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You pick up the scroll labeled “TalaFayola,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
RNvF1 Conte Tamhas of IndivarAdult (m)4,7071,0015
roQWx Contessa Gemelle of IndivarAdult (f)5,7328278
UCoTo1 Contessa Sicani of Al JabrAdult (f)7,4461,1456
24fCk1 King Akwetee of MarlaisAdult (m)5,3001,0864
Te5cb1 Queen Gemelle of ThanhAdult (f)4,1871,1222
kecp51 King Jamshid of ThanhAdult (m)4,2901,2052
4FRNO1 King Afrno of TamasAdult (m)4,4771,0823
I2dIl1 Queen Izdil of TamasAdult (f)5,1531,1443
WQNQ61 Empress Waqel of NoqeAdult (f)5,4391,0232
weKcH1 King wekch of GantydAdult (m)6,3339282
eHG5X(eHG5X)Adult (m)3,8218402
LaRjM(LaRjM)Adult (f)3,4127836
T3hbA(T3hbA)Adult (m)3,0379533
xeGdq(xeGdq)Adult (f)5,5521,1745
2ZOyh(2ZOyh)Adult (m)6,6301,1355
NbYVo(NbYVo)Adult (f)3,4619854
A7z2o(A7z2o)Adult (m)2,7131,0676
An1IX(An1IX)Adult (f)5,4021,2293
Nwk3Y(Nwk3Y)Adult (f)5,1911,2164
IdOtB1 King Huong of BayaAdult (m)4,6369227
6CKL91 Queen Koral of BayaAdult (f)7,2481,5094
P4Ncb1 King Pancb of BayaAdult (m)3,3931,0663
FmR6A1 King Nadesh of BayaAdult (m)4,1401,0514
UTXlR1 King Patal of BayaAdult (m)3,8671,1673
B0Evox Knave Bo of EvoAdult (m)5,4771,0343
mNOcR2 Princess Emm of NocriAdult (f)5,2871,0276
HTXss1 Prince Hatigs of SolisantAdult (m)6,1719894
WYjuq1 Regina Wen Yu of JuqarAdult (f)6,2889864
12UiAx Maiden IzuiaAdult (f)6,5501,0123
SvNfQx Dame Esvie of EnefqAdult (f)6,4519723
IJudu2 Graefin Ijudu of TwinkieAdult (m)6,6291,0064
HfOPf2 Graefin Hefopef of TwinkieAdult (f)6,4331,0064
5P5XY1 Spsxy the SnakequeenAdult (f)6,0941,0774
D7gs71 Regina Diteg of EstAdult (m)6,1691,0684
oI0NJ(oI0NJ)Adult (f)6,1381,0304
ZAEs1Knafe Zaesl of the BayasHatchling (f, F)3,8639033
8c9OJ(8c9OJ)Adult (m)5,4171,1698
JuUwU(JuUwU)Adult (f)6,6221,1005
Zii58x King Baloonie of MessAdult (m)3,8801,1142
MvN131 Queen of the BalooniesAdult (f)6,5581,2948
KUYhQ1 Prince Gilroy of the BalooniesAdult (m)3,7321,0216
0AEkg1 Princess Miaka of BalooniesAdult (f)5,6341,2974
sDMIC1 King Flann of the BalooniesAdult (m)3,1481,08912
Y5cQx Lady Tamasa of SamarAdult (f)4,2138449
CCYZx Freiherr Chulainn von RolentAdult (m)3,31287211
eMflx Lady Sweelan of EdilverAdult (f)4,8328595
o11hPrincess Tilla of SheltningAdult (f)5,8417835
IFBCx Baronesa Lelah des AourgenAdult (f)4,6798096
BLcjSir Eldonic of SilcissAdult (m)6,0396547
aUr9x Viscondesa Ramya del OlbiertaAdult (f)6,84898721
A78qx Freiherrin Chamasa von RolentAdult (f)5,8717435
Kaihx Earl Aharnish of HiranyaAdult (m)4,75566212
GPAbx Countess Varnika of OthenioAdult (f)6,0358064
KQopx Herzog Timothe von RatribahruAdult (m)8,3341,24017
RlqEOx Contessa Illen DeVinchAdult (f)6,1971,3215
suhHvx Sir Jeret of TadaakiAdult (m)7,2281,5084
2V1aSPrincess Devaki of ArdahAdult (f)6,0051,4575
