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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • Snow Wars 2
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • Gingerbread House
  • Wreath Decorating
  • Tree Decorating
  • 2019 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2017 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Tambadabam,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Pi9uWPiqu Time of TimeAdult (f)2,0526562
j8qEmJabem Time of TimeAdult (f)2,3297383
h5hOwHowso Time of TimeAdult (m)2,7616413
zz4tfZaht Time of TimeAdult (f)3,0317134
dkSjjSaji Time of TimeAdult (m)2,8717362
MlAFuMia Time of TimeAdult (m)3,2307692
sPcnMAcna Grace of GracesAdult (m)5,4301,0781
MG6aUBau Grace of GracesAdult (f)6,8791,4083
LPPOcLope Grace of GracesAdult (m)7,3001,3261
QCg8tQuete Aether of AetherAdult (f)4,2738393
U0BjPUbo Aether of AetherAdult (m)5,6141,1178
Z9PScPosk Aether of AetherAdult (m)5,8751,1252
K5p2JWite Blight of BlightsAdult (m)6,3602,3273
W4KloWalo Blight of BlightsAdult (f)3,2215991
dPOSyDopsy Blight of BlightsAdult (f)5,1928731
emfl3Emle Blight of BlightsHatchling (m, F)3,7826352
6i93EPidee Jade of JadeAdult (m)3,6736591
iwE22Iwes Jade of JadeAdult (f)3,3137280
wJE79Wejl Jade of JadeAdult (f)3,3367730
IaWvnIav Painter of PaintersAdult (m)3,0248951
s54IxSalas Painter of PaintersAdult (f)3,2639422
TjUXwTux Painter of PaintersAdult (f)3,2609233
UR9zXUrser Painter of PaintersHatchling (F)1,0354142
7rzj6Turjah Mirage of MiragesAdult (m)3,8127821
Hhb7rHuhbaht Mirage of MiragesAdult (m)3,8037423
R5njaRasna Mirage of MiragesAdult (f)3,9057361
jRCNAJarac Mirage of MiragesHatchling (f, F)3,3647442
yq0DDYaquo Shallow of ShallowsAdult (m)5,6221,0912
ukzoKUkzok Shallow of ShallowsAdult (f)5,7911,0971
0Q4yKOky Shallow of ShallowsAdult (m)6,9691,3864
dzHEFDahf Shallow of ShallowsAdult (f)3,6897462
2bTq6Sobu Reef of ReefsAdult (f)2,5426540
jypkQJyk Reef of ReefsAdult (f)2,5646510
J2zc2Soz Reef of ReefsAdult (m)2,4906650
CH5OSHos Reef of ReefsAdult (f)2,5175830
7mx8UTamu Arcana of ArcanaeAdult (f)8,7841,4179
o9rL4Oqur Arcana of ArcanaeAdult (m)5,5101,4145
DWjBFDow Arcana of ArcanaeAdult (f)5,5911,4553
AVqqdAvad Arcana of ArcanaeAdult (m)6,9291,6994
SS6vCSalv Arcana of ArcanaeAdult (f)2,9427883
bq9TRBatar Aria of AriasAdult (f)3,4888564
cCKF2Cufs Aria of AriasAdult (m)2,9666882
vdYVPYaven Aria of AriasAdult (f)3,7287030
98sonPaon Aria of AriasAdult (f)3,2627101
M5W9XYosh Love of LovesAdult (f)4,7852,0795
0CoA4Ocoa Love of LovesAdult (f)3,1017902
u7oiCUloc Love of LovesAdult (f)3,0798052
kjXyZKiky Love of LovesAdult (f)2,1076261
Qhlh4Quiha Love of LovesAdult (f)5,7331,1371
JjToLJital Love of LovesAdult (f)5,6881,2201
omuNg(omuNg)Adult (f)6,4881,1683
cvVQJCovun Soot of SootAdult (f)5,4891,1153
5aLh5Salh Soot of SootAdult (m)5,6721,0993
4KP6OAko Soot of SootAdult (m)3,2847290
RFyB3Rybe Flutter of FluttersAdult (m)5,6871,1273
9LqbpLaqu Flutter of FluttersAdult (f)5,4601,1190
7tSD0Lote Flutter of FluttersAdult (f)3,3077430
oi32IOis Scale of ScalesAdult (f)2,7236924
A3CAnAeca Scale of ScalesAdult (f)2,7957662
NA9zbNaz Scale of ScalesAdult (m)2,6547391
v4dytVad and Dyt Flood of FloodsAdult (m)5,5656573
