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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “TheAntimonyElement,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
go10m(go10m)Egg (F)
D58tw(D58tw)Adult (f)8,3691,1103
st1Di(st1Di)Hatchling (m, F)2,9175472
cB5az(cB5az)Adult (m)2,7047254
5ZoH6(5ZoH6)Adult (f)4,0066713
tHDG0(tHDG0)Adult (f)4,1776511
M8Kre(M8Kre)Adult (m)4,8607742
ncyG8(ncyG8)Adult (m)3,3655894
tUlWU(tUlWU)Adult (f)3,5955854
FmJkb(FmJkb)Adult (f)3,0006864
DgTNM(DgTNM)Adult (m)3,1715683
Gkc2K(Gkc2K)Adult (m)3,0635414
J9V7oThou FavoredAdult (m)3,42462616
oWM7A(oWM7A)Adult (m)4,1165993
Z3tSm(Z3tSm)Adult (f)3,2885773
21VQL(21VQL)Adult (f)3,1495712
3VCwl(3VCwl)Adult (f)2,8085205
zzYjC(zzYjC)Adult (f)3,0096726
DYHnC(DYHnC)Adult (f)4,4927555
6XtqN(6XtqN)Adult (m)
t2fpM(t2fpM)Adult (m)2,4455313
qpT2n(qpT2n)Adult (f)2,5355345
52Epq(52Epq)Adult (f)3,5055461
eiy2v(eiy2v)Adult (f)2,8704991
cjD8i(cjD8i)Adult (f)3,3915841
uKCAH(uKCAH)Adult (f)5,2368743
1Oetr(1Oetr)Adult (f)6,5118726
D76gb(D76gb)Adult (f)3,0696224
NFHx3(NFHx3)Adult (m)4,0857308
mre32(mre32)Adult (f)3,2316472
TAE9d(TAE9d)Adult (m)3,5846584
4RTx0(4RTx0)Adult (m)3,3186505
Ig3XD(Ig3XD)Adult (m)3,4997475
Y0IDO(Y0IDO)Adult (f)3,3287985
2Lywo(2Lywo)Adult (m)3,2036284
5zafX(5zafX)Adult (f)3,6376624
acGda(acGda)Adult (m)4,8247945
hToH3(hToH3)Adult (m)4,0586575
SIuNz(SIuNz)Adult (m)7,19497310
oG1qa(oG1qa)Adult (m)5,5778524
S95vw(S95vw)Adult (f)3,4034284
XDQmS(XDQmS)Adult (m)3,8234404
wy8na(wy8na)Adult (f)3,9134703
Px1YX(Px1YX)Adult (m)3,4914744
5oTegFluffy and the BeastAdult (m)4,6206956
AE42U(AE42U)Adult (f)5,3948443
4XTX5(4XTX5)Adult (m)5,2638265
XVCYf(XVCYf)Adult (m)3,9268475
uKbGx(uKbGx)Adult (f)4,3538821
JNGAe(JNGAe)Adult (m)4,4858802
j37sG(j37sG)Adult (m)4,1599054
VdRxZ(VdRxZ)Adult (f)3,3097219
66m4T(66m4T)Adult (f)5,3097166
rZqMA(rZqMA)Adult (f)3,9548373
qh5pg(qh5pg)Adult (f)3,6098567
1Sdim(1Sdim)Adult (f)3,4127812
TfFbr(TfFbr)Adult (m)3,7655163
aQrcf(aQrcf)Adult (m)3,0716775
nRW1Q(nRW1Q)Adult (m)2,9936634
um5KSSpace Station Field Trip IIAdult (m)5,3151,0555
8o3H6Sweet Snap Peas IIAdult (f)5,3631,0276
9aQDt(9aQDt)Adult (f)5,1927933
PWq17Welcome to CaravalAdult (f)2,9695536
CKDCz(CKDCz)Adult (m)3,1836137
sDYOuBatting AverageAdult (f)4,0658123
0IcizLong VoyagesAdult (m)3,3537703
cin0q(cin0q)Adult (f)3,2888273
IZrlE(IZrlE)Adult (f)3,0977773
S3get(S3get)Adult (m)3,5207082
yFDtw(yFDtw)Adult (m)3,7758287
uSBsS(uSBsS)Adult (f)3,7408213
Ginkh(Ginkh)Adult (m)8,1108954
Iz7zX(Iz7zX)Adult (m)3,5817785
UYaK1(UYaK1)Adult (f)3,5587905
VepiR(VepiR)Adult (f)3,6336594
