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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Terrafreaky,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gYLgLRollerdrome FreakyHatchling (F)2,0002476
Ixz48Ixz FreakyHatchling (F)2,4615545
6uxliSpongebob FreakyAdult4,48983119
B1lAIAP Surprise FreakyAdult8,0831,2522
KqwfYPledge FreakyAdult5,8781,2183
Nl6I3Big Brave FreakyAdult4,7591,0888
vss8HLellow FreakyAdult5,5581,1149
Cub4iLemonade FreakyAdult6,3691,0643
2eo1HJello FreakyAdult5,8151,4832
SV9CSpring FreakyAdult6,4011,3126
j20bLemon FreakyAdult1,9655017
mgfRBanana FreakyAdult2,8941,53513
MPD6PFreakies FreakyHatchling (F)1,65929210
rfGvTRadish FreakyAdult4,6997195
AwHtoWiggly FreakyAdult8,0081,17618
MWHcfRed Oak FreakyAdult7,8171,0554
yvN09Stego FreakyAdult7,9631,1677
lCvTBJubilee FreakyAdult4,3218127
zABwRRed Red Wine FreakyAdult7,2391,3135
vRP5jRed Red FreakyAdult8,1041,1233
Rgl5UDepp FreakyAdult4,6351,2643
XiiHCherry FreakyAdult6,3141,3805
FF3nRutabaga FreakyAdult8,3901,52123
4b3dIBeddle FreakyHatchling (F)3,57857214
QEYwYJam FreakyHatchling (F)2,9722065
7onhkPurp-a-trader FreakyHatchling (F)4,17052810
MuGz8Beagle FreakyAdult7,7961,25412
plXpdGrape Ape FreakyAdult4,7756662
vhoEdFreaky Rrattts BootsAdult5,3331,12225
jhUmqRouter FreakyAdult4,1801,08611
zkrmiWine FreakyAdult5,8051,20211
vIvWOPurpose FreakyAdult7,1271,3788
7AhEdPlumbert FreakyAdult5,7741,3585
DEg4bCabbage FreakyAdult5,3891,4031
m4jTGrape FreakyAdult6,3581,3398
CU2qPlum FreakyAdult2,5738196
KR5SBSauro FreakyHatchling (F)3,66457312
vJih4Pop FreakyHatchling (F)7,88095714
HiVC1Lewin FreakyHatchling (F)1,2811183
SvGWzOutfield FreakyAdult6,6781,3126
ATQDAFreshly Mown FreakyAdult6,2691,3227
Yv50nGreenpeace FreakyAdult6,7158575
DEeZ7Greenspace FreakyAdult7,1411,2116
W3pOOLean Green FreakyAdult6,4271,3872
FmX6MSmaragdine FreakyAdult5,7481,2683
KompTGuh Reen FreakyAdult4,0951,1631
hglf1Mildred FreakyAdult5,5541,1214
plQDStomp FreakyAdult5,4881,0926
M35RGreeno Dino FreakyAdult2,41146129
ZVeldZveld FreakyHatchling (F)3,03249713
8G5CkCreature FreakyAdult5,5891,09415
u7JbATenn FreakyAdult4,6397235
JMk3fTriFecta FreakyAdult3,6891,0048
Enk6yBig Blue FreakyAdult6,8271,2928
VSGwwDeano FreakyAdult7,2011,1065
Fj7rXNed Yost FreakyAdult6,3629253
B26a4Mr Super Loved BluemanAdult6,9591,34810
opSHqBlue Man Soup FreakyAdult4,9947807
AKV98Two Blue FreakyAdult5,7251,2414
SsSqVFirst blue in 6 years FreakyAdult5,3901,2215
bMVTcDelivery FreakyHatchling (F)3,5945252
R53grMrs Roger II FreakyAdult (f)4,81868611
FiNHLFinhl FreakyAdult (f)4,59652611
MdKBeMr Spookalicious II FreakyAdult (m)5,7521,28927
wRUwjMr Perform FreakyAdult (m)10,0371,32710
VvicOMr Vico II FreakyAdult (m)5,12181518
03bTaMrs Perform FreakyAdult (f)3,77670817
yRRZ1Mrs Reezy II FreakyAdult (f)2,0354914
zbg9IMr Biggs FreakyAdult (m)4,5891,0388
NANXDMrs Biggs FreakyAdult (f)5,7791,1224