a4fPzAtz and Paz Flood of FloodsAdult (f)5,5617803
OlT9HOita and Thoy Flood of FloodsAdult (f)3,7767751
F2Ld1Fisdi and Fu Flood of FloodsAdult (f)4,0085701
sfDKQSif and Daqu Flood of FloodsAdult (m)3,2667883
BjLQ6Boju Balloon of BalloonsAdult (m)5,7899112
p9dcUPacu Balloon of BalloonsAdult (m)3,9628685
CaLYCCal and Yic Scutes of ScutesAdult (m)6,8339401
yhdcvYuh and Duv Scutes of ScutesAdult (m)6,7169551
Mf8GCMuy and Boc Scutes of ScutesAdult (f)3,9405990
Crrh3Cer and Rhe Scutes of ScutesAdult (m)2,8216920
GFPuHGapu Cap of CapsAdult (m)2,9897622
nKDzRNakid Cap of CapsAdult (f)3,6757962
0wPbbOwpa Cap of CapsAdult (f)3,6007881
3MlrmSpire Night of NightsAdult (f)8,2402,6434
zKaxnKanz Night of NightsAdult (m)3,7908763
hWkxJHuwo Night of NightsAdult (f)3,5557913
H64esHanes Night of NightsHatchling (f, F)2,9337065
UJC1dUji Night of NightsHatchling (F)1,7504010
Tg9hXTog Marrow of MarrowAdult (f)3,2897474
H4PyEHapy Marrow of MarrowAdult (f)3,1998372
I7bGkBauk Marrow of MarrowAdult (m)2,1676533
z8aPhZahp Marrow of MarrowAdult (f)2,2776553
oLUS0Uso Marrow of MarrowAdult (f)3,0297890
LmgQXLoxe Marrow of MarrowHatchling (m, F)1,9175102
InhWyInhy Marrow of MarrowHatchling (F)8541860
B2PkoBipo Scent of ScentsAdult (f)2,1585983
PooOVPov Scent of ScentsAdult (m)2,1646371
iHfcNIhfon Scent of ScentsAdult (m)2,7287731
jgxezXez Truffle of TrufflesAdult (m)5,8061,1095
QE5PLQues Truffle of TrufflesAdult (f)2,7086862
kSd1p(kSd1p)Adult (f)3,3676972
GCzDHScrul Knight of KnightsAdult (m)3,2131,6961
21GdiFres Knight of KnightsAdult (m)3,0271,2712
RYDwPRyd Knight of KnightsAdult (m)3,3305932
3bRhEEb and Rhe Balance of BalanceAdult (m)6,5801,3425
L3LfGLel and Foos Balance of BalanceAdult (f)4,5891,0151
TJOIoTal and Olo Balance of BalanceAdult (f)4,0581,0304
zVZiJKuni Crescent of CrescentsAdult (m)5,2912,4582
vFGIESpel Crescent of CrescentsAdult (f)5,1732,1613
zV21GSefi Crescent of CrescentsAdult (m)3,3571,6232
YD5ieYid Stripe of StripesAdult (m)4,0228793
fAUY6Fau Stripe of StripesAdult (f)3,5097561
iVodPIvod Stripe of StripesAdult (f)2,7497504
DMKSYDosky Lull of LullsAdult (f)4,9662,4333
tm5CyTamcry Lull of LullsAdult (f)4,0318537
iRHgTIrga Lull of LullsAdult (f)3,4417764
2ELDIZeldi Lull of LullsAdult (m)2,7416874
dPwDkDahl Lull of LullsHatchling (f, F)3,1296501
M3jY6Meyor Bolt of BoltsAdult (f)3,7267460
MkM9tMokek Bolt of BoltsAdult (m)4,0807171
EVlPFEvi Bolt of BoltsAdult (f)3,9677191
x0tDTXot Bolt of BoltsHatchling (f, F)2,8756412
gP0c9Gosi Boreal of BorealAdult (m)4,5701,0211
hbNg9Biin Boreal of BorealAdult (m)4,0769111
iW01OIwo Boreal of BorealAdult (f)2,6466572
jyFszFlure Tropic of TropicsAdult (m)2,8911,4102
JgWhOJugo Tropic of TropicsAdult (m)2,6107472
A2xRbAsex Tropic of TropicsAdult (f)3,8677320
lgndXLugend Tropic of TropicsHatchling (m, F)3,7176271
zlRA5Zira Smell of SmellsAdult (f)3,5337885
IOwZkIowz Smell of SmellsAdult (m)4,0717692
Afun7Afun Smell of SmellsAdult (f)3,8148013
xpwZ0Dul Hero of HerosAdult (f)3,5461,7422
eGOEAGoe Hero of HerosAdult (f)2,3106503
geVzUGeuz Hero of HerosAdult (f)3,0556692
6WgSPSau Hero of HerosAdult (m)3,5406751
JuysTJuyst Cadaver of CadaversAdult (m)2,6138274
dpiN0Deeno Cadaver of CadaversAdult (f)2,7998300
hLHPWHaph Cadaver of CadaversAdult (m)2,7628443