IkjTH(IkjTH)Adult (m)3,8537527
ptBWt(ptBWt)Adult (f)2,8925624
w17Cz(w17Cz)Adult (m)7,2038558
50HAy(50HAy)Adult (f)3,5757675
8IIW6(8IIW6)Adult (m)4,3256064
hdJEB(hdJEB)Adult (m)4,1088825
hQjcA(hQjcA)Adult (f)3,6188413
GI8mq(GI8mq)Adult (m)3,6605736
h4aGB(h4aGB)Adult (f)3,2466463
PfM2YIndigosharpAdult (m)3,5798404
qiQIrGrowling GrumpAdult (m)3,0687424
0UFAbPongo and PerditoAdult (m)3,8286224
q1CNSScarlet Fu DogAdult (m)2,8976714
GXmlCFu Dog EmberAdult (f)3,8488825
wDiUNGlacier TitanAdult (m)4,1538976
zPQMBBluesharpAdult (f)3,7136006
uoyrb1000 StoriesAdult (m)3,03157813
Hezja(Hezja)Adult (f)3,0257685
5FhbtMorgan A StarkAdult (f)2,9745306
lrKXmAnd Tell Them Where to FlyAdult (f)3,5264966
UMsH9I Speak to BirdsAdult (m)2,7675805
iI8dNAnd All Kinds of SignsAdult (f)3,4686085
tSJLMI Sent You OmensAdult (m)2,7425173
SZFDwI Know the Rain IVAdult (f)2,6335915
Ku83xLike the Clouds Know the SkyAdult (m)2,8854625
3f9lqI Write the NamesAdult (f)3,2098336
vyTf0I am Coming For You IIAdult (f)2,7574962
7X2wfThere Are RulesAdult (f)3,3225723
RMSfJOh You FoolsAdult (m)2,5125158
yCyJXI Know the RainsAdult (f)4,3397683
VjjWCMosadraccusAdult (f)7,9619845
GUWh4ArcheoptodraccusAdult (m)8,6938749
W5B89TyrannodraccusAdult (f)4,6461,0106
u6PFYQuetzaldraccusAdult (f)6,5359976
LjBBuRamphodraccusAdult (m)7,2019195
uaRwxPterodraccusAdult (f)7,6758929
IK6s4StyracodraccusAdult (f)6,3228937
K2ea7Poisoned PeachAdult (f)3,9526723
9OTikIn-the-Midnight-HourAdult (f)4,1807083
k7Ov5Dance-Magic-Dance xAdult (f)2,9273683
PoqCfDark DefenderAdult (m)3,4184315
LZJ9Caer GwarchodwrAdult (f)1,7587738
VMnvGwyliwr DelwAdult (m)3,5321,36418
VvcrAmddiffynfa SwciHatchling (f, F)2,9973681
YmE6Mur GwyliedyddHatchling (m, F)3,7235856
evSqSticky Prince RegentHatchling (F)75132616
wVWR9Thou TreasuredHatchling (F)3,45353019
ekHAThou BelovedAdult (f)2,93846619
qZhqZThou CherishedAdult5,18643138
gvSo9Fate of the WorldAdult (f)7,8397608
QtEiPrelude of DreamsAdult (m)8,79782231
n5v7sCoda of BellsAdult (f)6,7141,1761
BvR7ITerra EternalAdult (f)6,7351,1285
3oQGdAbsolute SolaceAdult (m)7,4909445
kUYNSunlight Through the Flags IIAdult (f)4,1454287
rrRjpHunk 'a Burning LoveAdult (m)2,4815644
PSl2I Didn't Start the Fire IIAdult (m)3,2064079
71joMy Freeze Ray IIAdult (m)3,1663657
pkTtnCursor AmaraAdult (f)2,7686744
uuvjsCalderonus MashaHatchling (f, F)1,8864744
7kCJsBernard of CalderonAdult (m)3,0947239
GmQpRAmbassador KitaiAdult (f)2,3506424
n5tAWGaius Tavarus MagnusAdult (m)4,3895806
v0fgZYule's SerenadeAdult (f)3,1305741
Nd2caNew Year's SerenadeAdult (f)2,8685890