TuG0PMr Optimize FreakyAdult (m)3,3785173
AjBIQMrs Optimize FreakyAdult (f)3,1234751
Dj13iMrs Nail II FreakyAdult (f)7,0041,37718
GGfgeMr Contact II FreakyAdult (m)8,4251,24414
hR4KkMr Flames II FreakyAdult (m)4,0531,00318
auxywMrs Auxy FreakyAdult (f)4,65770212
aXQgUMrs Luther FreakyAdult (f)6,7941,1586
l4QzBMr Academic II FreakyAdult (m)8,8051,31313
L00HaMrs Pogo FreakyAdult (f)3,7203944
dexNjMrs Violin II FreakyAdult (f)5,27567321
HCokTMr Auxy FreakyAdult (m)2,6245803
wxIOvMr Luther FreakyAdult (m)2,3125670
9U4ApMr Pogo FreakyAdult (m)2,7015523
lYR8vMr Leaky FreakyAdult (m)2,7964384
yu8UiMr Vulcano FreakyAdult (m)2,39266514
jW7vwMrs Vulcano FreakyAdult (f)7,46496120
78HtBMrs Leaky FreakyAdult (f)3,2694535
oS2AmMrs Declare FreakyAdult (f)3,5179434
kvUJdMr Sirloin FreakyAdult (m)3,0076616
SvMbEMr Cutlet FreakyAdult (m)8,0351,2043
2zX5PMr Chuck FreakyAdult (m)5,1619993
i78ACMrs Cutlet FreakyAdult (f)7,4191,1461
bWk5UMrs Chuck FreakyAdult (f)2,8175604
5wvS7Mrs Sirloin FreakyAdult (f)7,3531,1402
GOqyWMr Declare FreakyAdult (m)6,1711,09519
E6BpNMr Inspector FreakyAdult (m)3,97146911
JhBvhMrs Inspector FreakyAdult (f)6,5641,14810
th3qkMr Postie FreakyAdult (m)3,8208596
3myOqMrs Postie FreakyAdult (f)5,4221,0308
LGZQfMrs Thesis II FreakyAdult (f)6,8911,13812
vjUrzMrs Heart II FreakyAdult (f)7,7471,3349
bedueMrs Krampus II FreakyAdult (f)7,1941,26515
VjMbiMrs Outkast II FreakyAdult (f)4,88490321
vQSgRMr Nuyfl II FreakyAdult (m)3,6171,09520
8zIB0Mr Bone Ranger II FreakyAdult (m)5,9601,23917
09CmWMrs Edgy II FreakyAdult (f)5,1591,21021
KZCPRMr Moebius II FreakyAdult (m)6,4181,33112
93yYHMrs Liquid FreakyAdult (f)2,46468110
ZpLqNMr Liquid FreakyAdult (m)2,7996703
dBo7kMr Dbok II FreakyAdult (m)6,6881,28237
sTVNjMrs Velf FreakyAdult (f)3,5426618
AmVLFMr Velf FreakyAdult (m)3,7877286
yiPwzYeibos FreakyHatchling (F)1,8613124
FAlrTFairt FreakyHatchling (F)1,3111925
UJScbMr Lorq II FreakyAdult (m)4,41271214
vEJ6qMr Flannel II FreakyAdult (m)8,04689210
l2VQ8Mrs Kamala II FreakyAdult (f)6,04091521
45gyzMr Fred FreakyAdult (m)4,3954214
bLFGGMrs Abovu II FreakyAdult (f)4,11986222
iEfydMrs Fred FreakyAdult (f)3,4686699
5cqQFFighter FreakerHatchling (F)2,5462353
xzVl5Mrs Deadly II FreakyAdult (f)4,6351,04020
jNzq9Mr Kufi FreakyAdult (m)8,1361,4276
2KUFiMrs Kufi FreakyAdult (f)8,2991,4345
AgH4UMr Ambition II FreakyAdult (m)4,6451,09122
WBpXfMrs Steak II FreakyAdult (f)5,7971,11914
CozkSMr Yox II FreakyAdult (m)2,97556822
Nl3K5Mr Pritchett II FreakyAdult (m)6,1331,27915
Kov8RMrs Mochi II FreakyAdult (f)5,9811,18530
rPRKMMrs Hex II FreakyAdult (f)6,2951,28225
FWgNDMrs Illusionist II FreakyAdult (f)4,7921,01913
JZMM0Mrs Weebly II FreakyAdult (f)6,32790423
w9zI8Mr Razz II FreakyAdult (m)4,79775715
7amtsMr Amounts FreakyAdult (m)7,3901,32214
lPDWvMrs Dbok II FreakyAdult (f)5,2851,0796
Qz7WgMrs Zappy FreakyAdult (f)4,7101,01322
