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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “TheOneAndOnly,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
kIvzQG3EG Dalfre TOAOAdult (m)3,8977881
4hdCnG2PB Hozya TOAOAdult (f)3,4109192
NCPNdG2 Udhoar TOAOAdult (f)4,6579954
7wQtuCB Kendrat TOAOAdult (m)3,9429273
68xqJCB Zoruss TOAOAdult (m)3,8999232
BHV9PCB Guvynth TOAOAdult (f)4,5969161
CsbptCB Hulsa TOAOAdult (f)5,7261,0581
5TB5BCB Yeeza TOAOAdult (m)4,8489501
WdVq3CB Anuli TOAOAdult (f)3,6319742
su4UV(su4UV)Adult (f)4,5387145
1Dfe7CB Tyurq TOAOAdult (m)3,2507171
0boUCB Ubuntu TOAOAdult (m)3,7304172
Tntu7CB Stubbe TOAOAdult (f)3,0388423
IYbIkCB Holys TOAOAdult (f)2,6406261
Ix4u8CB Vildieth TOAOAdult (f)6,9598615
1t7njCB Jiveom TOAOAdult (f)6,1895821
7SYEyCB Zoarrerth TOAOAdult (f)6,6857494
Ll8I1CB Tuzziot TOAOAdult (f)7,4691,4024
KnJeHCB Ezoas TOAOAdult (f)5,2501,0283
V1pM6CB Brimonth TOAOAdult (m)5,4599552
R6O6MCB Chaevruth TOAOAdult (m)4,3717812
P8hnZCB Lithen TOAOAdult (m)6,6698823
kunRJCB Fophalth TOAOAdult (f)4,6971,1033
efj3lCB Shikamaru TOAOAdult (f)3,9887081
CEm5mCB Amulet TOAOAdult (f)5,5536621
83VHkCB Mistint TOAOAdult (f)6,4249052
3oVvoCB Miharq TOAOAdult (f)5,2971,0282
vKxi6CB Ronlae TOAOAdult (f)2,7167609
BdHF5CB Valodi TOAOAdult (m)3,2467741
shjLXG2 Evuret TOAOAdult (m)3,3087196
SYFsXCB Zudhis TOAOAdult (f)3,2967386
qJVnlCB Nyghelth TOAOAdult (f)3,3118303
MAWrb(MAWrb)Adult (f)3,9109133
i8K6K(i8K6K)Adult (f)6,7276761
V0rZG(V0rZG)Adult (f)6,8155812
ctFfW(ctFfW)Adult (m)5,3488983
B0rTI(B0rTI)Adult (f)6,4856092
g8zXyCB Fryrriss TOAOAdult (m)3,7337992
4K6AFG3EG Arimin TOAOAdult (f)3,4297652
CNcJqCB Symaer TOAOAdult (f)2,9377181
S4w8mCB Skade TOAOAdult (m)5,1199922
pFvZrCB Swaly TOAOAdult (f)3,5631,0653
fNbtgCB Reighlue TOAOAdult (f)3,1695921
0ut97G2PB Nievnonth TOAOAdult (f)3,1367462
PuXUOG2PB Qaddrucrorth TOAOAdult (m)3,0957633
bVRalCB Azeroth TOAOAdult (m)3,0397763
wwYJ0(wwYJ0)Adult (m)4,6199492
Z09Ue(Z09Ue)Adult (f)6,6575553
M3e6L(M3e6L)Adult (m)6,2061,1603
DqS5E(DqS5E)Adult (m)6,1171,0265
YwQEu(YwQEu)Adult (f)6,9475991
pcDxeG2PB Giozzess TOAOAdult (f)2,9647090
w4L8hCB Temeca TOAOAdult (f)4,6498603
uZKMQCB Molly TOAOAdult (f)2,7211,0282
i6k6yCB Euara TOAOAdult (f)2,1718061
UVolD(UVolD)Adult (f)5,3326252
oJ4NZ(oJ4NZ)Adult (m)3,8237104
1TyI6G2PB Relucdes TOAOAdult (m)2,9897231
MCEC7G2 Dalreth TOAOAdult (m)2,76579712
J3UERCB Penna TOAOAdult (f)2,7151,0001
