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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “TammyTheTamer,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
vl6n6CuteLittleTreeEgg (F)
vW15c(vW15c)Hatchling (f)4,4828283
UgfHF(UgfHF)Hatchling (f)4,3938111
jpjWg(jpjWg)Hatchling (m)4,5427963
sRV1f(sRV1f)Hatchling (m)4,6258141
YFpTv(YFpTv)Hatchling (f)3,1207041
brALi(brALi)Hatchling (m)3,2717220
RejZT(RejZT)Hatchling (f)3,1827152
QumNVMinireen 2Adult (m)4,9151,77312
BRnK8Bidy 2Adult (f)5,2741,79514
BSdbuChrstmasAdult (f)6,5741,3928
D0IE9BlankiAdult (f)6,5081,4139
w0CTCElectrobab 2Adult (f)6,5041,4039
j1Y6ALizard Bab 2Adult (f)6,6461,37912
wezuOWinged BabAdult (f)3,8167405
pEuBJAxelJrAdult (f)6,2671,34015
vukMQMidnight BabAdult (m)3,36872811
SyUuqWaddleeyAdult (m)5,9411,2895
qGLbgDayDremrAdult (f)5,8381,2792
NzrgyHalloween BabAdult (m)5,4199389
04onlHollyPlantyAdult (m)3,6979013
aQ4jSSnowieGoldAdult (m)3,6299303
yXauAGreen SockiesAdult (f)3,2957995
UlnESCelestial BabAdult (m)4,0597727
TOLhgWater BabAdult (f)5,3838976
jEFqkWyrm BabAdult (m)4,0676588
7nzMKSnek BabAdult (f)5,9981,14312
qs5xTLuigikidAdult (m)8,7031,20514
uDTPOAlbinoBabAdult (f)8,2591,1996
DZCPKSpotted BabAdult (m)7,1491,0477
PVH7yArvis JrAdult (m)7,6321,07917
PSg0FSunSong BabAdult (f)5,0338795
Van1CMinty BabAdult (m)5,8419745
69mIINebbyNebbAdult (f)5,94596318
Mu8FwPrincessDreambertAdult (f)6,02896417
Co4zjDusk BabAdult (m)7,1011,1214
76MwRMichaelAftonAdult (m)6,1109175
pDEGpWinter BabAdult (m)7,1169345
NaAppKorechuAdult (f)6,4999145
EX2slFrilled BabAdult (m)5,4958951
nrwnhOlive BabAdult (m)5,5069073
wZJtJPinkyBabyAdult (m)5,40990919
RTJIfWhite BabAdult (f)5,2938616
i21yRTwoHeaded BabAdult (m)6,1898864
4iLFjSweet Honey BabAdult (m)9,2201,2023
lCcX7Spinel BabAdult (f)8,9551,1722
kiuQkThunder BabAdult (m)7,1599235
ZWbAdTidal BabAdult (f)7,1368932
Ma1g0Smol Black BabAdult (m)7,7319776
iicm4SunStone BabAdult (f)6,7959223
5Z02DAxel the ThirdAdult (m)9,6441,1363
QVUKQGuardian BabAdult (m)6,9719542
fG1P3PercyJacksnAdult (m)6,8901,0203
Vaw7fSkywing BabAdult (m)6,9489743
QgisACherche JrAdult (f)10,8851,35624
l2c2RDark BabAdult (f)7,4471,0423
aFAchBrimstone BabAdult (m)7,7831,0376
FtCQLCassare BabAdult (f)6,6631,0374
QkhcxRoyal Red BabAdult (f)5,4919843
IfV1vHorsey BabAdult (f)4,9558974
OA9BuRoyal BabAdult (f)4,4828504
2GTpgForest BabAdult (f)5,0828003
gXC63Fever BabAdult (m)5,5477793
fpfaoBlackie BabAdult (f)6,9169004
sMj05Tarantula BabAdult (f)6,7611,0863
OET4MDorsal BabAdult (f)5,2378853
9TJshSerpent BabAdult (m)7,9231,0883
hwiJHRed Moon BabAdult (f)8,2331,1203
SDz67Blacktip BabAdult (f)5,4389452
bgZWnKangaroo BabAdult (f)5,6209023
J24rXDuotone BabAdult (m)5,3528783
ogI7iBrutal BabAdult (m)5,5889422
Et6fRTurpentine BabAdult (m)5,1568924
vEO68Swallowtail BabAdult (f)5,1019053
ZAHg6BrightBabAdult (m)5,1078491
NU49CMagi BabAdult (f)6,7081,0272
s2VTsSunshine BabAdult (m)5,5658374
90aK8Fog BabAdult (m)5,4688552
35MFZBlue Band BabAdult (f)5,5348472
NLNQVSapphireBabyAdult (f)5,4817944
8BW3hGargoyle BabAdult (m)6,6137954
RlpvfSmol Fire BabAdult (m)8,3789842
aVkEZPlayfulBabyAdult (m)9,3709173
vWoJ5Candy BabAdult (f)9,5319413
B4o1EElek BabAdult (m)9,4929414
w6RI3Orange BabAdult (f)9,7788586
M9EhuMagikarp BabAdult (f)11,6619885
ClGoEWaterHorse BabAdult (f)11,2829072
eXpv5DeepSea BabAdult (f)12,0109332
fps2rAria BabAdult (f)11,4938822
0j3ygWhiptail BabAdult (f)12,5089862
ULSKWWingie BabAdult (f)11,1749761
Oa35oTri Horn BabAdult (m)8,6788682
ijLWoGreenFlame BabAdult (f)10,2049593
At9vnSnow BabAdult (f)10,0019571
8EMazPurpley BabAdult (f)9,4259741
