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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Symphonic_Nemesis,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YUsvKEthan DinothunderAdult1,5296732
s0xNDSoxNDAdult (f)2,2047037
wNBsPHigh King ShaneAdult (m)8,5178555
wFjypHigh Queen ZiktorAdult (f)6,56259214
jog8mHigh King ConnerAdult (m)6,3528219
9lMNCHigh King JasonAdult (m)6,4499766
A4N9YHigh Queen Tyrant ZordAdult (f)7,1461,2132
UNjkdHigh Queen CharlieAdult (f)5,27189423
Fu9o9High King ChaseAdult (m)7,2878213
Eq1r3High Queen CrugerAdult (f)7,57786515
JozSaHigh King DillonAdult (m)6,65789215
jL9nAHigh King AdamAdult (m)7,3231,0569
LGYI3High King ZacharyAdult (m)5,24191625
SHO1sHigh Queen AishaAdult (f)6,0168277
rfAsQHigh Queen KiraAdult (f)8,32588620
dBhisHigh King DustinAdult (m)6,04664710
jeEJKHigh King ChipAdult (m)7,4771,1942
2y7PUHigh Queen TriniAdult (f)5,19692812
UjPgW(UjPgW)Adult (f)5,9339562
tTSw5Crown Prince AbarekillerAdult (m)6,8348513
MSmdXHigh Queen DelphineAdult (f)6,6957812
llqXkHigh Queen HayleyAdult (f)6,96593618
rC5wtHigh King TrentAdult (m)6,23781112
OLfBoHigh Queen CassieAdult (f)5,8289815
lo35GHigh King TommyAdult (m)5,24591620
G12dwHigh King JustinAdult (m)6,6369195
fLQ7YHigh Queen ToriAdult (f)6,85279014
IwZl0High King FlynnAdult (m)7,07253315
eJl8uHigh King SkyeAdult (m)6,8291,1370
KqLzaHigh King EthanAdult (m)5,38598922
9S55xHigh King BillyAdult (m)4,95288620
OJXg9High Queen SydneyAdult (f)7,0808916
CQuDFHigh Queen KatherineAdult (f)8,5318793
v6gdNHigh King AlbertAdult (m)7,23282512
BqR02High King RJAdult (m)6,3361,0266
s80KlHigh Queen KimberlyAdult (f)5,7881,00026
YNMUV(YNMUV)Adult (m)4,5097102
coP1Y(coP1Y)Adult (f)2,6375071
YA3dK(YA3dK)Adult (f)2,0946032
dpj4gHigh Queen of the SaharaAdult (f)1,9515870
yiMTpHigh King HawkeAdult (m)2,0505710
kVBQRHigh Queen FalconAdult (f)2,4086000
6LI59(6LI59)Adult (f)2,4825801
CVJ69(CVJ69)Adult (m)2,0586084
2zLoN(2zLoN)Adult (m)2,0895892
kRX7p(kRX7p)Adult (f)2,0155731
ZKIDT(ZKIDT)Adult (m)2,0715880
KPA9G(KPA9G)Adult (m)1,8627352
n52VP(n52VP)Adult (f)3,1207042
GI1pNDamballicAdult (f)1,9165167
T6l2kJoy of the BenthicAdult (f)2,3895226
07iCfHigh King of the Magic OceanAdult (m)1,7756350
NPMCL(NPMCL)Adult (f)2,90184713
U92rp(U92rp)Adult (f)2,4965572
QxWDG(QxWDG)Adult (m)3,5747096
VAixh(VAixh)Adult (f)4,4277167
Xm7EEModgePodgeAdult (f)2,4495397
OWNxYZansibarAdult (m)1,6465681
RSHGjLady NidhoggAdult (f)1,9575696
D1o2AHigh Queen of the Magic FlameAdult (f)1,3116121
xzyVF(xzyVF)Adult (f)1,5736760
