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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Terrikka,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5yBUM(5yBUM)Adult (m)3,2307674
wcWAG(wcWAG)Adult (m)5,5191,0704
iII3Q(iII3Q)Adult (m)3,3697351
aqLIBWorth dying forAdult (f)3,0018982
ehCYkWhen it's not worthAdult (f)4,1501,0892
jz6OqWhat's worth fighting forAdult (m)3,9801,0522
KwbKXDo you know what'sAdult (m)5,5861,3173
W1j29When it's notAdult (f)2,3957240
sZGrHNot worth dying forAdult (m)3,5149281
df2YmBreath awayAdult (f)4,1228651
oLgulDoes it take yourAdult (f)3,5107432
ouNzI(ouNzI)Adult (f)3,3398891
pSBnZYour breath awayAdult (f)3,4638981
fF8smDoes it takeAdult (m)3,5038780
M9gabWeigh out the prideAdult (m)3,6219140
KwYwsDoes the painAdult (m)3,7718971
0Zf7MOut the prideAdult (m)2,7587201
KBQrODoes the pain weighAdult (f)3,0517850
kZATl(kZATl)Adult (m)2,9937351
7IDog(7IDog)Adult (f)2,8827662
yOadE(yOadE)Adult (m)2,6967192
qYSY1Yourself suffocatingAdult (f)3,8331,0303
BEF9kAnd you feelAdult (m)3,3638192
ylQy9For a place to hideAdult (f)3,9768920
qCWiQAnd you lookAdult (f)3,3486712
DsPAzDeathday TwixtailAdult (m)5,2823992
qua7nCutie TwixtailAdult (f)3,6114141
kKQoI(kKQoI)Hatchling (F)6823281
BhcVdYour heart insideAdult (f)9,8217741
umBkJDid someone breakAdult (m)8,1601,30010
lpYuT(lpYuT)Adult (f)3,7896552
2zLCLBreak your heart insideAdult (m)5,2371,0123
lsRFGDid someoneAdult (m)6,5301,2000
AyYHKYou-re in ruinsAdult (f)3,8456321
uMzTjOne Twenty-One GunsAdult (f)2,7886843
A3KMWTwentyOne GunsAdult (f)3,1056691
K8uuxLay down your armsAdult (f)2,8217471
KKLsj(KKLsj)Adult (m)3,7526272
VdBLrGive up the fightAdult (f)3,9166551
ghFaM(ghFaM)Adult (m)3,5366191
fH4UWThrow up yourAdult (m)3,5689121
dJVaB(dJVaB)Adult (f)2,5546663
nnpeN(nnpeN)Adult (f)4,1939130
CwcLI(CwcLI)Adult (m)3,3606822
BlVZy(BlVZy)Adult (m)2,7376721
dEXA3(dEXA3)Adult (m)2,8146861
5EMip(5EMip)Adult (f)2,6276341
cYBT8(cYBT8)Adult (f)3,1768030
MZwK3Arms into the skyAdult (f)3,3327361
dUdhT(dUdhT)Adult (f)3,3648721
cFPrn(cFPrn)Adult (m)2,6146400
TQZloYou and I-iAdult (f)4,5071,0070
8P50O(8P50O)Adult (f)6,2511,2642
63XCU(63XCU)Adult (f)3,7649403
jledMYouAndIAdult (f)3,3719272
7FctaInto the sky- You and IAdult (f)3,4609144
epz9yWhen you're atAdult (m)5,5011,1233
h5GBMThe end of the roadAdult (f)2,3667022
pO8YRAnd you lostAdult (m)2,6116662
ioKVqAll sense of controlAdult (m)2,6556950
w6p6HAnd you lost allAdult (f)4,0618700
YK29Jsense of controlAdult (f)3,0927570
