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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “TheCrystalDragon24,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ic4e0Two Kings of One KingdomAdult (m)2,5565139
tIsxrTwo Princes of One KingdomAdult (m)2,2227272
bArP5Two Queens of the WorldAdult (f)6,2191,1726
lYQlyQueens of Many KingdomsAdult (f)4,0699361
12fxfYou all are PheasantsAdult (f)4,0229254
Hw4RDMay you follow your dreamsAdult (m)4,2819541
zeZuRAlison WonderlandAdult (f)3,0397055
CZdA5Aetherius HeavenAdult (f)3,2189342
GIHVEThe Necromancer from HadesAdult (f)8,2121,0692
Q30ZFDogura MaguraAdult (f)4,5437921
HbdTYThe World Does Not End With YouAdult (f)4,6037030
YnypyTeruhashiAdult (f)3,7908610
Cj8sRFon Master Ion and SyncAdult (m)3,8246810
NAt3aThe Disastrous Life of Saiki KAdult (m)3,7686800
uzqsjChimera TwinAdult (m)4,4147330
AzUqBAsmodeus AliceAdult (f)4,2131,0021
2z9wv(2z9wv)Adult (m)6,1921,1212
tAkaV(tAkaV)Adult (m)5,7391,0431
dXNhBThe One Who is The OneAdult (m)2,5668287
D0UmcThe One Who JudgesAdult (f)2,5568389
aJKp2The One Who Bans BooksAdult (f)2,7938024
ODMRZThe One who ExecutesAdult (f)4,5371,0114
PCAS2The One who commands ArmiesAdult (m)2,3868024
2i1UpThe One who Wanders BeachesAdult (m)3,6987171
KvGwYThe One who Bans TV ShowsAdult (f)5,1538691
bd92lThe One who makes AnimeAdult (f)4,5029792
JRsENThe One Who Edits The DictionaryAdult (m)3,2009463
8yz2DThe One who advises The OneAdult (m)3,1358916
Sx4zi(Sx4zi)Adult (f)5,6131,0653
huB35Future HubrisAdult (f)2,9586801
0ae2q(0ae2q)Adult (m)3,0718251
KRJuFNot Quite All HereAdult (f)3,2799041
2vbQbSpace CortexAdult (m)3,9118771
N1PE7Not PezAdult (m)3,2047002
F6FQdDefinitely Not DeoxysAdult (m)4,8721,0125
33jsTParticles Lost in TimeAdult (m)4,2469431
r7u6D(r7u6D)Adult (f)4,1289570
YoZdsYou are the Wind at my BackAdult (m)4,1189691
EdkEUMayResult in Disciplinary ActionAdult (f)4,0609740
uJ9YOLiving in a CliffsideAdult (f)4,0119701
yHq3kI breath only PoisonAdult (m)4,1149711
Bx3wWLeader of the GodsAdult (m)4,8119741
tijMdTimid One of the WindsAdult (m)5,7801,0791
NTUn1Not UnoneAdult (f)3,6519381
8j3BuLook Down Upon Your BettersAdult (m)3,6649501
YDejnWhy a DejnAdult (m)3,4218621
K4E0pOnly for KeoAdult (m)2,6666710
kAlJ9Kai JaneAdult (f)4,8041,0062
QOmaYMay the Quails be FreeAdult (f)6,4489521
C0YjMHow very CoyAdult (f)5,3858991
MCYweLike A FerretAdult (m)7,2698480
62bk3Burger King Num 62Adult (m)4,4151,0482
y0RrUYou're from YorAdult (f)4,0688963
ODMR3Flying with the SkiesAdult (f)4,1469073
GITpJSand Worms in the SkyAdult (f)3,4139272
VDe1u(VDe1u)Adult (f)6,0471,1561
eB3XfThat of Hellions and DaemonsAdult (f)3,3948411
ji0EdMonster is only a NameAdult (m)4,4807842
M9gOOThose who are called BanditsAdult (f)7,1478682
YTaumMagic is Everything hereAdult (f)7,2268220
fkeYfDon't forget your happinessAdult (m)4,1987490
fhy78Forget your PurposeAdult (f)4,8049850
ljPnvContinue the PathAdult (m)4,2779133
VzeVUA Snake like MirageAdult (f)5,2921,1493