w75moHolly TannenbaumAdult (f)3,4908902
ausfoIvy TannenbaumAdult (f)3,4008683
RtilVGlittering NightsAdult (m)3,7878873
1JNg6Glittering DaysAdult (m)3,7559242
MwNZZSnowy SolaceAdult (m)2,5744813
6eUIMTwinkling TranquilityAdult (m)2,6585114
DN8BNFlurry WeatherAdult (f)4,0173692
NaqycFlurry WinterAdult (f)3,6684021
6ZmynTelling the TaleAdult (f)2,5585803
BvawDAll CarollingAdult (f)2,3095502
JIomMCopper Yuletide IIIAdult (m)3,5845041
me9mESchnitzel with NoodlesAdult (m)3,1354793
o5YCuDoorbells and SleighbellsAdult (m)3,3064833
rlV5pWinter's Revival IIIAdult (m)3,5895271
B22q6Winter's Resurgence IIIAdult (m)3,5111,2592
7dwjrWinter's Relic IIAdult (m)1,8876241
NgTq4Winter's TruceAdult (m)3,2805161
OhLeUWinter's TriumphAdult (m)3,1774503
UOkqFiredance RibbonAdult (f)2,1324905
VZjhRiverdance RibbonAdult (f)2,3375036
uKAT5CandyCane JoyHerald xAdult (f)3,4854801
ohJhrJingleBell JoyHeraldAdult (f)2,2984684
ul5ouFrostGlitter JoyHeraldAdult (f)3,5235341
jwkLABrightShimmer JoyHerald xAdult (f)2,3794713
bPqWfMorningDove JoyHeraldAdult (f)2,2874474
mIZvcSnowStorm JoyHeraldAdult (f)2,2484404
TXpZwTruthChaser JoyHeraldAdult (f)2,0946376
trpxyHopeSeeker JoyHeraldAdult (f)1,8195685
pVPvP(pVPvP)Adult (f)2,1826445
6acbSSnowCaper JoyHeraldAdult (f)3,5491,1525
uOgsxWaveScatter JoyHeraldAdult (f)3,5581,1196
c8ODChimeDancer JoyHeraldAdult (f)2,5411,06110
q0fCWindDasher JoyHeraldAdult (f)2,8141,1229
PLVJ6Cinnamon and PeppermintAdult (m)3,5375091
Z5AeeMix With ChocolateAdult (m)1,7216452
etEdDerwAllt Llonni xAdult (m)3,1841,12518
TdCfCelynCelli Llonni xAdult (m)3,0161,05716
WpkpcPrince of YuletideAdult (m)2,5775771
oa5GOLord of PeppermintAdult (m)2,9945750
Wvvi9(Wvvi9)Hatchling (m, F)3,3009665
rnTmoPrism Holly xAdult (f)2,4345766
ncP66Saltwater HollyAdult (f)2,2326429
G9UpTDorkface Hollyberry xAdult (f)2,06559724
V32o1(V32o1)Adult (f)2,2094532
vQcRDLovin Would Be EasyAdult (m)2,5665420
HGDzaYour Colors Like My DreamsAdult (m)2,8935500
Vaabb(Vaabb)Adult (m)3,3721,22210
gXT0Dygiedydd-am-EiddewAdult (m)1,84079378
a7a1Dygiedydd-am-CoronAdult (m)3,01535430
9AK9oBlack Christmas Thuwed Herald VAdult (f)3,8483873
ude4BWhite Christmas Thuwed Herald VAdult (m)3,7363525
9FZOeRum and CoconutAdult (f)3,9044695
bLgIpRum and ChocolateAdult (f)3,5264106
KtDe8Reef the SailsAdult (f)2,3384826
JRs3mPirate's GrogAdult (m)3,4554153
o2VGaRum-RunnerAdult (m)3,2314553
UsblVMolasses RumAdult (m)3,5214409
vxHhoDuLledrithAdult (m)3,4674884
iveaUIn a FantasyAdult (f)2,9125403
GzAmyDark Horse RunningAdult (m)5,1338445
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