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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “SubsShow,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7CZ0(7CZ0)Adult (m)1,82758013
N51f(N51f)Adult (f)1,2905266
P3f1(P3f1)Adult (f)1,4946929
apnH(apnH)Adult (f)3,3602482
WVye(WVye)Adult (m)4,3481,19116
aqRu(aqRu)Adult (f)3,3245955
WCxu(WCxu)Adult (m)2,07550016
l0ep(l0ep)Adult (m)2,8255947
RITJ(RITJ)Adult (f)2,8693249
kpHc(kpHc)Adult (f)4,51332213
mp3A(mp3A)Adult (f)1,3966147
nU2d(nU2d)Adult (m)3,3143034
X8Mv(X8Mv)Adult (f)1,5243825
aMqq(aMqq)Adult (f)1,4003674
5ZDg(5ZDg)Adult (m)2,18972713
Bavb(Bavb)Adult (m)8405523
ee4g(ee4g)Adult (m)3,2692387
JmuU(JmuU)Hatchling (F)1,19022722
Rff4(Rff4)Adult (m)2,18339322
Dz1a(Dz1a)Adult (f)1,9614498
ADAO(ADAO)Adult (f)3,26599311
3DSa(3DSa)Adult (f)9275231
Lwr1(Lwr1)Adult (m)2,33374314
SaFI(SaFI)Adult (f)2,94698016
uasC(uasC)Adult (f)1,5937109
mAcL(mAcL)Hatchling (F)5721545
aV9L(aV9L)Adult (m)2,08253716
lc7B(lc7B)Adult (m)1,6127017
has0(has0)Adult (m)3,2241,05811
QAeR(QAeR)Adult (m)3,2621,0767
XA2q(XA2q)Adult (m)1,9424202
BRcp(BRcp)Adult (m)8304715
gNFB(gNFB)Adult (f)2,27440818
WTgG(WTgG)Adult (m)2,5772765
Iluk(Iluk)Adult (m)4,9183599
LBvO(LBvO)Adult (m)2,17871210
lD3c(lD3c)Adult (f)1,0144903
Tl4q(Tl4q)Adult (m)1,9124193
XvVZ(XvVZ)Adult (f)8104711
3SWk(3SWk)Adult (f)3,02478716
g0b2(g0b2)Adult (m)2,46441810
E7vJ(E7vJ)Adult (f)2,20223321
AZtf(AZtf)Adult (m)1,98343911
vUo7(vUo7)Adult (f)1,0005034
mRna(mRna)Adult (m)2,0834195
4HVm(4HVm)Adult (f)2,7643998
zIjc(zIjc)Adult (m)2,94495419
dFfP(dFfP)Adult (f)2,3835158
LWIZ(LWIZ)Adult (m)2,59323926
GEXW(GEXW)Adult (m)1,7973379
2JsY(2JsY)Adult (f)1,5735127
VWiV(VWiV)Adult (m)1,2294375
VJb4(VJb4)Adult (f)2,53587314
n8vp(n8vp)Adult (m)1,3246089
PMb9(PMb9)Adult (m)3,8022543
QbGu(QbGu)Adult (m)1,2235644
sL00(sL00)Adult (f)7554952
I6E6(I6E6)Adult (m)9715037
2uIc(2uIc)Adult (f)2,16278410
RLRf(RLRf)Adult (f)8514834
fHP1(fHP1)Adult (f)1,74455812
jk0W(jk0W)Adult (f)10,84893013
XcFE(XcFE)Adult (f)1,15365112
t6Wo(t6Wo)Adult (f)1,2675024
V1b0(V1b0)Hatchling (f, F)2,2977359
n3hJ(n3hJ)Adult (m)1,2677077
s3N6(s3N6)Adult (f)1,3087003
WF7t(WF7t)Adult (m)1,1345201
F79S(F79S)Adult (m)2,73023823
CPML(CPML)Adult (f)3,3832917
LhZr(LhZr)Adult (m)3,00952510
P8j3(P8j3)Adult (m)3,23027112
JDsa(JDsa)Hatchling (F)4861416
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