bpmv4Princess Elaki of SildahAdult (f)4,2061,1094
Poh5cBaron Pohsc J'Emmaus D'HennegelAdult (m)3,1241,0244
Mp9arx Dame Hoata of JeddaAdult (f)4,8171,3154
LhDKfx Lord Golex of Spira'sAdult (m)4,0228492
g5KPdx Sir J'Emmaus D'HennegelAdult (m)6,7801,0884
NuaM5Sir Nuam the fifthAdult (m)4,7621,1155
NBNSnx Dame Enbe of NesenAdult (f)4,3437652
tXOcAx the toxic ThiefAdult (f)3,9128603
BEU2ex Beu SeAdult (m)3,3777943
f9lrm4St Lady Efgel of AremAdult (f)3,3308503
dqlA7Baroness Deqel of Ah'tAdult (f)3,1577943
cDLA1Dame Cidi of ElaiAdult (m)3,7638494
CjfmT1 Queen Cejai of EfemtiAdult (f)4,0861,0153
bvY1J1 Queen Bevie of Yi'ejAdult (f)2,7488092
Cyq0v1 King Cyqo of VeeAdult (m)2,6758638
9Dgu7x Mother of all SinsAdult (f)3,2748014
63git2P Princess Gegit of EviweeAdult (m)3,7139792
nE1kS1 King Enei of EkesAdult (m)4,8168086
zJtN41 Qeen Ezjet of EnahAdult (f)5,3829363
q9DgQ(q9DgQ)Adult (m)4,1148674
qofnM(qofnM)Adult (f)3,4637822
3ivbH(3ivbH)Adult (f)3,8607832
ZfPRT(ZfPRT)Adult (m)3,6869373
7LQsD(7LQsD)Adult (f)2,9829353
OlVKv(OlVKv)Adult (m)3,1768094
4YZCI(4YZCI)Adult (m)3,2138715
eQhON(eQhON)Adult (m)6,3691,0681
y99EY(y99EY)Adult (f)6,1021,1493
tVs40(tVs40)Adult (f)6,2031,1122
kRnpb(kRnpb)Adult (m)4,0901,5402
sRSZq(sRSZq)Adult (f)4,3621,4342
C5hpH(C5hpH)Adult (f)4,7141,4142
gyKdE(gyKdE)Adult (m)4,8371,0772
8gOM9(8gOM9)Adult (f)2,2236232
AwhHY(AwhHY)Adult (m)5,9401,17713
0w5pl(0w5pl)Adult (m)3,3958085
nrXVI(nrXVI)Adult (m)6,8501,0584
ETYid(ETYid)Adult (m)5,7031,1124
TNMUx Lady Tamainn of RosarHatchling (f, F)1,5653734
SjmGx Argos NayanHatchling (F)3,15756216
f5vHULady Eldoki of SildahHatchling (m, F)2,5748014
2hYrGx Knafe Yulian of EhasirbAdult (m)4,5291,3534
kAlrcBaroness Ramya of KrishnaAdult (f)4,7291,2624
g7Lpkx Dame J'Emmaus D'HennegelAdult (f)3,4391,0062
1QTiCx Dame Ihkiuell of KinAdult (f)6,1869264
Y2aQM3St Lord Blafir of MybraAdult (m)5,3731,2535
CXxb4Edelweisser GoldschimmerHatchling (F)1,8352202
DjjQx Archduke Chulavan of XelarAdult (m)5,1368554
SOAaZ(SOAaZ)Adult (f)3,1129952
7wa72(7wa72)Adult (m)3,3849832
RzU16(RzU16)Adult (m)3,6478425
4hVwR(4hVwR)Adult (f)3,0678183
AFtvq(AFtvq)Adult (f)2,5748104
aDAgR(aDAgR)Adult (m)6,9681,1617
TzAYD(TzAYD)Adult (f)5,8511,3016
8X4wZ(8X4wZ)Adult (f)3,1131,4562
ydx6g(ydx6g)Adult (m)4,1111,4952
PTJO7(PTJO7)Adult (m)3,3181,5023
aINAX(aINAX)Adult (f)3,7571,4683
UiVA1(UiVA1)Adult (m)3,3611,4753
QefdO(QefdO)Adult (m)3,4414671
KJ7SK(KJ7SK)Adult (f)3,1094643
fIwsg(fIwsg)Adult (f)3,6421,0583
CgtYh(CgtYh)Adult (m)3,1479202
YpMLq(YpMLq)Adult (f)4,1198514
9ROTG(9ROTG)Adult (f)7,0481,1527
WmvcS(WmvcS)Adult (m)5,8951,3295
rHXqE(rHXqE)Adult (m)6,0501,0625
zT1s9(zT1s9)Adult (f)2,3208932
SHuA2(SHuA2)Adult (m)3,0609303
rr59y(rr59y)Adult (f)2,7717293
EDs0s(EDs0s)Adult (f)2,5687653
