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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “TaboMan,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    tvnpc(tvnpc)Adult (f)3,7868716
    sB8rP(sB8rP)Adult (m)3,6208347
    GLW70(GLW70)Adult (f)2,7456431
    7QLfE(7QLfE)Adult (f)3,5417864
    yweHQ(yweHQ)Adult (f)3,2026551
    6hLxX(6hLxX)Adult (f)3,3487023
    mXu1y(mXu1y)Adult (m)3,2307092
    CpUoX(CpUoX)Adult (m)5,4481,2465
    uKLWY(uKLWY)Adult (m)5,2201,1761
    ouScx(ouScx)Adult (f)3,7319133
    Sk73N(Sk73N)Adult (m)3,0596922
    xingY(xingY)Adult (m)3,7698831
    iOJMz(iOJMz)Adult (m)4,4679312
    tAOro(tAOro)Adult (f)4,1319020
    dhvgU(dhvgU)Adult (m)4,0289151
    PoVtC(PoVtC)Adult (m)3,9819252
    Clc3i(Clc3i)Adult (f)4,0649211
    GcYyI(GcYyI)Adult (f)4,1508942
    9Xkeg(9Xkeg)Adult (f)3,5908892
    gmeir(gmeir)Adult (f)3,5169233
    mnAWE(mnAWE)Adult (m)3,5779103
    AzStF(AzStF)Adult (m)3,4808942
    v49wI(v49wI)Adult (f)3,7319140
    lzFLl(lzFLl)Adult (m)3,7748843
    irsJF(irsJF)Adult (m)3,7419251
    7mjN4(7mjN4)Adult (m)3,7168981
    qM55S(qM55S)Adult (m)4,6309342
    tz86p(tz86p)Adult (f)4,5379151
    Ulxhb(Ulxhb)Adult (m)4,5129250
    esIgi(esIgi)Adult (f)3,9828701
    1Ykwe(1Ykwe)Adult (f)3,9968541
    I4dQp(I4dQp)Adult (m)4,3588785
    3QDNo(3QDNo)Adult (m)3,9548762
    xISrr(xISrr)Adult (f)3,7158352
    uDRaE(uDRaE)Adult (m)3,8588631
    6ScVM(6ScVM)Adult (m)3,8668791
    07v6K(07v6K)Adult (f)3,9718661
    4T3YX(4T3YX)Adult (f)3,8818711
    ST8Jk(ST8Jk)Adult (f)4,0268451
    8CjjH(8CjjH)Adult (f)4,0408791
    oOo2s(oOo2s)Adult (m)4,0888533
    XmrUV(XmrUV)Adult (m)3,7909431
    g7Gf4(g7Gf4)Adult (m)3,7689012
    DkljJ(DkljJ)Adult (m)3,3538312
    tE7Al(tE7Al)Adult (m)3,2988151
    L64dj(L64dj)Adult (f)3,2618301
    lDlOa(lDlOa)Adult (m)3,3228512
    m4pay(m4pay)Adult (m)5,9801,0813
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