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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “The dragon queen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    QNx7(QNx7)Adult (m)4,4091,88058
    ZsWJ(ZsWJ)Adult (m)2,10687913
    eJJ6(eJJ6)Adult (f)1,64159311
    Cri5(Cri5)Adult (m)1,47248911
    VdUg(VdUg)Adult (f)1,4324839
    unOH(unOH)Adult (f)1,32243910
    tZEr(tZEr)Adult (f)1,2584336
    x1bD(x1bD)Adult (m)2,05866745
    Kwtj(Kwtj)Adult (f)1,2575277
    XryJ(XryJ)Adult (m)1,52143031
    x1bI(x1bI)Adult (f)1,0115055
    CKth(CKth)Adult (f)97351217
    k2Ry(k2Ry)Adult (m)1,23963715
    JQVI(JQVI)Adult (m)1,29064613
    ayZz(ayZz)Adult (m)1,16244411
    DRN5(DRN5)Adult (m)1,18252118
    GxTC(GxTC)Adult (m)1,43878719
    RIgt(RIgt)Adult (m)1,8991,06322
    4wRW(4wRW)Adult (f)1,0704506
    J4Dg(J4Dg)Adult (m)1,45875311
    s8eS(s8eS)Adult (m)1,45974917
    LRGD(LRGD)Adult (f)1,9391,07423
    WNyi(WNyi)Adult (f)1,8541,00725
    6HW6(6HW6)Adult (m)2,8721,47510
    S7oY(S7oY)Adult (f)1,0626074
    C2kt(C2kt)Adult (f)8594536
    RUXb(RUXb)Adult (f)1,52596622
    rGq0(rGq0)Adult (m)1,6241,13930
    d52U(d52U)Adult (f)94952915
    zYZP(zYZP)Adult (f)1,47580414
    KZR4(KZR4)Adult (m)98748812
    OlUG(OlUG)Adult (m)9104049
    cKXM(cKXM)Adult (m)99947911
    yxf5(yxf5)Adult (m)1,71087431
    25po(25po)Adult (m)8243879
    8Lk9(8Lk9)Adult (m)8744074
    ib2p(ib2p)Adult (m)1,08271410
    mE21(mE21)Adult (f)1,11675111
    Cfgi(Cfgi)Adult (f)8173836
    HXiQ(HXiQ)Adult (f)8214305
    8U8W(8U8W)Adult (f)7184311
    Pqg9(Pqg9)Adult (m)1,0054209
    N3EH(N3EH)Adult (f)7823897
    B5NA(B5NA)Adult (m)1,0714219
    LjR6(LjR6)Adult (f)9763867
    af7B(af7B)Hatchling (F)3911495
    v6Yo(v6Yo)Adult (f)1,0804026
    scD0(scD0)Hatchling (F)9853282
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