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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Stronghold257,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0t3E7(0t3E7)Adult (f)3,8601,0740
F0dVN(F0dVN)Adult (f)5,4201,0170
0kpWhMale Black Tea Dragon 1Adult (m)5,4258631
wFwTD(wFwTD)Adult (f)5,5641,0320
HZYGRFemale Bright-Breasted Wyvern 1Adult (f)4,1507733
zzunmFemale Brimstone Dragon 1Adult (f)5,5259730
ZGo5SMale Canopy Dragon OneAdult (m)4,9291,0201
OkDQLFemale Daydream Dragon 1Adult (f)8,8111,0614
x3nqNFemale Duotone Dragon 1Adult (f)4,8681,0070
r42C5Female Electric Dragon 1Adult (f)8,5321,0648
8hhnXMale Day Glory Dragon 1Adult (m)8,8291,0551
uNCYVMale Night Glory Dragon 1Adult (m)5,1919871
IpIrfMale Guardian 1Adult (m)3,5157883
ok8P5Female Guardian 1Adult (f)7,8487887
WqBegFemale Guardian 2Adult (f)5,6357201
2MHWl(2MHWl)Adult (f)6,2668000
Nqqeu(Nqqeu)Adult (f)5,3161,1420
o70PJMale Magi Dragon 1Adult (m)4,0498000
7nQa8Female Mint Dragon 1Adult (f)7,4687835
FXchAMale Mint Dragon 1Adult (m)3,2026331
ra51XFemale Mint Dragon 2Adult (f)5,5457271
cF8Y9Female Blue Nebula Dragon 1Adult (f)4,9551,0191
RumEAMale Green Nebula Dragon 1Adult (m)6,7681,0741
M4i2aFemale Red Nebula Dragon 1Adult (f)4,1317744
11dWtMale Nocturne Dragon 1Adult (m)4,1077800
8e6dlFemale Orchedrake 1Adult (f)87452113
ba8evMale Orchedrake 1Adult (m)7,3277847
f68f1Male Orchedrake 2Adult (m)7,5249851
bIttJMale Orchedrake 3Adult (m)5,3067182
srXeMMale Orchedrake 4Adult (m)4,1017712
HIGggMale Pillow Dragon 1Adult (m)9,1201,0611
pKha6Male Pillow Dragon 2Adult (m)8,1219562
zvtey(zvtey)Adult (m)3,8891,0440
n0mXQMale Pygmy 1Adult (m)7,4247834
YTUTcMale Pygmy 2Adult (m)9,2941,0761
g0sSbFemale Dark Myst Pygmy 1Adult (f)5,7178201
WlCR1Male Seawyrm Pygmy 1Adult (m)8,9081,1293
BbvnGFemale Seawyrm Pygmy 1Adult (f)5,2677931
UFA63Male Royal Blue Dragon 1Adult (m)8,4871,0161
6B3UbMale Royal Crimson Dragon 1Adult (m)5,3138861
bbsHBFemale Royal Crimson Dragon 1Adult (f)5,0459910
IjZHDMale Seragamma Wyvern 1Adult (m)4,5389720
t4k8NFemale Skywing 1Adult (f)8,7531,0536
Y8wewFemale Speckle-Throated Dragon 1Adult (f)4,5499590
YVRNm(YVRNm)Adult (f)3,8201,0530
7dNJN(7dNJN)Adult (m)6,0689411
sQVfyMale Sunrise Dragon 1Adult (m)4,7759931
qXQhaMale Sunsong Amphiptere 1Adult (m)7,0401,0521
FtCqBFemale Sunstone Dragon 1Adult (f)8,7411,0853
UiaJEMale Sunstone Dragon 1Adult (m)5,1208651
QbkcoMale Gold-horned Tangar 1Adult (m)6,6779642
NQAiqMale Black Capped Teimarr 1Adult (m)5,1829111
MsyoZFemale Black Capped Teimarr 1Adult (f)5,6949021
8JqB0Male Black Capped Teimarr 2Adult (m)4,5869600
4QEVS(4QEVS)Adult (f)5,4861,0380
gHnaDMale Red-finned Tidal Dragon 1Adult (m)5,5249013
QrMYh(QrMYh)Adult (m)5,5221,0250
BzlFwMale Tri-Horn Wyvern Dragon 1Adult (m)6,0819151
VNbkeMale Turpentine Dragon 1Adult (m)8,9881,0191
DMfHO(DMfHO)Adult (f)3,4841,0781
ABn4P(ABn4P)Adult (m)3,4301,0780
dZvWS(dZvWS)Adult (f)3,4891,0820
xNyQs(xNyQs)Adult (f)3,4441,0820
LAxWs(LAxWs)Adult (m)3,4431,0791
Abf5KMale White Dragon 1Adult (m)7,6151,0804
pCH5kFemale White Dragon 1Adult (f)3,4747050
WZ2QCFemale White Dragon 2Adult (f)5,6446991
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