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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Tahlian,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
M3U8BHattie and ShepsutAdult (f)3,1431,22211
UFa7rRamses and MosesAdult (m)2,8881,08613
2gNSYGoverning by CommitteeAdult (m)3,3091,21918
akB90Henry and EdwardAdult (m)6,0491,2152
DJOCoFaith and CharityAdult (f)3,2421,30223
oS7f9Double BeautyAdult (f)2,8921,11320
s95SjDouble Trouble of MasonAdult (m)3,38368121
reFgtTwin DelightAdult (f)3,4641,25417
V9ccZTwin DevilmentAdult (m)3,4981,18819
rvthOI'm Scaly And I Know ItAdult (f)4,0391,22117
LH7B0Eternal IndecisionAdult (f)2,9521,02811
NBH6vNadja DeuceAdult (f)6,1361,57723
4mp8JYes and GnawAdult (m)3,0851,11920
biXV4Svetlana CheckmateAdult (f)3,1091,11017
lTFRmMerciless Little LadyAdult (f)2,99891614
SQGNnLleurdrellAdult (m)2,38794924
S0S6HMister IndecisiveAdult (m)3,6061,0756
5uGbkYip Yip Yip Uh-huh Uh-huhAdult (m)3,8621,0072
ZXC8ADouble TemptressAdult (f)4,1071,1673
pWnMpKarpov and KasparovAdult (m)3,5701,0552
IZT6BDual PrincessesAdult (f)3,1721,0721
dLm60Executive ActionAdult (m)2,2447570
NanMVMiss Near MissAdult (f)2,0997730
8E6KRWolfgang And AmadeusAdult (m)2,2437523
YZh3CRomance and PassionAdult (f)3,1391,0630
fhgQUDecision and IndecisionAdult (f)3,1911,0551
iJ7RzWhen and WhereAdult (f)2,3047751
pqqE7Sandy Split AldonzaAdult (f)2,4597533
JZH7fCervachAdult (f)2,8967531
rFgANOld Time Rock and RollAdult (m)2,6137590
Yp52bLogic And IllogicAdult (m)2,3158174
PW6HqPing and PongAdult (m)3,3021,1253
v1H0RLeia and LailaAdult (f)3,1897910
FvwMf(FvwMf)Adult (f)3,0798112
LzZXE(LzZXE)Adult (f)3,2375732
1feB5(1feB5)Adult (m)3,0517821
0bZ1Q(0bZ1Q)Adult (m)3,0166271
XjpWs(XjpWs)Adult (f)3,7746491
ABUXN(ABUXN)Adult (f)3,6686052
AA9Aj(AA9Aj)Adult (m)3,7066142
OTDs9(OTDs9)Adult (f)1,8905062
M9ZuN(M9ZuN)Adult (m)1,8914998
N0mto(N0mto)Adult (f)2,5984804
lPqPW(lPqPW)Adult (m)3,2677861
13yDm(13yDm)Adult (f)3,7198611
fgbb6A One And A TwoAdult (m)2,5174922
ivekO(ivekO)Adult (m)2,4195242
KC7EG(KC7EG)Adult (m)2,0594483
3UCrc(3UCrc)Adult (f)2,2066961
6Ytx2(6Ytx2)Adult (m)2,1016701
ypXOh(ypXOh)Adult (f)2,1496910
8dw8H(8dw8H)Adult (m)9,4831,0339
vENTk(vENTk)Adult (f)9,3706863
SAxiY(SAxiY)Adult (f)2,2945101
G4aSo(G4aSo)Adult (m)2,3575765
jgpSL(jgpSL)Adult (m)2,4795462
wHrqH(wHrqH)Adult (f)1,8774871
wYQdA(wYQdA)Adult (m)1,9835011
rLIiw(rLIiw)Adult (m)2,3534841
sVPrK(sVPrK)Adult (f)2,8595084
diMrR(diMrR)Adult (f)1,9934726
b71tW(b71tW)Adult (f)6,5156623
VI5Gc(VI5Gc)Adult (f)6,8236871
tnlk7(tnlk7)Adult (f)2,5605632
z6WSF(z6WSF)Adult (f)3,0025341