m57NyCopperBabuAdult (m)7,1218652
gwc5fGreeny BabAdult (f)6,3298614
Q3nmqNocturne BabAdult (f)5,6499054
0PgBtBirby BabAdult (f)6,1859603
TqgHvMoonstone BabAdult (m)6,0419474
xdXeCBlue Fire BabAdult (m)5,2099143
4zfi4Tsunami BabAdult (m)5,6719892
613MzHarvest BabAdult (f)4,6638642
mmZxMGreenOrange BabAdult (f)6,6311,1292
obgp0Fangy BabAdult (f)5,44194224
ywgDzBalloon BabAdult (m)6,8371,1373
FNkEsMonarch BabAdult (f)5,1919424
ORw3HAntarean BabAdult (m)6,1221,0614
bJimtRocky BabAdult (f)7,3551,2013
bIsSPRoyal Blue BabAdult (f)6,9431,1205
B3FdMBlueYellow BabAdult (f)6,3941,1303
k6bccFruit BabAdult (m)7,5921,3015
EZVZ4Sweetie BabAdult (m)6,9461,2564
tQIH2Red BabAdult (m)6,9621,3126
SAC88Pinkie BabAdult (f)7,0791,2787
1ZYh7Rose BabAdult (f)6,6781,32713
eW3hIDark Pink BabAdult (f)5,8621,2525
MUy1UShiny Pink BabAdult (f)5,3351,1394
czBa3Radiant Heart BabAdult (m)4,8101,0743
GWV8mMutamore BabAdult (m)5,0731,1343
FeAweArvis the ThirdAdult (f)6,4341,2825
CBoHTBidy The ThirdAdult (m)6,4241,3023
XlzixPurpley BabyAdult (f)4,6321,0712
XIZPtCheesy BabAdult5,9911,29819
aWPm3Arsani BabAdult (f)5,3771,2433
D0FoPFloral BabAdult (m)5,4711,22217
18lPnAlbino Bab JrAdult (f)5,3551,1985
CkIsQPink Lizard BabAdult (m)6,4301,2484
q1toEWaddleey JrAdult (f)4,8509601
aPIl5Script BabAdult (f)6,6231,1832
GnhQQSeasonal BabAdult (f)7,1431,1934
l36u6Imperial BabAdult (f)6,7411,2042
74nG3Two-Headed BabAdult (m)6,8851,2073
3RbP7Speckle-Throated BabAdult (f)5,5241,1175
hTFVjLuma BabAdult (m)6,6031,2734
KeSAbDarkness BabAdult (f)7,3901,3295
iEkuSHooktalon BabAdult (f)10,3421,5065
leenQSea MonstahAdult (m)10,1801,5026
oEPZUPinko BabAdult (f)10,8161,5177
RIKwVFeathery BabAdult (f)10,5551,5315
cyasUFire Horse BabAdult (f)11,3871,69010
tayNxDreamy BabAdult (m)10,8521,4162
RHdRFWhite Mage BabAdult (m)11,5341,5675
LjPDdGrape BabAdult (f)11,4771,5035
UuSw8Spotted Greenwing BabAdult (f)10,1081,4985
YXITUBlueberry BabAdult (m)8,6721,41011
Egh0WDark Green BabyAdult (f)8,4701,3966
rQamQWormy BabAdult (m)7,9421,3343
2BTU0Garnet BabAdult (f)9,8711,49210
ZO34VBlack BabAdult (m)8,6441,3454
0dPC8Terra BabAdult (f)8,1461,2284
r2A11Goldie BabyAdult (f)7,4981,2203
vuW87Electric BabAdult (f)4,8939392
cIRYTGrima JrAdult (m)4,92295217
osGBeCloudy BabAdult (f)4,96594813
01AIyLunar Herald BabAdult (f)5,30497910
UAEyRDiamondBabAdult (f)5,5579904
PMvUBGlacier BabAdult (f)5,9411,0037
60pMjCelestialBabyAdult (m)5,2318938
eJA0sCoastal BabAdult (f)4,7988584
WOZpuSetsong BabAdult (f)4,8478504
gh5NVPurple Wing BabAdult (m)5,1979024
tZqEcGuardian Change BabAdult (f)6,82498618
rh7CdEcco JrAdult (m)6,8601,06411
zX3gGSilverBabyAdult (m)6,6399435
PhKiXPlated BabAdult (f)6,3369276
o6O8FNebula BabAdult (m)5,6619424
j9sf5Blue SockiesAdult (m)4,9338864
zuoHuRed Dorsal BabAdult (m)5,2858774
4REJaMike JrAdult (f)5,3609354
xHJmPSun Snek BabAdult (f)5,6839622
0y58gSeragamma BabAdult (f)6,2761,0465
5ASDtFalconiform BabAdult (m)6,3941,0694
kcSxVBolt BabAdult (m)6,3421,0604
qtpMySoulPeace BabAdult (f)7,4481,1344
lsdPPFlamingo BabAdult (m)6,6891,0914
nd79dSinii Krai BabAdult (m)9,1661,2173
TTcNFMorpho BabAdult (m)9,1591,1783
G4lMpRoyal Crimson BabAdult (f)9,1911,2132
V95bfGuardianCreationAdult (m)9,1961,2552
HINWhGilded BabAdult (m)11,9311,4182
1HTPQSmall BabAdult (f)5,3849963
MvC8ORedBabAdult (m)5,3239714
nYo8FStorm BabyAdult (m)5,9891,0736
AWLBWCarina BabAdult (m)6,4441,1573
1KXHQStorm-Rider BabAdult (f)6,4621,1131
1HWueBlack Cap BabAdult (m)3,2265376
4yXsmKyanite BabAdult (f)7,5341,2293
Lyz03Birb BabAdult (m)7,3031,2677
2JzA6Reddy BabyAdult (f)5,3329725
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