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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Tedea,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WRXT1(WRXT1)Adult (m)3,6716950
2nSZi(2nSZi)Adult (f)3,6337012
7TNKc(7TNKc)Adult (m)3,6627051
ApdDV(ApdDV)Adult (m)3,5088043
UDVVH(UDVVH)Adult (m)5,1309812
l2H0(l2H0)Egg (F)
yvbwrYvbivira I O'LauAdult (f)2,5555853
fpJZc(fpJZc)Adult (f)2,1975643
RCnXmRacunixa I O'LauAdult (f)4,3002953
vJuuvVijuuva I O'LauAdult (f)4,4413122
EYoZG(EYoZG)Adult (f)4,4533041
2R5zr(2R5zr)Adult (f)4,0874531
aXgwF(aXgwF)Adult (f)4,1182882
rQiPH(rQiPH)Adult (f)4,2412961
xLYcJ(xLYcJ)Adult (f)4,2372971
e3IMX(e3IMX)Adult (f)3,0875052
z8IhN(z8IhN)Adult (f)2,4163661
GQ268(GQ268)Hatchling (f, F)5,7551,0227
WjFT4(WjFT4)Adult (f)5,2278723
3U0kJTryuoka I O'LauAdult (f)7,0118235
MhZDb(MhZDb)Adult (f)3,2023633
a1Y9w(a1Y9w)Adult (f)5,0513473
HwJoc(HwJoc)Adult (m)2,5204451
LzNZa(LzNZa)Hatchling (f, F)4,8347426
vn8mn(vn8mn)Adult (f)2,8915075
d1mVK(d1mVK)Adult (m)4,0174046
ODFP5(ODFP5)Adult (m)2,3134734
Xz3uZ(Xz3uZ)Adult (f)1,7915144
ZS8PU(ZS8PU)Adult (f)7,6965892
61pTJ(61pTJ)Adult (m)6,5459943
0Q2IFlamelin I O'LauAdult (m)2,7754676
mTGiGaruda II O'LauAdult (m)2,8016256
LIeZFlamedel O'LauHatchling (m, F)1,7034866
8Y2lN(8Y2lN)Adult (m)3,5223686
RMsRxRimarisar I O'LauAdult (m)3,0406102
U6LTp(U6LTp)Adult (m)5,0143502
5ZQBUFiaziqun I O'LauAdult (m)4,6313283
5TzaR(5TzaR)Adult (m)3,3044661
i74D4(i74D4)Adult (m)2,0614233
uDPCVestara I O'LauAdult (f)3,5985215
mNKCAgni I O'LauAdult (m)3,2425198
QVspMAgniya II O'LauAdult (f)2,2196054
lX5cvAdran II O'LauAdult (m)1,7316541
VdNaE(VdNaE)Adult (m)1,8915816
FdBk2(FdBk2)Adult (m)1,4654034
cbgbO(cbgbO)Adult (f)4,2302971
3L2LfTrilatilafa I O'LauAdult (f)2,8744781
7eSd5(7eSd5)Adult (m)3,8227081
IilZo(IilZo)Adult (f)3,7936951
5uO7d(5uO7d)Adult (f)4,2587143
ScAYpScaypal I O'LauAdult (m)3,0324394
ngg2T(ngg2T)Adult (m)4,0284933
S5mnZ(S5mnZ)Adult (m)3,0013772
xQthf(xQthf)Adult (m)4,8153241
ZRida(ZRida)Adult (m)3,6232591
APEvq(APEvq)Adult (m)4,5323141
WFzUb(WFzUb)Adult (m)3,6223902
bRt20(bRt20)Adult (m)2,4076371
w4Hoo(w4Hoo)Adult (m)2,4176632
dfxwa(dfxwa)Adult (m)2,2676212
MAe79Maesind I O'LauAdult (m)4,4402963
J5udg(J5udg)Adult (f)3,5588602
YiFBE(YiFBE)Adult (m)4,0153264
VQNGv(VQNGv)Adult (m)3,6993041
GkKug(GkKug)Adult (m)3,2864642
