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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • 2015 Holiday Event
  • 2015 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “TastesLikChicken,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
25nkz(25nkz)Adult (m)4,9721,0096
qOFF0(qOFF0)Adult (f)5,3177661
Ctp2B(Ctp2B)Adult (f)4,6947172
9hnBQPUBGEM 3G OAdult (m)4,4677972
wIcPc(wIcPc)Adult (f)5,7248480
X8Tf3PUBGEM 2G AAdult (m)5,0491,0092
PRip4(PRip4)Adult (f)5,6608750
FT7vk(FT7vk)Adult (m)5,7058810
PjGEm(PjGEm)Adult (f)5,1229162
F4KQ8(F4KQ8)Adult (m)5,1186710
Z9F4T(Z9F4T)Adult (m)5,2266710
893Bd(893Bd)Adult (f)6,4618020
nb8FFPUBGEM 3G NAdult (f)5,4648792
vqTF7(vqTF7)Adult (m)5,3458831
y7yT3(y7yT3)Adult (f)5,7939422
nNS2k(nNS2k)Adult (f)2,9074803
sOySl(sOySl)Adult (m)4,8109923
N3qsP(N3qsP)Adult (f)5,2351,0311
8MJvS(8MJvS)Adult (f)5,0681,0291
Nz219(Nz219)Adult (f)4,6391,0213
C1qMf(C1qMf)Adult (m)4,6641,0122
MFIPK(MFIPK)Adult (m)5,1901,0392
P4x6g(P4x6g)Adult (m)4,8461,0191
a2YVe(a2YVe)Adult (m)5,0491,0052
Hj1HM(Hj1HM)Adult (m)4,7071,1670
Uxslm(Uxslm)Adult (f)4,8651,1580
MtnnD(MtnnD)Adult (f)4,6531,1471
aksjC(aksjC)Adult (m)4,7981,1483
nw8Lr(nw8Lr)Adult (f)4,7071,1390
QcydU(QcydU)Adult (m)4,4781,1300
1rHkW(1rHkW)Adult (f)4,2358292
NIJZA(NIJZA)Adult (m)4,9181,0422
Bv4ob(Bv4ob)Adult (m)4,8979061
L42I3(L42I3)Adult (f)6,8458701
J0ePL(J0ePL)Adult (f)4,7908913
EIUpO(EIUpO)Adult (m)5,2909472
pYfq2(pYfq2)Adult (m)5,1407971
BUlQf(BUlQf)Adult (m)4,7717773
VvcTY(VvcTY)Adult (m)3,1019793
MFGc1(MFGc1)Adult (m)3,1089712
cUkAH(cUkAH)Adult (f)4,1788313
YhVzl(YhVzl)Adult (f)4,0218413
EdllV(EdllV)Adult (m)3,8948961
SDrtw(SDrtw)Adult (f)4,1761,0174
nj9Up(nj9Up)Adult (f)3,6321,0202
yTti3(yTti3)Adult (m)4,4281,0900
uikKO(uikKO)Adult (m)4,0829883
cQZ3N(cQZ3N)Adult (m)4,9361,0813
Limbr(Limbr)Adult (m)5,7751,0462
Y4Amy(Y4Amy)Adult (f)5,7221,0452
lxKRBTLC's CB SharpyeAdult (m)5,6179966
UofTi(UofTi)Adult (f)6,4349363
YLltpTLC's L-N StarcrackAdult (m)5,3189962
npJzzTLC's CB npJzz-No Problem JazzAdult4,7258809
v26UCTLC's CB Version 2point6Adult (f)4,6739202
fZKVzTLC's CB Blu-str3kAdult (m)5,2718223
6KWEbTLC's CB 6KWEbAdult (m)5,6437953
7CopzTLC's 2G PB 7CopzAdult (f)2,4935526
Lk1eqTLC's 2G CurlweaveAdult (f)2,5945927
Vf4sg(Vf4sg)Adult (m)4,2101,1644
xAGyVTLC's CB LightsnapperAdult (f)5,4976102
HuarFTLC's CB SpellcasterAdult (m)2,5015282
qlYOFTLC's CB Wet RainbowsAdult (f)2,6935776
f7yGLTLC's 2G PB StoneshineAdult (m)3,1985524
nTWmUTLC's 2G Gentleman GenerosityAdult (m)2,8015713
n0XtaTLC's 3G LN NoxiousAdult (m)2,45257650
5OIIxTLC's 3G SeaweedAdult (f)3,6368536
cboObTLC's 2G PB cboObAdult (m)2,7586033
GknEv(GknEv)Adult (m)5,2531,0021
