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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Temerairian,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
oQe5fMystreeEgg (F)
X1Sjj(X1Sjj)Adult (f)5,2741,1464
YnVuc(YnVuc)Adult (f)5,3531,1392
TRByx(TRByx)Adult (f)5,3191,1521
vRC6t(vRC6t)Adult (f)5,2751,1673
dOTNr(dOTNr)Adult (m)5,4181,1582
IEWpI(IEWpI)Adult (m)5,4541,1745
hnxlC(hnxlC)Adult (m)6,1461,0944
zwcJ0(zwcJ0)Adult (f)5,8191,1714
PaYwj(PaYwj)Adult (m)6,6791,0947
uF5Bh(uF5Bh)Adult (f)6,7611,1015
df7ug(df7ug)Adult (m)6,7201,0975
uOHdW(uOHdW)Adult (m)6,6841,1264
1zR3k(1zR3k)Adult (f)6,3761,0934
CpGPR(CpGPR)Adult (f)6,6311,0914
pyMeLIgnotus ParchmentAdult2,6219625
GLdK2Cadmus ParchmentAdult6,6281,2427
eceRdAntioch ParchmentAdult6,5831,2708
Qr1JoDobby ParchmentAdult6,6471,3316
xqHc1Kreacher ParchmentHatchling (F)6,0491,0337
0OV3oWinky ParchmentHatchling (F)3,2636925
5faM4Lady Pearly FeathersAdult (f)7,4149562
PQVvZLady Angelina FeathersAdult (f)8,8311,4647
ZPSJCLady Arietta FeathersAdult (f)6,8141,4554
D6tWuLady Chick FeathersHatchling (F)1,4442472
NlNjbBrie GorgonzolaAdult5,9831,24811
5O8VEManchego GorgonzolaAdult7,6741,1827
JlZP5Emmental GorgonzolaAdult7,7861,2942
jQzMECamembert GorgonzolaAdult6,1241,2206
LtzdzGruyere GorgonzolaHatchling (F)4,5581,0704
chB3YGouda GorgonzolaHatchling (F)2,6506401
TnjezMickey DeinosAdult8,5081,37618
qggxLAlexis DeinosAdult6,6381,42112
4XUZCBoomer DeinosAdult6,1621,0568
jKRaNJerry DeinosAdult6,2421,3237
3nS67Larry DeinosAdult6,2211,14010
7FZsTLady Clementine ZombieAdult (f)4,7041,2524
DMa6rLady Adelina ZombieAdult (f)8,9051,1502
RSsb7Lady Nina ZombieAdult (f)8,8451,2536
lgMi4Sir Serpen ZombieAdult (m)6,1221,2711
UwL6hLady Parker ZombieAdult (f)6,1351,2131
xrN3BSir Julio Panther ZombieAdult (m)8,2101,3033
Z3P04Sir Alex Undine ZombieAdult (m)9,7201,1786
aynYuLady Lily MidasAdult (f)7,4941,0365
1H5cuLady Luna MidasAdult (f)6,5271,3037
E5mXGSir Severus MidasAdult (m)9,4531,22115
67DpyLady Hermione ArgentiumAdult (f)6,2151,1345
ymT2OLady Luna ArgentiumAdult (f)5,6511,1605
X4U1ELady Minerva ArgentiumAdult (f)7,3921,1415
VSGSkLady Grace ArgentiumAdult (f)6,5341,1842
hSGnPLady Ava ArgentiumAdult (f)6,3701,1732
U7LmZSir Neville ArgentiumAdult (m)9,4168917
mSc4nSir Ronald ArgentiumAdult (m)10,4931,3318
FNbnWSir Sheen ArgentiumAdult (m)7,8061,0772
ovWCMSir Fred ArgentiumAdult (m)6,7721,1406
4HEf6Lady Megan CuprumAdult (f)7,4091,2063
gGHkjLady Joanne CuprumAdult (f)7,3851,2572
TatIESir Calib CuprumAdult (m)7,7651,0556
c5vTYSir Calvin CuprumAdult (m)7,2441,1985
VNArqSir Kip CuprumAdult (m)5,7931,1155
QsR9nLady Grace CuprumAdult (f)7,0291,1492
Hktn8Sir Warren CuprumAdult (m)7,4391,2046
t9IrCLady Mindy CuprumAdult (f)5,7451,0302
5p2zsLady Charlotte CuprumAdult (f)6,9051,1672
E29lnLady Jacey CuprumAdult (f)6,4621,2782
1Bu97Lady Halley CuprumAdult (f)6,4691,2524
5uI1aSir Melvin CuprumAdult (m)6,3001,17410