AIV6Aiva Spatia II O'LauAdult (f)3,5536709
urGSESpatiara III O'LauAdult (f)1,5567135
oouqqOouquona I O'LauAdult (f)2,9995707
jV2BPJavetwobeypa SibOou II O'LauAdult (f)2,4198731
nd73KRedwinga Freaky D'Alsea O'LauHatchling (f, F)1,3795353
mxCi7Mixacisa I O'LauAdult (f)1,6793935
CCpBNecrolio I O'LauAdult (m)3,43083817
CCeQCequen I-10 O'LauAdult (m)3,3594507
isGOSalur I O'LauAdult (m)2,3325956
ZrRfShinigami IV-12 O'LauAdult (m)3,18449918
ZdohZdoh II O'LauAdult (m)2,37468314
uohOTrup III O'LauAdult (m)2,2256747
NoJpTarlen II O'LauAdult (m)1,5735244
hBJH4Blake III O'LauAdult (m)2,6698675
tBk1jTubakij VI O'LauAdult (m)2,5028693
Wq82QMertvec III O'LauAdult (m)2,3757783
3rhf9Triquart IV O'LauAdult (m)2,4555354
Z2l25Salurin III O'LauAdult (m)1,7936222
xVf6TBlakiar IV O'LauAdult (m)1,5316916
n71BWKomatoz VI O'LauAdult (m)1,9217374
Vi3wxVitrix V O'LauAdult (m)3,1224616
hoB6dHobarid VII O'LauAdult (m)4,2082901
VM24iVampus VI O'LauAdult (m)5,1763462
5k9TSFikidates V O'LauAdult (m)5,0433521
cZl8PCezarip VII O'LauAdult (m)3,3965022
zLOITZloit VII O'LauAdult (m)3,0384922
725gJSergijal VII O'LauAdult (m)4,2714284
HmCPt(HmCPt)Hatchling (m, F)4,5568766
NB6P1Nia-y-Bia I O'LauAdult (f)3,7863022
ghlsg(ghlsg)Adult (f)4,5823090
j23nA(j23nA)Adult (f)3,7972552
DQzzWDaquzziwa I O'LauAdult (f)3,0166452
ndQVH(ndQVH)Adult (m)3,5814512
dX49p(dX49p)Adult (m)4,3634422
Ja9mu(Ja9mu)Adult (m)2,6236044
1KUul(1KUul)Adult (m)2,4115694
nmqaM(nmqaM)Adult (m)3,7903403
knpIl(knpIl)Adult (m)4,0703343
GTiuT(GTiuT)Adult (m)4,0063492
U8IXM(U8IXM)Adult (m)3,8913822
vzZTN(vzZTN)Adult (m)2,7562881
D4xRg(D4xRg)Adult (m)4,2594330
dwuLr(dwuLr)Adult (m)4,8573291
JYCy0(JYCy0)Adult (m)2,4111,1882
fHE1Y(fHE1Y)Adult (m)4,0545450
q5oMsQisomas I O'LauAdult (m)2,3004661
MqH1w(MqH1w)Adult (m)1,7826726
BNAG2(BNAG2)Adult (m)3,0356314
7CcRL(7CcRL)Adult (m)3,4386165
xld0s(xld0s)Adult (m)3,2593855
Hylmx(Hylmx)Adult (m)5,4903845
wjS4o(wjS4o)Adult (m)2,7414362
L3QIt(L3QIt)Adult (m)2,8204485
lZ29s(lZ29s)Hatchling (m, F)3,9607632
gDRyF(gDRyF)Adult (m)6,2321,1125
VpU6S(VpU6S)Adult (m)3,9288852
De7QC(De7QC)Adult (f)3,9388953
ae6Qm(ae6Qm)Adult (f)4,1968442
hE1r9(hE1r9)Adult (f)4,1418521
3y0pu(3y0pu)Adult (m)3,2017671
1gCAA(1gCAA)Adult (f)5,1999524
SLuz1Saluza I O'LauAdult (f)2,7484649
38zt1(38zt1)Adult (m)3,8102906
E0bCZ(E0bCZ)Adult (m)1,7175465