XSws7CB Alaylmac TOAOAdult (m)2,6365473
OYtND(OYtND)Adult (m)3,2898722
woCQp(woCQp)Adult (m)5,0809081
succ(succ)Adult (f)1,95295311
e2N5BCB Naoplan TOAOAdult (m)4,2563281
EZTc0CB Melix TOAOAdult (m)4,2174462
vjH55CB Wammir TOAOAdult (m)3,0389363
klQB9CB Kham TOAOAdult (m)6,6931,7237
pJuqrCB Rohan TOAOAdult (m)4,2253712
9QkGEG2PB Mazda TOAOAdult (f)7,4991,6367
VUNM5CB Charsa TOAOAdult (f)2,8197717
Tz68IG3EG Barad TOAOAdult (m)4,13682817
udMHLCB Feliz TOAOAdult (f)2,5811,02511
vrsY2CB Safari TOAOAdult (f)3,0301,03710
VjfJICB Alpa TOAOAdult (f)3,1301,0578
dWrKBCB Sarboane TOAOAdult (f)4,8671,3652
mQsnXCB Ostillie TOAOAdult (f)2,9071,0554
7MRbACB Liffert TOAOAdult (m)2,8919571
LxHcrG4EG Sanas TOAOAdult (f)3,8107532
TzUCRCB Sepon TOAOAdult (m)2,3938343
2Djv9CB Ansail TOAOAdult (m)3,5871,0044
5Hii7G2 Remorix TOAOAdult (m)2,8805601
7ynQ4CB Aradh TOAOAdult (f)4,9213290
TtYHHCB Jezyka TOAOAdult (f)2,6909992
X8ocyCB Derin TOAOAdult (f)2,1438691
dRXJbCB Eutius TOAOAdult (m)3,2278263
ub5BgCB Iqeuna TOAOAdult (f)2,9458901
JCqcG(JCqcG)Adult (f)3,3618812
fSavp(fSavp)Adult (f)5,0039120
JHtlv(JHtlv)Adult (f)4,8607153
AmrrW(AmrrW)Adult (m)4,5539323
a3mJqG5EG Luan TOAOAdult (f)4,8953416
eEr20G2 Rocmus TOAOAdult (m)2,98470412
gqOCaG3EG Prico TOAOAdult (m)5,1971,2931
6KqJ5Ingles TOAOAdult (m)3,9785341
b2Kg0G2PB Roya TOAOAdult (f)5,2611,0491
UKdLiG3EG Frizza TOAOAdult (f)7,1401,5074
0EVqV(0EVqV)Adult (m)1,5877345
04AWJ(04AWJ)Adult (f)3,2159440
UKpEY(UKpEY)Adult (m)2,4539290
lsfjn(lsfjn)Adult (m)3,3439500
9qlLQCB Robb TOAOAdult (m)2,8889891
VuQg1CB Siwar TOAOAdult (f)2,9071,0051
HyBpHCB Jezzalon TOAOAdult (m)2,9706413
8gQsDG2PB Ethyl TOAOAdult (f)2,8007251
c9JABCB Ioakel TOAOAdult (m)2,6569442
zbyZOCB Veraca TOAOAdult (f)2,7039391
qpvpwCB Yajah TOAOAdult (f)2,7151,0521
PBX7RCB Rigehad TOAOAdult (m)2,2847381
or6RO(or6RO)Adult (m)3,6287851
iYTT5G2PB Mavaneir TOAOAdult (m)3,2118242
w2wE6CB Diminox TOAOAdult (f)4,1689281
T1eNH(T1eNH)Adult (f)2,9808031
MQ3XDCB Ossens TOAOAdult (m)2,2048952
ijm9GCB Edariolee TOAOAdult (m)2,8989483
ISF7fCB Tirlet TOAOAdult (m)2,7191,0331
mfDcoCB Cassia TOAOAdult (f)2,3197392
JgHY4(JgHY4)Adult (f)2,8578772
yUaTx(yUaTx)Adult (f)2,7206651
PTWIU(PTWIU)Adult (f)6,2786061
a7tY1(a7tY1)Adult (f)7,1216521
eznvU(eznvU)Adult (f)6,1297361
vt2OM(vt2OM)Adult (f)5,9568562
pA0LS(pA0LS)Adult (m)6,1091,0632
raqj3G2PB Amor TOAOAdult (m)2,9307563
WNGRsG2PB Vale TOAOAdult (f)5,2053583
