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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “TheDarkCynder,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
hvhdI go by cactusberry nowAdult (m)2,0651,49721
nXODnot TheDarkCynderAdult (f)2,1371,38933
4GZrAnyway now begins real namesAdult (f)1,36152626
BYBOFang and ScarAdult (m)1,9931,34311
liBlLibutterAdult (m)7576272
J1fSJifsAdult (m)7596282
LmGOBlue and FlickAdult (m)1,09282810
YZgBIsthinaveAdult (f)8745132
RatjTsaaxiAdult (f)6,2331,3927
wd1yTheDarkCynderAdult (m)8415784
U1RrFare MeterAdult (f)2,36837114
2iCYGarageAdult (m)2,8012777
DH6LKinematicsAdult (m)1,80226815
hAQXA(hAQXA)Adult (f)1,3286621
Lga0f(Lga0f)Adult (m)1,8705992
3bAPJiggle and WiggleHatchling (m, F)1,51788112
MX80x Alex and Alex xHatchling (m, F)2,6565937
3qJtA(3qJtA)Adult (m)2,5467062
rk2O7(rk2O7)Adult (m)5,8611,1013
oibHE(oibHE)Adult (f)2,8206006
Z8NuTook an Arrow in the KneeAdult (f)1,3223547
T4EUYogurtAdult (m)2,0973368
t5ooICulturesAdult (m)2,1845922
M4RHqKinektAdult (f)2,1025005
TAb1O(TAb1O)Adult (f)3,3408996
YQzcp(YQzcp)Adult (f)2,7115774
f4Hta(f4Hta)Adult (m)5,9631,0953
AtsgZ(AtsgZ)Adult (m)3,5208561
NabEE(NabEE)Adult (m)4,2655712
KU1bw(KU1bw)Adult (f)3,1176051
jGbZx February xAdult (f)2,0061,34711
K36mDarkest PinkAdult (f)5924596
j2D5Pink ExtinctAdult (f)1,79643519
IrzqPinkcestAdult (f)9765066
8xAcUnderweightAdult (m)88259124
2r02Poofy BubbleAdult (m)8286972
7r4uSeven are for youAdult (f)6685333
wHd3ChewwieAdult (m)3,3531,5937
3VTN3Birdman of AlcatrazAdult (f)2,6586432
ea66k(ea66k)Adult (m)1,7216890
aCMwZ(aCMwZ)Adult (f)2,4986332
d7EAcynderessaAdult (f)4,03699157
iWHwDorkface DorkfaceAdult (f)3,7806879
mYo3DreamDC's second in commandAdult (f)2,9329257
LgNeDorkitty DorkfaceAdult (m)8324247
19KsTICONDEROGA soft pencilAdult (f)8803859
FCoWPat the BakerAdult (m)9,46064426
sVFbBlack DracoAdult (f)70445437
FRXMMass RelayAdult (m)1,6056804
ovF3bAdmiral AndersonAdult (m)3,1034824
b8tXc(b8tXc)Adult (f)4,2146725
AHvm4(AHvm4)Adult (f)2,4636389
1pGcC(1pGcC)Adult (f)4,0946185
25vRR(25vRR)Adult (m)1,8425531
gPjzThis hatchling is already frozenHatchling (F)4043162
JBIwIm cuter then your altHatchling (f, F)2,12098810
fP31FlippieHatchling (m, F)2,12727510
7GlODo I glow in the darkHatchling (f, F)1,6098664
c03bRawr I eat youHatchling (f, F)8833942
yBEUI ate Xythus for lunch BURPHatchling (F)6812919
aVfwIm an alt in my own wayHatchling (F)2862273
VYutUnfortunatelyHatchling (m, F)1,7211,03551