e0isASir Wayne CuprumAdult (m)9,9941,6255
AdHrcSir James CuprumAdult (m)8,2101,1211
0a7vRLady Jean ArmourAdult (f)4,4599603
CrVdiLady Adrianna ArmourAdult (f)12,8479055
cHZ6GLady Mary ArmourAdult (f)11,1661,2576
OqulwLady Megan ArmourAdult (f)5,5739132
uUqYjLady Barbara ArmourAdult (f)5,8741,0635
9P8WpLady Billie-Jean ArmourAdult (f)6,6731,1813
tjnWjLady Rhonda ArmourAdult (f)6,6411,2985
cOMAJSir Gilded ArmourAdult (m)5,1891,2481
ZYGYzSir Seneca ArmourAdult (m)9,0121,0204
J82SgSir Lazarus ArmourAdult (m)7,1951,0994
W3okpSir Zen ArmourAdult (m)6,2411,0183
LdF9SSir Harry ArmourAdult (m)10,3761,4039
JOncpSir Gale ArmourAdult (m)8,4341,3326
Tff65Sir Isaac ArmourAdult (m)7,2191,2155
TdgSgLady Helen ArmourHatchling (f, F)4,5678398
YFK0OSir Tyrian ArmourHatchling (m, F)6,7031,0063
glls8Sir Harry OroAdult (m)11,1621,2244
5pIf3Sir Jeod OroAdult (m)6,8981,1022
ueFGRSir Neal OroAdult (m)8,6711,5123
e7LY2Lady Raina ArgentoAdult (f)8,0261,2544
TaPt0Lady Brenda ArgentoAdult (f)9,4731,2733
rY8QILady Miriam ArgentoAdult (f)7,9251,0785
WvUpbSir William ArgentoAdult (m)6,4449795
QL9ZMSir Arthur ArgentoAdult (m)10,3651,1498
qMHofLady Mafalda BronzoAdult (f)7,4381,1935
71sOXLady Maria BronzoAdult (f)9,1841,2616
qKYFZLady Iola BronzoAdult (f)9,8891,2565
4c1kMLady Michaela BronzoAdult (f)7,3811,1932
ghqTQSir Raymond BronzoAdult (m)8,0809965
Ib329Sir Rubeus BronzoAdult (m)7,4431,2056
ndWeiSir Ryan BronzoAdult (m)6,3021,3826
lAArPSir Murphy BronzoAdult (m)8,9681,4367
HZsBySir Haymitch SwarnaAdult (m)8,5961,01610
HwAYHSir Dave SwarnaAdult (m)8,2121,1868
DQifYSir Parva RajatAdult (m)6,6271,0476
ggDQ0Lady Anandmayi TamraAdult (f)6,7351,3298
m8FsQSir Harry TamraAdult (m)7,0371,3246
gPlMqSir Warren TamraAdult (m)7,9421,2016
0AO0gSir Roran TamraAdult (m)9,4591,3328
4zTmoLady Darla BrineAdult (f)9,2878876
9qVSGLady Hazel BrineAdult (f)7,4421,2823
imKmXLady Miranda BrineAdult (f)8,3741,2257
ZEyhyLady Marina BrineAdult (f)5,7031,1514
dGiC8Sir Carlos BrineAdult (m)6,2411,4325
pyofVSir Dave BrineAdult (m)7,5996946
DIsFaSir Malcolm BrineAdult (m)7,1851,2367
ZjhjqSir Darren BrineAdult (m)7,2401,2633
U2HfgLady Meg BrineHatchling (f, F)4,1889832
dVxyUSir Nick BrineHatchling (m, F)6,4351,0154
1aajfLaaif BrineHatchling (F)2,2995622
4LWwDLady Coral MageiaAdult (f)9,1611,1475
8zwc0Lady Maya MageiaAdult (f)6,6631,3975
mXA2oLady Oma MageiaAdult (f)6,3771,2914
5Kug9Sir Kunzite MageiaAdult (m)8,7528215
cVs66Sir Harvey MageiaAdult (m)6,2041,1575
wscReSir James MageiaAdult (m)7,1671,1932
ApeySSir Ronald MageiaAdult (m)8,5661,4877
HqhvcLady Penelope GaiaAdult (f)8,3069310
ZM0MULady Kristie GaiaAdult (f)9,0531,29612
WZQnsSir Jake GaiaAdult (m)4,1088601
fftjbLady Lydia ChronoAdult (f)5,8431,0105
9zrwRLady Tessa ChronoAdult (f)5,9571,2314
0HpLGLady Alicia ChronoAdult (f)4,2518675
VAITeSir Henry ChronoAdult (m)6,9641,42410
ztvZGSir Melvin ChronoAdult (m)6,0901,2045
DSEQkSir Caliab ChronoAdult (m)6,8281,2357