toePF(toePF)Adult (f)3,2245552
uLi0f(uLi0f)Adult (m)2,7945082
C289A(C289A)Adult (f)2,2025552
5ndPZ(5ndPZ)Adult (f)1,9815222
Lhnf6(Lhnf6)Adult (m)1,8335192
UqCBT(UqCBT)Adult (f)2,6995642
aLnhc(aLnhc)Adult (f)2,8515774
zNGAY(zNGAY)Adult (f)10,8759131
jFD7Y(jFD7Y)Adult (f)6,3787703
jj0pcScathach I'm Not That GirlAdult (f)6,22269123
fLo4lJet LagniappeAdult (f)6,4541,50317
Sc8GiRuei of SilvermoonAdult (m)4,3431,31420
SjUSZThe Black Velvet BandAdult (f)4,1811,37123
bmAaLDark Heart of DixieAdult (f)2,35090718
72VHbBedevilmentAdult (m)4,3801,1269
XQr5nEbony GadflyAdult (f)8,7491,51517
qHoU8Murphy's Golden LawAdult (m)2,9271,16719
4F3HkMurphy's Best ExampleAdult (m)2,6851,13418
TnRW5Smokin' Good PartyAdult (m)4,2331,16925
p8NYbBlack with SilverAdult (f)3,7981,0310
8XJ4YBright-Eyed HawkAdult (m)4,4691,1791
ZOhBGDa Vinci's SolaceAdult (f)3,1121,0451
fQ3cmBlack En PassantAdult (m)2,6477326
Xvx5jChakra MistAdult (f)2,8811,0174
nmWkCDark Frill ValentinerAdult (f)3,0041,0854
E4k1jEbon Drogo WarriorAdult (m)2,5851,0122
53ZgmRoyal Warrior QueenAdult (f)2,4999612
Tr42ODuc GoldenshadeAdult (m)1,9867911
gV1FzDefinitely Not a SmurfAdult (f)1,9487541
dOCU6GomsooAdult (m)3,2239422
lKiPbWergeld ForgeAdult (m)2,5687510
EJDlTNitean LadyAdult (f)2,2647691
Av4BPOf The Clan MacLeodAdult (m)4,9578256
0gDJtBlazing Black DawnAdult (f)2,4487921
apOPZMamra JungAdult (f)2,8896140
67yXDCreature of the ShadowsAdult (f)2,8726092
0WpseNot a TragaryenAdult (f)2,5596341
X8nub(X8nub)Adult (f)3,1776252
2pHrp(2pHrp)Adult (m)3,0328092
TrWHm(TrWHm)Adult (f)3,0366380
57OnR(57OnR)Adult (m)3,3086322
A7O9Z(A7O9Z)Adult (m)2,8745620
7LORFNot Quite SmaugAdult (m)1,8693972
mnm32Mademoiselle NoireAdult (f)3,0888346
QKfoK(QKfoK)Adult (f)3,2234753
CBTEF(CBTEF)Adult (f)3,3254713
UyV6W(UyV6W)Adult (m)2,6635713
yq1wn(yq1wn)Adult (f)1,8474771
qCVlA(qCVlA)Adult (f)3,6044224
lLDcuDark CelidhAdult (m)2,87491421
YOkPFErik's Vexing VillainyAdult (m)2,43691413
aRgeRA Shot In RequiemAdult (m)2,2129093
xIADsScathach ColorsAdult (m)2,3037692
ywms3Dainty OolongAdult (f)2,6381,1351
TOp1hI'm Mrs NesbittAdult (m)3,1249392
ctivoOolong EntymologistAdult (m)3,1588930
1NN6ZDarjeeling With ButterfliesAdult (m)3,4086690
bUxyiCuppa ButterfliesAdult (m)3,7638842
qd37I(qd37I)Adult (m)2,3797071
UhnGF(UhnGF)Adult (m)3,8435162
Vo5vc(Vo5vc)Adult (f)3,5945473
spS8y(spS8y)Adult (f)3,5388061
tztzVEbon-Tipped HonkerAdult (f)2,4081,0691
3pdtHBlacktipped TravellerAdult (f)3,1176150
GGA1TGood GaitAdult (m)3,6328131
fOjFOMusky HonkerAdult (m)3,5868001
NgJSDShe's Da BossAdult (f)3,3337880
G6kUW(G6kUW)Adult (f)2,3597241