rAj9Q(rAj9Q)Adult (m)2,8859633
m316h(m316h)Adult (m)3,0586904
DyNMk(DyNMk)Adult (f)3,5127934
ubx5V(ubx5V)Adult (f)5,0851,2162
pocqM(pocqM)Adult (f)3,2867882
dD6g4(dD6g4)Adult (m)4,3748476
Qv7Ss(Qv7Ss)Adult (m)4,3149045
hJHAS(hJHAS)Adult (f)4,1858585
z29zT(z29zT)Adult (f)3,8918936
DhYvI(DhYvI)Adult (m)3,8499026
epZAs(epZAs)Adult (f)2,8809583
z0vz0(z0vz0)Adult (m)3,2379322
984iI(984iI)Adult (f)2,7138002
qJ6Xh(qJ6Xh)Adult (f)6,3761,1054
XZYHj(XZYHj)Adult (m)5,7911,0274
Pug8s(Pug8s)Adult (m)6,2981,1416
3rcdP(3rcdP)Adult (m)5,9651,2004
1CZDw(1CZDw)Adult (f)6,7719593
d5Dhz(d5Dhz)Adult (f)6,7841,2112
Qv4Y2(Qv4Y2)Adult (m)6,4091,1596
XQMnL(XQMnL)Adult (f)5,6271,1164
nbk6e(nbk6e)Adult (m)6,7511,1923
pvWle(pvWle)Adult (m)3,4211,2924
1gvr0(1gvr0)Adult (f)3,4061,3363
gDVT6(gDVT6)Adult (f)5,2291,0913
E9oWF(E9oWF)Adult (m)5,3571,0393
BtqeC(BtqeC)Adult (m)5,3711,1361
RGolS(RGolS)Adult (m)5,2751,0633
Yy5Lr(Yy5Lr)Adult (m)5,3981,1002
uuAsb(uuAsb)Adult (m)6,5481,1312
EvdfZ(EvdfZ)Adult (f)6,5381,1133
R7rDy(R7rDy)Adult (m)5,5621,1212
VszGa(VszGa)Adult (f)5,5471,1163
ZeAX6(ZeAX6)Adult (f)5,6181,1212
jbDfH(jbDfH)Adult (m)7,1131,0963
UiXKN(UiXKN)Adult (f)6,4911,1623
VAcBD(VAcBD)Adult (m)6,1151,0387
jqeUx Grand Duc Berilo de GalronAdult (m)4,2105492
7EIHx Prince Thanh de GalronAdult (m)4,6989336
BbNLVPrincess Syrene of RafielAdult (f)4,4169194
JL8bh4E Princess Sigfinna AelinAdult (f)5,1049569
UiYmEx Princess Prudence of LethkoraAdult (f)4,5181,1683
83c0kPrince Osqua of ThagarAdult (m)5,9361,0764
DEemb(DEemb)Adult (f)3,6207393
LRwK7(LRwK7)Adult (f)4,2091,1331
g0s8f(g0s8f)Adult (m)6,1981,2767
f6edn(f6edn)Adult (m)4,3451,3123
uLY82E Earl Kahili of OrandAdult (m)3,93881412
PMi63SP Countess Natali of OrandAdult (f)5,7597493
1Xiu1x Knight Xiul of HitomuAdult (m)4,1671,0384
r1oAL1 Baron Keshet of AvalonAdult (m)4,0281,0213
EknU41 Baroness Efys of AvalonAdult (f)4,3961,0794
ALIoJ1 Baron Alioj of the TreeglidersAdult (m)6,6851,2345
PNQXBBaroness Hindel of GiadaAdult (f)4,0149853
PWF411 Queen Pewe of FaiAdult (f)4,7511,2902
EpUYL1 Empress Epu of YelAdult (f)4,6491,2422
lNUWV1 Queen Inu of WevauAdult (f)6,0801,1595
mPmTK2 Princess Empi of EmtekaAdult (f)7,0511,1755
XoQelMinstrette Xoqel of the EpicsAdult (f)5,8199933
KcOLr1 King Keco of ElerAdult (m)7,0751,3286
GJn6uMinstrel Gjngu of the VictoriousAdult (m)6,8971,1477
lZBY7x Sir Izbyt the SinfullAdult (f)6,9291,5154
3FW571 Empress Aefwest of XanthosAdult (f)4,9651,0944
bQOBl1 Emperor Abqobi of XanthosAdult (m)4,9521,0322
bY8gUDame Byb of EguuAdult (f)4,7679351
Mk3eB(Mk3eB)Adult (m)6,2241,1612
SZq4n(SZq4n)Adult (f)5,6861,3863
aP6gO(aP6gO)Adult (f)5,2501,4173
s0OMX(s0OMX)Adult (m)6,0311,1901
oJvKX(oJvKX)Adult (f)7,3681,1695
z0BIV(z0BIV)Adult (m)7,0421,1353
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