Ssl8MLady Arwen ThalassaAdult (f)8,4478206
jy21MLady Noodlette ThalassaAdult (f)7,0499817
vIgOjLady Tera ThalassaAdult (f)4,6488463
H6qBlLady Honey ThalassaAdult (f)6,8691,41610
jgEWYSir Aragorn ThalassaAdult (m)7,87680610
PhgfTSir Gary ThalassaAdult (m)7,0821,1414
Syr3mSir Birch ThalassaAdult (m)6,2261,2171
kuJkLSir Austin PyrosAdult (m)8,3639214
rqn6ZSir Bernard PyrosAdult (m)6,5381,2244
tcDfGSir Warren PyrosAdult (m)4,2308542
LRl6pLady Holly AstrapiAdult (f)8,4161,4883
whjW9Sir Bolt AstrapiAdult (m)9,4568316
mYv6eSir Samwise AstrapiAdult (m)7,1821,2323
ckJEwSir Kale AstrapiAdult (m)6,5511,0192
qasupSir Ian AmyntasAdult (m)6,5067913
zdWHELady Elizabeth AllagiAdult (f)10,3291,2514
uuMoILady Diana AllagiAdult (f)9,1821,3618
CkopiSir Mason AllagiAdult (m)5,8631,2053
egx32Lady Alice DimiourgosAdult (f)9,2411,2976
5ItafLady Irona ThunderAdult (f)5,9189565
uh4CULady Missy ThunderAdult (f)6,6921,2447
tqrlWLady Bianca ThunderAdult (f)8,0921,2435
9IDToLady Honey ThunderAdult (f)7,8121,1924
uFnfeSir Peter ThunderAdult (m)6,7211,2063
ROkX0Sir George ThunderAdult (m)8,3231,3826
pEcDuSir Raiden ThunderAdult (m)6,9551,2524
YotadSir Michael ThunderAdult (m)7,1931,2335
uJCNQLady Jenny ThunderHatchling (f, F)4,2299941
pUSGCSir Gus ThunderHatchling (m, F)5,0189303
71SIUJamie ThunderHatchling (F)3,8837224
Q9TZ3Lady Margaret LavaAdult (f)6,7271,3577
Gj5R2Lady Erica LavaAdult (f)7,2571,1356
rlE5qLady Keira LavaAdult (f)7,1681,1761
7XicfLady Kelly LavaAdult (f)3,9697073
GZYqISir Stanley LavaAdult (m)7,5721,0055
7VEzoSir Adam LavaAdult (m)7,2691,0813
Nzy0RSir Arthur LavaAdult (m)5,9701,2025
6cWAnSir Peter LavaAdult (m)7,2731,2543
F4FjvLady Maxine LavaHatchling (f, F)5,5061,0084
HCpUQSir Garrett LavaHatchling (m, F)5,5291,1134
F1Y5VOrrin LavaHatchling (F)2,4646292
VQpJzLady Mafalda IceAdult (f)5,0281,0405
UIiXaLady Joana IceAdult (f)5,2381,0587
56sqQLady Stalactite IceAdult (f)9,1378297
hODEbLady Summer IceAdult (f)6,3971,2133
4tGJASir Connor IceAdult (m)7,0391,1728
KuK2fSir Martin IceAdult (m)7,2501,1696
rheRYSir Christopher IceAdult (m)6,0821,2322
pCtVPSir Rob IceAdult (m)5,8981,2177
85XPUSir Liam IceHatchling (m, F)5,2391,0581
GOSQ7Wee Icicle IceHatchling (F)4,0726284
qUQFxLady Wanda PyralspiteAdult (f)9,6721,2857
8p1xHLady Heidi PyralspiteAdult (f)8,8719153
pbCvkLady Zara PyralspiteAdult (f)6,5761,0591
QdtrWLady Berry PyralspiteAdult (f)6,9681,2312
T6X4HSir Ryan PyralspiteAdult (m)6,4857504
WiDkcSir Tylor PyralspiteAdult (m)10,3941,3713
DtcyaSir Ben PyralspiteAdult (m)7,6561,3435
hw5NqLady Kendra PyralspiteAdult (f)8,3801,4396
zVOJ8Lady Megan PyralspiteAdult (f)7,0181,3402
ByAC8Sir Pen PyralspiteAdult (m)9,2661,4605
BwJJmLady Pearl PyralspiteAdult (f)10,3881,2034
A4PlWLady Paige PyralspiteAdult (f)7,9141,0295
ClAIKLady Jenna PyralspiteAdult (f)6,6611,2540
hp4tzLady Michelle PyralspiteAdult (f)8,4581,3075
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