P0g5Juicy FoodHatchling (f, F)1,1874758
RcocTeletubbiesHatchling (F)36224818
yFCyOoO whats this button doHatchling (m, F)8773956
8sQcNuuu dont eat meHatchling (f, F)1,1225506
TIU0WrestlingHatchling (F)37422713
FjXBNISSEIHatchling (m, F)8673901
ljw8Hehehe I tootedHatchling (f, F)1,3166416
9yegNeuclearHatchling (m, F)9704643
oVcbI kill alts for breakfestHatchling (m, F)1,91274011
DZqsBlack Hatchling noms YOUHatchling (F)1,88920114
Pg61This movie is rated Pg61Hatchling (F)3891069
scMDScona MDHatchling (F)6202852
p5UMHelp save us un-altsHatchling (m, F)7594315
uaiLPlehplehplehHatchling (f, F)1,2555598
gyEHDark TopazAdult (f)1,57835220
MGQaThe Night of the InbredsAdult (f)2,89226413
f7J0WKai LengAdult (m)3,4511,24710
XfUMTurian Nutrient PasteHatchling (f, F)3,84562941
3Mote(3Mote)Adult (f)3,1865661
3L73M(3L73M)Adult (f)3,6428115
1iUKK(1iUKK)Adult (m)2,1186011
wNkDF(wNkDF)Adult (f)2,2466914
JfUFd(JfUFd)Adult (f)3,1845651
jcPI2(jcPI2)Adult (m)3,7038106
5AqmZ(5AqmZ)Adult (m)4,6286704
mbm9cTokaku AzumaAdult (f)1,9845890
lxAvv(lxAvv)Adult (m)2,0706146
U2dHp(U2dHp)Adult (f)3,5167722
ZVLIh(ZVLIh)Adult (f)1,6786993
0RLtO(0RLtO)Adult (m)1,7537382
ZAr6o(ZAr6o)Adult (m)2,3037051
aIbT6(aIbT6)Adult (m)4,4015731
5tDYSamaraAdult (f)1,37231019
ldJPEnkindle ThisAdult (m)2,77931623
ECHvT(ECHvT)Adult (f)2,1195603
J8mhx(J8mhx)Adult (f)2,5715713
YtcHJ(YtcHJ)Adult (f)3,3466321
Fh1zf(Fh1zf)Adult (m)2,9635896
8okYEir StegalkinAdult (f)1,95937327
jpjQHit The FloorAdult (m)1,8363189
M7ktPotatoeAdult (f)2,2032076
V1WBPastafarianismAdult (m)3,2441,0523
BMdm0(BMdm0)Adult (m)2,0637102
JJPX3(JJPX3)Adult (f)1,4355492
lMfROBvreesAdult (f)1,8246501
EvVPr(EvVPr)Adult (f)2,0838403
eRtiX(eRtiX)Adult (m)2,1348272
rJGSo(rJGSo)Adult (m)4,1137954
jB4uCouldAdult (f)1,1036327
P0TjY(P0TjY)Adult (f)3,7498699
1FOdT(1FOdT)Adult (m)2,2836353
nkV4v(nkV4v)Adult (f)1,9235815
apF4s(apF4s)Adult (f)1,5215691
okrth(okrth)Adult (f)2,4676391
RoYnQ(RoYnQ)Adult (m)3,2625422
cv4v5(cv4v5)Adult (m)4,3665572
TJKf4(TJKf4)Adult (m)3,2545673
EWrDShepard's Favorite StoreAdult1,44249118
2IjiDefinitely Her Favorite StoreAdult1,51546920
D2LnAlso Shepard's Favorite StoreAdult1,49844319
90M7Billy Bob JoeAdult (f)53635516
tMjox Fuzz xHatchling (f, F)1,29889722
dSBQqMatriarch AethytaAdult (f)2,89529638
tc1yH(tc1yH)Adult (f)2,1326197
bSnEf(bSnEf)Adult (m)4,0261,0057
E95sY(E95sY)Adult (m)4,2791,0194
LEWMq(LEWMq)Adult (f)4,5101,0223
DP2sQ(DP2sQ)Adult (f)4,3771,0203
jaQaY(jaQaY)Adult (f)4,4611,0143
