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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “TearsFromTheSun,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YSKUT(YSKUT)Hatchling (f)2,4675881
0nvpN(0nvpN)Hatchling (f)2,2695982
dvg37(dvg37)Hatchling (f)2,2415811
ztTDY(ztTDY)Hatchling (f)2,1565443
BCHtD(BCHtD)Hatchling (f)2,2255861
xOMvR(xOMvR)Hatchling (m)2,3235972
MhWLXLittle Matsui DinosaurAdult2,2555864
yNzruKeiko's DinosaurAdult2,8806453
rbz6UMatsui's Little TwinAdult3,0695564
EZxKjMatsui Twin DinosaurAdult3,0886573
pq1pLMatsui DinosaurAdult3,3187593
n3HxXKeiko's Little TwinAdult2,5506415
kEejXKeiko's Little DinosaurAdult2,6534267
uGrvGKazu's Little DinosaurAdult2,7945773
G6Ix2(G6Ix2)Adult (f)2,5895411
Syx0R(Syx0R)Adult (m)3,3825871
KBqk7(KBqk7)Adult (f)2,9685603
7KE7Q(7KE7Q)Adult (f)2,7244802
qe2Ss(qe2Ss)Adult (m)2,7234604
9N7a3(9N7a3)Adult (f)2,0615714
ZAPc8(ZAPc8)Adult (m)2,1055842
LXnGM(LXnGM)Adult (f)2,2065942
UEmrt(UEmrt)Adult (m)1,9145842
HywjG(HywjG)Adult (m)2,4746063
bq6E1(bq6E1)Adult (m)2,9315871
Sz8Ju(Sz8Ju)Adult (m)2,0755532
yGvWx(yGvWx)Adult (f)2,9935751
FYD2T(FYD2T)Adult (f)2,7717202
EQMj0(EQMj0)Adult (m)2,5036213
JlAcR(JlAcR)Adult (f)2,1656381
JObGE(JObGE)Adult (m)2,5416661
HtmAM(HtmAM)Adult (m)2,3926571
fnNv2(fnNv2)Adult (f)2,1796122
7vsw0(7vsw0)Adult (f)2,1706321
ojAEH(ojAEH)Adult (m)2,3446832
3kKWW(3kKWW)Adult (f)2,4866572
3rgYK(3rgYK)Adult (m)2,2636792
3rBwJ(3rBwJ)Adult (m)2,1175723
JGNm6Aquilo JazzAdult (m)2,1556002
UONCEOne Time OnceAdult (f)2,3256073
MjBZK(MjBZK)Adult (m)2,7236343
xC341(xC341)Adult (f)2,4075832
k960h(k960h)Adult (m)2,3685701
r2zgA(r2zgA)Adult (m)2,3625932
ymSHR(ymSHR)Adult (f)2,1275642
9kvbeJazzy JunglesAdult (f)2,0526613
h0Sm1Hot and JazzyAdult (m)2,4116722
95wZ0Steamy Jungle JazzAdult (f)2,1526322
GstVs(GstVs)Adult (f)3,0776535
2vsCG(2vsCG)Adult (f)2,3966661
YImpD(YImpD)Adult (m)2,5596642
Y8ydl(Y8ydl)Adult (f)2,5326552
AU4Hl(AU4Hl)Adult (f)2,0845573
r8LnTIrees JazzAdult (f)2,4336274
Ko9TKPharos JazzAdult (m)2,9915803
SGRbhJazzy PharosAdult (f)2,6895491
G6QemMuted JazzAdult (m)2,8555741
zXxBRZeeZee JazzAdult (f)2,4556293
GKR9i(GKR9i)Adult (m)2,3256321
2J8UO(2J8UO)Adult (f)2,2826293
FHhya(FHhya)Adult (m)2,7025463
z5pF1(z5pF1)Adult (f)3,1595155
XowNh(XowNh)Adult (m)2,6285004
DjK2R(DjK2R)Adult (m)3,4998292