WTLph(WTLph)Adult (m)4,9591,0663
e1XrGKeep moving scumAdult (f)2,4978311
txiAvStop You have violated the lawAdult (m)2,5078472
LZnv9Pay  the court a fineAdult (m)2,5448463
vD9t9or serve your sentenceAdult (f)2,5178331
d68vWResist' Then pay with your bloodAdult (f)2,5298581
gKkxQStop right there  criminal scumAdult (f)2,4118262
hLKD5Hope you rotAdult (m)2,4208213
9Nm2IYou there stopAdult (m)3,0659093
2auFLIt's all over lawbreakerAdult (m)3,0729180
0XmblYour stolen goods are forfeitAdult (f)3,4451,0421
MCDxUit's off to jail with yaAdult (m)3,3841,0480
Y6eBYPay your fine or I haul you awayAdult (m)3,3221,0161
reFS6I saw that criminal scumAdult (m)2,3336952
LGB09Wait We know YouAdult (m)3,4725900
vmcR0There are stories about YouAdult (f)3,2656391
ICQIAAnd Dark Tidings in DawnstarAdult (m)3,8426501
5OFjlI know who you are' AssassinAdult (f)7,1958760
Jk5ROThe Highking of Skyrim is DEADAdult (m)4,7689602
EUPie(EUPie)Adult (f)6,0941,0721
50y81(50y81)Adult (m)5,7881,0213
vBV0HRed Dragoon - MinervaAdult (f)3,1727651
y3O4sShrewd Strategist - SorenAdult (m)3,1697391
VZxM7Sorcerous Prince - LeoAdult (m)3,2067241
XGdC7Naga's Voice - TikiAdult (f)3,2947382
DbiQjTwisted Mind - HenryAdult (m)3,1276450
6IIVcExalted Prince - ChromAdult (m)3,3355391
LFQV5The Light - LuciusAdult (m)4,3627150
mdVLtCutting Wit - SelenaAdult (f)3,5788110
RRxJsYoung Mercenary - IkeAdult (m)3,2926610
LubiPEternal Youth - NowiAdult (f)4,8009293
wpARiFuture Witness - LucinaAdult (f)4,7149131
yftkhArmy of One - EffieAdult (f)7,3189632
zeer4Skillful Survivor - BoeyAdult (m)3,6256630
Kjos3Viridian Knight - StahlAdult (m)5,3108110
IGxAzMighty Mercenary - TitaniaAdult (f)3,5266301
ZmZJRCurious Spirit - KliffAdult (m)4,2379291
ISGNZFetching Friar - LibraAdult (m)5,9701,0051
gcP57Maid of Flowers - SumiaAdult (f)4,9019381
HAY3yUnflinching Eye - NailahAdult (f)4,8319640
wSE8DDark Priestess - IdunnAdult (f)4,0248800
EwgFJTrue of Heart - LeonAdult (m)2,6696790
1p0qjShadow Prince - LyonAdult (m)4,8059141
mqQlwAdorable Adorer - SoleilAdult (f)4,7859932
eW6d8Prince of Askr - AlfonseAdult (m)4,6999363
XWx1rPrincess of Askr - SharenaAdult (f)5,0131,2001
g1NPL(g1NPL)Adult (m)5,7271,0593
zXBVE(zXBVE)Adult (f)4,9311,0292
gsBxlCoral of MemoriesAdult (m)4,9068731
IGBg3Keep Track of your ThoughtsAdult (m)3,3629171
4w9zPFor You NothingAdult (m)2,6306662
83mwNWhat can you tell me about LifeAdult (m)3,4705931
IDU7lRacing the SunshineAdult (f)2,8546751
Y29CKY2K Music StationAdult (m)2,7906661
kEWbBValkyrie of WaterAdult (f)4,3488771
5NQHYFollowing the RiversAdult (m)4,5839662
h09yx(h09yx)Adult (f)5,7561,0481
uzBchEasily BachAdult (m)3,0406001
vba0II feel like you don't understandAdult (m)3,2035802
xPfAnMust I explain everythingAdult (m)3,2365762
WBQJUIf I hear one more questionAdult (m)3,2525692
WzEoCWhat the heck is wrongAdult (m)3,9598292
Z26T9Maya TakamuraAdult (f)2,8056631
Iv51WSwirling Coral BeachAdult (m)2,8646702
8A7OpMaybe don't step thereAdult (m)3,9809113
tBGaNContinue and DieAdult (f)4,0718860