ijj5f(ijj5f)Adult (f)3,1918160
CCbjz(CCbjz)Adult (m)4,3861,1511
DnooISecondhand RosesAdult (f)1,9324135
3eByv(3eByv)Adult (f)2,5348052
135W2(135W2)Adult (m)2,5117530
4XWso(4XWso)Adult (m)2,7007911
ky3IR(ky3IR)Adult (m)2,0624853
Hl2DzRed Scales and Gold LeafAdult (f)3,1521,2822
BUbBuDouble-Time BubbaAdult (m)4,1981,0442
g7paA(g7paA)Adult (f)2,9538061
QiP9U(QiP9U)Adult (f)2,6487381
xce8W(xce8W)Adult (f)3,6148312
Ua3ly(Ua3ly)Adult (m)1,9735274
eYGgR(eYGgR)Adult (f)2,7015102
ZcbzO(ZcbzO)Adult (m)2,3334021
8uy78Banded Bandit QueenAdult (f)1,9554633
beNKE(beNKE)Adult (f)1,9835363
6su0z(6su0z)Adult (m)4,3555431
6Yy3W(6Yy3W)Adult (m)6,6477563
8MmSjNot-So-Sorry CharlieAdult (m)2,76999623
bLYBHMilord AlbacoreAdult (m)3,4729812
dWAWXStripeless Tuna-BlunaAdult (m)3,9861,1015
jlEkQBelle LindeAdult (f)3,2641,0851
f769fSummer LindflightAdult (m)3,9231,1154
tABZQMalilyseAdult (f)2,1247691
GAamX(GAamX)Adult (f)2,1754943
4biyV(4biyV)Adult (f)2,1334824
r1tKN(r1tKN)Adult (m)2,3055061
t4GSTTesla's InventionAdult (m)2,0114792
jwqTt(jwqTt)Adult (m)2,2844031
X4eae(X4eae)Adult (f)8,6886523
XIyaw(XIyaw)Adult (m)5,5037493
CNA7qFlare Hearted TitaniaAdult (f)4,9941,70224
njOQqFlare Hearted OberonAdult (m)3,8031,0541
aW80cErramus PuckAdult (m)3,1641,0263
nefeIErramus HeroAdult (f)3,6931,0202
1NN4NArmed Like a PlatypusAdult (m)4,2861,1422
pfrJvStark DreamflightAdult (m)4,3371,1550
IX2VbRed-Breasted MaidenAdult (f)4,4461,1781
vK1pWNot Quite a FlamingoAdult (f)4,3161,1224
EH52lFlare Hearted PuckAdult (m)3,3329503
NFc2FMinerva BightbreastAdult (f)4,0321,0422
MPO6VNekoenigAdult (m)1,8847731
9YH2IRitter Green GirlAdult (f)1,9317643
z19PvBronze Green PrincessAdult (f)1,8107591
XQzz0Red Breasted SuiAdult (f)1,8127632
gBLdzRedbreast FataleAdult (f)2,6691,0191
Gd0uTRed-Breasted Party AnimalAdult (m)3,2667670
NC7in(NC7in)Adult (f)2,7997791
ihOm0(ihOm0)Adult (m)3,0427631
MevlRSulfrous DivaAdult (f)3,2191,1272
BVgorYellow Cloud RisingAdult (f)3,2091,0532
FBTCVSulfrous HermanAdult (m)3,5761,0730
rmsDJMiss Brimstone BreathAdult (f)3,6621,0671
kYFU9Lady Yellow CloudAdult (f)3,8141,0640
aQto1Phyre N BrimstoneAdult (m)4,1531,1283
825J2Queen of The Brute SquadAdult (f)2,0924901
dzRSu(dzRSu)Adult (m)2,4105393
wZ6Se(wZ6Se)Adult (m)2,3105432
MliFB(MliFB)Adult (f)2,0035223
37SgqEverett LeeAdult (m)7,42577034
WHXjTDella LynneAdult (f)2,9181,1025
O7juLSeventh of JulyAdult (f)2,1601,3112
XmgEC(XmgEC)Adult (m)4,6665991
SnBau(SnBau)Adult (m)1,9824845
9RVGG(9RVGG)Adult (m)2,0925274
JgGdrPerfumed JetwingAdult (f)2,7925125
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