WXMpsMr Zappy FreakyAdult (m)3,81672410
Z4L7PMrs Amounts FreakyAdult (f)3,51669710
9IgCqCaterpillar FreakyHatchling (F)3,3153893
foetRMrs Foet II FreakyAdult (f)6,3591,1346
0Rn6FMrs Gutnik II FreakyAdult (f)7,8551,06215
UKyPGMrs Blossom II FreakyAdult (f)6,0781,23010
oDW8CMrs Christmoose II FreakyAdult (f)4,24656722
4FqsPMrs Krinkled II FreakyAdult (f)8,5311,30333
yO6ctMr Molecule FreakyAdult (m)6,80787419
GNz8KMr Spinneretta II FreakyAdult (m)6,2051,26218
RjgsoMrs Sauvage II FreakyAdult (f)5,7641,28523
RniHNMr Vnuk II FreakyAdult (m)5,1251,10918
ogInEMrs Hammond II FreakyAdult (f)5,45378520
58ISQMrs Molecule FreakyAdult (f)1,9766118
azd4MMr Sizzle FreakyAdult (m)7,70488731
szryrMrs Sizzle FreakyAdult (f)6,4021,16815
wTbRrMrs Trouble FreakyAdult (f)3,1488866
e5rVuMr Trouble FreakyAdult (m)8,5721,22319
k5BLJCitrus FreakyHatchling (F)3,2312171
dslgSDiggs FreakyHatchling (F)3,5523306
3Hj5fMrs Stepping II FreakyAdult (f)7,7541,07720
iUYieMrs Descriptive FreakyAdult (f)4,2015674
mmbW8Mr Mumm II FreakyAdult (m)6,69793718
6D2SNMr Descriptive FreakyAdult (m)2,9425096
p8scCMr Jaawg FreakyAdult (m)7,3951,25628
jAAWGMrs Jaawg FreakyAdult (f)7,4401,25118
r16aI(r16aI)Adult (m)2,62562913
CkkyxMrs Fleck II FreakyAdult (f)5,63698112
iTM4WMrs Swede FreakyAdult (f)7,2411,11823
tcRsPMrs Gerg FreakyAdult (f)7,8421,14212
mQ6ULMrs Hargreeves FreakyAdult (f)7,2891,03713
G3ergMr Gerg FreakyAdult (m)3,5054657
alRK6Mr Shortz II FreakyAdult (m)4,80873120
91QDoMr Hargreeves FreakyAdult (m)4,32360117
2IsJxMr Swede FreakyAdult (m)2,61671621
SsjOHMrs Gully II FreakyAdult (f)6,6871,03225
oPhjxMrs Optix FreakyAdult (f)3,45669119
OIHmHMr Optix FreakyAdult (m)7,4241,18320
B4XjvBanya FreakyHatchling (F)4,4698013
mCXGICGI FreakyHatchling (F)3,5944333
7m0VQKeen FreakyHatchling (F)2,1182604
dl6R5Josie FreakyHatchling (F)9261714
n3nwjOmbre FreakyHatchling (F)2,1032242
nI4ZcHoly FreakyHatchling (F)2,2942862
SwczCStart FreakyHatchling (F)2,0992742
H9G8sChildren FreakyHatchling (F)2,3174792
Q7Gc7Wart FreakyHatchling (F)3,7573311
kckcsMoss FreakyHatchling (F)3,5265244
eVGfrMrs Meaty II FreakyAdult (f)6,5381,1424
tuBnhMrs Tuba II FreakyAdult (f)8,9501,23314
XIV3jMr Bangkok II FreakyAdult (m)7,0151,14915
9KykhMrs Salinity II FreakyAdult (f)9,3171,40921
FJ6T8Mr Mox FreakyAdult (m)9,1741,41617
SGRUzMrs Control II FreakyAdult (f)8,8311,27619
FOiGMMrs Hermes II FreakyAdult (f)11,2471,35814
879BhMr Pyromind III FreakyAdult (m)8,9991,1719
kkZEHMr Calcu II FreakyAdult (m)8,04882312
4xMoXMrs Mox FreakyAdult (f)11,4591,20621
UzCozMr Manar II FreakyAdult (m)6,51695224
LM3DHMr Zwcia II FreakyAdult (m)6,6671,00112
O1MeDMr Kirkton II FreakyAdult (m)7,79488510
Yi6I0Mr Sienna II FreakyAdult (m)6,0541,05514
GV8opMrs Baragon II FreakyAdult (f)6,9861,2259
TTf0LMr Europe FreakyAdult (m)6,6201,3547
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