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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Tate-Genova,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0fVJPOfveja TurisaAdult (m)3,3348574
RwTx0Ramxo Kaijt AuransaAdult (m)5,3141,1922
chZlpChazlup TranqaAdult (f)4,4891,1082
cbwYXCabwey XriaeAdult (f)3,9627953
zvXnfZaven FenaxAdult (m)5,3021,1512
ShNxzShennax SerenAdult (m)3,8508203
sQuUiSquui TulleieAdult (m)3,2927812
E0PpxEoppa TranqaAdult (f)3,6318392
pLrUFPlaruf VenturiAdult (f)5,6281,2292
zslosZavene SlosAdult (f)3,7008353
Td5pqTadspa EselonAdult (m)6,0721,2385
bwD3aBowdea OrganzusAdult (m)6,1721,3064
ctLnzCatalanza GreerAdult (f)4,0359542
mklfZMikalafez Debmas TranqaAdult (m)4,7571,1175
6A0E8Debmas IlskyeAdult (m)4,7381,0813
JElZaJeiza Xriae StriemerAdult (f)4,3698662
SKQifSkaqif AuransaAdult (f)4,9201,0714
Xc7pgCeven Slos WeqanaAdult (f)5,1351,0822
NLrVuNalruvi Djipens OrganzusAdult (f)4,5899942
gthF2Githfa EselonAdult (m)3,9948894
8NrfCAnafra IlskyeAdult (m)4,6338022
81Q5rEiqer FivelAdult (m)3,3457952
H2mDvHamadv StriemerAdult (m)4,2948735
pNhpKPinahk WeqanaAdult (m)4,2568674
pKMJ5Pakajm TranqaAdult (f)3,1186751
siDpASidpa Sylkin IlskyeAdult (f)4,0288084
tydVJTydha TristisAdult (f)4,0128341
4HRsMAhram TulleieAdult (m)3,9248362
2kY33Czaxen Organzus EselonAdult (f)4,9811,1074
yRy6rYrydr Slos WeqanaAdult (f)5,0451,1093
z12emZizem TulleieAdult (m)3,2298153
uJCPlChiajup Sylkin IlskyeAdult (f)3,1068003
7iKhoSzikho Ofveja TurisaAdult (m)3,1408256
pkqGpPakhajm AuransaAdult (f)4,5159682
IdVgEIdvage EselonAdult (m)2,9147192
lPW2XIngahna TristisAdult (f)4,1228922
AepXAAeseph TulleieAdult (m)5,0958453
u0LXJUxold Mikalafez TranqaAdult (m)5,1378633
jPGKWJamei EselonAdult (m)4,9918083
G2gzoGedpin TantraAdult (f)5,0017952
jgn7rJagrin Wholha TristisAdult (m)6,0509462
7pEh4Speha FenaxAdult (f)6,0109213
q1WLaSundh IlskyeAdult (m)4,2007073
yQoJXOxjy TurisaAdult (f)4,3308213
ofRRFOfrer TulleieAdult (m)4,1897922
vn8xEVenaxe TurisaAdult (f)6,3179953
S1YUiPyzyun EselonAdult (m)2,8166512
zGLyDSundhikam ZaglydaAdult (f)3,8048155
uzYM3Uzyme Eiqer FivelAdult (m)3,2608223
LWKeALewkea Wholha TristisAdult (m)3,1948064
jphEkJiphek StriemerAdult (m)4,1039053
NpJVpNepaja VentoraAdult (f)2,9727383
nXrlyNixerly Organzus EselonAdult (f)2,9347013
2GzB6Zavene GzbaAdult (f)4,1448343
y2tn5Yztin SlosAdult (m)4,1808532
lXvtYIxvety Turisa BenafaAdult (f)5,4761,0374
oi23MOizem Ventora EszelonAdult (f)5,4601,0293
gDhs9Dhasa Sylkin IlskyeAdult (f)5,4481,0264
4Sm6FSkymy AsmafAdult (f)3,5707112
cbVm4Cevbma Weqana StriemerAdult (f)5,3969443
oEo71Oeoli Ventora TulleieAdult (f)5,3349144
gSxLWSaxel KaijtAdult (m)5,3379473
QKeJEQykeje AuransaAdult (f)5,2959302
3AZQTPinahk EazotAdult (m)3,8998571
dFOhoSzikho DefohoAdult (m)3,8028521
3So22Esoz Shennax SerenAdult (m)4,8919292
aySh7Ayshe Sylkin IlskyeAdult (f)3,6838051
46tzSFeatzs Ventora EszelonAdult (f)3,8228091
98Cr7Nacre QooiAdult (m)4,8129694
JyXexJyrex StriemerAdult (m)4,6279291
G0aGvGroirsey EselonAdult (m)3,9718672
fPNJBMikalafez KaijtAdult (m)4,4189512
Rj3DKCabwey TristisAdult (f)4,4899641
1yOeLSodaqan TranqaAdult (f)5,8951,1241
TMBFlTambi FeifegAdult (m)4,4189755
4EXH4Aexha XenosAdult (m)4,9261,2515
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