m)5,6907884
9HcKnRosebud Thalass 2Adult (m)4,4037654
AyIUvGold Thalass 2Adult (m)5,5647602
Wk018SW Magenta 2Adult (m)4,8757232
GVk0YSilver Magenta 2Adult (f)4,9607165
p8pzwPink Yulebuck 2Adult (f)5,8616414
jlRKNSW Pyro 2Adult (f)5,5158143
rEo7h(rEo7h)Hatchling (F)2,2721951
qxFgp(qxFgp)Hatchling (F)2,0251351
hgaUX(hgaUX)Hatchling (F)2,4951890
cGlXt(cGlXt)Hatchling (F)2,6092230
FPBhy(FPBhy)Hatchling (F)2,2601731
5HcLU(5HcLU)Hatchling (F)2,3261791
jrGv2(jrGv2)Hatchling (f, F)3,4996156
QfrB1(QfrB1)Hatchling (F)1,9793592
frxhmGriffin Mageia 2Adult (m)5,9358004
jjqarGold Mageia 2Adult (f)5,6581,00210
TxBP0SW Mageia2Adult (m)5,5038013
H4rWDGriffin Mageia  2Adult (f)5,6837845
b8JyWMistletoe GW 2Adult (m)5,6911,2002
ENLvdSilver Moonstone 2genAdult (m)4,3367496
rHO85(rHO85)Adult (f)4,3697445
s0KQ6(s0KQ6)Adult (m)5,5977925
XG6uU(XG6uU)Adult (f)3,7827722
QOYf3(QOYf3)Adult (m)5,8211,6545
MW5YS(MW5YS)Adult (m)5,6561,1716
anGWS(anGWS)Adult (f)6,5428254
8mG76Purple Crown TTHAdult (m)8,23082611
zV1Dax Diva TTH xAdult (f)7,0791,0022
3QHoS(3QHoS)Adult (m)7,7589949
qcpkeBewahrer der Berge 2Adult (m)6,82588610
I2TnRGoldia  2Adult (f)7,6698787
Ihyw0Goldia 2Adult (f)7,2849066
ZO3UcArsani   TTHAdult (m)5,7691,4285
EHGInPurple Crown 2Adult (m)7,5051,0769
9fE3ZCrown of Solstice 2Adult (m)6,0631,04510
sQrqzShadow Sunrise 2Adult (f)8,1429217
yQHJMWintermagi Crown 2Adult (f)7,1179755
Z8iIQWinter magi  Crown 2Adult (f)6,6571,0263
3IM2gRadiant Crown 3 checkerAdult (f)7,7678732
dmkrn(dmkrn)Adult (m)4,0941,1463
Taym2(Taym2)Adult (m)3,9841,1522
xtJnD(xtJnD)Adult (f)4,2711,1693
VWs0Z(VWs0Z)Adult (m)4,0911,1382
f1iPq(f1iPq)Adult (m)3,8731,1470
AO32D(AO32D)Adult (m)3,8561,1510
aoqXO(aoqXO)Adult (f)4,0451,1373
yWD8I(yWD8I)Adult (f)2,8658400
J193MSwan TTHAdult (f)3,9091,00310
yiOzl(yiOzl)Adult (f)3,7188282
uKkh3Autumn Holiday TTHAdult (f)3,1187512
57ZAK(57ZAK)Adult (m)3,7108804
q32teOrnamented TTHAdult (m)3,7078362
8Qbfm(8Qbfm)Adult (m)2,7048360
8sTfm(8sTfm)Adult (m)2,8468490
iFNduTricolor TTHAdult (m)2,2868894
4K8FQHalloween 2013 TTHAdult (m)3,7911,00610
qacaDSilver Swan TTH2Adult (m)5,9249667
PssdxGolden Swan 2Adult (m)6,1799353
lM9SKRadiant Swan 2Adult (f)5,9671,0034
xXzY6Wintermagi Swan 2Adult (f)5,9609884
Q9OhnPB Swan 2Adult (m)4,5031,1569
CE06P(CE06P)Adult (m)2,9559092
Lk0Rn(Lk0Rn)Adult (m)2,9368983
KkCJu(KkCJu)Adult (m)2,7418456
KEuT3(KEuT3)Adult (f)3,1388921
pYEJK(pYEJK)Adult (f)3,2039202
CpC6H(CpC6H)Adult (f)3,0218901
SPqhX(SPqhX)Adult (f)2,8228763
nYkuNSilver Lurker 2Adult (m)2,3137233
HvqHmSilver Lurker TTH 2Adult (m)6,0249633
tZ7qITan Lurker TTH 2Adult (m)2,0728443
kYEyhGW Lurker 2Adult (m)2,1078343
qHwrrSnow Lurker TTH 2Adult (f)5,5168387
72iO2Golden Lurker TTH 2Adult (f)2,4207183
UZmS4Gold SW 2Adult (m)3,8919493
FuluTGolden SW 2Adult (f)4,3739392
Am2J8Copper SW 2Adult (m)2,8909982
VMl33Arsani SW 2Adult (m)6,87273122
4LVxUSolstice Shadow 2Adult (m)6,1851,0105
tRd3vSweetling SW 2Adult (f)4,4218968
pOvq0SW 2 PBAdult (f)7,7069953
8nLUnS W 2 PBAdult (f)2,7958945
XcmJdSW PB  2Adult (m)3,9168887
IbemEPB SW 2 2015Adult (m)5,4567973
TkI4ES W PB 2Adult (f)3,1997663
mI9ZHTan SW 2Adult (m)2,3357224
GM4HYGW Walker 2genAdult (m)3,2157625
CqlmzGW Shadow 2Adult (f)6,1768123
ZkXolBlusang SW 2Adult (f)3,1907714
nCjp7Green Nebula SW 2Adult (f)5,1227904
AsaWGMoonstone SW 2Adult (f)4,9821,0728
seV6bMoonstone S W 2Adult (f)6,1368097
EpXhaPink SW 2Adult (f)4,5357883
bmdQhLumina SW 2Adult (f)5,3631,2628
sscXmSpring SW 2Adult (f)2,4457194
v5MKRWH SW 2Adult (f)2,9738865
C80dtGrey SW 2Adult (m)3,2869017
5aTUMBrimstone SW 2Adult (f)3,3769116
UehPaRidgewing SW 2Adult (f)5,2209789
Fg84JHS SW 2Adult (f)5,8411,3636
aIlRBSweetling SW 3 checkerAdult (f)6,6111,0154
vEYrGMr Pumpkin 2gen PBAdult (m)7,6339853
IcWDcMrs Pumpkin 2gen PBAdult (f)4,6591,2258
OLZ4qCrimson Pumpkin 2genAdult (m)3,6978567
3E1CuPygmy Pumpkin 2genAdult (m)4,7681,22910
k0h3rYellow Pumpkin 2Adult (m)5,5177782
IytV9Magelight Pumpkin 2Adult (m)4,0698341
cB9lU(cB9lU)Adult (f)7,4319805
jge3oGolden Vulture 2genAdult (m)5,0521,2867
9yPzsGolden Vulture 2Adult (m)4,0601,2417
YjYLnSilver Griffin 2Adult (m)4,0378573
6t8BbPyrope Vulture 2Adult (m)3,9039283
E7ZJZStripe Vulture 2genAdult (m)5,22576613
GQnKUGrey Vulture 2genAdult (m)3,3311,05120
gtEK0Gray Vulture 2 genAdult (m)5,2561,2719
UcP1pNebula Vulture 2Adult (f)2,1715753
liiRBVulture PB 2genAdult (f)4,5367408
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