S71pwStiip Cadaver of CadaversAdult (m)2,2166281
UgzPIUgals Cadaver of CadaversHatchling (f, F)2,2887590
LRQVfLuraf Cadaver of CadaversHatchling (m, F)2,3147300
CHR3ZChrez Cadaver of CadaversHatchling (F)1,0231911
yQAMsYaum Glow of GlowsAdult (f)3,0257480
nYdOlNydol Glow of GlowsAdult (f)3,2227570
bV8KiBavib Glow of GlowsAdult (m)2,6697531
2fYmPYvma Glow of GlowsAdult (m)4,2899292
aZPeCAzupec Canopy of CanopiesAdult (f)1,6375900
vBRMGVemgur Canopy of CanopiesAdult (f)5,3498390
8TbqtTobti Canopy of CanopiesAdult (f)7,1357712
1h76YIthy Nova of NovasAdult (f)3,7247512
JCsrRJascer Nova of NovasAdult (f)9,4821,2614
OO4cEOace Nova of NovasAdult (m)3,0626213
zt4cVTacvi Nova of NovasAdult (f)4,2946600
si0jqSiya Nova of NovasAdult (f)4,5116921
FgQ30Foeoh Nova of NovasAdult (m)4,7086490
OtkAZOtkaz Nova of NovasAdult (f)5,0941,0231
ZyJaJJall Nova of NovasAdult (f)3,5728111
MIBFcSuy Hunter of HuntersAdult (f)5,0942,3842
udUIlUdul Hunter of HuntersAdult (m)1,9025482
xXpoxXepo Hunter of HuntersAdult (m)2,7068003
Cq2uWCuswa Shroud of ShroudsAdult (f)3,1299784
Iuy7ZLuy Shroud of ShroudsAdult (f)2,2996911
hr2M1Hursi Shroud of ShroudsAdult (m)1,8196792
10DvfIod Lurker of LurkersAdult (f)3,0757313
Cw4zLCiwl Lurker of LukersAdult (f)3,0218181
sfVwKSavk Lurker of LurkersAdult (f)1,9605731
JfeG9Fhet Lurker of LurkersAdult (m)3,1308200
DAfJTDjat Lurker of LurkersAdult (m)2,2376241
tNbyDTyn Lurker of LurkersAdult (f)3,0647490
qZwd1Zawid Lurker of LurkersAdult (m)2,4706291
bQWbNBoquin Lurker of LurkersHatchling (f, F)1,7495971
2LjdRSlas Lurker of LurkersHatchling (F)8311991
wbMJ2Ubma Celestial of CelestialsAdult (f)3,8558644
kfQkNKif Celestial of CelestialsAdult (m)3,9028601
GvxOeGovone Celestial of CelestialsAdult (m)3,8508340
xKIYxKiy Celestial of CelestialsAdult (f)3,1336622
t1eIjTiel Celestial of CelestialsHatchling (f, F)3,4067822
Uwl56Ulas Celestial of CelestialsHatchling (F)2,6226430
fvzmLFriz Wave of WavesAdult (f)2,2786530
xdmsGXudes Wave of WavesAdult (m)5,5817343
Nz6mcNazma Wave of WavesAdult (m)5,2348901
3GUpUKungra Glimmer of GlimmersAdult (f)2,9691,5091
joGBuJogbu Glimmer of GlimmersAdult (m)3,2009395
ZHbPEZehbe Glimmer of GlimmersAdult (m)3,4248331
V5OZTSozt Glimmer of GlimmersAdult (m)2,6296481
6ZD6eAza Glimmer of GlimmersHatchling (F)2,4185070
1VZpQIeaz Treasure of TreasuresAdult (m)3,5248432
ijhrRIhr Treasure of TreasuresAdult (m)4,4031,0071
jTiDaTida Coral of CoralsAdult (f)3,4647620
qitutQuitut Coral of CoralsAdult (f)3,4868060
43YSaAesy Coral of CoralsAdult (f)3,1957101
LadwrLadwer Coral of CoralsAdult (f)3,4938251
XVLPtPer Flare of FlaresAdult (m)4,4502,1901
N8UHJNuja Flare of FlaresAdult (f)3,2556842
MLfF2Mal Flare of FlaresAdult (m)2,5005360
Xze8sZeyo Flare of FlaresAdult (f)5,0008051
W1wCXWic Flare of FlaresHatchling (F)7892200
WbSBKPilo Vine of VinesAdult (m)3,2641,5561
3vsBJEvas Vine of VinesAdult (f)3,1789642
KfxJmKux Vine of VinesAdult (m)2,7865782
Y6EtYYet Vine of VinesHatchling (f, F)2,9356181
wsUOOWuso Vine of VinesAdult (m)2,5406432
imcJwSwah Shade of ShadesAdult (m)3,1371,6912
4o15GAoi Shade of ShadesAdult (m)2,2895270
6cRVACrava Shade of ShadesAdult (f)3,6317752
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