wmN3z(wmN3z)Adult (f)1,7257101
8Fo01(8Fo01)Adult (f)1,9796992
nEOKH(nEOKH)Adult (m)1,97754415
Vy7L7(Vy7L7)Adult (f)2,7537111
sRiEf(sRiEf)Adult (f)2,2336024
W1dkZMoontime MagiaAdult (m)3,2847032
1llT7VivascionAdult (m)2,5447023
C7BrXVoyadraAdult (f)1,5905522
TYfPqNaubotlAdult (m)1,8455351
yE1dAHigh Queen of the MagiAdult (f)1,5965971
uRFks(uRFks)Adult (f)1,6547122
y7WLc(y7WLc)Adult (m)2,5726172
gqhGFNiacaliAdult (m)1,9245782
blq4CHigh King of the Magic of LifeAdult (m)1,6966170
84003(84003)Adult (f)2,3685891
YrxS5(YrxS5)Adult (f)3,68292211
sXJKIDreamtime of EireAdult (f)1,9046377
12k9HJaggerungAdult (m)1,8225273
zb3p4Fibonacci's LadyAdult (f)1,6715352
kD67wNecroblinAdult (f)1,9356973
IRKBPYavannasAdult (f)2,0085394
KHHdrHavirausAdult (m)2,0345483
osyXiHigh King of the Deep TimeAdult (m)1,6416160
P3AkB(P3AkB)Adult (m)2,3115352
JrOd3(JrOd3)Adult (m)2,7654962
Zmpch(Zmpch)Adult (m)2,5617690
tRwpc(tRwpc)Adult (f)3,3757023
dYb3bSilk LightiningAdult (f)1,8246652
L2HanHigh Queen of the ThunderstrikeAdult (f)2,3785524
VuIvmHigh Queen of the Magic StormsAdult (f)1,4856200
J9QoB(J9QoB)Adult (f)1,6857080
OLIXc(OLIXc)Adult (f)2,1406092
xQDeB(xQDeB)Adult (f)2,7444892
tuKTrHigh Queen WitchlightAdult (f)1,8856060
dZvSTHigh Queen MorticiaAdult (f)1,8646350
m6YPOHigh King GomezAdult (m)1,5055570
UetCGHigh King WitchlightAdult (m)1,9186120
u8ZHtHigh King LurchAdult (m)1,6445960
oJy2GHigh King HermanAdult (m)1,9326231
iQW4VHigh Queen LilyAdult (f)1,5526172
SZu90(SZu90)Adult (m)8,5191,3392
khXT4Grand Duke of LimerickAdult (m)2,5324570
0lfurHigh Queen OlfuriaAdult (f)2,3489783
IFFvdHigh King of LimerickAdult (m)5,1458342
sLYWpJester of TaraAdult (m)5,3198234
60hSDHigh Queen of LimerickAdult (f)3,5981,0183
XSSpGeis of EmainAdult (f)1,2785284
jkETSublime GuardianAdult (m)1,49732523
GRlMJ(GRlMJ)Adult (f)3,1357030
SCcZMWishslashAdult (f)1,6076441
esNfLittle QuiksilverAdult (m)1,82638512
I39RHigh Queen XenaAdult (f)1,72829816
UWR7High King of the DanceAdult (m)3,3162228
lVSpCrazy Little LadyAdult (f)9,1976149
oL19High King of JoyAdult (m)3,2642188
M6CbjGrand Duchess of the SandsAdult (f)2,0095333
v5ivSGrand Duchess of the MarshAdult (f)2,4995355
irn10Grand Duchess of the ShoresAdult (f)1,8645072
lckA1Grand Duke of the RipplesAdult (m)2,5765486
TSO7IGrand Duke of the ShoresAdult (m)1,67865519
GUbqlHigh King of the KelpAdult (m)1,7406211
mYXvlHigh King of the UrchinsAdult (m)2,6118964
fNGcHigh King of the ShoresAdult (m)3,3842283
5apYDescent of LightningAdult (f)2,8462657
CXAIHigh King of the TidesAdult (m)1,77828414