l7VkLTLC's CB SaeryaAdult (f)2,42260127
cgnDrTLC's CB Kingly DrapesAdult (m)3,15052225
s7D4o(s7D4o)Adult (f)5,4801,0083
FpwzTTLC's CB StarfrightAdult (f)2,80960210
SaGlpTLC's CB StarstreakAdult (f)3,1906526
DsyoKTLC's CB StarbyreAdult (f)2,6065683
J9o74(J9o74)Adult (f)4,7587711
Hefct(Hefct)Adult (f)3,9541,1460
jQBHo(jQBHo)Adult (f)6,2179702
hNG2M(hNG2M)Adult (m)5,7291,08315
3NrRv(3NrRv)Adult (m)5,5539722
GLyd0TLC's 2G Some Kind of SecretAdult (m)2,7436364
71h1eTLC's 3G LN HolwaveAdult (f)2,69356575
D5NtpTLC's LN Macaroni and MustardAdult (f)6,4368568
xpvVMTLC's 4G LN Diecast S SteelAdult (f)5,17777775
ajtbiTLC's LN Missed OpportunityAdult (m)6,13385210
l3t21TLC's LN Party FavorAdult (f)6,10584411
mPASH(mPASH)Adult (f)4,5327892
URrPlTLC's CB TiderakerAdult (f)2,4395899
8oGzuTLC's LN BeachrakerAdult (f)2,6705703
4GpdSTLC's 3G LN SurfstromAdult (f)2,9255983
xocpSTLC's LN BluekatAdult (f)3,1286065
ICjWd(ICjWd)Adult (m)4,6867863
1Ohqe(1Ohqe)Adult (m)4,9306001
P7QGWTLC's LN High TidesAdult (m)2,8066332
8WAwDTLC's CB CloudrakerAdult (m)3,4456947
fZhAFTLC's 2G PB HeadstrongAdult (f)2,59461940
NbjoATLC's CB Blue TarnishAdult (f)2,1115529
7fJ0aTLC's CB NoteworthyAdult (m)2,3195556
1CehV(1CehV)Adult (m)5,8511,1078
vnR6oTLC's CB Lucky CatchAdult (m)3,29549017
DjfnI(DjfnI)Adult (m)4,4287782
4FUK8(4FUK8)Adult (f)4,9067712
NScFF(NScFF)Adult (f)4,6057510
HQaJQ(HQaJQ)Adult (m)4,3917912
WOPDbTLC's CB Cherry PopsieAdult (m)4,4541,0631
iiTSr(iiTSr)Adult (f)5,3561,02272
2S3tn(2S3tn)Adult (m)5,6711,0283
flAr6(flAr6)Adult (m)6,2419543
dwB2M(dwB2M)Adult (m)4,6679213
l56Mj(l56Mj)Adult (m)4,8258852
qUAJb(qUAJb)Adult (m)4,8126122
Y1HwlTLC's CB AshesAdult (f)2,54159330
uRUXWTLC's EricaAdult (f)3,1865825
tvQ9JTLC's 2G ThiefAdult (m)2,6285831
4Mct8TLC's CB SpitfireAdult (m)5,1409294
9XJleTLC's CB Hot SauceAdult (m)4,6931,0203
379InTLC's 3G SpadesAdult (f)2,9295812
VoDE5TLC's CB Red Hots Vode5Adult (f)4,1501,1152
Okoi3TLC's Okoi3Adult (m)2,5915394
8W3p7TLC's 3G GingersnapAdult (m)3,1345822
vHCw9TLC's CB VinaigretteAdult (m)2,7445904
usW9j(usW9j)Adult (f)4,5331,0921
44Bnm(44Bnm)Adult (f)5,7269984
ALIQiTLC's CB PinkiAdult (f)5,3991,0051
TmB7yTLC's 4G PB BerricruschAdult (f)5,1179362
gaaq6TLC's CB ShortcakeAdult (f)4,7719762
dfiajTLC's CB ViolaAdult (f)2,6836043
Ev3NTPUBGEM CB GAdult (m)5,1789864
Hh9vVPUBGEM CB EAdult (f)3,0089166
hlYHlPUBGEM CB MAdult (m)4,8441,0362
GYum9PUBGEM CB SAdult (f)7,1171,2637
JHPiAPUBGEM CB HAdult (m)2,3705335
UpIq6PUBGEM CB AAdult (f)4,2529514
fz6mGPUBGEM CB RAdult (m)5,3735777
mOLH6PUBGEM CB DAdult (f)4,5683748
mJ1VDPUBGEM 2G DAdult (m)5,0411,0493
9Th2PPUBGEM 2G RAdult (f)5,0531,0813
19nNTPUBGEM  2GAdult (m)5,0121,0662