VG1FlAnger of the CoralAdult (m)4,7551,0391
o4KGGMagical Coral of OzAdult (f)4,2309315
NWYqH(NWYqH)Adult (m)6,1171,1033
GlW8W(GlW8W)Adult (m)5,5931,0242
qc8yH(qc8yH)Adult (m)5,6031,0515
YDa81(YDa81)Adult (f)5,3288293
b67TeThe Pink Brick RoadAdult (m)3,5607650
5vYgaI used to be PinkAdult (m)3,5487631
dyOhIAnd Yet This HappenedAdult (m)5,4519090
Z8Bw0Welp Didnt mean thatAdult (m)5,0888141
9zjpuI didn't mean itAdult (f)6,7079771
2EpYoWhat in My Species NameAdult (f)3,6236732
lsYAqContinue that elsewhereAdult (f)4,1957520
LxIezWho is it this timeAdult (m)7,7081,0340
nGVikKidding and ForgivingAdult (f)3,2568132
2RXo7Heh don't forgetAdult (m)4,7068950
07bKp(07bKp)Adult (f)4,8441,0251
6PqxZKeep going and goingAdult (m)5,0491,0060
k467ASteel NoseAdult (m)4,3049440
f8MOcSilver Shadow Passes ByAdult (f)4,4309391
U3Oi4Pointed BladeAdult (f)3,2359492
ZuvgwAsh of the Nearby WarAdult (f)4,9521,0050
DVCA0To Find To LoseAdult (f)3,6219032
sQd4tYup YipAdult (f)3,9178831
PH2zjMuddled WaterAdult (f)2,6637241
BzyTZBlock TwiceAdult (f)4,1321,0191
bDD8RDDR but without the Dance DanceAdult (f)4,6619014
5jTpG(5jTpG)Adult (f)6,2911,1892
UB2k9Space HellhorseAdult (m)3,7219273
XfFk3Solace in NoiseAdult (f)3,7639122
ahxrOKindness Among AirAdult (m)3,7188692
xjlaQStarlight ContinuumAdult (f)5,5128922
T79JQLeap through the StarsAdult (m)4,8161,0472
6wodj(6wodj)Adult (m)3,1018073
EMEIkIt is the Way of LifeAdult (f)3,2447267
XycIJNecessary ActionsAdult (f)3,7286451
G2HtORonove LomiereAdult (m)4,0208714
Hj7nDFeathered GlacierAdult (f)2,9636892
XwKqpChill with the BirdsAdult (m)4,4679122
J3DJ7Hey whatupAdult (m)6,4409963
5IJHoCrocodiles in FloridaAdult (m)5,2258060
LaqOyYa know whatAdult (f)7,2559253
RAVT9Raven CrocAdult (f)3,0116910
u24zu(u24zu)Adult (f)4,3011,0562
Uni2dHmm and yet you don't knowAdult (f)4,7911,0220
CEIgZFoam of the RiversAdult (m)3,7018222
LU1W5Floating off to SpaceAdult (f)7,1548401
xuF0zBe Wary of SpikesAdult (m)6,7399721
LnSMHThe Forest of DreamsAdult (f)5,1517102
OjpijAnonymous Mask of CarnvaleAdult (m)5,1927151
JIFuXI lost hope for thisAdult (m)4,2516670
GcUAgHow come this is wrongAdult (f)5,0888201
BOs5WHow come this is rightAdult (m)5,2458421
JAcPvA Bauta Mask is for AnonymityAdult (f)4,4109351
6C1VKWanted a Musical Mask insteadAdult (m)4,7069171
gGXcyCrowned KnightsAdult (m)5,1171,0093
NeE7FBeauty of DarknessAdult (f)2,1475854
XONbCTrapped in the DarknessAdult (f)2,5296542
uc1ByMy Lovely DarknessAdult (f)4,9498823
HNq59Leviathan's ClawAdult (m)3,7791,0072
fGk9RFlower's DarknessAdult (f)3,6298160
uovRwThe Shadow's DarknessAdult (f)4,1088631
RgcLKDarkened Way to LifeAdult (m)5,2651,0450
mjuDxStillborn World LanarisAdult (f)3,5376900
9MxyVTales of CrestoriaAdult (m)4,2409132
JgGOQTales of LuminariaAdult (m)5,1709333
EiOBF(EiOBF)Adult (m)5,8291,1082
6kHBv(6kHBv)Adult (m)3,9118411
RTe4GPrince of ButterfliesAdult (m)5,5518827
p8RT6Queen of ButterfliesAdult (f)3,1981,0103
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