MBf1eand your thoughts haveAdult (f)3,1917401
u7Gxttaken their tollAdult (f)4,5827020
AvcT7When your mind breaksAdult (f)4,1696970
Sr0j8The spirit of your soulAdult (m)4,4637250
todBY(todBY)Adult (m)3,9667100
yqiEvYour faithAdult (m)4,6966960
H8EDzWalks on broken glassAdult (f)3,0277660
pDexsAnd the hangoverAdult (m)3,0577290
lB5qgDoesn't passAdult (m)3,8258710
PDO2CNothing's ever built to lastAdult (m)3,8948440
Dk1VH(Dk1VH)Adult (f)3,8648491
6PFQS(6PFQS)Adult (f)3,8348651
exzWgDid you try toAdult (f)3,3777660
pU8aJLive on your ownAdult (m)3,5237690
SUYXGWhen you burnt downAdult (m)3,1117371
2zrJ7The house and homeAdult (f)3,9908921
4Bl5nforgiveness from a stoneAdult (f)3,9688390
iTS5h(iTS5h)Adult (m)3,4987831
s69yKdid you standAdult (f)3,5257780
3JReD(3JReD)Adult (m)3,3937610
OZHUX(OZHUX)Adult (f)4,0239081
SseJDstand too close to the fireAdult (f)3,9388570
U0UYS(U0UYS)Adult (f)3,3218210
9Gg5N(9Gg5N)Adult (m)2,6336870
tDyIp(tDyIp)Adult (f)3,4028381
MwUIr(MwUIr)Adult (f)3,5138230
1VOlC(1VOlC)Adult (f)3,5198400
hBSDm(hBSDm)Adult (m)2,7946561
EmFJC(EmFJC)Hatchling (F)2,1195550
ECM5p(ECM5p)Hatchling (m, F)4,0036361
5PvYt(5PvYt)Hatchling (m, F)4,0316440
Tvlwddid you stand tooAdult (f)4,0049192
FrKTmclose to the fyreAdult (m)2,8517771
gkHXklike a liar looking forAdult (f)4,7331,1201
skg68When it's time toAdult (f)5,0428932
kmbeato live and let dieAdult (m)3,6218281
bPokUwhen it's time to liveAdult (f)3,8788812
VQFTLand let dieAdult (f)3,2556500
LmlDmAnd you can't get another tryAdult (m)3,0928210
An8Cyget another tryAdult (f)3,0477122
7AniKSomething inside thisAdult (f)3,4767980
8Yfp7(8Yfp7)Adult (m)3,1027621
zATt1(zATt1)Adult (f)3,4018100
pywWI(pywWI)Adult (f)3,2618430
LbcMQ(LbcMQ)Adult (m)2,5956932
qhbBAheart has diedHatchling (F)7332672
ngoL5(ngoL5)Adult (m)2,9487311
bhr2t(bhr2t)Adult (m)2,2476121
Y8OkrHelp Me Stop FloatingAdult (m)4,1514221
f5s9x(f5s9x)Adult (f)2,7836711
jErQ5(jErQ5)Adult (f)3,0117530
bCUtLHelp Me Get DownHatchling (F)1,8492511
xqwa3(xqwa3)Adult (f)9,9469431
OnYAf(OnYAf)Adult (f)5,2157103
v8VwA(v8VwA)Adult (m)1,8223991
Q3jSr(Q3jSr)Adult (f)1,7256371
DWUz7(DWUz7)Adult (f)2,3215862
jT30F(jT30F)Adult (m)3,2528220
elzeNSapphira NightshadeAdult (f)4,6931,0705
62Be4had i known how to save a lifeAdult (f)4,8351,0393
ELY5f(ELY5f)Adult (f)3,5059842
OSERG(OSERG)Adult (m)3,4939791
QiHkc(QiHkc)Adult (f)2,6577852
BSL7o(BSL7o)Adult (f)4,9381,0241
MLoO7(MLoO7)Adult (f)4,8151,0372
R3tuD(R3tuD)Adult (f)2,4656054
jZk8D(jZk8D)Adult (m)2,9397831