GZoJb(GZoJb)Adult (m)5,2663522
2mVVmTumavivama I O'LauAdult (f)4,5203033
GAAP6(GAAP6)Adult (f)4,2282822
yDwr1(yDwr1)Adult (f)3,7915040
73YWYwwyr I O'LauAdult (m)4,1335029
sYmiSyymi I O'LauAdult (f)3,2094902
1JeSJessica I O'LauAdult (f)3,4443438
f9W5Flavian I O'LauAdult (m)3,0105005
71pVVertana I O'LauAdult (f)1,0995155
GKOqUSyyra II O'LauAdult (f)2,0406993
SYDr7Sydr II O'LauAdult (m)1,9887002
u6v7e(u6v7e)Adult (f)2,5239450
HOIC1Hoiclon O'LauHatchling (m, F)1,4515484
x6JyZ(x6JyZ)Adult (m)4,1202824
66Yyd(66Yyd)Adult (f)3,7642965
0oUVB(0oUVB)Adult (f)3,7902641
xBM60(xBM60)Adult (f)3,6512621
nguse(nguse)Adult (m)2,8593801
g7fnlGiassin I O'LauAdult (m)3,1045684
WgSR5Wegisar I O'LauAdult (m)2,6005343
EpvjEEpavjer I O'LauAdult (m)1,5765682
m9gxuMagxud I O'LauAdult (m)1,6695935
Zprv6Zaperevab II O'LauAdult (m)2,9234473
AKt8xAkteit III O'LauAdult (m)3,2374911
V14jl(V14jl)Adult (m)3,4812983
yK4atYkachat I O'LauAdult (m)2,6484135
o5bFt(o5bFt)Adult (m)3,9602773
VpS71Voparis I O'LauAdult (m)4,7423172
4keCb(4keCb)Adult (m)3,6355391
pjwCVPigevic II O'LauAdult (m)8,3267726
MQ742Belogrud I O'LauAdult (m)1,8137652
r0SbkChocolate Rose I O'LauAdult (m)1,6517521
GDLH3ShokoCryl II O'LauAdult (m)2,3926143
Ax73YChocolate Wings II O'LauAdult (m)2,2505933
oNYKcOnyxian II O'LauAdult (m)3,1293234
Ou9bqOurdeb II O'LauAdult (m)3,4494185
cYzoBKrasnoBok III O'LauAdult (m)3,0374226
KS6dqChocolate Kiss III O'LauAdult (m)3,2284325
v2ENo(v2ENo)Adult (m)3,3772721
IwRjb(IwRjb)Adult (m)5,1179511
m4qP0(m4qP0)Adult (m)5,1159392
0uP2O(0uP2O)Hatchling (F)1,8425082
jcb6z(jcb6z)Hatchling (m, F)3,9899573
dsTzKDer-Dor I O'LauAdult (m)3,1705771
YGttG(YGttG)Adult (m)4,7575803
AG4hc(AG4hc)Adult (m)2,8816891
o4dGv(o4dGv)Adult (m)3,8462923
ZXeza(ZXeza)Adult (m)5,4194284
Cb34MCiba-Ritt I O'LauAdult (m)4,5163294
MMMz9Mim-Maz I O'LauAdult (m)5,4813685
Or2un(Or2un)Adult (m)6,2414295
3wbrp(3wbrp)Adult (m)7,8171,1241
Ga3Jk(Ga3Jk)Adult (m)3,2564311
bwkAA(bwkAA)Adult (m)3,7314922
5ruYv(5ruYv)Adult (m)2,0825522
VeGqH(VeGqH)Adult (m)2,2376242
FF9gD(FF9gD)Hatchling (m, F)4,3969774
pUNTDino Ras Punto O'LauAdult3,9373487
N5a6Dino Rasbiyar O'LauHatchling (F)3,7752705
ZApmDino Rastihl O'LauHatchling (F)2,0241435
C8JN9(C8JN9)Adult (f)3,8603822
dX0A4Dixoan I O'LauAdult (m)4,7264128
1q6iu(1q6iu)Adult (m)4,1735123
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