6H2GV(6H2GV)Adult (m)2,9867164
CmtQ8High King of the PelagicAdult (m)5,1737243
OPPMnHigh King of DunsanyAdult (m)4,5554512
LOJ1GHigh King of WilmingtonAdult (m)4,7914611
nD1iOAcquitaineAdult (f)2,4697741
1mflDKaibo DropwingAdult (f)2,5756012
pJnnSBlackwater's DaughterAdult (m)3,7553708
jxadIgnia AquadoraAdult (f)9725132
0r5gMidway HarborAdult (m)2,10532141
3HU3Lord BlackwaterAdult (m)1,48137135
9RpRHigh Queen of Cern AbbessAdult (f)3,10529248
GmqBE(GmqBE)Adult (m)2,2395512
52NRu(52NRu)Adult (f)2,7805400
ZpX6L(ZpX6L)Adult (m)2,8697160
wz3Vp(wz3Vp)Adult (m)1,8537391
29klp(29klp)Adult (f)3,8909580
AB7Ci(AB7Ci)Adult (f)2,4388032
NKBEN(NKBEN)Adult (m)2,6168062
Zcy5e(Zcy5e)Adult (m)2,6336161
4cxLX(4cxLX)Adult (f)2,7156340
owZ1o(owZ1o)Adult (f)2,1195780
xJe8C(xJe8C)Adult (m)4,1798083
HwIvsTobebrokenAdult (m)2,0846382
VDs9EVowsarespokenAdult (m)1,8775802
E873XBau HausAdult (m)1,7875714
Q2giGSister of MercyAdult (f)1,7535642
l38fhBelaLugosi Is DeadAdult (m)1,7775895
Fw6OVNerves Like SteelAdult (f)1,9895832
yEZWkNerves like NylonAdult (f)2,7095541
J2M2ZCorrosiontomeAdult (m)2,0855575
9XRB0SingthisAdult (f)2,7495435
fKp5kTo EnslaveAdult (f)2,7285026
hmcjXFrom CradleAdult (m)2,4415595
ejmaHSickle ConstellationAdult (m)1,5766003
ZqNp2Other HorrorsAdult (f)1,3396591
TphljEvermore DarklyAdult (f)1,8167168
0EfNEVenus AversaAdult (f)1,9098525
vSlkcLillith ImmaculateAdult (f)3,0466054
ZJmTQBitter SuitesAdult (f)2,4357533
kDtDsKing of CarpathiaAdult (m)2,9858951
woZjg(woZjg)Adult (f)2,0057151
H1zmcHeaviestHartAdult (f)2,4825951
JKVvnPrimavera da NoiteAdult (f)1,6798119
9TMJ4(9TMJ4)Adult (m)2,3016241
NZ84y(NZ84y)Adult (f)3,1313303
7BhqBMz Penelope PurpleAdult (f)2,9655390
iFSudHigh Queen of the Water HorsesAdult (f)2,6065462
QrLjVCrown Princess UisgeAdult (f)2,6616445
U5AsgHigh King Each UisgeAdult (m)2,2356598
XXd57High Queen Each UisgeAdult (f)2,1495673
E8BJ6ParsinarAdult (f)2,3034564
tMIKKPrincess of Northern EgyptAdult (f)1,8247501
aUZTOKaranogAdult (f)2,4979020
YkAplYavarAdult (m)2,8508613
XLIiCXiotlAdult (f)2,5077652
ePElLEppelliaAdult (f)3,2958442
EKaXN(EKaXN)Adult (m)2,10665522
zsZNI(zsZNI)Adult (f)1,4735621
z6f5x(z6f5x)Adult (f)2,0626431
tpmWT(tpmWT)Adult (m)2,3987060
hH9Mi(hH9Mi)Adult (m)2,68971719
drPlx(drPlx)Adult (m)3,5057063
gvj4u(gvj4u)Adult (m)2,79372222
cw0L1(cw0L1)Adult (m)2,0105390
wfPUS(wfPUS)Adult (f)2,5225932
B6LzE(B6LzE)Adult (f)2,7016380
8NjWW(8NjWW)Adult (m)1,2735646
qPTVCMirovekAdult (m)2,0006373
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