zjx3UJazzy FlamesAdult (m)3,4856701
lL695(lL695)Adult (f)4,5878622
Oqvoe(Oqvoe)Adult (f)3,2373094
iqx6nVolcanic Lava JazzAdult (f)3,4077421
tLc1T(tLc1T)Adult (m)5,5458866
Uo6JM(Uo6JM)Adult (f)7,2431,1023
PKOwh(PKOwh)Adult (f)3,9787841
Jd1me(Jd1me)Adult (f)3,9837871
UnkPKVolcanic Jazz FusionAdult (m)3,2616431
X6otYJazzy FireAdult (m)3,1908681
MqmbYNarada FireAdult (m)3,1387541
yMWSFHot Jazzy TeaAdult (f)4,1598892
89FK9Fiery PianistAdult (f)4,4217742
tcuHxHot PianoAdult (f)5,0768772
cUpIIWatanabe FireAdult (m)2,8865753
NNvRkKazumi FireAdult (m)2,8406243
qiSMhExploding Jazz FusionAdult (f)3,6237311
gCH8UVolcanic JazzAdult (f)3,7777945
EvWQZFiery GeishaAdult (f)3,0255893
vXgXzV JazzHatchling (F)1,7834752
ELan1(ELan1)Adult (f)3,3395032
rouzi(rouzi)Adult (f)3,4216421
qDYHHAeons of TearsAdult (m)3,5207662
TWsb5Pixar SingerAdult (f)3,4907552
fVuHV(fVuHV)Adult (m)4,3115501
yT4RD(yT4RD)Adult (f)3,7735742
QVSML(QVSML)Adult (m)3,6645461
xwaiB(xwaiB)Adult (m)2,8796152
GSMwH(GSMwH)Adult (m)3,6624843
s5MneAlpine FusionAdult (m)3,7667312
j8e8fBlue HyoryuAdult (m)3,8106262
Py66wCarl AndersonAdult (m)2,4215982
kpaCNIcy GeishaAdult (f)2,1995201
tVpoxCold Iced TeaAdult (m)3,2666014
9HV4XAlpine DollAdult (f)3,7527404
rhdI9Cold Blue FusionAdult (f)2,4345512
dta6R(dta6R)Adult (f)3,0845501
QO5CV(QO5CV)Adult (f)4,0274594
wsV3u(wsV3u)Adult (f)3,8044772
yfRek(yfRek)Adult (m)2,9795612
0HrBZ(0HrBZ)Adult (f)2,9625611
6I9hZ(6I9hZ)Adult (m)3,4316732
MclYg(MclYg)Adult (f)3,2616693
vdZGF(vdZGF)Adult (f)2,9476803
KTzy2(KTzy2)Adult (m)3,4805353
Fkohc(Fkohc)Adult (f)3,4417062
uzZqQ(uzZqQ)Adult (f)3,1835141
n5OwkTokyo JungleAdult (m)3,7908212
egJQOMacha Green TeaAdult (f)5,0708453
wUTsXJazzy Green TeaAdult (m)3,6116841
wjcZUJungle WasabiAdult (m)2,3615951
KdUKDWasabi KickAdult (f)2,8916342
MYamgMusou ToshiAdult (f)4,3249264
8LpmmJazz LPAdult (m)5,0138931
ivYeiMusitopiaAdult (m)3,4396562
gRSYrTokyo SongsAdult (f)3,7247343
EWZgjJazz or JazzyAdult (f)2,9246201
LLQMqInstrumental CrossoverAdult (m)3,6786971
WoHt5Spiced Green TeaAdult (m)3,6217161
hKsnH(hKsnH)Adult (f)2,2435863
wh1ap(wh1ap)Adult (f)2,4405012
hSfJ8(hSfJ8)Adult (m)2,6855551
HVn4e(HVn4e)Adult (m)2,1205902
0UXFq(0UXFq)Adult (f)3,3385262
RM03w(RM03w)Adult (f)2,4805701
OdrmN(OdrmN)Adult (m)3,0356381
Jj2tx(Jj2tx)Adult (m)2,6895323
