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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “TakenChoice,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Pa9Xe(Pa9Xe)Adult (m)6,0741,2405
MfKhU(MfKhU)Adult (m)2,1287811
McaG0(McaG0)Adult (m)2,8609062
at9th(at9th)Adult (f)3,7671,1056
WUANR(WUANR)Adult (f)2,9899495
aAYbO(aAYbO)Adult (f)2,6749810
v5L0I(v5L0I)Adult (f)2,6729821
4e1kZ(4e1kZ)Adult (m)2,5939440
cVvuU(cVvuU)Adult (m)2,3024490
a0xS0(a0xS0)Adult (m)2,1374270
uGNrJ(uGNrJ)Adult (f)2,3304741
4VYmc(4VYmc)Adult (m)5,1899282
U2e0m(U2e0m)Adult (f)5,4591,2641
4YXb9(4YXb9)Adult (f)2,9695111
AafoZ(AafoZ)Adult (f)6,4341,5137
RGVvv(RGVvv)Adult (m)6,2991,4925
puf44(puf44)Adult (f)6,3661,5217
9a1TF(9a1TF)Adult (f)3,0421,0493
U7tvo(U7tvo)Adult (m)5,1101,3453
pF6Xc(pF6Xc)Adult (m)3,2461,0472
LlXAi(LlXAi)Adult (m)6,5071,3593
akIJP(akIJP)Adult (m)3,6801,0791
WDNij(WDNij)Adult (m)4,6049816
26tuv(26tuv)Adult (m)5,8171,3934
eAiuR(eAiuR)Adult (f)6,5531,0438
GANp1(GANp1)Adult (m)3,49488122
4soH3(4soH3)Adult (m)8,1921,4599
O5teK(O5teK)Adult (m)6,6611,2723
dYbAZ(dYbAZ)Adult (m)4,8521,2063
g5mk5(g5mk5)Adult (f)5,4091,1868
O7J0h(O7J0h)Adult (m)4,8151,1533
lSa2Q(lSa2Q)Adult (f)2,7965544
ZMYdY(ZMYdY)Adult (m)4,0821,3942
grTQi(grTQi)Adult (m)3,6214004
opcdF(opcdF)Adult (f)5,4831,6317
3Sg80(3Sg80)Adult (m)3,4118484
ZPoqb(ZPoqb)Adult (m)6,3791,0203
hP9be(hP9be)Adult (f)2,3589611
QLhCf(QLhCf)Adult (f)3,2531,1703
X7YB2(X7YB2)Adult (m)2,5627251
KQLd8(KQLd8)Adult (m)4,3761,4325
gT2WT(gT2WT)Adult (f)5,8871,3363
diMM4(diMM4)Adult (m)5,5161,3313
E2qVG(E2qVG)Adult (m)4,5041,1165
YStKs(YStKs)Adult (f)5,8911,2691
KimGe(KimGe)Adult (f)6,7431,3738
6v6IH(6v6IH)Adult (m)6,5701,4065
v6AiL(v6AiL)Adult (f)2,9127595
HQb0h(HQb0h)Adult (f)4,7441,1821
I5Sis(I5Sis)Adult (f)3,5149422
tWcP2(tWcP2)Adult (m)3,8548686
l6UuC(l6UuC)Adult (f)4,5731,1075
0atcc(0atcc)Adult (m)5,2911,6644
1rbol(1rbol)Adult (m)6,4661,3317
682oW(682oW)Adult (f)8,2111,4786
H3Yif(H3Yif)Adult (m)4,4101,0241
3CNuA(3CNuA)Adult (f)4,1598293
lcXeR(lcXeR)Adult (m)8,1931,4827
QSoCY(QSoCY)Adult (f)4,9651,1672
ArSko(ArSko)Adult (f)3,1931,0323
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