zOqZ0PUBGEM 2G GAdult (f)5,0701,0773
5102CPUBGEM 2GAdult (f)2,8946042
1LXb5TLC's CB Magician's NieceAdult (f)3,2726413
JvZpxTLC's 2G GroundrattlerAdult (f)3,3015912
6M4QqTLC's CB GrindstoneAdult (f)3,1145701
qnxuoTLC's 3G LN ShimmersnapAdult (f)3,9984455
cotxUTLC's 3G PB DragonsnapAdult (m)4,3919033
w8yx1TLC's 3G PB RivervalleyAdult (f)3,2155661
QyB1HTLC's 2G PB VinesnapAdult (m)4,77283616
FDVsITLC's 2G PB SkybreakerAdult (m)2,8136017
5yXSBTLC's CB Jeweled TarnishAdult (f)4,75965212
qUUp4TLC's 2G PB NiehlaAdult (f)3,8745634
ly9kWTLC's 2G PB YaerhelAdult (m)3,6405323
XBDp6TLC's CB Moonbasker VAdult (f)4,7231,0214
mtQTBTLC's P-B 2G Wibble WobbleAdult (f)3,9808577
iEumaTLC's 4G LinebreakerAdult (f)5,0921,0093
gyZmVTLC's 2G HounlyAdult (m)4,5748044
uJCkNTLC's LN CorsetteAdult (f)2,8685832
eTAnjTLC's CB SysteAdult (f)3,0816674
nKNroTLC's CB WardieAdult (f)3,0076043
SlXoDTLC's CB Moonbasker III SIXAdult (f)2,6875916
I4NPvTLC's CB Firecracker IIAdult (m)2,7355734
obzT0TLC's CB FirecrackerAdult (m)3,6979297
9OJLdTLC's CB MahlioAdult (m)3,9907984
Yz3BBTLC's SpellmarkAdult (f)3,0776052
yN4OSTLC'S MallarkAdult (m)2,6115698
OMOmOTLC's CB CrunchAdult (m)3,7381,1532
0TxwATLC's CB Hershey'sAdult (f)3,6851,1453
T6q51TLC's 2G SkylighterAdult (m)2,5238242
0a2wfTLC's CB RubysttAdult (f)3,9851,2035
TJNypTLC's 2G Baby RuthAdult (f)2,74192516
K4O0XTLC's 3G BottlecapsAdult (f)3,6411,2072
1lMnZTLC's 4G MusketeersAdult (m)4,3481,1703
8ww90TLC's 2G PB Milky WayAdult (f)4,3391,1133
5NnMNTLC's 4G Sweet TartsAdult (m)5,5441,27311
RmLXmTLC's Kit-KatAdult (m)4,0789034
P16kmTLC's 2G SnickersAdult (m)4,4049765
jmJJBTLC's 6G TwixAdult (f)3,6308999
e8dbyTLC's CB SunnyshineAdult (f)4,4199723
D7irvTLC's CB LeighlaAdult (f)5,4811,1036
iVFryTLC's WaterchillerAdult (m)6,02999211
a8GYMTLC's CB ThalessaAdult (f)7,7588066
yfirsTLC's CB MisarrayAdult (m)5,1268004
rZHihTLC's 3G Blackhearth WraithAdult (m)6,9859685
8ktcpTLC's 3G BleustromAdult (f)6,5378987
L7l29TLC's CB Sunset RadagonAdult (m)6,5676693
9CRS7TLC's 3G TheilusAdult (m)6,9606382
k57oiTLC's 2G BloodscapeAdult (m)5,6396513
se1aQTLC's 2G FrondsAdult (m)6,2095944
CPociTLC's CB Moonbasker IIAdult (f)3,5114714
Lk5NQTLC's CB ViolettaAdult (f)3,9534643
NRxSdTLC's CB Bloody CairnAdult (f)4,0944873
v7WXdTLC's 3G GetawayAdult (m)3,5044443
xVn08TLC's CB MoonspriteAdult (f)3,2114124
XGNO5TLC's CB Mine-Mine-MineAdult (m)3,5684283
5bXhhTLC's CB CaimeAdult (f)3,6374313
pgQhPTLC's CB FluffyAdult (f)3,8844084
y0v3NTLC's CB SchwarzblitzAdult (f)6,4556233
thS4eTLC's 4G MerryweatherAdult (f)4,5534692
QnvdMTLC's CB MoonbaskerAdult (f)3,4025104
OORfQTLC's 2G Whyntri StromAdult (m)6,9825433
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