ctDGZG2PB Vanlun TOAOAdult (m)3,8273284
LUlP6G2PB Tia TOAOAdult (f)5,1137726
VN9qdG2PB Tyga TOAOAdult (m)4,8997684
RB76ZG2PB Caddici TOAOAdult (f)4,6163542
bg8bpCB Solvanda TOAOAdult (f)2,6771,0282
0EETdCB Ereg TOAOAdult (m)3,1968570
Ba44JCB Ciziet TOAOAdult (m)3,2658510
PZGjgCB Grovrynth TOAOAdult (m)3,9699687
rvCJ4(rvCJ4)Adult (m)5,2861,0423
EaOAu(EaOAu)Adult (m)4,6975933
UY3ry(UY3ry)Adult (f)4,9815922
5j98P(5j98P)Adult (m)5,2191,0002
GYIq8CB Gyldis TOAOAdult (f)6,0411,1061
LXGkmCB Fenna TOAOAdult (f)7,7101,1315
NjlcZCB Aedhild TOAOAdult (m)1,8516455
LIJrXCB Bracao TOAOAdult (m)6,4021,0333
cTfaqCB Norix TOAOAdult (m)7,0481,1945
FVGo2CB Malcole TOAOAdult (m)6,4601,0552
Kkgi5CB Donemath TOAOAdult (m)6,3481,0881
2SnM1CB Ompati TOAOAdult (m)5,6621,1021
Qf9jgCB Ovija TOAOAdult (f)5,6811,0623
nDJGpCB Sydyn TOAOAdult (f)5,7591,0602
fnuHlCB Eleus TOAOAdult (m)4,7371,0021
e7P80CB Verig TOAOAdult (m)6,7041,3731
SkDEJ(SkDEJ)Adult (m)7,2171,4112
i8wUs(i8wUs)Adult (m)3,2397631
vhoLs(vhoLs)Adult (f)3,2288800
VSc1J(VSc1J)Adult (m)4,2496531
Igm0z(Igm0z)Adult (m)4,7915902
AbOMj(AbOMj)Adult (m)7,2449192
0HzB6(0HzB6)Adult (f)4,2946613
kmyKS(kmyKS)Adult (f)5,1791,0164
KYwfcCB Ibhin TOAOAdult (f)2,7507511
PrFjfCB Jacors TOAOAdult (m)5,7198934
GG2BTCB Brandy TOAOAdult (f)2,5749672
X6w9SCB Scairitta TOAOAdult (f)4,3927601
tDgAyCB Taqwenn TOAOAdult (f)3,7077263
UuGzYG3EG Hatontess TOAOAdult (f)3,3087677
qsHeX(qsHeX)Adult (m)6,7946701
H95MA(H95MA)Adult (m)6,3157736
GTYokCB Turandir TOAOAdult (m)5,3259913
d8MZv(d8MZv)Adult (m)6,4999632
ZxvkF(ZxvkF)Adult (m)6,7106031
VVFJa(VVFJa)Adult (f)8,1575522
vnkPA(vnkPA)Adult (f)3,6386701
0Vg2ICB Kian TOAOAdult (m)4,5271,0472
ZkG7pCB Hayle TOAOAdult (m)4,2329841
Cm5Mk(Cm5Mk)Adult (f)4,5831,0752
FUfEc(FUfEc)Adult (f)4,2239523
vmqekCB Elgaco TOAOAdult (m)4,2479693
0GZOW(0GZOW)Adult (f)3,6496610
4mk5J(4mk5J)Adult (f)3,6416571
uo8RrCB Fitan TOAOAdult (m)3,6456622
04pRdCB Libal TOAOAdult (m)3,6386521
MnhBj(MnhBj)Adult (f)3,6356591
eh6v5(eh6v5)Adult (f)3,6306607
BnYQWCB Xolos TOAOAdult (m)3,6056471
VgR98(VgR98)Adult (f)2,4496681
fX4pc(fX4pc)Adult (f)5,6935681
k4qmn(k4qmn)Adult (m)4,5956701
lhSV5(lhSV5)Adult (f)5,8305381
gLxoZ(gLxoZ)Adult (m)7,2275522
t21Gp(t21Gp)Adult (f)6,0411,1012
qZRYyG2 Copernic TOAOAdult (m)2,7807752
swnF5CB Drakkar TOAOAdult4,0929533
UxE6f(UxE6f)Adult (m)5,3706264
OXY2o(OXY2o)Adult (f)6,6645624
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