NdN7d(NdN7d)Adult (f)6,6721,0173
Yvxot(Yvxot)Adult (f)6,5439992
zHjP8(zHjP8)Adult (f)4,7371,1382
rpBWg(rpBWg)Adult (m)4,2398392
DgiUl(DgiUl)Adult (f)5,1251,0791
EDFyD(EDFyD)Adult (f)2,6386630
GVsBK(GVsBK)Adult (f)2,6246510
czyp7(czyp7)Adult (f)2,6916920
FL0ym(FL0ym)Adult (m)3,3155961
0ilnV(0ilnV)Adult (f)2,5437257
IKV1l(IKV1l)Adult (f)1,6765412
REx5A(REx5A)Adult (m)1,4745712
PUHIH(PUHIH)Adult (m)2,0536711
XIG6C(XIG6C)Adult (f)3,4499442
PUrXf(PUrXf)Adult (m)3,0619180
IBGmf(IBGmf)Hatchling (F)1,1803834
oBSqh(oBSqh)Hatchling (F)1,1333590
HXAX8(HXAX8)Hatchling (F)1,1963560
OPaJ3(OPaJ3)Hatchling (F)1,1793640
P9c8WSquirlAdult (m)3,4307640
pHRHv(pHRHv)Adult (m)2,3595552
5y3Mq(5y3Mq)Adult (f)1,7336451
9GsP6(9GsP6)Adult (m)2,6446572
C0rFp(C0rFp)Adult (f)4,0299021
ggxOf(ggxOf)Adult (m)3,8559240
YSrY7(YSrY7)Adult (m)3,1697890
49SHoSquirliaHatchling (f, F)2,3007121
SvstbSquirliHatchling (m, F)3,2936981
y5prb(y5prb)Adult (f)5,5891,1282
Tt0Wu(Tt0Wu)Adult (f)2,8757290
DOmWV(DOmWV)Adult (f)2,4081,2200
IGmzA(IGmzA)Adult (m)1,8536891
7vpwO(7vpwO)Adult (f)6,2681,0781
9dwAC(9dwAC)Adult (m)3,3668710
Uj4X7(Uj4X7)Adult (f)5,7171,1452
2UGLL(2UGLL)Adult (m)6,5081,1613
Odoq0(Odoq0)Adult (f)5,3181,0571
VCdu6(VCdu6)Adult (m)3,3328280
kmN6a(kmN6a)Adult (m)2,2246952
Y0mWv(Y0mWv)Adult (m)3,7569060
PHHaS(PHHaS)Adult (m)4,4088901
xk69J(xk69J)Adult (f)3,3987841
LAYTn(LAYTn)Adult (f)2,9637762
5IiBX(5IiBX)Adult (m)3,0477473
SkMIT(SkMIT)Adult (m)3,0248111
YuxvJ(YuxvJ)Adult (m)3,4378540
Ccrcc(Ccrcc)Adult (m)2,7296621
KCUlX(KCUlX)Adult (m)2,7086971
eeakW(eeakW)Adult (m)2,4273110
Kpgm1Is in the hands of fateAdult (f)2,3276211
Hs0vlWhere the ever-afterAdult (m)4,3881,0034
FwxgdBut never too lateAdult (f)3,0478273
KX18gBut it's gone foreverAdult (m)4,9261,0691
8PSdmTo take the liars downAdult (f)2,5696632
VROYUThen I pound the pavementAdult (m)4,7438600
VqPFiReaching higher groundAdult (m)5,4239622
VCObwI crossed the desertAdult (f)4,7137364
yMxzbI just want to see the lightAdult (f)6,7331,1561
ktZ0NI don't want to lose my sightAdult (m)1,7035695
5usTd(5usTd)Adult (f)2,8797140
s9jMeI don't wanna lose my sightAdult (m)2,7426692
hQhb8(hQhb8)Adult (f)1,8786162
aoYZP(aoYZP)Adult (f)3,7678234
0lNsy(0lNsy)Adult (m)5,3319680
xFxRi(xFxRi)Adult (f)3,7269113
4R7pb(4R7pb)Adult (f)4,3109192
qKCWm(qKCWm)Adult (f)2,9827112
z6jQ0(z6jQ0)Adult (f)2,7686761
WwiWg(WwiWg)Adult (f)2,8357510
BHUAv(BHUAv)Adult (f)6,3399402
TC6AJ(TC6AJ)Adult (m)6,1871,1231
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