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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “The Ferals,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
VyvjTeebs Green SquishyAdult (m)1,0954964
OYmqTeebs Pink FlightAdult (m)1,3685793
gSJOTeebs SilverAdult (m)2,2664528
7h3CTeebs Pink SkyAdult (m)1,9964034
8SEMTeebs Early MorningAdult (f)1,4974213
pT5FTeebs Happy DanceAdult (f)1,4826001
qQwbTeebs Morning LightAdult (m)1,5386252
1jEjTeebs Dragon LightAdult (f)1,4295732
lYZ9Teebs Silver CoinAdult (f)1,4065153
NNUuTeebs SunsetAdult (f)1,9167193
46EUTeebs Cloud SkimmerAdult (m)1,1824914
IF6STeebs KaosAdult (f)2,6364084
2mgYTeebs Pink LightAdult (f)2,2154093
7NSfTeebs Bright LightsAdult (m)2,2154504
JzHGTeebs Bella SkyAdult (f)1,2634662
gdUZTeebs Night LightsAdult (m)1,4644581
2wEOTeebs Pink SunAdult (f)1,7855552
3ZWZTeebs Purple SummerAdult (f)1,9186426
EIu8Teebs SunriseAdult (f)2,0596963
1SAPTeebs Fresh StartAdult (f)1,2396074
u0MSTeebs Starting OverAdult (f)3,30049012
u8SBPTeebs SparkyAdult (f)2,23041612
bJmUOTeebs Hellfire WyvernAdult (f)2,20647010
tGBWsTeebs Electric FireAdult (m)2,21848910
gj1HGTeebs DuotoneAdult (m)4,72749615
BhdewTeebs Nilia PygmieAdult (f)3,3663678
fZUJuTeebs AlbinoAdult (m)2,6144715
RbEh8Teebs Deep SeaAdult (m)3,0906325
wl6oiTeebs Blue-BandedAdult (m)2,1704076
PkJrwTeebs Bleeding MoonAdult (m)2,9534388
sRKEdTeebs Royal BlueAdult (m)2,4974394
EO8tATeebs BruteAdult (m)3,0944413
hoY7MTeebs Carmine WyvernAdult (f)2,4944034
Kxn7uTeebs Water WalkerAdult (f)2,0835169
N2re0Teebs Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (f)2,8525223
xHXA5Teebs Coastal WaverunnerAdult (m)3,2775026
oZvh9Teebs TinytotsAdult (f)2,3875396
O8qTWTeebs PygmyAdult (m)2,7715284
TPA4VTeebs MintyAdult (m)2,7225305
h4HZITeebs Magelight Pygmy WyvernAdult (f)2,49361611
l2y7fTeebs TurpentineAdult (m)2,4835015
w5tuxTeebs HellfireAdult (m)3,8138555
pgvMjTeebs WaverunnerAdult (f)4,4669533
QsfZjTeebs RosebudAdult (f)3,6539176
zyKfJTeebs ValentineAdult (f)3,4858782
dJdh4Teebs HeartseekerAdult (m)4,8601,1276
22NBrTeebs ArsaniAdult (f)4,4261,0857
t86alTeebs SweetlingAdult (m)6,2651,4185
6PtZZTeebs RosieAdult (f)6,5591,3843
CnywrTeebs HeartAdult (m)5,6691,2792
LFvxRTeebs Sweetie PieAdult (m)5,0091,2192
M9EAJTeebs Heart BeatAdult (m)3,9237803
0Vy6mTeebs Pink FlowerAdult (f)3,9387834
Vj6WoTeebs Mutamore 2016Adult (m)4,2998066
BsnLoTeebs Valentine 2016Adult (m)4,3378012
Xi5U4Teebs BlacktipAdult (f)3,5296022
dXJBuTeebs BrimstoneAdult (m)4,8627782
BZQS0Teebs LuminaAdult (m)5,0248283
FAFZMTeebs WingsAdult (f)4,6088142
CEb0CTeebs Bright ShockAdult (f)4,4667762