bI0iC(bI0iC)Adult (m)4,1703994
hldW0Gold Forest TearsAdult (m)3,7457732
oVD40(oVD40)Adult (f)3,5427123
SOa1b(SOa1b)Adult (f)2,7145831
x3OXt(x3OXt)Adult (f)4,4018283
5jqZ0(5jqZ0)Adult (m)2,9845671
fLDa7Forest SamuraiAdult (m)2,9145341
3qI6CProud SamuraiAdult (m)4,2177703
XGAsuWeeping GeishaAdult (f)4,3349201
ScldKScaled Blue TeaAdult (f)3,4705473
PEoliMirrored JazzAdult (m)2,8185951
ue4YtLive from TokyoAdult (m)3,0516061
xAMZNOne DropAdult (f)3,6647222
i2aPkPassport JazzAdult (f)3,2556241
hDAqHSpiced DashiAdult (m)5,2069482
bV5L4Sweet DashiAdult (f)2,7966212
WBDo7Yamaha R and DAdult (f)3,5628072
5fcsk(5fcsk)Adult (m)2,3715872
ZRV3g(ZRV3g)Adult (m)2,8284874
jQjBt(jQjBt)Adult (f)2,4055113
urQYG(urQYG)Adult (m)2,9395694
L6BxZ(L6BxZ)Adult (m)2,5244822
GS32e(GS32e)Adult (f)3,4959091
W4UQy(W4UQy)Adult (f)2,9075283
H1296(H1296)Adult (f)3,1376264
wOIdQ(wOIdQ)Adult (m)3,1456643
O3FK1(O3FK1)Adult (m)3,3986394
Va9rwChristmas HeralderAdult (m)8,6231,2135
iprZU(iprZU)Adult (m)4,8508263
uq42cDeserted Desert JazzAdult (f)4,3771,0343
F7DW1Desert JazzAdult (m)3,0595373
m8NfcAkira AsakuraAdult (f)3,5166513
V2zJrSun Fire PagodaAdult (f)4,6707522
cyx7BPagoda DreamsAdult (f)3,6446873
bWPHQMikado ToneAdult (f)4,6057903
OworkTribal MozartAdult (m)2,8626292
m3iJ7Samurai StrengthAdult (m)3,7016771
EGduVSamurai DreamsAdult (m)3,7667142
TkRpBPiano DreamsAdult (f)3,1616024
EactPJazzed Love SongAdult (m)2,0905541
2SnL7Heart JourneyAdult (f)1,9025223
cDv52Moyo Soul QuestAdult (m)2,5445412
Eg8iBSunshine SamuraiAdult (m)5,9991,1155
66s0VBright and JazzyAdult (f)5,8651,1666
LWbJOSunny GeishaAdult (f)3,5376961
Tj8g0The Empire of the SunAdult (f)3,7256771
8KP4L(8KP4L)Adult (m)2,3016381
ZKbsD(ZKbsD)Adult (f)2,6274811
i7b79(i7b79)Adult (m)4,4416303
0AhsL(0AhsL)Adult (f)3,0146373
VKSlt(VKSlt)Adult (m)3,3496253
2krIPKeyboard CoastAdult (m)3,4787053
Y9KtLMariko ToneAdult (f)5,0968573
KLh4KDancing on the WatersAdult (m)3,1087233
Hnt1dJazz Planet of JoyAdult (f)2,7226261
6iWLnTribal BeethovenAdult (f)2,8825922
0pEL4Opium Jazz DreamsAdult (f)3,3137281
uoXfBNarada ProductionsAdult (f)2,6145812
Qp4XLShanachie JazzAdult (f)3,0596331
4Sp6nAkendora DreamsAdult (f)3,1627162
lwxNTLove Fest JazzAdult (f)6,0261,1496
tkzgbJason Miles to MilesAdult (m)4,4631,0062
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