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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2018 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “T0X1C-GH0ST,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WsK0l(WsK0l)Adult (f)3,7497933
iMvUk(iMvUk)Adult (m)2,9117951
IevXm(IevXm)Adult (f)2,7348062
tYW9I(tYW9I)Adult (f)2,5268281
cO8kN(cO8kN)Adult (f)3,0358101
qc6CK(qc6CK)Adult (f)2,3136821
YZISL(YZISL)Adult (f)4,3541,0080
O43rp(O43rp)Adult (f)5,0221,0044
27m5B(27m5B)Adult (m)4,5261,1561
dTdpj(dTdpj)Adult (f)3,2427893
ESQmO(ESQmO)Adult (m)3,4717812
SIfsx(SIfsx)Adult (f)4,8251,5662
56Ay4(56Ay4)Adult (m)3,2141,1042
f38Oj(f38Oj)Adult (m)4,2499784
fBGhI(fBGhI)Adult (f)3,5441,0681
AaQJU(AaQJU)Adult (m)4,0729942
KXyjJ(KXyjJ)Adult (m)7,9891,0123
I11Mo(I11Mo)Adult (f)4,5621,1792
t7yQa(t7yQa)Adult (m)3,7268092
szdj0(szdj0)Adult (m)5,5238453
VfZ9P(VfZ9P)Adult (f)3,3407474
Uw8lH(Uw8lH)Adult (f)2,2017252
sKoOp(sKoOp)Adult (m)2,5886982
yh8k5(yh8k5)Adult (f)4,9811,0180
ZH7Cm(ZH7Cm)Adult (f)3,2517951
7sTxG(7sTxG)Adult (f)4,6098563
LzWYe(LzWYe)Adult (f)3,4658313
p3hBS(p3hBS)Adult (f)3,1248081
o37iO(o37iO)Adult (f)3,1568200
mbxft(mbxft)Adult (f)3,0819262
l4JOT(l4JOT)Adult (m)4,6631,3111
bypwZ(bypwZ)Adult (f)6,1489373
LJUVm(LJUVm)Adult (f)3,4778671
gwLll(gwLll)Adult (f)2,9149431
aGsl2(aGsl2)Adult (f)4,2431,3103
jo7sV(jo7sV)Adult (f)4,5951,3501
maPPS(maPPS)Adult (f)2,9207411
yCd8W(yCd8W)Adult (m)3,2797571
pfpID(pfpID)Adult (m)3,8017710
HbluW(HbluW)Adult (m)3,1087941
Tjf3T(Tjf3T)Adult (m)3,0838071
WGDFX(WGDFX)Adult (f)4,5248611
8mGRs(8mGRs)Adult (f)3,9487820
8zj3E(8zj3E)Adult (m)3,1608001
azzFT(azzFT)Adult (m)3,1727950
sauBc(sauBc)Adult (m)2,6859451
xF5Yh(xF5Yh)Adult (m)2,7729012
dhXuq(dhXuq)Adult (m)4,2358883
owlAC(owlAC)Adult (m)2,8318002
VZ5Vm(VZ5Vm)Adult (m)2,5979372
EUL6y(EUL6y)Adult (m)3,4998553
iYdLF(iYdLF)Adult (m)4,2327742
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