kIvi8Teebs RidgewingAdult (f)4,2537334
Yr4gvTeebs GuardianAdult (f)4,3007551
M0IrHTeebs StormAdult (m)4,4247372
LBdXbTeebs NeotropicalAdult (m)5,5448721
eHBBkTeebs Nhiostrife wyvernAdult (f)4,6617353
09pUkTeebs Black Capped TeimarrAdult (m)3,5056285
strtWTeebs MoonstoneAdult (m)3,3936142
VBSJLTeebs Yellow-CrownedAdult (m)3,6227063
fLmlCTeebs Crimson FlareAdult (f)4,4527923
F1mJuTeebs OliveAdult (f)3,6246603
wrrnOTeebs AnagallisAdult (f)4,9699075
MbGc7Teebs NiliaAdult (m)5,1479063
a7y6dTeebs Plated ColossusAdult (m)4,7178123
QlGG0Teebs Flamingo WyvernAdult (f)4,3637342
N2GklTeebs Night WatcherAdult (m)5,7209183
uRhrLTeebs Black TeaAdult (m)5,4898281
oYM78Teebs CassareAdult (m)6,7301,0072
VxlofTeebs Speckle-ThroatedAdult (m)6,6129601
qXEOQTeebs Pillow PetAdult (f)7,2761,0835
eG9h6Teebs FalconiformAdult (f)7,3671,0514
QFsP6Teebs MistyAdult (f)2,9134586
jR4wbTeebs NicholasAdult (m)5,1298666
kesPyTeebs Lets Go FishingAdult (m)3,0174759
zgZK7Teebs HooktalonAdult (m)3,0154728
SXw7KTeebs StoneAdult (f)3,1585068
gHxr1Teebs SallyAdult (f)4,9037016
74y1VTeebs Night NightAdult (m)4,8088605
wYzZyTeebs TwoAdult (f)5,6711,0503
BXAE5Teebs Dark GreenAdult (m)5,7531,0172
jYKllTeebs Name MeAdult (f)5,5179203
TshrqTeebs GemAdult (f)6,6791,0811
TRyuCTeebs DestinyAdult (f)6,4421,1612
Vk04ZTeebs DrakyAdult (f)6,9661,1801
QKwzRTeebs FredAdult (f)7,2731,2272
N9SrKTeebs Billy Bob JoeAdult (f)7,4601,2281
25SH5TeebS SpottyAdult (f)4,1178802
bxtcSTeebs MaryAdult (m)4,9699362
e9hZITeebs SteveAdult (m)4,6681,0162
WT7M1Teebs HornsAdult (m)5,0971,1311
jdCVD(jdCVD)Adult (m)2,0625121
0ddrR(0ddrR)Adult (m)2,6446201
ZC4sv(ZC4sv)Adult (m)2,8616312
WHeew(WHeew)Adult (f)2,7215912
v3vto(v3vto)Adult (m)3,2537592
m3FJn(m3FJn)Adult (m)3,6388862
fQxMs(fQxMs)Adult (m)3,7228681
CPdYo(CPdYo)Adult (m)4,4401,0142
ILDY0(ILDY0)Adult (m)5,1641,0813
mN0I3(mN0I3)Adult (f)4,1398943
kp97X(kp97X)Adult (f)5,6361,1474
V6LJM(V6LJM)Adult (m)6,0321,2563
8WF7t(8WF7t)Adult (f)4,4468972
u1Zo1(u1Zo1)Adult (f)4,7541,1261
bLMiv(bLMiv)Adult (f)6,0361,2762
0U3Fk(0U3Fk)Adult (f)5,8261,2332
ajYKS(ajYKS)Adult (m)5,8341,2830
oVJgo(oVJgo)Adult (m)4,0519881
HrBas(HrBas)Adult (f)4,0539622
x0rTK(x0rTK)Adult (m)5,5731,2011
3JEuc(3JEuc)Adult (f)7,2271,0952
ERXoA(ERXoA)Adult (m)7,2611,0771
7zptC(7zptC)Adult (m)6,7071,0174
uC6pG(uC6pG)Adult (f)3,6506953
8Lskp(8Lskp)Adult (m)3,6657374
K2UCP(K2UCP)Adult (f)4,4247623
yLEDH(yLEDH)Adult (m)4,8148907
aQei2(aQei2)Adult (m)5,0318241
ayvcl(ayvcl)Adult (f)5,4598623
Z7qVm(Z7qVm)Adult (m)5,2228643
EhlBs(EhlBs)Adult (f)4,9168321
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