DJXLk(DJXLk)Adult (f)4,4061,0184
lpSPk(lpSPk)Adult (f)2,1775461
srheYule BuckAdult (m)1,3256469
3VO7A(3VO7A)Adult (m)1,6046823
JasJM(JasJM)Adult (m)1,6726161
FMjUO'er Hill and DaleHatchling (m, F)1,3826709
ChpQAngel's NoelHatchling (f, F)1,2586435
5gFsNoveriaAdult (f)1,1355814
YWUUA(YWUUA)Adult (f)1,6156774
TjqUMindoirAdult (f)5,3451,1246
4VWTGodchildHatchling (f, F)3,7948298
TGXvdImperialsAdult (m)3,5142359
JtSB6General TulliusAdult (m)3,4474039
jPkkH(jPkkH)Adult (m)2,2865493
RSk7A(RSk7A)Adult (m)2,2795795
srD41(srD41)Adult (f)1,4806171
Ri3KJ(Ri3KJ)Adult (f)1,6226621
PCUaI(PCUaI)Adult (f)2,1965572
5DpE2(5DpE2)Adult (f)2,2615482
8uocW(8uocW)Adult (m)4,0056211
8KaVY(8KaVY)Adult (m)4,1966310
dXPMs(dXPMs)Adult (m)2,9325591
Lnjp3(Lnjp3)Adult (m)2,9245681
p1CZBig Stupid JellyfishAdult (f)1,2326706
A1LFWeengAdult (m)1,1746324
iTJ7Malfunctioning ObjectAdult (m)1,8173038
cbLO4Elder Scrolls V SkyrimAdult (f)3,6771,1023
el5de(el5de)Adult (m)2,0096713
NNTrs(NNTrs)Adult (m)2,4175872
9ge21(9ge21)Adult (m)2,5276275
XzyNA(XzyNA)Adult (m)2,0046492
FIh4y(FIh4y)Adult (m)1,9736481
jLmICaitheAdult (f)2,76231016
qnKsDoggiesAdult (m)1,1675956
pf2HMeaty SpamAdult (f)4,03328827
sHh8KittensAdult (f)8786316
KiYAVine of Roses in the GarderAdult (f)1,7107002
nFAGBad codeAdult (m)3,5112747
jsqTBalakAdult (m)1,2435035
zHKjq(zHKjq)Adult (f)1,6026023
lUT1Windows Internet ExplorerHatchling (m, F)6564883
DyXJyes noHatchling (F)1,59611814
aCcTAccountsHatchling (F)3492466
lEaJVINES OF DEATH HAHAHAHatchling (F)1,5361974
9EnRuntitledHatchling (F)34824523
I3R2I taste like gummiesHatchling (f, F)1,1346133
qwdFRoses are red Violets are blueHatchling (F)3851586
W11HChild EaterHatchling (m, F)8163824
bugzBugzHatchling (f, F)94748512
W9V4Ranting procrasinating vineHatchling (F)1,5742413
KOcKCode of innapropriate thingsHatchling (F)9362337
qZAFT I MHatchling (F)2,2952153
jWOmCaptain GavornAdult (m)1,1844465
A7KvShiskAdult (m)1,31958713
UYcJWill o' WhispAdult (f)8266932
UxSyPlasma EclipseAdult (m)6975473
F0oFFoofieAdult (m)2,43244419
DAn5A(DAn5A)Adult (m)1,7777142
5kFVAlbacoreAdult (f)1,54235110
l93jBiowareAdult (f)3,9815598
HW7Or(HW7Or)Adult (f)2,1945976
6TFU5(6TFU5)Adult (m)2,3046305
dVILE(dVILE)Adult (f)1,8415575
DxyhSSubmaroonAdult (m)3,8064646
widjz(widjz)Adult (m)2,4976671
z91tC(z91tC)Adult (f)2,2766562
7j4iMini-SubHatchling (f, F)1,57472247
y9mSR(y9mSR)Adult (f)3,5068721
EGQIPurple StreamAdult (m)1,01183010
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